Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fatima's Party - Part Two

Before we pick up where we left off during the party, I have to say that I cracked my Ipad screen, my photo taking source.  Yes, I am sad and it is affecting my ability to take better photos.  Nonetheless, I wanted to move forward with the story.  I apologize for the lesser quality of these photos, but the next post should be much better.

So several people have arrived at Fatima's going away (actually just back home) party.  Rowan, the owner of the Flavor Café, has provided the food at the banquet hall and she is finishing up bringing out the food so she can be on her way.  Henna has gotten up from her seat to thank Rowan as she places the last of what she is putting out right now.

Rowan:  That's everything.  The rest is in the kitchen, which you can bring out when you need it.
Henna:  Great!  Thank you.  Everything looks delicious and we are ready to eat.
Rowan:  I'm glad you like it.

Just as Rowan is talking, in walk Marlin and Syren. Syren has the bag with the liquor and the ice.
Maurice has come over to be a gentleman and offer to help.

Syren:  I'm here now, the party can begin.
Marlin:  Hi, Everyone!
Henna:  Hi.  The party has already begun, but we are glad you're here.
Maurice:  Can I take that from you?
Syren:  Sure you can.  Thanks!

While setting out the ice, Rowan leaves and the guests all get a plate of food and sit down to eat and talk.  We'll have to catch them in the middle of conversations.

Marlin:  And Syren made me buy it. 
Syren:  Hey, it was perfect on you.  Besides, you have to live it up sometimes.  You look good, you feel good.
Tandra:  I say you buy anything that looks great on you.  I do.
Fatima:  It's okay to not let Syren talk you into spending money on clothes.  She will have you in the poor house.
Syren:  That's not true.  I say she should also look for a bargain.  I do.

Maurice: So I usually have to keep sending cards and helpful hints to potential clients, just to get them interested.  For the clientele I have, I need use the lure of looking good for parties and being seen socially.  It seems to work.  I have a steady flow of income from it.
Ember:  Well, that could work if I just use the steady contact part with potential clients.  I just have to be careful about not looking desperate. 
Maurice:  You can find the balance.  They just need to remember you are there for them.  Stay in the front of their minds for when they or someone they know will need your services.

Cameron:  I've been getting called to the maternity floor more lately too.  For a while, there were a lot of women going natural, but there is an increase in C-Sections too.
Kendrick:  Are your shifts still rotating too?
Cameron:  Yes, they are.  But I'm hoping that will settle down once we get another anesthesiologist on board. It's affecting my personal life.  My sleep will improve and it will be easier to see Windsor more often. 
Kendrick: That's a good thing.  We'd like to see more of you too.  We're hoping you'll stick around for a while.
Cameron:  Thank you, Sir.  I'd like that and I hope so too.

Drexel:  That would make Mom happy.  Now if only we could get someone like Cam for Quinn, we'd be all set.
Kendrick:  And maybe a nice young lady for you to settle down with too.  Notice I said 'a' as in 'one' nice young lady. 
Drexel:  I thought we were talking about Windsor and Quinn.  Since I'm the youngest, it's only fair they be married off first.  I'm willing to wait for their sake.
Kendrick (laughing):  How self-sacrificing and considerate of you, Son.

As they are laughing and talking, in walks Parker.  Most of the people in the room turn and look at him.

Parker (smiling, but blushing that he's drawn so much attention):  Hello.
Everyone who is looking says 'hi' to him.
Cameron:  I'm Cameron.
Parker:  I'm Parker.  It's nice to meet you.
Kendrick:  I'm Kendrick.  I think I've seen you before.
Parker:  I think we met briefly at Select Spaces during the open house.  I seem to have met quite a few members of Henna's family there.  We work together.  Well, I am a contractor for her.
Kendrick:  Oh, yes.  Welcome.

Maurice:  Who is that?
Ember:  Parker.
Maurice:  Oh!  I've heard a lot about him, but never had the chance to meet him. I have to go introduce myself. 
Ember: I think you'll like him.  He's a good guy.

Marlin (looking directly at Syren):  Parker is here?  I didn't know he was coming.
Syren (sternly):  Neither did I, but isn't that nice?  He came to say goodbye to my mother.  We're having a good time and we're going to keep having one, right?
Marlin (hesitating as her mind is spinning):  Yes...yes, of course.

Fatima looks at Marlin and then Syren, wondering what that was about, but instead of asking, she gets up to go greet Parker.  Because Parker is not related and, therefore, doesn't know everyone in the room, Fatima feels she must show Parker attention and thank him for coming.  Maurice also gets up so he can introduce himself.

Fatima:  Hi, Parker.  I'm so glad you could make it.  I hope you're hungry.  There's plenty to eat.
Parker:  Thank you.  It was kind of you to invite me, so I couldn't pass up the invitation. 
Fatima:  Well, it's good you're here.  Let me introduce you to everyone and then you can eat, sit down and enjoy yourself.

Well, the evening is in full swing and the food is delicious (the Flavor Café never disappoints).  Stay tuned to see how the party wraps up.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fatima's Party - Part One

It's time for Fatima's going away party.  Her daughters, Henna, Ember and Syren, have rented a banquet hall where you can bring in your own food or use an offsite caterer.  They have ordered food from the Flavor Café and Rowan has arrived to deliver it while Ember is setting up. 

Rowan:  This fruit salad is very cold, but it should warm up enough to be comfortable to eat within the hour. 
Ember:  Great!  I can hardly wait to taste it.  I know everything will be delicious.
Rowan:  I know you wanted mostly cold items so that nothing had to stay heated.  The only warm item is the hot dogs for the children.  I'll bring a few out and leave the rest warming in the kitchen.  You'll just have to grab them when you need them, if that's okay.
Ember: Yes, we can go get them when we need them.  No problem.
Erwyn:  Excuse me, Mommy.  Can I put these napkins on the other table?
Ember:  Sure, Honey.  You are such a big help.

Rowan:  She's so adorable.  She definitely is a big help too.  I remember that day you let her get two snacks for helping you.
Ember:  Thank you!  I'm doing my best to raise her right, but she has a lot of that personality on her own. 
Rowan:  I hope to be that good of a parent one day. We'll see.
Ember (laughing):  Well, I'm sure if you just do your best, your children will benefit.
Rowan:  I'm going to go grab more of the food.
Ember:  Okay.  Please let me know if you need some help.
Rowan:  I'm fine.  You already have your work cut out for you getting ready.

Rowan heads to the kitchen and passes Ember's cousin Drexel, who is carrying his neice, Tylyn, her Aunt Tandra and Uncle Kendrick on her way.
Drexel:  Hey, Cuz!  This is a nice place you picked. 
Ember:  Hey, you guys.  I'm glad you could make it.
Tandra:  Of course, Mi Querida!  I even made sure your mother looks good.  Well, as sexy as I could get her to look.
Kendrick (laughing):  Poor Fatima. I can just imagine you critiquing her.
Ember (laughing):  Me too. They are nothing alike.  Mom is about looking nice and subtle.  Aunt Tandra is all about ensuring she can turn heads.
Tandra:  Yes!  The way all women should be. I am a good example, no?
Drexel:  Speaking of turning heads, who was that woman we passed?  She came out of here.
Ember:  That's Rowan, she owns the Flavor Café and provided the catering.
Drexel:  Smart and fine.  Hmmm....

Drexel put Tylyn in a chair near Erwyn so they can talk.  Aunt Tandra sits down at a table and Uncle Kendrick chats with Ember.  Rowan walks back in with more dessert and is followed by Henna.

Drexel:  Hello.  Your name is Rowan, right?
Rowan:  Hi, yes it is.  What's your name?
Drexel:  I'm Drexel, Ember's cousin.  Do you need some help?  It looks like you have some more food to bring in.
Rowan:  Thank you, but I can handle it.  You're a guest.  You should be enjoying your party.
Henna: It's okay, Rowan.  He should be a gentleman and help you.  Please let him do so.  He can act like a guest later.
Rowan:  Okay.  If you insist. Thank you.

Drexel follows Rowan to the kitchen to grab more food.

Henna (to Erwyn and Tylyn):  Well, look at these two little ladies here.  How are you?
Tylyn:  Fine. 
Erwyn:  Hi, Aunt Henna.  Where's Grandmom?  Mommy says she lives with you right now, but we are having a party because she has to leave.
Henna:  She's here, but she is being escorted in by my friend, Maurice.  She's probably just taking her time.  And, yes, she was staying with me for a while, but she has her own house some place far.  You've been there.  Are you going to miss her?
Erwyn:  Yes, she is fun. 
Henna:  I'm going to miss her too.  But we'll see her again.

Rowan comes back in with a sandwich tray, followed by Drexel who also has a sandwich tray.

Drexel (speaking low to Ember):  So I need to know where this Flavor Café is so I can drop in sometime.
Ember:  Boy, you do not need to bother her.  Don't you have a bunch of girlfriends at any given time right now?  That woman is just being nice to you.  I doubt she has time for your juggling ways.
Drexel:  You just have to know how to give them all the right attention.  They love it. 
Ember:  Uhuh.  I'll just bet.  I haven't seen you in a while.  Did I get a hug today?

Drexel gives Ember a hug.

Henna:  Ember, I don't see any ice or the other drinks.
Ember:  I know.  Syren is bringing those things.  She should be here soon.  I hope
Henna:  She's not usually late. 
Ember:  I know she is bringing Marlin.  Maybe she had to pick her up and Marlin is a little delayed.
Drexel:  Is Marlin cute?
Henna (laughing):  For heaven's sake, Drexel.  You are not the stud you think you are.
Drexel (laughing):  I'm just playing.

Tandra:  Did you tell everyone about Quinn yet?
Kendrick:  No, but I'm sure they will ask where she is.  They probably just think she's coming later. 
Drexel:  I don't even want to talk about it.  It's all I can do not to go over there and kick his a@$!
Kendrick:  I know, Drex.  She's my little girl and I hate to see her so miserable.  It makes us all angry, but violence isn't the answer.  Especially since Quinn could turn around and go right back to him.  Then what good would it have done to get arrested?
Drexel:  I know some people.
Kendrick (smirks):  So do I, but it's still not the answer.  Quinn has to change things.
Tandra:  I tell her, she doesn't listen.  Then he hurts her again.
Kendrick:  Well, let's not focus on that right now.  It's a party and we're here to have a good time.  Okay?
Tandra and Drexel:  Okay.

Maurice walks in with Fatima on his arm.

Henna:  Well it's about time.  I thought you two had decided there was a better party somewhere else.
Maurice:  This lovely lady was ensuring her entrance would be perfect.  I don't know how she could make it any better.
Fatima:  You're so sweet.  He's a keeper, Henna.
Henna:  Buttering up my mother to have an ally. Good one, Maurice. 
Maurice:  Whatever it takes to make you all mine, Sweetheart. 
Tandra:  Yes, he is so sweet.  Come here, Maurice.  I have barely seen you.

Maurice dutifully walks over to Aunt Tandra.

 Tandra decides to feel Maurice's muscle.

Tandra:  Henna says you work out.  You train, no?
Maurice:  Yes, I am a trainer.  I have my own business.  Maybe one day instead of just going to my clients, I'll have my own gym.
Tandra:  Well, I like your muscles.  Nice and strong.  That's good. My niece needs a strong man.  She's a strong woman, você vê?
Henna:  Et tu, Aunt Tandra?
Maurice (grinning):  I don't know those last words, but I agree.  I like that she's strong. Beautiful too. 

Aunt Tandra gives Maurice a quick hug then sits back down.  Maurice has a seat near Henna.  Tylyn and Erwyn are up playing.

Fatima:  Drexel, it's so good to see you, Sweetheart.  You're barely around.  I have to get a picture with you and your sisters today.  As a matter of fact, I need lots of family photos today.
Drexel:  Well, you'll get photos with me and one other sister.  Quinn isn't coming.
Fatima:  Oh.  Is she ill?
Kendrick:  No, she broke up with Tyquan again and she's taking it pretty hard. We've had Tylyn for a few days so she can pull herself together. 
Fatima:  Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, I hope she's going to be okay.  She shouldn't alone too long. 
Tandra:  We told her she could come stay with us so she could relax and still see Tylyn every day.  She just needs some time.
Drexel (getting loud):  She needs to not go back to that sorry...
Kendrick:  Drexel!  Watch your temper.  Tylyn is right there.  She doesn't need to hear you talking about her parents. 

While the group is talking, Windsor and her man, Cameron, walk into the room.

Cameron:  What is going on over there?  It seems a little intense with your father hushing Drexel.
Windsor:  I don't know.  But I suspect it's about Quinn again.  Drexel is angry, I'm sure.  I swear his face turns red every time Tyquan's name comes up.
Cameron:  Oh!  Well, should we interrupt? 
Windsor:  Well, it may lighten the mood.  But I want to say hi to these little Sweetie Pies over here first.  They look so cute playing together.
Cameron:  Yeah.  One day we'll have some Sweetie Pies to join in. (Seeing a look on Windsor's face) After we're married, of course.
Windsor:  Good answer.

Henna (to Ember):  Em, should we start eating soon?  I know it's not like the food will get cold, but I'm hungry.  Only a few more people are coming, right?
Ember:  Well, Sy, Marlin, Windsor, and Cam.  I invited Cyann, but she said only she and Brenna are coming.  Gray and Brooklyn have been ill and are recovering.
Henna: Oh, and if he has time, Parker said he'll be here.  I guess that's it. They can just eat when they arrive.  We just need that ice.
Tandra:  I'm hungry too. 
Fatima:  I think we can at least start nibbling.

Well, the party has kicked off.  It takes as much time to get a party ready for these residents as it does for the life size people around here.  The venue, the food, the drinks, the dressing and decorations all take some thought and work.  Whew!  Stay tuned for the next part.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Helping Marlin

It's the evening after Marlin and Parker went to the museum.  Marlin called her mother and her best friend, Syren, after she got home that evening.  She was too upset for Syren to understand what she was saying, so Syren told her to come over the next day after she got home from work. 

 Marlin just arrived at Syren's and they are sitting in her living room about to chat.

Syren:  Okay.  So, before you start telling me whatever it was you thought I could hear through all of that sobbing last night, I have a box of tissues sitting right here.  Feel free to use at will. 
Marlin:  I think I'm okay now.
Syren:  Uhuh.  Well, just in case, I also bought my own personal back up which gives me a really calm listening ear.  I refer to it as my nerve calmer in a glass and it even has its own back up.  So I'm all set up and good to go.  Are you sure you don't want any water?  I can't offer you my nerve calmer because I think it will have the opposite effect.
Marlin (laughs):  No, thank you.  I'm not thirsty right now.
Syren:  Cool.  Then go ahead.  Lay it on me.

Marlin:  You know I asked Parker out again and we went to the museum last night.
Syren:  Uhuh.
Marlin:  Well, he broke up with me. He said things weren't going to work out and I was in a hurry to get married and he isn't.  Then he said he'd want to get married one day, but not to me.  I don't understand what I did wrong.  I was nice to him.  I feel like I was hit by a brick.  I'm a good person and would be very good to any man I want to be with. 
Syren:  Uhuh.
Marlin:  I was just so upset.  I don't think he even gave us a chance.  I don't know why he doesn't like me.
Syren:  Mmmmm...
Marlin:  Well, what do you think?

Syren pauses for a minute.  She loves Marlin and doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but she knows she has to be honest with her.

Syren:  Marlin, I love you and I would never purposely hurt your feelings, but because I love you, what I'm going to say may sting just a bit.  I need you to hear me out, okay?
Marlin:  Okay.
Syren:  Well, first of all, I have no idea how your heart can be broken.  You dated Parker twice...barely.  Just twice, Girl.  Really?  Your heart is broken?  I think you were infatuated and just worried about marrying someone...anyone.  Now, while it's okay to like someone and have a crush, you just jump in too deep.  You asked him out on a second date, he didn't even ask you.  And while I'm all for asking a guy out on a date, I don't think it's a relationship, even at a fourth date.  I just go with the flow and take my time.
Marlin: But, I...
Syren:  I'm not done.  Please wait for me to finish.  It is just not normal for someone to believe their heart is broken after a second date.  You need to actually be in a relationship before that should happen.  Just my thoughts, but I believe several people would agree with me.  While I may be a little more about playing the field and having fun than most people, I do know when I finally when catch some feelings, it will be after really getting to know someone.  Because then I would have a real reason to be into that person.  Do you see what I'm saying?
Marlin:  I think so. 

Marlin's cell phone rings.

Marlin:  I'm sorry.  Let me see who that is.
Syren:  Sure.  I need a swig of my drink anyway.  This could take a while.

Marlin reaches over and gets her phone out of her handbag while Syren reaches for her 'nerve calmer' (better known as adult drink, libation, and a couple of other things). 

Syren is very concerned because Marlin's behavior makes no sense.  While she was supportive of her going after what she wanted, she also knows that Marlin should understand that if it doesn't work out that early in the game, you keep it moving.

Marlin:  Yes, Mom.  I'm fine.  I'm at Syren's talking...I'll tell her...No, I'm really better...I did tell him...I don't know what else to do...Yes, I know.  I tried...I wish you wouldn't say that...You won't be...I will next time.  It's too late for that right now.  I really need to go. It's rude to be on the phone with you when I'm supposed to be visiting...Yes, I'll call you tomorrow.  Good night. (Hangs up)

Syren:  I take it your mother gave you hard time about not sealing the deal?
Marlin:  Yes.  She said to tell you she says 'hello.'
Syren:  Thanks.

Marlin:  She is so disappointed in me.  I told her about Parker and she thinks I didn't do enough.  That I ruined my chance and now I'm one step closer to being an old maid.  I'm failing, Syren.  Just failing.
Syren:  Marlin, I hate to say this, but your mother is a huge part of your problem.  Because she puts this crazy pressure on you to get married and you actually buy into that and act like the world will end if you don't get married soon.  You have to stop letting her treat you like that and make you feel that way.
Marlin:  I know.  I wish she would stop that, I do, but she's my mother.
Syren:  I think what you need is beyond my skill as a friend.  I think you need to see someone who can help you work through these issues. 
Marlin:  What are you saying?
Syren:  For lack of a better term, you need professional help.  A psychologist, a psychiatrist, a counselor, just someone to help you let go of these issues, help you stand up to your mother in better ways than I could suggest.  Someone who can help you build confidence and see yourself.

Marlin:  So you think I need mental help.  I'm crazy?
Syren:  No, not crazy, but in need of help.  It's like you won't feel whole if you don't get married. You have to be whole by yourself in order to be an asset to someone else.  Frankly, I don't mess with a man unless he's chasing me.  I'm worth more than begging someone to be with me.  Shucks, it's a privilege to be with me.  My parents instilled that in me.  It seems your mother hasn't.  So you need someone skilled in helping people get past that. 
Marlin:  Maybe...maybe.  Can you help me find someone?  You could be right.
Syren:  Sure, I can.  I'll even go with you to your first appointment and wait for you.  I'll be there for support. 

Marlin:  That's a good idea.  I'm going to try that.  I have to look at my health insurance.
Syren:  I'm proud of you for at least wanting to take the first step.  I do think it will help you.  You'll see how much better you'll feel unloading what's going on and developing self-confidence.  Now, to change the subject, you're still going with me to my mother's party, right?  She is expecting you. Plus it will take your mind off things to have a good time.
Marlin:  Yes, of course.  I made sure to have the day off.

Marlin: I know you want to change the subject, but I just have to say, I'm excited about your idea!  Maybe gaining self-confidence will make men see how good a wife and mother I will be. 
Syren (looking up and away, talking to herself or whoever may be listening):  Good gravy.  I don't think there is enough nerve calmer in my glass or my place to get me through this evening. 

Hopefully Syren can help Marlin find someone who can help her move past her current mind set.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

At the Museum with Marlin & Parker

Marlin and Parker are on their second date at the art museum, which includes dinner.  Parker wasn't sure he would ask Marlin out again, but she asked him and he agreed to go.  They walked around looking at art and chatting.  They have decided to have a seat for a few minutes before dinner starts and they get seated at their table.

Marlin:  All of this art is so interesting.  I know I keep saying it, but I wish I was so talented.
Parker:  I'm sure you have a talent. Maybe you haven't discovered what it is yet or paid it much attention.
Marlin:  Maybe you have a point.  I should probably give it some thought. So have you been enjoying yourself?
Parker: I am having a nice time. You are good company and very outgoing. 

Marlin:  Yes, I can be outgoing.  I have noticed you can be a little reserved.  But that's a good thing for us.  I mean, they say opposites attract and balance each other out.  So maybe my being outgoing and your being reserved works.  It's like yin and yang, salt and pepper (giggles), well you know, it's like things that go together well.

Parker finally decides it's time to let go of the idea that he is just being difficult about dating. 

Parker:  Marlin, now that you've brought that up, I think it's a good time for us to talk. 
Marlin (interrupting):  Okay.  Good.  I'm glad you want to talk about it. 
Parker (frowning):  Marlin, I'm sorry.  I honestly thought it was just because I wasn't ready for a relationship and needed to get out of my own way by giving someone a chance.  And while that may be true, giving it a chance means that person still has to have something that makes me attracted to her.
Marlin:  Okay?
Parker:  This isn't going to work out in the way you'd like. I don't see us being a couple. 

Marlin:  We don't have to start out as a couple.  That's fine.  Strong couples start as friends.  I'm okay with that.  It just takes time.  I've heard about couples who start out as friends first and then discover a great love.  There are plenty of cultures where people marry without meeting first and...
Parker (trying to stop her): Marlin, I don't want to be rude and interrupt you, but I think you are trying to force something and not understanding what I'm saying. You're trying to change my mind through reasoning that won't work.  I didn't want to hurt you by turning down this date since you had already bought tickets and it's not like you're not good company.   

Marlin turns away from Parker for a minute fighting back tears. 

Marlin:  I know what you're saying.  I get it...
Parker:  I truly am sorry.  It's just that we are not going in the same direction.  You are looking forward to getting married and I'm not there right now.  Someday, but not now.
Marlin:  So you do want to get married, just not to me.
Parker:  Marlin, it's our second date, how would I want to marry you at this point?
Marlin:  You don't want to get to that point?
Parker:  With someone, yes.  But I know it will not be with you.  I'm so sorry for upsetting you.  I didn't mean to do so.
Marlin:  I just need a minute, please.

Parker sits quietly while Marlin gathers herself.

 Marlin finally looks up and says she's better.

Parker:  I can't say this enough, but I truly am sorry for hurting you.  To use a phrase Ember used, it's not a love connection.
Marlin:  What?  Ember said that?  Why does she care?
Parker:  She doesn't, it's just a phrase she used.  I was just using the phrase.
Marlin (reaching for Parker's hand to reassure him): Oh!  I'm sorry.  I guess I'm just being overly sensitive.  You're right.  It's just a phrase you heard, I guess.  I'm just not taking this as well as I could.  That explains it.  I'm a little crazy.
Parker: No, you're not crazy.  We are just not going in the same direction with the same expectations right now.  It happens.

Marlin:  I guess it does.  I really didn't expect this tonight.  I just thought you needed to know that I'm really interested and that would make you want to be interested in me. 
Parker:  Marlin, if you have been anything, you've been nothing but clear about that.  I am truly flattered that you are interested in me.  But, as clichés as this sounds, you will find a man lucky enough to be with you.  And you won't have to spend time and energy letting him know you're interested to get him to show you he's interested.  It will come.  You're a nice person and you will make someone happy.
Marlin (disappointed): Thank you.

Marlin stands up, which makes Parker stand up.

Parker:  Is it time to head to dinner?
Marlin:  Almost, but I would rather just end the evening right now.  I don't want to keep you any longer. Would you mind taking me home?
Parker:  I'd still like to have dinner if you'd like.  I'm not suggesting we never speak to each other again. 
Marlin:  No, I honestly don't have an appetite any longer.  I just want to go lie down for a while.
Parker:  I understand. I will take you home, but I want you to know that I have truly had a nice time and appreciate your inviting me out for this evening.
Marlin:  You're welcome.

Parker drives Marlin home so she can be in her feelings for a while.  He feels bad, but relieved that he realized it wasn't just his own hesitation that has been holding him back.  It was his lack of attraction to Marlin too.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Get me Bodied

I have had a few residents waiting to be able to move more freely.  The other day I finally decided to oblige and get it done.  While working on the few I planned to upgrade, I ended up able to include a couple of ladies from the Prettie Girls line.  I think they are beautiful and just wish they had articulated wrists (and could sit more lady like).  Two of the four lucked out as you'll see below.

I had to smile as I was able to use a couple of the articulated bodies, from girls who were already articulated and getting upgrades, and give them to other ladies.  It made me think of Vanessa's post about some of her ladies getting excited over the new Made to Move bodies.  If you missed it, click on the link to read it.  It's pretty funny.

Anyway, I will show you the donors and recipients lined up.  Yes, there is some nudity, but oh well. I had to organize them all first next to each other.  I'll show you a few of the ladies with their new bodies, but some you'll just see later in stories. 

 The line up.  Some of the donors are not quite so thrilled.

 They are just waiting.  You'll probably recognize Marisol and Avery.

 More ladies just waiting their turn to donate or receive.

These two girls on the right have to wait.  They are pale, with some sort of pinkish hue.  Very hard to match.  The blond is just comparing her color. It's not that good of a match.  So we'll have to circle back to those two.

Here we are with Windsor, Quinn and their mother Tandra. Windsor and Quinn now have MTM bodies and Tandra got articulated wrists and more movement.

Tandra:  Yes!  I was hot before, but now I can even bend my hand to fit the shape of my beautiful a...rear.  See?  Kel, I hope you took your vitamins today, Baby.

Umm, yeah.  Thank you, Tandra.  Poor Quinn only agreed to pose if should could wear the sunglasses to cover up those blood shot eyes. One of these days she'll stop crying, she's just going through it pretty hard right now.
Suhan (left) has an MTM body and Janeer (right) took Quinn's last body. They may miss their well-pronounced rear ends, but they are loving their new movement and ability to wear some of the more fitted, ready to wear outfits available.  I wish I could find a match for Dani (Zavier would love that, although he'd also miss her booty) and my other Prettie Girl.

Here is Marisol with articulated wrists, which will make it so much easier to serve customers at the café.  She is also excited about all the posing she can do now.  She's still on the dating market and this boost of confidence is just what she needs to start reeling in some men. 

Somehow Tandra roped me into one more photo.  At least she agreed to share the shot. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's That Obvious?

Bryce and Brett are working today at Select Spaces. They are setting up Brett's assigned space for the evening.

Brett: Thanks for helping me.
Bryce:  No problem.  That's how we operate around here, right?
Brett (laughing): Right.  As long as I don't break a sweat in my uniform. 

They both sit down.

Bryce:  So what's with the semi-tuxedo look?
Brett:  It's just a theory, but I seem to get better tips when I wear a tie.
Bryce:  Really?  Why would that happen?
Brett:  I think it gives people that upper class feel about their experience, so they want to give you more money.
Bryce:  Hmm...I may have to try that theory out. A tie equals higher tips.
Brett:  You have a romantic dinner event tonight, right?  Would you mind switching with me?  I'll owe you a switch of your choosing.
Bryce:  Sure.  I like social events and you are wearing a tie.  Besides, sometimes the women at the social events have been really sexy and single.  Did I tell you one offered me her number last week? 
Brett:  Did you take it? 
Bryce:  No, I wasn't sure if it was okay.  So I stayed professional, smiled and declined.  But I was tempted. 

The door opens and in walks Marlin and Brett jumps to his feet.

Marlin:  Hi, Guys!  I heard you were working tonight.  I thought I'd pop in.
Brett and Bryce:  Hi!
Brett:  You look lovely.  What are you doing here?
Marlin:  Thanks.  I have a date tonight, but I needed to drop by and pick up my check.  It didn't hit me until I was already dressed.
Bryce:  You look hot, Girl!  Who would have known there was all that sexy under your uniform?
Marlin (blushing):  Thanks, Bryce.
Bryce:  You're welcome.  Now on to the obvious question, haven't you ever heard of direct deposit?
Marlin:  I like being able to see my check. I know it seems old fashioned.

Brett:  There's nothing wrong with that.  I think that technology can take away that personal touch sometimes. I hope your date appreciates how beautiful you look.  I really do think you look great.
Marlin (grinning):  Aww!  Thank you so much, Brett.  That's so kind of you.
Brett:  It's not kind when it's true.  So where is he taking you?
Marlin:  I asked him to the Art and Dinner Night being held at the art museum.  We'll walk around and look at art and have some dinner.
Brett: You asked him out? 
Bryce:  There's nothing wrong with a woman asking a man out.  It's pretty cool. 
Brett:  It's okay.  I guess that's where I'm old fashioned.  I would ask you out.
Marlin:  Parker's a gentleman too.  I just feel he's moving too slowly.  So I'm showing him I'm truly interested.
Bryce:  I like an aggressive woman.  If you want him, go for him.

Brett:  Well, if it works for you.  Art and dinner sounds like it will be quite an evening.  Enjoy yourself.
Marlin:  Thank you so much!  I had better be going.  Parker is picking me up and I waited until the last minute to run out here, after being dressed, mind you.  I don't want to be late.
Brett:  We'll see you later.
Bryce:  Have a good time and remember, there's nothing wrong with a woman going for what she wants.
Brett (mumbling under his breath): Unless she should be the one getting chased.
Marlin:  Did you say something?
Brett:  Yes, have a good time. 
Marlin:  I will!  Good night.

Bryce:  Man, make sure you get a mop so you can clean up that spot.
Brett (puzzled):  What spot?
Bryce:  The one where you drooled on the floor over Marlin.  You should just go ahead and ask her out.  Women can be aggressive, but men still take the lead.  You, my friend, are not exactly doing that.  Stop it with the terribly subtle hints like 'that's where I'm old fashioned.'  Seriously?  You were immediately using a buzz phrase to send a message that you like what she likes. 
Brett:  It's that obvious?
Bryce:  It wasn't until I just watched this exchange.  But you just confirmed it for me.  Ask her out.
Brett:  She's seeing someone.
Bryce:  I didn't hear her say she's in a relationship. All I heard was her trying to get a guy to see how much she wants him.  I guarantee she'd be happy with someone she doesn't have to convince to be interested in her.  You want her, make her want you.
Brett:  Maybe you're right.
Bryce:  I am right.  I also need to get to work.  This room is missing a table.  Let's go get it so we can be ready.

Bryce and Brett get back to work.


I know a lot of you don't want Parker and Marlin to go out again, but it looks like that train has already left the station.  We'll have to see how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye