Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dani's Dream Business

Idania Nichols, whose nickname is Dani, is in her garage turned tiny bridal shop.  Right now Dani buys and sells used wedding gowns.  Brides who are looking for something older, a bargain and to be able to have something repurposed and/or tailored, love what Dani sells.  She is good at alterations and giving gowns new life.  Her desire is to design and sell her own wedding gowns.  But for now, she's operating out of her home, making space limited and bridal sales a part-time, by appointment only job.  Her full-time position is a customer service manager for a health care company. 

Right now Dani is preparing for a client to arrive.  She has pulled some selections from her small stock based on the client's request for a certain style.

Dani (thinking to herself):  I hope these are good enough.  I don't know if I have anything else to meet her needs.  We'll just have to see. 

As Dani is thinking, her husband, Zavier, walks into the room.

Zavier:  You look hard at work.  Is a new client coming?
Dani:  Yes, she should be here any second now.  I am just reviewing the dresses she is going to try on.  What do you think?
Zavier (laughs):  I think they look like wedding gowns.
Dani (laughing):  Very funny.  I should know better than to ask.  The answer is always the same.  I should know to stick with female opinions only.
Zavier:  Basically.  Even standing at the altar, all we're worried about is what's going on or coming off for the honeymoon.

They hear the bell for the garage/bridal shop door.  Zavier excuses himself and goes into the house while Dani lets her client in.  Her client's name is Sara and she is accompanied by her friend, Amy.

Amy:  Wow!  These look like good options, Sara.  I can't wait to see how they look on you.
Sara:  Stand in line.  I've been looking forward to this.  Dani, the selection looks good. Where do we start?

Dani:  I think we should start with the one that most closely fits what you are envisioning.  Please keep in mind that other selections sometimes trump what you think is what you want. 
Sara:  Okay.  I'll do that.
Dani:  If you like certain things about a gown and would like some alterations, I can do that as well.
Amy:  So pick the first one so we can get started. 

Sara picks a long sleeved gown and Dani shows her the small fitting room in the corner of the room so she can try it on.  Sara returns after she has the gown on and has looked at herself in the mirror.

Sara:  So what to you think about this one, Amy?
Amy:  I don't know.  Those ruffles are not very becoming on you.  Maybe something without so many ruffles will work.
Sara:  I think you're right.  On to the next one.

Sara grabs her next choice and tries it on.

Dani:  This one has a princess look to it.  What do you think about it?
Sara:  I don't know.  There's something about the flappy collar that I don't think looks good on me.
Amy:  Those side flaps at the waist aren't flattering your hips.
Dani:  Would you like alterations on this or is it the entire gown that you don't like?
Sara:  I think it's just the gown.
Dani:  Let's pick another one.  I'll also grab a veil to try on with it.  I think it may help to get a full look at a completed ensemble.
Amy:  That would be nice.

Sara picks the next gown and Dani gets the veil.

Dani:  The lace of the veil is a pretty decent match for this particular gown.  But there are certainly other options.  I can even make a custom veil.  But this works for a quick view of what a veil will look like with this gown.
Sara:  Can you move it back, please?  I want it more toward the back of my head. I think it could overwhelm my face.  I really want it to just be an accessory.
Dani:  Of course I can.
Amy:  I like this one.  All of that beautiful lace at the top is pretty.  (squeals) Yes!  This is the one.  This is the 'I Do' dress.
Sara (excitedly):  I think you're right, Amy.

Sara:  Dani, you are so right.  I would not have picked this one up first, but it does have lace, as I thought I would want, and these half sleeves instead of the long sleeves are perfect. 
Dani:  I'm so glad you like it.  I can see I do need to make some adjustments to ensure the fit is perfect on you.
Sara:  Yes.  I also would like to make some minor changes to the bottom.  Can you do that?
Dani:  I can make whatever alterations you would like. 
Sara:  So what do we do next?
Dani:  I will take a non-refundable deposit of 50% for the gown before I make the alterations.  Then you can pay the balance when you pick it up.
Sara:  Great! 

Dani takes notes of the alterations Sara would like, then takes her measurements.  Sara gets dressed, pays the deposit, thanks Dani and she and Amy leave.  Zavier hears Sara and Amy pull off in the car, so he goes to talk to Dani.

Zavier:  How did it go, Honey?
Dani:  Wonderful.  I sold a gown.
Zavier:  You are so sexy when you do your thing.
Dani:  Thank you.  So, what's for dinner?
Zavier:  I ordered out.  I figured you wouldn't want to cook after working and I don't want to cook.  It will be here soon.
Dani:  Okay.  I need to have a seat for a minute.

Dani stares ahead, thinking.

Zavier:  You look deep in thought.  What's going on in your head right now?
Dani:  I'm just daydreaming about having my own shop, as usual.  It may never be a reality to have more than this shop in the garage, but I can't help but fantasize about it.
Zavier:  I know.  But maybe we can find a way to make it a reality.  I would love to see you have your own shop. 
Dani:  Thank you for supporting me, Zave.  We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I love this story for so many reasons. For one thing, I never get tired of seeing bridal gowns no matter what scale they're in. Secondly, I just love how supportive Zavier is of his wife's dream to have her own salon, and I love that Dani is holding fast to her dream and taking steps to make it a reality. On a separate note, who is the doll on the right side of your new blog header? I don't think I've seen her before.

    1. HI, Jewell. I am glad you like the story. I love bridal gowns too. Some people around here will have to get married and when they are all married, they can renew their vows. 😀

      Jye and Zenia did a photo shoot. The photos aren't nude, but a few show just a little skin. I posted them on my Flickr page if you want to see the rest. So that's Zenia to the right.

    2. The beads and lace are very tasteful. Her face has a lot of personality. What kind of doll is she?

    3. Thank you. She's Integrity Toys' Rising Sun Kyori.

  2. Great story! I sure hope Dani gets her bridal salon someday, would love to see more beautiful gowns and accessories!

    1. Thanks, Chris. It may be a while, but she seems committed. I can't wait to see what bridal dresses she makes herself. This should be good.

  3. Love Love Love!! This was fantastic all around. The dialogue, props, EVERYTHING! I love your work. Staying tuned....

    1. Thanks, Brenova. I'm hoping her shop (if Dani ever gets one) will be beautiful.

  4. Love this story because like Jewell said, Dani is holding fast to her dreams and doing what it takes to make it happen. Many businesses have had garage starts and they have been quite successful. Definitely helps to have a supportive (and fine) husband. I wish her all the best.

    1. Hi, Vanessa. Thank you. I need to do the same thing, open a business. I just actually need to figure out what business. LOL!

  5. Beautiful story!!! I hope she gets to make her dream a reality. It seems that Zave has his thinking cap on as well.

    By the way, bridal dolls are my most favorite doll to collect.

    1. Hi, Georgia Girl. I keep seeing dolls with bridal gowns, but I keep thinking, "All I want is the gown, they can keep the doll." I have a thing for wedding dresses. But I also have a thing for house hunting, so I just chalk it up to my craziness.


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