Sunday, May 15, 2016

Helping Marlin

It's the evening after Marlin and Parker went to the museum.  Marlin called her mother and her best friend, Syren, after she got home that evening.  She was too upset for Syren to understand what she was saying, so Syren told her to come over the next day after she got home from work. 

 Marlin just arrived at Syren's and they are sitting in her living room about to chat.

Syren:  Okay.  So, before you start telling me whatever it was you thought I could hear through all of that sobbing last night, I have a box of tissues sitting right here.  Feel free to use at will. 
Marlin:  I think I'm okay now.
Syren:  Uhuh.  Well, just in case, I also bought my own personal back up which gives me a really calm listening ear.  I refer to it as my nerve calmer in a glass and it even has its own back up.  So I'm all set up and good to go.  Are you sure you don't want any water?  I can't offer you my nerve calmer because I think it will have the opposite effect.
Marlin (laughs):  No, thank you.  I'm not thirsty right now.
Syren:  Cool.  Then go ahead.  Lay it on me.

Marlin:  You know I asked Parker out again and we went to the museum last night.
Syren:  Uhuh.
Marlin:  Well, he broke up with me. He said things weren't going to work out and I was in a hurry to get married and he isn't.  Then he said he'd want to get married one day, but not to me.  I don't understand what I did wrong.  I was nice to him.  I feel like I was hit by a brick.  I'm a good person and would be very good to any man I want to be with. 
Syren:  Uhuh.
Marlin:  I was just so upset.  I don't think he even gave us a chance.  I don't know why he doesn't like me.
Syren:  Mmmmm...
Marlin:  Well, what do you think?

Syren pauses for a minute.  She loves Marlin and doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but she knows she has to be honest with her.

Syren:  Marlin, I love you and I would never purposely hurt your feelings, but because I love you, what I'm going to say may sting just a bit.  I need you to hear me out, okay?
Marlin:  Okay.
Syren:  Well, first of all, I have no idea how your heart can be broken.  You dated Parker twice...barely.  Just twice, Girl.  Really?  Your heart is broken?  I think you were infatuated and just worried about marrying someone...anyone.  Now, while it's okay to like someone and have a crush, you just jump in too deep.  You asked him out on a second date, he didn't even ask you.  And while I'm all for asking a guy out on a date, I don't think it's a relationship, even at a fourth date.  I just go with the flow and take my time.
Marlin: But, I...
Syren:  I'm not done.  Please wait for me to finish.  It is just not normal for someone to believe their heart is broken after a second date.  You need to actually be in a relationship before that should happen.  Just my thoughts, but I believe several people would agree with me.  While I may be a little more about playing the field and having fun than most people, I do know when I finally when catch some feelings, it will be after really getting to know someone.  Because then I would have a real reason to be into that person.  Do you see what I'm saying?
Marlin:  I think so. 

Marlin's cell phone rings.

Marlin:  I'm sorry.  Let me see who that is.
Syren:  Sure.  I need a swig of my drink anyway.  This could take a while.

Marlin reaches over and gets her phone out of her handbag while Syren reaches for her 'nerve calmer' (better known as adult drink, libation, and a couple of other things). 

Syren is very concerned because Marlin's behavior makes no sense.  While she was supportive of her going after what she wanted, she also knows that Marlin should understand that if it doesn't work out that early in the game, you keep it moving.

Marlin:  Yes, Mom.  I'm fine.  I'm at Syren's talking...I'll tell her...No, I'm really better...I did tell him...I don't know what else to do...Yes, I know.  I tried...I wish you wouldn't say that...You won't be...I will next time.  It's too late for that right now.  I really need to go. It's rude to be on the phone with you when I'm supposed to be visiting...Yes, I'll call you tomorrow.  Good night. (Hangs up)

Syren:  I take it your mother gave you hard time about not sealing the deal?
Marlin:  Yes.  She said to tell you she says 'hello.'
Syren:  Thanks.

Marlin:  She is so disappointed in me.  I told her about Parker and she thinks I didn't do enough.  That I ruined my chance and now I'm one step closer to being an old maid.  I'm failing, Syren.  Just failing.
Syren:  Marlin, I hate to say this, but your mother is a huge part of your problem.  Because she puts this crazy pressure on you to get married and you actually buy into that and act like the world will end if you don't get married soon.  You have to stop letting her treat you like that and make you feel that way.
Marlin:  I know.  I wish she would stop that, I do, but she's my mother.
Syren:  I think what you need is beyond my skill as a friend.  I think you need to see someone who can help you work through these issues. 
Marlin:  What are you saying?
Syren:  For lack of a better term, you need professional help.  A psychologist, a psychiatrist, a counselor, just someone to help you let go of these issues, help you stand up to your mother in better ways than I could suggest.  Someone who can help you build confidence and see yourself.

Marlin:  So you think I need mental help.  I'm crazy?
Syren:  No, not crazy, but in need of help.  It's like you won't feel whole if you don't get married. You have to be whole by yourself in order to be an asset to someone else.  Frankly, I don't mess with a man unless he's chasing me.  I'm worth more than begging someone to be with me.  Shucks, it's a privilege to be with me.  My parents instilled that in me.  It seems your mother hasn't.  So you need someone skilled in helping people get past that. 
Marlin:  Maybe...maybe.  Can you help me find someone?  You could be right.
Syren:  Sure, I can.  I'll even go with you to your first appointment and wait for you.  I'll be there for support. 

Marlin:  That's a good idea.  I'm going to try that.  I have to look at my health insurance.
Syren:  I'm proud of you for at least wanting to take the first step.  I do think it will help you.  You'll see how much better you'll feel unloading what's going on and developing self-confidence.  Now, to change the subject, you're still going with me to my mother's party, right?  She is expecting you. Plus it will take your mind off things to have a good time.
Marlin:  Yes, of course.  I made sure to have the day off.

Marlin: I know you want to change the subject, but I just have to say, I'm excited about your idea!  Maybe gaining self-confidence will make men see how good a wife and mother I will be. 
Syren (looking up and away, talking to herself or whoever may be listening):  Good gravy.  I don't think there is enough nerve calmer in my glass or my place to get me through this evening. 

Hopefully Syren can help Marlin find someone who can help her move past her current mind set.

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  1. Syren is a great friend and offered Marlin the best advice. I get the feeling it's going to be quite the struggle to get Marlin to a healthy mindset though.

    1. I think you're right, Muff. This could take some time, but at least Marlin's open to it. That's one step in the right direction.

  2. Look out..... the party..... Parker will be there also! Wow Marlin has a LONG....... way to go to finding herself, truely know what it is she wants, her worth.

    1. Marlin has some serious work to do. Yes, Syren doesn't know that her mother invited Parker or I'm sure she would have said something to Marlin. I hope Marlin can make it through the evening.

  3. Wow, poor Marlin! Girlfriend is really messed up, but I couldn't help laugh at the end. I also loved when Marlin said Parke Broke up with her...after not actually being together in the first place. Sad to say I actually know quite a few women like this. I hope Marlin is able to work though her issues, and I hope this isn't the same party Parker's got invited to. I can imagine how this will blow up.

    1. Yes, she is messed up. It is the same party for Fatima going back home. I hope Marlin can keep it together.

  4. Yay Marlin for getting the help that she definitely need. Her mother has a lot to do with her issues. She is putting too much pressure on her. Where is Marlin's father? Sheen is a great friend. She easily told her friend the truth and offered a resolution. As for the party, I hope that she is cool, calm and looking good! Lol!! If Parker brings a date. It is over for her. Great story and Syren's place is nice!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. I am still working on full living spaces, so many of the residents get temporary rooms for now.

      Marlin's father, well, stay tuned and you'll find out. :-)


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