Friday, June 24, 2016

Early Morning Peace

It's early in the morning on a weekday and Avery is lying awake.  Normally she'd like to lie in bed for a while, but this morning she feel like enjoying some time alone before Craig and Aviana wake up. 

Avery (to herself):  Well, it's now or never.  Okay, maybe never, but if I'm going to get up and enjoy some quiet time, I may as well do it now.  I hope Avi sleeps a while longer.  Craig's off so he'll want some attention.  Yep, I need to do this now.  Come on body, let's do this.

After convincing herself to get out of bed, Avery puts on the pajamas she wore to bed last night.  Yes, they were not on long, but we'll leave that for another time.

Avery grabs her robe from the closet and then lays it on the bed while she stops to pick up the decorative pillow which fell to the floor last night.  They end up on the floor often, but she doesn't care if she has to pick them up every day. She loves her decorative pillows.

Avery heads to the door and hears Craig stir a little.  She is very careful to make very little noise as she leaves the room.  She absolutely wants this time to herself.
Avery heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Avery (to herself):  Hmm...running out of toothpaste.  Maybe I'll use that coupon and try that new super whitening stuff.  I guess Aviana will just need her own.  Well, with a coupon, it won't cost that much.  Hmm...

Avery was going to head to the living room and watch some television, but she decides to go ahead and take a bath instead of waiting until later.

Avery turns on the water in the tub. 

Avery (to herself):  I didn't bring underwear.  I have to tiptoe back into the room to get it.  Please, Craig, don't wake up.

Avery lets the water run, grabs underwear from her room, goes back to the bathroom and puts her hair up into a bun.  She just wants to enjoy the bath, so she'll wash her hair later.

After enjoying her bath, Avery dries off and while she's drying, she looks in the mirror.  She debates letting her hair back down, but decides to leave it up. 

She can hear movement outside and waits for a minute.  She is hoping it's not Aviana.  She doesn't hear anyone calling her, so she believes it could be Parker.  With his schedule, he does get up early in the morning to get started, especially in the summer.

She lotions up, puts on deodorant and her robe, then heads to the living room.

Avery:  Good morning!  I'm glad it's you.  I wanted to spend some time alone.
Parker:  Good morning.  I'm sorry, I'm just fixing breakfast.  I'll be out of here soon.
Avery:  No, it's okay.  I meant time alone without having to do anything for anyone, like my husband or child.  You're fine.  Making pancakes?
Parker:  Oh!  Well, I'm pretty self-sufficient.  So consider yourself spending time alone.  I'll be quiet.

Avery has a seat and starts flipping through channels with the remote control.

Avery:  It's infomercial heaven this early.  (flips some more channels) Oh.  Here's a movie I've been wanting to see on JMN.  Cool. 
Parker:  Nice.  Enjoy it.
Avery:  Thanks.

Parker:  I wanted to let you know you'll have your apartment all to yourselves soon, if things work out.  Craig heard from someone he works with that someone else he knows is looking for a roommate.  Craig gave me the number and I called yesterday.  I'm hoping he calls today and we can set up some time to talk and I can see the place.  I heard the rent is reasonable.
Avery:  Really?  That's nice.  I hope it works out. 

Avery:  I'm not rushing you, but when are you planning on leaving?  I don't want you to jump at the first thing that comes along.
Parker:  I won't get into something that I don't think will work out.  I was going to get my own place anyway, but this will give me my own room, instead of sleeping on your sofa. Plus, I'll still save some money instead of paying what I could pay for renting on my own.  I'd like to buy a house one day.
Avery:  We need to buy a house, but I feel like we are so close to everything here. Maybe one day.  We'll miss you.  I know Aviana won't be happy.  She enjoys having you here.
Parker:  I'll miss her too, but she can come visit and I'll stop by.  I'm not planning to go that far.
Avery:  I know. 

Parker sits down to enjoy his pancakes and coffee before he puts on his clothes to head out to work.
Avery enjoys her movie and another hour and a half of peace before Aviana gets up and she has to tend to her. 


I like the way Craig's and Avery's apartment came out.  It did, however, confirm for me that using one level of the shelving unit I bought is tight.  So while I originally planned to have four apartments in this unit, it will now be three.  The next two will need to take up at least a shelf and a half.  My biggest stress in making these is doors. I cannot make a decent door to save my life, but I'm going to keep trying.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Pretty Good Evening

Windsor and Syren have asked Quinn to meet them at Color Burst for dinner.  They just want to make sure she's okay and give her a chance to both be out of the house and to talk.  Although she was hesitant at first, Quinn agreed to join them.

Windsor and Syren are already seated and Windsor is checking to be sure Quinn is still coming since she's a little late.

Windsor:  You're pulling up?  Okay.  We're already seated, just give the hostess my name and she'll show you to the table.  I told her we're waiting for you...No, we haven't ordered...
Syren:  Tell her we're about to if she doesn't get in here soon.  I'm thirsty and hungry.
Windsor:  Syren says she's hungry so get in here soon.  I don't want her mistaking me for a Twinkie.
Syren (laughing):  Very funny.  Besides, you look more like a cupcake to me.

At the next table, Shin and Trillian happen to be spending some alone time.  Since Seiko is still living with them, they are able to take advantage of having a free baby sitter, who is very happy to spend time with her nieces.  She also doesn't mind because Shin and Trillian are taking care of her until money starts coming in from modeling.

Shin:  Isn't it nice to be out alone?  I feel like we haven't done this in a long time.
Trillian:  That's because we haven't.  And, yes, it's great being alone.  I feel like we let romance go sometimes.  I'm tired after taking care of the girls all day, you're tired from working.  We just have a routine.  Some days I barely even feel sexy.
Shin: You'll always be sexy to me, but I know I need to try harder to let you know that.
Trillian:  Well, I need to try harder too with letting you know you're still sexy to me.

Syren:  So we're both on the same page, what's our approach again?
Windsor: Well, we know she will always have to deal with Tyquan due to him being Tylyn's father, but if she is serious about moving on and not letting him hurt her again, she can call us when she's feeling week.  And she is stronger than she thinks and deserves more than Tyquan offers her.
Syren:  Way more!  I know she can get a slew of men who would take good care of her and Tylyn.
Windsor (smiling):  She only needs one, but later.  She needs some time alone to figure some things out.
Syren:  Well, we'll be here to help her.  Besides...
Windsor (interrupting):  She's here.

Quinn walks to the table.

Quinn: Hi!  I'm sorry I'm late.  I couldn't even decide where to park.  I'm thirsty, I'm hungry and I'm tired.  Seems I'm tired a lot lately.  Just drained.
Syren:  Well, we're going to do our best to help you get your energy back.  No, alcohol tonight either.  We're having a clear-headed conversation.
Quinn (smiling):  Wow!  I must be in for something serious.  You're not having a drink?
Windsor (laughing):  That was a dead giveaway, huh?
Syren:  You guys need to stop exaggerating. I only drink socially.  Have a seat, Quinn.

Quinn sits down just as the waitress walks over to get their drink order. They give it to her and she leaves to get the drinks.

Quinn:  Okay, I'm ready.  Go ahead and say it.
Windsor:  We love you.  We're not here to beat you up about anything.  We just want you to know we're here for you and we want to help you get back to being yourself.  Tylyn needs you to be 100%.
Quinn:  I know.  I took a leave of absence from work, fortunately Mom and Dad have been helping me, but I can't continue to be a burden.  I'm working on pulling myself together.
Syren:  Good. What can we do to help you?

Shin:  We also spend a lot of time talking about the children, which we should, but we need to talk about our future, beyond the kids.  The only future we seem to talk about is theirs. It's going to be a while before they leave, and I'm glad about that, but it won't last forever.
Trillian:  You're right.  We should plan for when they're gone.  Maybe even have a separate 'when we are alone' fund, beyond the retirement plan you contribute to at work.  Do we want to travel, invest in a camper, own a second home?  I'm feeling a little excited about the possibilities.

Shin:  Give it some thought.  What would you find more enjoyable and sustainable? 
Trillian:  I don't know. Maybe a second home someplace that's always warm. 
Shin:  We have a little time, but we'll come up with a plan.  In the meantime, I think we should sit closer together.  Let me move closer.

Shin moves his chair closer to Trillian.  The waitress drops off their beer and they tell her they haven't thought about what to eat yet, so they need a little time to think about it.

Shin:  The clothes you're wearing are pretty hot.  You look like a MILL.
Trillian:  A what?
Shin:  A mother I'd like to love.
Trillian (laughing):  Funny.  I like that.  And how would you like to love me?
Shin:  Let me see.  What is that expression about how many ways?
Trillian:  Let me count the ways.
Shin: Yes, that.  Let me count the ways.  I'm not sure if I can count that high, but I can start with a few.
Trillian:  I can count with you, Honey.  I'm up for the challenge.

At the other table, the waitress has brought the drinks the ladies ordered and taken the food order.

Syren:  So how are you going to move forward?
Quinn:  Well, I've stopped communicating with Tyquan right now.  He has to speak with Mom or Dad to see Tyquan.  They're angry with him, but they would never hurt Tylyn by keeping her from her father.  I just need some space. He keeps trying to talk to me, but I'm not ready and I really don't want to.  I'm not even sure what I'd say.
Windsor:  You're doing the right thing.  As long as Tyquan sees Tylyn and someone is communicating with him about her, he doesn't need anything else. 
Quinn:  He's a good father, I just wish he could be a good man.

Windsor:  I think it's time to let go of that wish.  This is about you, not him.  You have to remember what you deserve and it's not to be treated like dirt.
Quinn:  My therapist said something similar.
Windsor:  You have a therapist?  When did you get one?
Quinn:  I just started seeing her. I've seen her twice already.  Dad talked me into it.  He said that maybe it would help me, especially since she's a stranger and can see things objectively.  I like her.  She doesn't sugar coat anything and I think I need that.

Syren:  I like this tea.  I'll have to have it again.  Sorry, I had to say that.  It's delicious.  So, back to the subject at hand.  What does your therapist specialize in?
Quinn:  Relationships, self-esteem building, and anything that helps you be better at making decisions that don't let you lose yourself in a relationship. 

Shin:  I think we should think about being out somewhere else.  Somewhere where we can do what we want and not worry about the girls hearing us.
Trillian:  What do you have in mind?

Syren:  I don't want to take the focus off you, but I would like to get your therapist's information.  I know someone who could use her help.  Would you mind?
Windsor:  No, not at all. 

Shin:  I'm thinking we treat ourselves to a luxury hotel room tonight.  Hopefully one with a huge tub.  What do you think?
Trillian:  I think we need to pay the waitress and get out of!

Shin catches the waitress' attention to get the check so he can pay it.

Quinn:  I'm glad I came out tonight. I feel a little better.  I thought I'd have a problem even coming here, but I don't.  I've always liked this place and I won't let that one thing keep me away.  It's turning out to be a pretty good evening.
Syren:  Good for you.  I like this place too.
Windsor:  Anytime you have a need to get out, we can make plans. 
Quinn:  Okay.  Thanks.

The waitress arrives with the food and sets it on the table.  She brought silverware, but forgot napkins and went to get them.

Syren:  I don't know about you, but I don't care if I drop something on my lap.  I'm eating.  I'll wipe it up later.
Windsor:  Me too.  This looks delicious.

Shin and Trillian make their exit from the restaurant.

Trillian:  I'm thinking I'll let loose and be really naughty tonight.
Shin:  Then I'll have to spank you. 
Trillian: Promise?

Well, it looks like the evening is turning out pretty good for everyone, maybe even better for a couple.  :-)

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Aviana Keeps Busy

As you may remember, Avery Hamilton works 2-3 days per week part-time as a paralegal so she can be home with Aviana the other days.  The days she works, Aviana is at Miss Madison's Stay and Play Care Center, a small day care center.  Today Avery is home with Aviana who is playing in her room before lunch.

Aviana:  Okay, Baby.  You have to eat all your food. Just a wittle to drink or you will be too fuw.  Okay? 

Aviana helps her baby drink and eat with her spoon, before long, the baby is crying.  So Aviana picks her up to comfort her.

Aviana: Pooor, Baby.  Mommy wuvs you very much. Don't cwy. It's okay.  You are a good girl.  Poor, Baby.

Aviana pats the baby's back just like her mother does for her when she cries.  The baby stops crying, so Aviana puts her down.  Then she decides it's time for a ride on her scooter.  She gets on it and starts scooting around the room.

 Aviana:  Ooooh!  Watch out, Mr. Ewephant.  I have the gween wight.  You have the wed.  That means stop. I'm comin' thwough. 

Aviana rides around and stops again.  She decides it's time to do something else now.

Aviana:  Mr. Giwaffe, it's so nice to see you today.  You are being so nice.  I will get you some weaves, okay?  Daddy says you like dem.  Time to eat.

After feeding Mr. Giraffe, Aviana decides it's time for her to have food and tea with the baby. As she's sitting there, Avery walks in.

Avery:  Hey, Sweetheart.  Are you having a good time?
Aviana:  Yes.
Avery:  What are you doing?
Aviana: It's tea time.  We have to eat and dwink our tea. 
Avery:  Okay.  Well, speaking of eating, it's time for lunch and yours is ready.  So come with me so you can have some real food and then you can come back and have dessert in here with Baby.  Okay?
Aviana:  Okay, Mommy.

Aviana goes with Avery to enjoy her lunch.


The bed and wardrobe were purchased from Elf Miniatures.  I wanted a bed with 'drawers' to save space in the room.  Miniature furniture is perfect for Kelly sized dolls.  'Baby' and the cute little horse scooter thingy are Fisher Price Loving Family items.  You may recognize that Cameo Watanabe got a similar doll for Christmas.  They are so cute!

Also, in case you're wondering, Avery and Craig are ready to show where they live, so you'll see more of the apartment soon.  My husband helped me find a great lighting option that is used for cars and it is lighting up these rooms perfectly.  I love them!  So now I can finally work on more living spaces.  YAY!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Grails - Complete

Yes, the title could mean I'm talking about a family or a band, but as we doll people know, grails are also dolls we desire to have in our collection.  They may also take us some time to get because we didn't realize they existed until they were no longer available to easily get.

I had three dolls, all from IT, that I really wanted to have.  You have already met one, Jye, whose IT persona is Colette. I love her face.  It's just so sweet and pretty.

I also fell in love with Back to Black Natalia.  While her eyes are a little over the top for me (such thin and high eyebrows and the too bright eyeshadow), I still think she's beautiful and that hair is gorgeous. 

Last, but not least, I saw a Color My World Darla Daley and she made her way onto the grail list.  I lucked out and got her for a great price on EBay.  It took a while, patience and diligence with checking to see if she was for sale (and reasonably priced), but she just arrived and was welcomed with open arms. 

The doll soon to be formerly known as Natalia already has a life planned.  You'll meet her soon.  The doll formerly known as Darla will have a life too, but it may take some time to get her in the picture.  I thought I would take a few photos of the trio. 

 Aren't they gorgeous?

 I really like the way this shot turned out.

My grail list is now complete.  Which is great because I'm not supposed to be buying more dolls.  Of course, I just saw Uhura by Mattel.  Hmmm.....

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye and the Grails

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fatima's Party Wraps Up

Please be sure to read Fatima's Party parts 1 & 2 if you haven't already.  Otherwise, it's like catching a movie in the middle - just a little lost.

After Fatima has welcomed Parker into the party, she has a seat to speak with Henna.  Parker gets a plate and starts putting food on it. 

Henna:  When are you coming back to visit, Christmas? 
Fatima:  Yes, definitely.  I'll miss all of you.  I know I keep saying it, but I appreciate your letting me stay with you so long.  I know it's been a little bit of a damper on your love life.
Henna:  It's okay.  I'm happy to get my own space back, but I'll still miss you.  Besides, Maurice didn't mind.  He actually thought it was the perfect chance to get himself added to the family permanently.  If he thinks if he can get you on board, he'll have an ally.
Fatima:  Now, you know I don't like to give you advice unless you ask for it.  I certainly don't want to tell any of you who you should be with, as long as they treat you right.  But, I do like him.  Do you think you'd like to marry him?
Henna:  I don't know.  Not right now for sure. 
Fatima:  Well, you'll figure it out.

Kendrick:  Are you taking good care of your mother, Erwyn?  She needs your help and for you to keep being a good girl.
Erwyn: Yes, I am.  My daddy told me I had to take care of her before he left us.
Kendrick:  Well, that's good.  I'm sure that makes them both happy.  You have to remember that or your mother will be sad.
Erwyn:  Like Tylyn's mommy?  Tylyn said that she's sad and crying.
Kendrick:  Well, Tylyn's mommy is very sad right now, but not for the same reason your mother would be sad if you weren't a being a good girl.  She's just dealing with some things right now.
Erwyn:  Will she be okay?
Kendrick: Yes, she will. You get sad sometimes, right?
Erwyn:  Yes, sometimes.
Kendrick:  Then you feel better and you're happy again, right?
Erwyn:  Yes, them I very happy, especially when I can have fun.  Cousin Quinn will be happy again too, right?
Kendrick:  That's right.  She will be.  So you and Tylyn don't have to worry about it.

Maurice:  I probably should have some of that fruit salad instead of these chips.  But I just feel like having the salt.
Ember (smiling):  As much as I'm sure you work out, I doubt one bag of chips will even matter.  Enjoy them.  I, on the other hand do not work out, so I need this fruit salad.
Maurice: You are making a good, healthy choice.  If you ever want some work out tips so you can enjoy some chips too, I can give you some.
Ember:  I may need some of those tips.  Not for me, but for my models.  I know they look great right now, but you never know when they will need to get fit.  Why not start now?
Maurice:  Just let me know. 

Marlin:  I love your accent.  I wish I could speak another language.
Tandra:  Obrigado!  You are so sweet.  Maybe you could take a class and learn a language.
Marlin:  I guess I could.  My schedule changes a lot, but maybe I could get those tapes and books.  I never thought of that.
Tandra:  There, now you have an idea and you can have an accent like mine.

Syren:  So, what's up with Quinn and her not showing up?
Windsor:  Shh...I'll call you later.  I don't need my mother to pipe in. It's a touchy subject.
Syren (whispering):  Oh!  The male is acting up again?
Windsor:  Exactly. 
Syren:  Then we need to talk about an intervention and soon.
Windsor:  Uhuh.  But later.

Parker: Hi, Ladies. 
Syren: Hi, Parker.  I know you know me and Marlin.  This is my Aunt Tandra and her daughter, my cousin Windsor.
Parker:  Hello.  It's nice to meet you. You are both beautiful.  You look like another cousin I met.
Tandra:  Thank you.  Yes, you probably met Quinn, my other daughter.
Parker:  Yes, that's her name.  Beautiful family. 
Windsor and Tandra:  Thank you. 
Parker:  Well, I am going to sit down and enjoy this food.  I hope to get a chance to speak with you all again this evening.

Marlin just stares.  She doesn't know what to do.  In the meantime, at the other table, Ember is clearing off some plates.

Parker:  Hi, Ember.  How are you?
Ember:  I'm good.  I'm glad you came.  My mother takes her extending invitations very seriously.  She doesn't invite people she doesn't like and she would have been disappointed if you couldn't make it.
Parker (smiling):  I was already flattered she invited me, but that makes me feel even more so.  Thank you. You're not leaving the table on my account are you?  I hope I'm not interrupting.
Ember:  No, I'm going to mingle some more.  Besides, it will give you two men a chance to talk. 
Maurice: Yes.  I would like to get to know Parker better.  Have a seat, Parker. (starts laughing) We'll commence with the men talk. 
Ember:  Cute, Maurice.  On that note, I will exit stage left.

Syren was trying to have a conversation with her cousin and aunt, but instead, she's been keeping her eyes on Marlin.  It's clear that Marlin won't take her eyes off Parker and Syren doesn't know what's going on in Marlin's head.

Syren:  Marlin....Marlin...Marlin!
Marlin: Huh.  I'm sorry.  You want me?
Syren:  Yes.  Let's step across the room and chat for a minute. 
Marlin:  Right now?
Syren:  Yes, let's talk right now, please.  Come on. 

They get up and walk across the room.

Syren:  Are you having a good time tonight?
Marlin:  Yes, I am.  Sure.
Syren:  Good.  Are you okay?  I see you seem to be unnerved by Parker being here.
Marlin:  I know.  I'm just surprised.  Did you know he was coming? 
Syren:  No, I didn't.  But if I did, I would have told you.  Although I don't think that should have stopped you from coming.  Remember, you only went out twice.
Marlin:  I know.  I know that.  Maybe we should just leave.
Syren:  That's not happening.  I am not leaving and coming back. Now, you need to just keep it together and concentrate on the other people in the room.  Can you do that?

Marlin:  I think I can do that.
Syren:  And the staring has to stop.  Okay?
Marlin:  Okay.
Syren:  Look at it this way, you should act like it doesn't bother you and he's the one who is missing out.  Not in an arrogant way, but in a way that shows you are mature enough to know that someone else deserves you. Can you do that, please?
Marlin:  I think I can do that.  I'll try.
Syren:  Okay.  But if I see you going left field again, we are going to have another talk.  I don't want to have to do that 'cause that will require even more fussing.  Let's try not to go there.
Marlin:  Okay.  I'll be fine.  Thanks.

Parker:  I usually bench press about 200.  More reps seem to work better though at lower weights. I'm not going for the higher pounds for no reason.  I'm not competing, I'm just keeping in shape.
Maurice:  That what I keep telling my clients.  It's about building the strength and the stamina.  Some of them are just going for the high pounds.  It doesn't work like that. 
Drexel:  Wow!  That's a lot.  Maybe I should start getting some training from one of you.  I could use some more tone and bigger muscles.  Ladies love that.
Maurice:  Any time.  Just let me know.

Windsor:  Did I tell you Cameron and I are looking at taking a vacation in Jamaica?  It should be so fun.  He can use the time to relax.
Tandra:  He is going to be my new son.  I am so happy.
Windsor:  Mom, we are not engaged yet.  Don't get too excited.  But I am happy you like him so much.
Tandra:  Sim!  I do like him.  He is a good man.  Very good to you. 

Drexel:  This was nice.  I'm glad I got to see you before you left.
Fatima:  Me too, Honey.  Next time I visit, I expect to see you a little more.  I know you have your girlfriends to keep up with, but your aunt won't be around forever.
Drexel:  Don't talk like that.  You'll be here for a long time.  But I do get what you're saying.  We barely get to see you, so I need to see you as much as I can when you're here.
Fatima:  Yes, you should.  Now, I think I'm going to make a little speech.

 Every is still chatting and enjoying themselves.

Henna:  Thank you for coming.  My mother really likes you.
Maurice:  Does she like me enough to want me for a son-in-law?
Henna (laughing):  You just keep trying, don't you?
Maurice:  I sure do and I sure will.  I'm glad to be able to know your family. It makes me feel accepted and that's a big plus.
Henna:  Ha.  I guess it is.  Oh the pressure and questions I'll get if we stop seeing each other.  They'd get over it eventually, but I do think they will ask.

They are chatting.

Cameron:  I'm glad I was able to come tonight.  Spending time with you, even if I had to share you with a room full of people, is making me happy.
Windsor:  Hey, don't forget, the night doesn't end here.  So you will have me alone at some point this evening.
Cameron: I can't wait.

More chatting and the children playing.  Fatima announces she is ready to make a short speech and gets everyone's attention.

Fatima:  I don't know if I'm good at giving a speech, but I'm going to say what I feel.  That should be good enough.

Everyone says yes, or claps, Drexel even whistles.

Fatima:  I'm so happy you were all able to make it.  I am sad to go, but I...(gets interrupted).

Cyann is late, but she has arrived. 

Cyann:  Oops!  I'm sorry I'm late and interrupting, but I made it.
Fatima:  Aww!  Sweetheart, I'm so happy to see you!  You may be late, but you're here.  Come give me my hug and then you can have a seat.

Cyann gives Fatima a hug and then sits down.

Fatima:  Okay.  My daughter from another mother has arrived, what a nice addition to the evening.  I'm glad you all came to see me off.  I will miss you, but I'll be back.  I appreciate that my daughters would not let me go without having this lovely party for me.  I'm also grateful for Henna sending me to Janeer, my new hairdresser when I'm in town, so I could look good when I got here. (everyone laughs) I also appreciate Tandra talking me into buying this outfit although this was actually her last choice. (everyone laughs)  I do look good in it, if I must say so myself.

Fatima:  It may be true absence makes the heart grow fonder, but if I were here, I'd still be just as fond of you.  I hope you all had a good time with me while I was visiting.  I will miss seeing my grandchildren growing up on a daily basis.  Yes, that was a hint, Henna and Syren.  I would also not be opposed to attending any weddings, the entire room of eligible people can take that anyway they'd like. (everyone laughs)

Fatima:  Before you all leave, I expect a goodbye hug and kiss.  I'll need them to hold me over until I get back here again.  And with that, I will end my so-called speech and just say, thank you. 

Fatima got what she wanted and as each person slowly left, she got her hugs and kisses until she, Henna and Maurice were the last to go.  Her plane left the afternoon of the next day.

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