Saturday, April 30, 2016

Henna's Visitors

Fatima is visiting with Henna while she waits for Ember to arrive and pick her up.  She needs to get her hair done at the salon and Ember has offered to take her since she took her rental car back.

Fatima:  Are you sure the salon you are recommending will do a good job?  I rarely go, but I want my hair to look good for this shin dig y'all are throwing for me.
Henna:  The hairdresser has a good reputation. I've seen her work.
Fatima:  Have you used her?
Henna:  No.  I just keep my hair in its curly state which only requires washing and conditioning.  But I know a few people who have been used her.  Ask some questions about what she'll do first and then you can decide if you want her to touch your hair or not.
Fatima:  Okay.  I can do that.

In the reception area, Ember has arrived.

Ember:  Hi, Carly!  Long time no see. How are you?
Carly:  Oh my goodness!  It's so good to see you!
Ember:  It's good to see you too.  Well, don't just sit there.  Where's my hug?

Carly happily gets up from her chair to give Ember a hug. They haven't seen each other since before Christmas.

Carly:  You have to stop by more often.  I know you're busy, but it's always great to see you.
Ember:  Well, I have to be careful.  I may need an assistant one day and I don't want Henna to think I'm trying to snatch you up.
Carly (laughing):  Me leave Henna?  Never.

Carly:  Henna is waiting for you.  Your mother is in the office with her.  Henna may not admit it, but I'm sure she'll miss having her around when she's gone.  I hear your mother cooks pretty often and it's delicious.
Ember (smiling):  She'll miss Mommy, but she'll be happy to have her place back to herself.  And, yes, she'll miss having her own personal chef around.
Carly:  I'd miss that too.
Ember:  Me too.  Well, let me pop in here. 
Carly:  Okay.

Ember knocks and then walks in.

Ember:  Hey!  I'm here. 
Henna:  Hey, Em.  Come on in.
Ember:  While I'm here, I need to talk to you about the party plans.  I have a few things I need to wrap up.
Henna:  Okay.  I know we're using a caterer, but you know Aunt Tandra offered to bring something.  She says that it wouldn't be a party without a fabulous dish from her.
Fatima:  Tandra is something else, but you've gotta love her.
Ember:  She is funny.  I'll call her.

Ember:  I'll have a seat and we'll chat.
Henna:  What time is Mom's appointment?
Ember:  Not for another two and a half hours.  We're just going to grab something to eat first.  I'm going to drop her off and then go get Erwyn at the after school program.
Fatima:  We can grab something quick and light, so if you need a lot of time to talk, don't rush.

The phone rings and Carly answers her.  She pages Henna on the intercom.

Carly:  Henna, please excuse me.  This is an important call about the McDougal Estate and the furniture order.
Henna:  Okay.  I'll pick it up.  Thank you.
Fatima: Do you need us to wait outside?
Henna:  Yes, please.  I just need to handle this and then I'll be with you.

Fatima and Ember head to the door.
Ember (smiling):  Age before beauty.
Fatima (smirking):  I think you mean age and beauty first.
Ember:  Yes, that's it.  After you.

Fatima:  I saw a little place down the street where I want to check out some antique items.  Do you want to come with me for a minute?
Ember:  No, I'll wait for Henna while you go look.  Carly, does Henna have any appointments any time soon.
Carly:  No, she doesn't.  I think you can take your time.  It's just unforeseen things pop up during the day.
Ember:  I'll have a seat and chat with Carly.

Fatima heads to the door, but before she can open it, it opens and in walks Parker startling her.

Fatima:  Oh!
Parker:  I'm sorry.  I didn't know someone was about to walk out. 
Fatima:  That's okay.

Parker (having a moment of recognition):  Hello.  How are you?
Fatima (knowing she has met Parker before): Hello.  I know you, don't I?
Parker:  Yes, we've met before.  You're Henna's mother, right?
Fatima:  Yes.  And, I apologize.  What's your name again?
Parker: It's Parker.  It's nice to see you again.
Fatima:  Oh, yes.  You do contract work for Henna.  While I recognize the face, I do recognize the name more.

Ember:  Parker is also very helpful.  He fixed my refrigerator.
Fatima:  What a gentleman!  Henna loves his contracting work.  She's always talking about how pleased she and her clients are with it.
Parker (blushing):  Thank you.

Fatima: Well, I'm off to the store for a few minutes.
Parker:  I'll get the door for you. 
Fatima:  Thank you.  You are definitely a gentleman.  (Thinks for a second.) I think you should come to the small going away party my girls are hosting for me. 
Parker:  Oh. Thank you, but I couldn't impose.
Fatima:  Honey, it's not imposing if you're invited.  And I don't extend invitations if I don't mean to.  Ember will be sitting here, she can tell you when and where.  Or you can tell Henna I invited you and she'll give you the information.  In either case, I hope you can make it.
Parker:  Thank you.  I will come if I can make it.

Parker opens the door for Fatima and she heads off. 

Carly:  Parker, Henna is on the phone and Ember is waiting to speak with her.  Do you have time to wait?
Parker:  Yes.  I came unannounced, so I can wait.

Parker has a seat.

Ember:  So Parker, what have you been up to lately? Did you go out with Marlin? 
Parker:  Yes, I did.  It was a pleasant evening.  She's a nice person.
Ember:  Mmm...Nice.  Still not sure if there's a love connection?
Parker: We'll see.  She just invited me out. I think it's because I've been very busy and haven't invited her out again.
Ember:  Do you want to go out with her again?

Parker:  Yes, I'm willing to give it a chance to get to know her better.  I'm still not in a rush, but I think we'll have a good time.
Ember:  Good for you.  As long as you let her know if you decide it's not going anywhere, things will be fine.
Parker:  I will.  She has hinted several times that she is looking for a husband.  That's probably another reason I am moving slowly. 
Ember:  Well, take your time. On another note, business seems to be thriving.  Did you make a decision about incorporating?

Parker:  I went with LLC for now. I can always change later.  I've been working on building a pool of skilled laborers.  Things are really getting better.
Ember:  Henna is smart.  She can keep you in business for a long time.
Parker:  I'm looking forward to it.  I do like working with one company.  Right now I don't want to have to find contracts elsewhere.  So this is a good set up.

Henna wraps up her call and then heads to the reception area.

Henna:  Hi, Parker. I wasn't expecting you.  Is everything okay?
Parker:  Yes, everything is fine.  I have a few things to go over with you about a couple of sites.  I could have called, but I thought an in person discussion would be better.  Would you mind?
Henna:  Absolutely not.  I just need to speak with my sister for a few minutes and then we can meet.  Is that okay?
Parker:  Yes, of course.  Thank you.
Henna:  Thank you, Parker.  Ember, where's Mom?
Ember:  She went to the store.  I know where to find her after we're done.
Henna: Okay, let's finish our conversation.

Ember stands up to go into the office.

Ember:  It was nice chatting with you, Parker.  Hopefully we'll see you at the party. 
Parker:  It was nice speaking with you as well.  I still need the information. 
Ember:  You sure do.  I'll grab a piece of paper from Henna and give it to you before I leave.
Parker:  Alright.  Thank you.

Ember goes in to speak with Henna and Parker has a seat to wait for his turn. 

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  1. Hmm. I think Parker should NOT go out with Marlin again. "Nice?" "Willing to give it a chance?" He is not into her AT ALL and should just let her move forward on her obvious husband hunt.

    1. Muff, Parker seems to be conflicted. He is focused on his business and getting his living arrangements changed. Maybe that's weighing on him. He seems hesitant about dating anyone right now, but knows he'd like to get married at some point. We'll see how things progress.

  2. I agree with Parker that Marlin is a nice girl, but that's it...nice. I find myself wanting him and Ember to get together for some reason. I can't explain why other than I like the fact that neither is in a hurry to get too serious, they seem like they could be great friends first, AND Ember's mom obviously likes him, too.

    1. Jewell, I think Marlin has a lot to offer because she would really value her marriage. I think she's letting her desire head toward desperation.

  3. Marlin makes a nice couple. Maybe Marlin will back off and allow Parker to chase her. I love Henna's office!

    1. Hi, Georgia Girl! Poor Marlin. She does need to calm down. Henna says, "Thank you!"

  4. If Parker isn't interested in marriage at this point, I think he should tell Marlin, especially since that seems to be her goal. I think they make better friends and should leave it at that. Marlin seems like the kind of girl who will corner poor Parker into marrying her and then the marriage falls apart because it was rushed and Parker clearly is not thinking of marriage. I have to agree about Parker and Ember. I'm sensing a bit of an attraction between them.

    1. Champagne Star, Parker and Marlin don't seem to be a match. I don't think Marlin wants to admit it.


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