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Fatima's Party - Part Two

Before we pick up where we left off during the party, I have to say that I cracked my Ipad screen, my photo taking source.  Yes, I am sad and it is affecting my ability to take better photos.  Nonetheless, I wanted to move forward with the story.  I apologize for the lesser quality of these photos, but the next post should be much better.

So several people have arrived at Fatima's going away (actually just back home) party.  Rowan, the owner of the Flavor Café, has provided the food at the banquet hall and she is finishing up bringing out the food so she can be on her way.  Henna has gotten up from her seat to thank Rowan as she places the last of what she is putting out right now.

Rowan:  That's everything.  The rest is in the kitchen, which you can bring out when you need it.
Henna:  Great!  Thank you.  Everything looks delicious and we are ready to eat.
Rowan:  I'm glad you like it.

Just as Rowan is talking, in walk Marlin and Syren. Syren has the bag with the liquor and the ice.
Maurice has come over to be a gentleman and offer to help.

Syren:  I'm here now, the party can begin.
Marlin:  Hi, Everyone!
Henna:  Hi.  The party has already begun, but we are glad you're here.
Maurice:  Can I take that from you?
Syren:  Sure you can.  Thanks!

While setting out the ice, Rowan leaves and the guests all get a plate of food and sit down to eat and talk.  We'll have to catch them in the middle of conversations.

Marlin:  And Syren made me buy it. 
Syren:  Hey, it was perfect on you.  Besides, you have to live it up sometimes.  You look good, you feel good.
Tandra:  I say you buy anything that looks great on you.  I do.
Fatima:  It's okay to not let Syren talk you into spending money on clothes.  She will have you in the poor house.
Syren:  That's not true.  I say she should also look for a bargain.  I do.

Maurice: So I usually have to keep sending cards and helpful hints to potential clients, just to get them interested.  For the clientele I have, I need use the lure of looking good for parties and being seen socially.  It seems to work.  I have a steady flow of income from it.
Ember:  Well, that could work if I just use the steady contact part with potential clients.  I just have to be careful about not looking desperate. 
Maurice:  You can find the balance.  They just need to remember you are there for them.  Stay in the front of their minds for when they or someone they know will need your services.

Cameron:  I've been getting called to the maternity floor more lately too.  For a while, there were a lot of women going natural, but there is an increase in C-Sections too.
Kendrick:  Are your shifts still rotating too?
Cameron:  Yes, they are.  But I'm hoping that will settle down once we get another anesthesiologist on board. It's affecting my personal life.  My sleep will improve and it will be easier to see Windsor more often. 
Kendrick: That's a good thing.  We'd like to see more of you too.  We're hoping you'll stick around for a while.
Cameron:  Thank you, Sir.  I'd like that and I hope so too.

Drexel:  That would make Mom happy.  Now if only we could get someone like Cam for Quinn, we'd be all set.
Kendrick:  And maybe a nice young lady for you to settle down with too.  Notice I said 'a' as in 'one' nice young lady. 
Drexel:  I thought we were talking about Windsor and Quinn.  Since I'm the youngest, it's only fair they be married off first.  I'm willing to wait for their sake.
Kendrick (laughing):  How self-sacrificing and considerate of you, Son.

As they are laughing and talking, in walks Parker.  Most of the people in the room turn and look at him.

Parker (smiling, but blushing that he's drawn so much attention):  Hello.
Everyone who is looking says 'hi' to him.
Cameron:  I'm Cameron.
Parker:  I'm Parker.  It's nice to meet you.
Kendrick:  I'm Kendrick.  I think I've seen you before.
Parker:  I think we met briefly at Select Spaces during the open house.  I seem to have met quite a few members of Henna's family there.  We work together.  Well, I am a contractor for her.
Kendrick:  Oh, yes.  Welcome.

Maurice:  Who is that?
Ember:  Parker.
Maurice:  Oh!  I've heard a lot about him, but never had the chance to meet him. I have to go introduce myself. 
Ember: I think you'll like him.  He's a good guy.

Marlin (looking directly at Syren):  Parker is here?  I didn't know he was coming.
Syren (sternly):  Neither did I, but isn't that nice?  He came to say goodbye to my mother.  We're having a good time and we're going to keep having one, right?
Marlin (hesitating as her mind is spinning):  Yes...yes, of course.

Fatima looks at Marlin and then Syren, wondering what that was about, but instead of asking, she gets up to go greet Parker.  Because Parker is not related and, therefore, doesn't know everyone in the room, Fatima feels she must show Parker attention and thank him for coming.  Maurice also gets up so he can introduce himself.

Fatima:  Hi, Parker.  I'm so glad you could make it.  I hope you're hungry.  There's plenty to eat.
Parker:  Thank you.  It was kind of you to invite me, so I couldn't pass up the invitation. 
Fatima:  Well, it's good you're here.  Let me introduce you to everyone and then you can eat, sit down and enjoy yourself.

Well, the evening is in full swing and the food is delicious (the Flavor Café never disappoints).  Stay tuned to see how the party wraps up.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I laughed when Syren said, "I am here now, the party can begin!" That is my line when we have family gatherings. I hope Marlin behaves herself with Parker being there. I know those kinds of things can be very awkward. I do love how you posed everyone to look at Parker when he arrived -- I could almost see him blushing.

    1. LOL! Syren definitely has self-confidence. I don't think it should be awkward for any normal person when they were not in a relationship, but Marlin clearly has some issues to deal with, Phyllis.

  2. Looks like things are going well for now. I hope Marlin can keep it together.

    1. Yes, so far, so good, Champagne Star. Fingers crossed.

  3. So far so good (Marlin) The party looks Good, Convo Great! Let see what happens next. :0

    1. Thanks, Ladonna. More to come.

  4. I love all the individual bits of food everyone has. Given Marlin's over the top nature, I wonder how she'll do in this situation.

    1. Muff, one can only hope that there is some hope for Marlin. Sweet girl, just some issues.

  5. Hopefully Marlin can dial down the crazy for everyone else's sake. One date does not a relationship make, so there's no reason for her to get too bent out of shape about seeing Parker. Love all the little details and the snippets of convos.

    1. Jewell, Marlin seems so heartbroken over such a little thing. Syren needs to help her find a counselor soon.


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