Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ember Seals a Deal and Hosts a Family Meeting

Seiko and Trillian have come to meet with Ember about the possibility of Seiko joining Ember's roster of models.  Seiko has been so excited about the possibility and she and Trillian did a lot of research online before attending the meeting. They have asked several questions and now the meeting is about to wrap up shortly. 

Ember is trying to close the deal.

Ember:  So we've talked about shoots, expectations on both sides, yours and mine.  I know I can get you booked. With some hard work, I know I can help you be seen worldwide. 
Seiko:  I like that you want to have a family atmosphere.  My brother, who had to be talked out of coming with me today, would like hearing that. 
Trillian:  Mmm.  Yes, he would. 
Ember:  I mean what I say and I will be honest with you.  I want you in one of these frames behind me and I will do what I have to keep you there.

Trillian:  Seiko, this couldn't be more perfect.  You'll be able to stay here, you can earn money, start a career and even go to school if you want. 
Seiko:  Do you think my parents and Shin will be okay with this?
Trillian:  You let me worry about Shin.  You are almost eighteen, so your parents will no longer be able to tell you what to do.  It's your life.  Is this what you want?
Seiko:  Yes!  Yes!  It's so exciting and I really think I can do it. 
Trillian: Okay, then.  Let's do this!

Trillian:  We're in.  I know you're the leader here, but whatever I can do to be helpful as the, let's say, 'family manager on the side,' just let me know. 
Ember:  That's wonderful!  It sounds like Seiko can use your support and I am most grateful for it. 
Seiko:  I'm so happy I have her for a sister.  She's so supportive. 
Ember:  I agree.  You are very fortunate.  So, I'll get some paperwork together and we'll need to get some shot of you so I can have them for clients.  You'll also need them for your portfolio.

 Ember walks over to Seiko and takes her right hand in both of hers.

Ember:  I am sincerely happy you are joining us.  I will also set up a meeting so you can meet Zenia and Jye.  I want you all to know each other since you will probably go to a lot of assignments together.
Seiko:  That will be nice.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and getting started.

Ember pulls out the contract she uses for talent and gives it to Seiko so she can take it with her, read it over and sign.  Trillian and Seiko head home and Ember heads upstairs to check on Erwyn.  She is expecting her sisters, Henna and Syren.  Henna asked to meet with them both and because she had a meeting, Ember suggested they meet a her house. 

Henna arrives first and Ember invites her to sit in the living room and chat while they wait for Syren. 

Ember:  So while I could pretend to have small talk, I'd rather just jump to what's on my mind.  Why are we meeting?
Henna:  I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait for Syren.  I don't want to hear that I was unfair and didn't wait for her.
Ember:  Are getting married?  Maybe you're pregnant?
Henna:  Maybe you've lost your mind?  No!  Neither.  Just wait, Syren should be here soon.

Henna was right, Syren rang the bell and Ember went to get the door.  They head to the living room.

Syren:  Okay, Girlie!  I dropped everything to be able to be here.  This had better be good.
Henna (laughing):  So dramatic.  You look very nice, by the way.  I love that top.
Syren:  Thank you.  I am looking pretty good, huh?
Henna:  Yes, you are.
Ember (getting impatient): Okay, Henna, we are ready for the meeting subject now.

Henna:  Has Mom called you?
Ember:  No, is she okay?
Henna:  Yes, perfectly fine.  She told me last night that she's going home.  So I thought we'd give her a nice send off, a little party.  I really was surprised she stayed so long.
Syren:  I'll bet you're happy to be getting your privacy back.
Henna:  I love Mom very much, but, yes, I want my privacy back.  It's been four months.  I just thought she'd stay until maybe the end of January.  But she couldn't seem to tear herself away.

Syren:  Well, she doesn't work, but she's pretty well off with housing investments.  So you know she can take her time coming and going.
Ember:  You know, Dad set her up pretty well with his life insurance and planning.  She's the reason Evan increased his life insurance so much.  I know they had a conversation about Dad's planning and what Mom was able to have when he died.  It drove Evan into action and he had no idea he would leave us so soon.
Syren:  Yes, that was really cool of Mommy.
Henna:  Well she keeps doing all the food shopping and trying to slip me money for bills.  She's doing okay financially.

Henna can see Ember about to go into her thoughts about Evan again, which she seems to do when she mentions him, so she changes the subject.

Henna:  Do you have any ideas about where to host something?  I'm thinking that a restaurant or event venue would be best.
Syren:  Hmmm.....What about Select Spaces?
Henna:  It's okay, but I think we really need more space.  I know it's just family and not a million of us, but we may want to spread out.
Ember:  I'm sure we can come up with something pretty quickly. 

Henna:  Hmmm...We'll have to think about it and get something together very soon.  She's planning to go by the end of April.  If she gets a great deal on a plane ticket, she'll be gone.
Syren:  I'll check around.  It's mostly likely us, the aunt and uncle and cousins, right?
Henna:  Yes.  I don't know if she has hung out with any old friends or not.  I'm usually gone long hours and I miss her some days or just head to bed.  So conversations can be brief.  We're like roommates.

Syren:  Awww, Honey.  You're going to be all alone.  Woo, woo, woo.
Henna:  I think I'll live.
Syren:  We don't want you go fall apart now, do we?

Henna shakes Syren's hand off.

Henna:  Whatever, Little Girl.

Ember:  Hey, let's focus, shall we?  We know we have to work hard and fast.  We'll need a budget because we don't all have endless money like Syren.
Syren:  Yeah, right.  You forget, I still work for a company.  Unlike you two, I don't own one.  I count my pennies.
Henna:  Girl, please.  You count your pennies so you can buy the next new outfit, handbag and shoes.  All of which are not a bargain.
Syren:  As if you don't always have to look tight.  I see you always trying to be on point.  We must be counting those same pennies.

Ember:  And yet again, you are both losing focus. You both enjoy shopping for fine things.  We all know this.  Can we get back to the subject at hand, please?
Henna:  Of course, we can.  We're just having fun.
Syren: One of us is just jealous that the other rocks some really hot items.  That's all.  Just fun.
Ember:  Syren, find some places.  Henna, tell us what dates you have in mind.  You also get to let everyone know.  I'll follow up with the place Syren finds and make the arrangements.  If there is a deposit, I'll give it and we'll tally up when we need to. Is everyone okay with that plan?
Henna and Syren:  Yes!
Ember:  Good.  I have a child to feed. So I'm going to make dinner.  Are you staying for dinner?
Syren:  I am.
Henna:  Yes.  But I'm heading up to see how my niece is going while you start.
Syren:  I'll have a cocktail and keep you company in the kitchen.
Ember:  Okay.  Let's get moving.

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  1. Nice story. Glad to see the Seiko will stay in town and be a part of Ember's modelling agency. Can't wait to see the venue for the going away party for their mom.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I can't wait to see where they choose either. I have no idea where they will go, but I am sure they will have a good time.

  2. Glad to see Ember is keeping up the business. Did you make the curtains? Really like those.

    1. Thank you, Muff. Yes, I did make the curtains. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Hello! Beautiful history. It is great that Seiko will be part of the modeling agency. I'm anxious to see images of the party. I love how you have decorated the scenarios.
    I have a question, please. Who is the guy in the image on the top, is a Ken doll?

    Hola! Bonita historia. Es estupendo que Seiko vaya a ser parte de la agencia de modelos. Estoy impaciente por ver imágenes de la fiesta. Me encanta cómo has decorado los escenarios.
    Tengo una duda ¿quién es el chico de la imagen de arriba, es un Ken doll?

    1. Thank you, Sonrisa. The doll in photo is Power Team Elite Action figure. They can be found on Ebay and Big Lots (so far around Christmas).


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