Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Twins and Their Ladies - A Night Out

Tyson and Isis are meeting Tyquan, Tyson's twin brother, and Quinn, his on and off again girlfriend with whom he has a daughter, for dinner at Color Burst.  Tyson hasn't seen Tyquan much since he got engaged and Isis barely knows Quinn.  Isis and Quinn have seen each other a few times during a few family events, but they don't know each other well.  With the impending wedding, Isis is hoping to get to know Quinn better since, although not legally, they will be related due to Tyson's niece, Tylyn.

Isis:  I wonder if I should involve Quinn in wedding events since Tyquan will be in the wedding.  Plus, I don't have anyone little girls small enough to be a flower girl, so I'm hoping your niece can be the flower girl.  What do you think?
Tyson:  That's a nice idea.  Tylyn would probably love that.  She's kind of a diva.  I think she gets it from her grandmother.
Isis:  Really?  Which grandmother?
Tyson:  Quinn's mother.  I don't see her often, but when I have, she's been quite a ball of fire.  She's gorgeous and she knows it. If you met her, you'd know what I mean.
Isis (laughing): Well, she sounds pretty fun if she's a ball of fire.

Quinn and Tyquan walk up to the table.

Tyquan:  Fancy meeting you here.  Mind if we join you?
Isis: Hi!  I think we can make some room.
Quinn:  Hi!  It's nice to see you.
Tyson:  Hey.  We've been waiting.  The waitress has been circling trying to get us to order.  We haven't even asked for drinks yet.  I'm about to be parched.

Tyquan:  Okay, Bro.  We do need to get the drinking started.
Quinn:  We're sorry we held you up.  I was trying to get my hair just right.
Tyson:  It's beautiful, just like you, Quinn.
Isis:  It really is.  I'm going to have to try that style. 
Quinn (grinning):  Thank you both.

Tyquan and Quinn sit down and start talking.

Quinn (to Isis):  So I hear you're getting married.  That is so exciting!  Tyson is a great guy.  I'm sure he'll be a wonderful husband.  You're so lucky.
Isis:  Well, thank you!  I think he's a keeper.  I thought we were doing well in our relationship and I know a part of me was hoping he would think we could have a life together, but I was really surprised when he popped the question.  Terribly happy, but definitely surprised.
Quinn:  Where did he propose?  Was it a huge set up?
Isis:  It was perfect.  We were watching a movie together and had just finished eating. I was barely paying him any attention because the movie had me so enthralled.  
Quinn:  Interesting way, but as long as it worked.
Isis:  It certainly did.
Quinn:  May I see the ring, please?

Isis:  You sure can.

Isis lifts her hand for Quinn and Quinn holds it to take a good look.

Quinn:  Oh my!  What a rock!  It's beautiful. 
Isis: Thank you.  Tyson did well.  He has good taste.

Quinn turns to Tyquan.

Quinn:  Honey, have you seen the beautiful ring Tyson gave Isis.  Please take note that I like it.
Tyquan:  That is a nice ring.  I'll keep it in mind should I ever need one.
Quinn:  You don't think you'll be needing one any time soon?
Tyquan:  Nope.  My pennies are going to some more pressing things.

Hearing Tyquan's response and not thinking it was kind of Tyquan, Tyson changes the subject.

Tyson:  So Isis and I were thinking that Tylyn would be the perfect flower girl in our wedding.  Can we get you on board with that?
Quinn:  That is fine with me.  I think she'd enjoy it.  Just let me know what we need to do.
Isis:  Great!  She's so adorable.  I'll let you know when we're ready to go dress shopping.

Tyson:  Quan, you have to be in the wedding.
Tyquan:  Will I be the best man?
Tyson:  I love you, but I do have a best friend who will be the best man.  But I'd like you to be an usher.

The waitress returns and asks again for orders.  They haven't really looked at the menu yet, so they ask to hold off on food, but they do order drinks.  The waitress doesn't take long to return and they chat about Tyquan being in the wedding until she does.

Isis:  Now that the groom slash best man thing is settled, to keep it even, I think it would be nice for you to be the bridesmaid with Tyquan, Quinn.  Then your whole family will be part of the wedding.
Quinn:  Are you sure you don't owe that place to a girlfriend of yours?  I'm flattered, but I also know that a bridesmaid role is for good friends.
Isis:  It's also for family, which is what we will be.  I know we don't know each other well, but I think this could help us to get to know each other.
Quinn:  I'd like that.  But please be sure to check your list before I say yes.  We can still get to know each other better.  I just want to be sure I don't take someone else's place of honor.

Isis: I'm sure.  Also, maybe you can also show me the ropes since you've known this family much longer than me.  It could help to get more tips and information.
Quinn (laughing):  I'm not sure what more I know, but feel free to pick my brain.  I'll help however I can.  But for fair trade, I'd like to know how you managed to get ring out of Tyson and all I managed to get from his brother is a child.

Hearing that gets Tyson's attention.

Tyson: That's a good question.  Quan, you have a beautiful woman and child.  When are you going to make your family official?
Tyquan:  Man, I'm not trying to hear that right now.  It's cool you are ready to settled down and all that, but I'm just not there.
Tyson: Why not?  You guys have been together...
Quinn interjects:  Back and forth...
Tyson:  Okay,b ack and forth, but around each other mostly in a relationship for a long time.  It's time to settle down.
Tyquan:  I have to keep my options open and be sure I'm doing the right thing.  Once you're locked down, it takes a lot to walk away.

Quinn (getting aggravated):  Wait.  Are you saying you're feeling like you'd be locked down with me?
Tyquan:  I'm saying I love you, but I need to be sure marrying you is right for me.  You know I've needed to be a free spirit.
Quinn:  A free spirit?  But you love me and you love Tylyn and you're not ready to be with us?
Tyquan:  Hey, nothing is keeping me from my daughter.  That's my baby girl.  But that's different.  I'm talking about keeping my options open. 

Quinn:  I cannot believe we are back to this again.  When we got back together, you said I was important you.  You said you needed to be with me.  Now the story has changed again?
Tyquan:  Not changed.  I told you I love you.  Why do you keep pushing me? 
Quinn:  Seriously, why do I keep doing this, this is crazy.  I think I have a headache.

Isis (to Tyson):  This is about to get out of hand
Tyson:  I know. I don't know why he keeps doing this.  He's so inconsiderate and she doesn't deserve it.
Isis: I'm going to get up and ask her to go to the restroom with me.  I think we need to separate them before this gets worse.
Tyson:  Good idea.  I need to speak with my brother...alone.

Isis stands up.

Isis:  I'm going to the restroom.  Quinn, would you mind going with me?  You know, that girls powder their noses together thing?
Quinn (pausing for a minute and sounding flustered):  I..I guess so.  Okay.
Isis:  Good.  Let's go and let these gentlemen talk for a minute.

Quinn stands up and starts to walk.  Tyson also stands up.

Isis:  Are you okay?
Quinn (fighting back tears):  Mmmhmm...I'll be fine.  Let's just go.
Tyquan (seeing the look on Tyson's face):  What now?  Don't look at me like I just lost you a million bucks.
Tyson: I'll let you know, as soon as the ladies leave.
Isis:  We'll give you a few extra minutes.  Take your time.

The ladies walk away and Tyson sits back down.

Tyson:  Sometimes I wonder how in the world we are even related, let alone twins.  We are nothing alike.  I respect women.  What do you call yourself doing?
Tyquan:  I respect women. 
Tyson: While they count, Mom and Grandmom and other relatives don't exactly count in this situation.  And you know exactly what I mean. Quinn is a good woman and you are treating her like dirt.  It's like we weren't even raised by the same people.
Tyquan:  I'm grown.  I can do what I want.

Tyson:  So you think being grown gives you carte blanche to be disrespectful?  Especially to a woman who has stood by you when most would have and should have left you?  You are really a disappointment.  Some days I wish we didn't look alike so I wouldn't have to be associated with your sad behavior. 
Tyquan:  You don't understand.  It's cool you want to settle down with Isis.  That's what you want to do.  I like open options.
Tyson:  Open Options?  You mean the opportunity to sleep with anyone who comes around and you believe that not being married is a technicality that allows you to do that?

Tyquan:  It IS a big technicality that allows me to do that.  I'm not married, I'm not committed.  What do you want from me?  Quinn should know this is who I am.
Tyson:  Yes, she should know you're a liar when you tell her you love her.  That's not how you treat someone you love. 
Tyquan:  I do love her and you're over stepping your bounds, Bro.

Tyson:  Overstepping my bounds?  You are lucky I'm not overstepping this table and knocking you upside your head.  You really need to pull yourself together and realize what you're doing.  You are going to push Quinn too far away from you and when you realize what you're missing, you won't get her back. 
Tyquan:  Man, she loves me.  She's not going anywhere. 
Tyson: You be the fool who keeps believing that.

Isis comes walking back to the table, alone. She walks up to Tyson to explain what happened.

Isis:  Quinn is not doing well.  She wants to go home.  Do you mind if I take your car and drive her home?  Maybe Tyquan can drive you home and I'll meet you there?
Tyson:  Okay, Honey.  I can do that.  Is she crying?
Isis:  Yes, she's very upset.  I may sit and let her talk for a while, but I will call you when I'm on my way.  I'll just stay at your place tonight if it's okay.
Tyson:  It's always okay. You know that.  I'll walk you and Quinn to the car.
Isis:  Okay, Sweetheart.  I love you.
Tyson:  I love you too.

Isis has a set of keys to Tyson's car and apartment.  So she doesn't need to ask for them.  Before she leaves, she feels compelled to say something to Tyquan.

Isis:  You know, Quan.  Part of me really wants to rip you a new one.  But instead, I'm just going to say this.  What you said and how you are treating Quinn are very hurtful and I don't understand how you can sit here and do that as if it doesn't matter.  I can't even understand how you and Tyson are related.
Tyson (mumbling under his breath):  Me neither.
Isis:  I hope you can see what you are doing to her and, honestly, I hope she's upset enough to leave you alone for good.  You're still going to be my brother-in-law and therefore still family.  But I hope that one day you wake up and see how wrong you are.  Now, have a good night.
Tyquan:  Listen, Isis.  I didn't mean to...
Isis:  I don't really care.  Have a good night.

Isis turns to walk away and Tyson follows her.  He gives Quinn a hug and tells her he'll check on her the next day.  Isis drives Quinn home and Tyson gets a ride from Tyquan.  So ends the evening.

Side note: I don't know if you noticed, but Tyquan has flocked hair.  I needed to do something to make these twins look a little different.  Tyquan's hair may even 'grow' some.  Yes!  I added yet another new skill. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Wow, Tyquan is a total douche. So many women stay with men like that because they don't want to be alone or because, "I've put too much into this relationship." Ugh, just walk away.

    Excellent dialog!

    1. Thanks, Muff! Tyquan is ridiculous and you are so right about women who put up with that. I hope Quinn has learned her lesson. We'll see.

  2. I agree with Muff, Tyquan is a total Douche! Unfortunately, there are too many men like that. Quinn needs to throw him to the curb! I am sure she could find somebody better. Ask him how he would feel to have another man involved in his daughter's life!

    1. LOLS! Douche is becoming the consensus about Tyquan. You know Tyquan would have a fit about another man in Quinn's life. But he's making that a strong possibility.

  3. It's hard to believe Tyson and Tyquan are different. Tyson is a sweetie and Tyquan, well as the other ladies stated is a real douche! Great story line.

    1. It seems Tyson is not believing it either. 'Douche' is quickly becoming Tyquan's nickname.

  4. Great photostory!! Tyquan is immature and needs to grow the hell up! I don't want to break the cycle of not calling him a douche. He is truly that. The very sad thing is that I have a couple of friends like this...very sad...just to have a man because it certainly is not a relationship. Walk away Quinn.

    1. Isn't it sad? So many women allow men to have this power over them, when there are so many good men out here just waiting.

      It's official, I know must include Tyquan's new designation into a story. Someone has just got to say it to him!

  5. Great story, and so realistic! Wow, Tyquan seriously should have just kept his mouth shut! I don't even know how he managed to say those things to Quinn, and in front of others too! Even though she has a child with him, Quinn needs to come to her senses and move one. Regardless of your relationship, you can't let a man disrespect you like that. Hopefully, she will see that she can do better and get a man who appreciates her.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. I think Tyquan is just full of himself and a little too comfortable that Quinn will just put up with him. I do hope Quinn figures out she is worth more than to be treated like that.

  6. Heh, can I add to the Tyquan is a douche chorus? Gah.

    Of course this just makes me want to know more about what happens next!

    1. LOL! You sure can. The more the merrier. It seems to be the consensus. Stay tuned.


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