Monday, April 18, 2016

Cyann and the Sick Duo

Brooklyn is not feeling well.  She has a low fever and is miserable.  Cyann is doing her best to make her feel better.  She has given her baby medicine to control the fever and she just needs for the misery to pass. 

Brooklyn is whimpering and making a few noises.

Cyann:  It's okay, Baby.  You'll be fine.  Shhhh...Just try to sleep.  Mommy has you.
Brenna walks in with an idea.

Brenna:  Mommy, I know what will make Brookie feel better.  She loves the rabbit I got for Christmas.  Every time she sees it, she smiles and tries to get it.
Cyann:  That's so sweet of you, but you don't like that she wants to eat it when she can get her hands on it.
Brenna:  I know, but she's sick, so she can have it if it will make her feel better.  Then you can wash it later.
Cyann:  Awww!  I sure would. But I think maybe we'll hold off on giving it to her until later.  She really just wants to be held right now.  Thank you.

Brenna climbs up on the other chair to ask her mother questions about when Brooklyn will feel better.  As she's talking, Grayson walks in.

Grayson:  Cy, where is the cold and flu medicine?  I thought you left it in the room, but I don't see it.
Cyann:  That's because you took the last of it.  I'll have to run out and get you some more.
Grayson:  Are you going to go now?  I really need it.  These symptoms are killing me.
Cyann:  Maybe you should try drinking some more juice and having a cup of soup until I can get to the store.  I promise you won't die before then.

Grayson:  My head's really killing me, I feel like I'm dying and I need you to take my temperature.  I'm certain I'm burning up.
Cyann:  Take some ibuprofen, it will bring the fever down. Look in the bathroom cabinet.  I'm sure there's some in there.  I just bought a new bottle a couple of weeks ago.
Grayson (moaning):  Mmmm....I know I called out of work today, but I should let them know I won't be there tomorrow either.
Cyann:  Okay. 
Grayson: I wish I could be where Brooklyn is right now.  Nice and cozy and being taken care of.
Cyann:  Awww, Poor Baby.  I only have one lap to give and the most helpless gets it.  Maybe later when she's settled down I can give you more attention and take care of you.

Grayson moans again and then he starts to head to the bathroom to find the ibuprofen and then lie down.

Brenna:  Daddy.
Grayson:  Yes, Baby?
Brenna:  I can take care of you. 
Grayson:  Thank you, Sweetheart!  But I don't want to get you sick too.  So maybe it's best you don't get to close. 
Brenna (sounding disappointed):  Well, I hope Mommy can get you the medicine before you die.

Grayson and Cyann laugh. 

Grayson:  I'm sure Mommy won't let me get that bad.  I'm not that close to death yet. Don't you worry about it. I will live a while longer.
Cyann:  Yes, Daddy is exaggerating. He's not really dying.  He just wants more sympathy from Mommy.
Brenna:  Oh! Okay.  Good.

Grayson leaves and after a few minutes, the doorbell rings. 

Cyann:  Sorry, but you'll have to sit here for a minute.  I'll be right back.
Brenna:  I'll watch her, Mommy.
Cyann:  I know you will.  You're so helpful.

Brooklyn starts to cry, but after making a face and some noise, she changes her mind and just dozes off.  Cyann goes to the door and sees Ember, so she let's her and Erwyn in.  Cyann explains that there is illness in the house, asks Ember to go to the living room and then goes to get a bottle of juice for Brooklyn to see if she can convince her to drink something.  Ember and Erwyn go to the living room.

Erwyn:  Hi, Brenna.
Ember:  Hi, Brenna.
Brenna:  Hi!  Brookie's sick today and so is my daddy.  But I'm not sick and neither is Mommy. 
Ember:  Yes, so I've heard. Well, it's good you can both take care of your sister and your father.
Erwyn:  Can we play?
Brenna:  Sure.  Auntie Em, can you please watch Brookie.  I told Mommy I would, but she'll be okay if you watch her 'cause you're older.
Ember (laughing):  I sure can.  You two go ahead and play.  But Erwyn, we're not staying too long.
Erwyn:  Okay.

The girls head to Brenna's room, chatting along the way.

Ember touches Brooklyn's head to see how she reacts.  Brooklyn just opens her eyes a little, moans, then closes her eyes.

Ember:  Poor baby.  I know you wish you could be the busy bee you are. I hate seeing you like this.

Cyann returns with a bottle in her hand, picks up Brooklyn and tries to offer it to her, but Brooklyn's not interested.

Ember:  She looks so miserable, Cy.  How bad is her fever?
Cyann:  It's been between 99 and 101.  The doctor recommended some medicine and she's been getting it, so it drops for a while. It's getting the medicine back in her that takes a while.  But I have to go to the pharmacy to get more medicine for Grayson, the other baby, and I'll see if I can get the form that goes in rectally like they give at the hospital.
Ember:  Good.  That should make it easier.  I can go to the pharmacy for you if you'd like.
Cyann:  Thanks, but I want to grab a couple of other things while I'm out, including more soup for Gray.  So what brings you by?

Ember:  Well, I wanted to tell you that your encouragement with hanging in there while I'm trying to find more models really worked.  I have another model and she's gorgeous.  There's some additional work I have to do on her behalf because she's not a citizen, but I think it will be worth it.
Cyann:  Cool.  How did you find her?
Ember:  Honestly, Erwyn found her.  We were at the Flavor Café and Erwyn seemed to be amazed by her.  I wasn't even paying attention to anything going on around me.  But Erwyn kept mentioning her looks and that finally made me look up. 
Cyann:  A little business woman in the making, huh?
Ember:  I sure hope so.

Ember:  You know, I have been working so hard and worrying so much about the business taking off, I have barely had a chance to do a few additional things, like find one photographer to help with portfolios.  New models don't have them and I want to work something out where no one, especially me, has to pay an arm and a leg for shots.  But I also don't want some run of the mill cheap shoddy work either.

Cyann:  You may not have remember, but my friend, Avery, is a photographer.  She does wonderful work.  If she won't take those types of shots, she may be able to recommend someone who can.  I'll give her a call tomorrow, since my hands are pretty full today.
Ember:  That would be wonderfulThanks!
Cyann:  I'm sure it will all work out.  Congratulations on the new model.  I'd love to see them all one day. Plus, I'm glad you are feeling better.  You were frustrated the last time you talked about needing more models.

Ember:  Girl!  I sure was.  But you know what I have going for me? You and my family all working hard to lift me up.  Moving back here has been so uplifting for me.  I can see Erwyn is benefitting too.  With all her aunts to dote on her, her grandmother visiting so long and spoiling her.  And she has her new best friend, Brenna.  I can see Erwyn being a little influenced by Brenna's outgoing personality.  Erwyn is slowly coming out of that shell when it comes to other people.

Cyann:  I'm so glad to hear that. We're glad you're here. I did miss you for years, now my phone bill is much cheaper.  Gray is loving that. Speaking of coming out, I need to be getting out.

Ember:  Of course.  I didn't want to stay long, but I did want to tell you about my new model.  Thank you so much for your support.  Not just with me doing my thing, but with Erwyn.
Cyann:  Umm..Honorary sister over here.  No need to thank me.  We're family.  That's what we do.
Ember: That's why I love ya.

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  1. Very nice story. Poor baby, sick with the flu. Hope she gets better soon. I had to laugh a little bit at Grayson. Men can be such babies when they get sick!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. Yes, men can act just like that. It's funny.

  2. Excellent dialog! I'm not going to say that all men act like Grayson when they are sick but many do, lol.

    Well designed diorama too!

    1. Thank you, Muff. Many men certainly do behave just like Grayson. I find it so funny they do that.

  3. Loved it, Loved it...... & the set is GREAT, nice pic's

    1. Thanks, Ladonna. For some reason, Cyann keeps wanting to update the room and change the furniture. Grayson is being quite a sport about it.

  4. Poor Cyann; she really has her hands full! Hope everyone is feeling better soon, and I hope Brenna doesn't get sick too!

    Great story!

    1. Thanks, Champagne Star. Yes, Cyann certainly has a lot to deal with. I'm sure Grayson will get it together once he has his medicine.

  5. The room is beautiful. It's hard enough having a sick baby. Add a sick husband to that mix...whew. Poor Cyann. If I were Ember, as soon as I found out there was illness in the house, I would have turned right around and left.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. Cyann will keep remodeling. I think it gives her something to do.

      I guess Ember isn't worried about catching anything or she thought it was such a short visit, the chances of catching something are slim.


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