Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Last Pie

Jadyn heard from Trillian that Seiko is going to be a model for the Journey Talent Agency, so she has come over to chat and visit.  Shin has taken the girls out to see an animated children's movie, which is giving Trillian a chance to just relax and enjoy being with just adults for a little while.

Jadyn stopped to get some fast food and asked Seiko and Trillian if they wanted any since she was stopping.  Trillian declined, but Seiko asked for an apple pie and a drink.

Jadyn:  So you were really able to get Shin on board with this idea, huh?  I'm surprised he's not throwing some sort of fit or making some demands like no nudity or lingerie or something.
Seiko:  He and my parents did raise concerns.  I promised I would try to avoid those types of shoots if I can.
Jadyn: Oh!  Well, I guess you can say you won't do those if they come up.  But some places pay good money though for showing a little more.
Trillian:  It won't be a big deal.  Seiko doesn't have to tell them every shoot she is going on.  Her eighteenth birthday is in two months.  So she'll be an adult and it won't matter. 
Jadyn:  Cool. 
Trillian:  Besides, her parents are not here and if Shin truly has an issue with seeing women in skimpy clothes or lingerie, guess who else he won't be seeing in those either.

Jadyn:  Trill, you are brutal.  It will most likely shut him down, but you're still brutal.
Seiko (laughing):  I like that she has so much control.  Someday I want to be like her.
Jadyn:  Hmm... Yes, manipulating, threatening, just the things every woman should be in order to get what she wants.

Trillian:  Hey, I'm not that bad.  I keep my man happy.  I just hope the threat works and I don't have to carry it out.  It usually does.  Every woman has to have a little power in her relationship. 
Jadyn (laughing):  I get it. 
Trillian:  Anyway, back to Seiko modeling.  I hope you enjoy that pie today because it may need to be your last pie.  At least for a while.  You have to keep that figure tight.

Seiko (looking at her pie and realizing Trillian is right): Yes, you are right.  This may have to be my last pie.  I guess I should savor every single bite.
Trillian:  Speaking of bites, I'm going to go grab a hot dog. 

Trillian stands up to head to the kitchen.

Trillian:  Do you need anything?
Jadyn:  I left the napkins in the bag when I threw it away in the kitchen.  Can you grab a napkin for me, please?
Seiko:  Yes, I need one too please.
Trillian:  Okay.

Trillian goes to the kitchen, microwaves a hotdog she heated up earlier, grabs napkins and heads back to the living room.

Trillian:  We have to ask about photos.  You will need a portfolio.  We have to follow up on that.
Seiko:  Yes, but I think I will need to choose some clothes for the pictures.  I will call Ember tomorrow and ask her some more questions.  I want to be sure I know what to do next for sure.
Jadyn:  This is so exciting.  I want to go to your photo shoot.
Trillian (smiling):  We'll keep that in mind.

The trio sits quietly for a few minutes as they all finish their food.

Seiko:  Well, I finished my last pie.  I'm going to throw my trash away.  Do you want me to take your trash?
Jadyn:  Sure, thanks.
Trillian:  Okay.  Thank you.  Can you also get me another beer and a bottle of water, please?

Seiko collects the trash and heads to the kitchen.

Jadyn:  It's nice getting a break, huh?  I rarely see you have liquor.
Trillian:  Yep! It sure is.  But this is my last beer.  I just like a slight buzz anyway. Plus, I'll be back on mom duty once the girls are back.
Jadyn:  That's so sweet.  Mom duty.  One day I'll be able to say that.
Trillian:  Speaking of which, how's Marcel?  I keep hinting to him about popping the question.  Not too hard, but I keep wondering if you guys are headed that way.
Jadyn:  He's good, but I don't want to get too anxious.  I mean, we've talked about having a future, but we don't get too deep about it.  We're just going with the flow right now.  But I do have my own kind of timeline in my head.  I'm not rushing, but I don't want to waste my time either.  I know what I want. 
Trillian:  Well, as long as you're good with how it's going, I am too. 

Seiko returns.

Seiko:  Here you are.
Trillian:  Thanks, Honey.  I appreciate it. 
Seiko:  What is the water for if you're drinking beer?
Trillian:  It will keep me hydrated.  One day when you're old enough to drink, you'll have to remember that.  It will save you a lot of aggravation and possibly a headache.
Seiko (laughing):  I will try to file that away in my memory.

Jadyn:  Seiko, I can hardly wait to see you in magazines and maybe on television.  I will be able to tell everyone that I know you and have since we were kids.  They will be like, "you know a supermodel?" and I will be like, "hell, yea!"
Seiko (giggling):  That is funny. 
Jadyn:  Maybe, but it's true.  You are going to be famous!

The ladies continue to chat until Shin returns home with Amorie, Cameo and Emiko.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I liked the ladies time, Yeah......Seiko!

  2. Hi, Ladonna! Thank you so much!

  3. The title threw me for a moment. I was expecting a story about the Flavor Café. I'm excited for Seiko and for the growth of Ember's agency. Oh and I love what you've done with the walls of this dio.

    1. LOL! Sorry about that, Jewell. I wouldn't have thought of that. Thank you for the compliment!


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