Monday, June 13, 2016

Aviana Keeps Busy

As you may remember, Avery Hamilton works 2-3 days per week part-time as a paralegal so she can be home with Aviana the other days.  The days she works, Aviana is at Miss Madison's Stay and Play Care Center, a small day care center.  Today Avery is home with Aviana who is playing in her room before lunch.

Aviana:  Okay, Baby.  You have to eat all your food. Just a wittle to drink or you will be too fuw.  Okay? 

Aviana helps her baby drink and eat with her spoon, before long, the baby is crying.  So Aviana picks her up to comfort her.

Aviana: Pooor, Baby.  Mommy wuvs you very much. Don't cwy. It's okay.  You are a good girl.  Poor, Baby.

Aviana pats the baby's back just like her mother does for her when she cries.  The baby stops crying, so Aviana puts her down.  Then she decides it's time for a ride on her scooter.  She gets on it and starts scooting around the room.

 Aviana:  Ooooh!  Watch out, Mr. Ewephant.  I have the gween wight.  You have the wed.  That means stop. I'm comin' thwough. 

Aviana rides around and stops again.  She decides it's time to do something else now.

Aviana:  Mr. Giwaffe, it's so nice to see you today.  You are being so nice.  I will get you some weaves, okay?  Daddy says you like dem.  Time to eat.

After feeding Mr. Giraffe, Aviana decides it's time for her to have food and tea with the baby. As she's sitting there, Avery walks in.

Avery:  Hey, Sweetheart.  Are you having a good time?
Aviana:  Yes.
Avery:  What are you doing?
Aviana: It's tea time.  We have to eat and dwink our tea. 
Avery:  Okay.  Well, speaking of eating, it's time for lunch and yours is ready.  So come with me so you can have some real food and then you can come back and have dessert in here with Baby.  Okay?
Aviana:  Okay, Mommy.

Aviana goes with Avery to enjoy her lunch.


The bed and wardrobe were purchased from Elf Miniatures.  I wanted a bed with 'drawers' to save space in the room.  Miniature furniture is perfect for Kelly sized dolls.  'Baby' and the cute little horse scooter thingy are Fisher Price Loving Family items.  You may recognize that Cameo Watanabe got a similar doll for Christmas.  They are so cute!

Also, in case you're wondering, Avery and Craig are ready to show where they live, so you'll see more of the apartment soon.  My husband helped me find a great lighting option that is used for cars and it is lighting up these rooms perfectly.  I love them!  So now I can finally work on more living spaces.  YAY!

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. So adorable! It was actually great to see her entertain herself without an electronic.

    1. Thank you, Muff. I agree children need to be able to use their imaginations. Electronics can come later.

  2. Cute story. I love how you did the baby talk so we could kind of hear her voice in our heads! This room is adorable! I was going to ask if you made her bed, but you answered that for me! I am very interested in the lighting your husband helped you find! Always looking for lighting options myself. Can't wait to see Avery and Craig's apartment.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. They are automotive lights. My husband ran the wires for me. Here is what they look like.

  3. Love her little room. And playtime was just adorable.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. It's funny. I looked around the room thinking about what I would do if I were a child in the room.


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