Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's That Obvious?

Bryce and Brett are working today at Select Spaces. They are setting up Brett's assigned space for the evening.

Brett: Thanks for helping me.
Bryce:  No problem.  That's how we operate around here, right?
Brett (laughing): Right.  As long as I don't break a sweat in my uniform. 

They both sit down.

Bryce:  So what's with the semi-tuxedo look?
Brett:  It's just a theory, but I seem to get better tips when I wear a tie.
Bryce:  Really?  Why would that happen?
Brett:  I think it gives people that upper class feel about their experience, so they want to give you more money.
Bryce:  Hmm...I may have to try that theory out. A tie equals higher tips.
Brett:  You have a romantic dinner event tonight, right?  Would you mind switching with me?  I'll owe you a switch of your choosing.
Bryce:  Sure.  I like social events and you are wearing a tie.  Besides, sometimes the women at the social events have been really sexy and single.  Did I tell you one offered me her number last week? 
Brett:  Did you take it? 
Bryce:  No, I wasn't sure if it was okay.  So I stayed professional, smiled and declined.  But I was tempted. 

The door opens and in walks Marlin and Brett jumps to his feet.

Marlin:  Hi, Guys!  I heard you were working tonight.  I thought I'd pop in.
Brett and Bryce:  Hi!
Brett:  You look lovely.  What are you doing here?
Marlin:  Thanks.  I have a date tonight, but I needed to drop by and pick up my check.  It didn't hit me until I was already dressed.
Bryce:  You look hot, Girl!  Who would have known there was all that sexy under your uniform?
Marlin (blushing):  Thanks, Bryce.
Bryce:  You're welcome.  Now on to the obvious question, haven't you ever heard of direct deposit?
Marlin:  I like being able to see my check. I know it seems old fashioned.

Brett:  There's nothing wrong with that.  I think that technology can take away that personal touch sometimes. I hope your date appreciates how beautiful you look.  I really do think you look great.
Marlin (grinning):  Aww!  Thank you so much, Brett.  That's so kind of you.
Brett:  It's not kind when it's true.  So where is he taking you?
Marlin:  I asked him to the Art and Dinner Night being held at the art museum.  We'll walk around and look at art and have some dinner.
Brett: You asked him out? 
Bryce:  There's nothing wrong with a woman asking a man out.  It's pretty cool. 
Brett:  It's okay.  I guess that's where I'm old fashioned.  I would ask you out.
Marlin:  Parker's a gentleman too.  I just feel he's moving too slowly.  So I'm showing him I'm truly interested.
Bryce:  I like an aggressive woman.  If you want him, go for him.

Brett:  Well, if it works for you.  Art and dinner sounds like it will be quite an evening.  Enjoy yourself.
Marlin:  Thank you so much!  I had better be going.  Parker is picking me up and I waited until the last minute to run out here, after being dressed, mind you.  I don't want to be late.
Brett:  We'll see you later.
Bryce:  Have a good time and remember, there's nothing wrong with a woman going for what she wants.
Brett (mumbling under his breath): Unless she should be the one getting chased.
Marlin:  Did you say something?
Brett:  Yes, have a good time. 
Marlin:  I will!  Good night.

Bryce:  Man, make sure you get a mop so you can clean up that spot.
Brett (puzzled):  What spot?
Bryce:  The one where you drooled on the floor over Marlin.  You should just go ahead and ask her out.  Women can be aggressive, but men still take the lead.  You, my friend, are not exactly doing that.  Stop it with the terribly subtle hints like 'that's where I'm old fashioned.'  Seriously?  You were immediately using a buzz phrase to send a message that you like what she likes. 
Brett:  It's that obvious?
Bryce:  It wasn't until I just watched this exchange.  But you just confirmed it for me.  Ask her out.
Brett:  She's seeing someone.
Bryce:  I didn't hear her say she's in a relationship. All I heard was her trying to get a guy to see how much she wants him.  I guarantee she'd be happy with someone she doesn't have to convince to be interested in her.  You want her, make her want you.
Brett:  Maybe you're right.
Bryce:  I am right.  I also need to get to work.  This room is missing a table.  Let's go get it so we can be ready.

Bryce and Brett get back to work.


I know a lot of you don't want Parker and Marlin to go out again, but it looks like that train has already left the station.  We'll have to see how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Hola! Me gusta leer tus historias porque siempre son divertidas y los escenarios están llenos de detalles. Veo que tu Ken tiene los brazos y también las piernas articulados ¿qué muñeco es? Yo tengo un Ryan articulado pero sólo articula los brazos. Abrazos!

    Hello! I enjoy reading your stories because they are always fun and the scenes are full of details. I see that your Ken has arms and legs articulated. What ken doll is, please? I have a Ryan doll articulated but only articulates his arms. Hugs!

    1. Hi, Sonrisa. Thank you. I believe this version of Ken is Life in the Dreamhouse. It would be nice if Mattel put out more articulated male dolls. When I search for dolls on Ebay, I search Ken + articulated in the Dolls section. You may see him there. You can just switch the head to give Ryan articulation if you can get him a body donor.

  2. LOL, we are all so opinionated, but definitely don't let that change the flow of your story. It's a mark of your good story telling that we are all so invested in it.

    1. It's okay, Muff. I love reading everyone's opinions. Once I know where the characters are headed, I can't change it anyway. It's locked in my head as if it's destiny. Hence, THAT train has already left the station too. LOL!

  3. Your Bryce is handsome! I hate that I missed out on him. The pitiful thing is that I was at that convention, but (in my opinion) they dd not handle the sale right....but that is another story. I am for Marlin and Parker, so yay! I just feel that she needs to lighten up.

    1. Yes, he is! I was going to cut his hair, but it's grown on me for now. We'll see how long he keeps it. I thought about it, but he argued that Shin gets to keep his long hair.

      Marlin does need to lighten up.

  4. Don't mind us. You can't please everybody, and I'm glad you have enough sense not to try. It's like when my grandma and aunt would go on and on about the story lines of their favorite soaps. I bet the writers never once let the viewers' opinions dictate the direction of the story. I'm not a Marlin fan, but who knows, she may win me over down the road. Liking some characters and loathing others is part of the fun of reading these stories. For example, I adore Lea (in my stories) but not everyone is a fan...yet ;)

    1. It's okay, Jewell. You're right. That's part of the fun. The characters you love and the characters you love to hate. :-)

  5. I kinda like Parker, so I am glad they are going out again.

    1. Parker is a gentleman, Chris. I would want him too. Umm, if I wasn't with my husband, of course. ;-)

  6. I think Brett and Marlin make a better couple. Brett seems like he's also really interested in settling down in a committed relationship like Marlin.

    1. Brett probably needs to learn to speak up, Champagne. Hopefully things work out for them both.


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