Friday, June 24, 2016

Early Morning Peace

It's early in the morning on a weekday and Avery is lying awake.  Normally she'd like to lie in bed for a while, but this morning she feel like enjoying some time alone before Craig and Aviana wake up. 

Avery (to herself):  Well, it's now or never.  Okay, maybe never, but if I'm going to get up and enjoy some quiet time, I may as well do it now.  I hope Avi sleeps a while longer.  Craig's off so he'll want some attention.  Yep, I need to do this now.  Come on body, let's do this.

After convincing herself to get out of bed, Avery puts on the pajamas she wore to bed last night.  Yes, they were not on long, but we'll leave that for another time.

Avery grabs her robe from the closet and then lays it on the bed while she stops to pick up the decorative pillow which fell to the floor last night.  They end up on the floor often, but she doesn't care if she has to pick them up every day. She loves her decorative pillows.

Avery heads to the door and hears Craig stir a little.  She is very careful to make very little noise as she leaves the room.  She absolutely wants this time to herself.
Avery heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Avery (to herself):  Hmm...running out of toothpaste.  Maybe I'll use that coupon and try that new super whitening stuff.  I guess Aviana will just need her own.  Well, with a coupon, it won't cost that much.  Hmm...

Avery was going to head to the living room and watch some television, but she decides to go ahead and take a bath instead of waiting until later.

Avery turns on the water in the tub. 

Avery (to herself):  I didn't bring underwear.  I have to tiptoe back into the room to get it.  Please, Craig, don't wake up.

Avery lets the water run, grabs underwear from her room, goes back to the bathroom and puts her hair up into a bun.  She just wants to enjoy the bath, so she'll wash her hair later.

After enjoying her bath, Avery dries off and while she's drying, she looks in the mirror.  She debates letting her hair back down, but decides to leave it up. 

She can hear movement outside and waits for a minute.  She is hoping it's not Aviana.  She doesn't hear anyone calling her, so she believes it could be Parker.  With his schedule, he does get up early in the morning to get started, especially in the summer.

She lotions up, puts on deodorant and her robe, then heads to the living room.

Avery:  Good morning!  I'm glad it's you.  I wanted to spend some time alone.
Parker:  Good morning.  I'm sorry, I'm just fixing breakfast.  I'll be out of here soon.
Avery:  No, it's okay.  I meant time alone without having to do anything for anyone, like my husband or child.  You're fine.  Making pancakes?
Parker:  Oh!  Well, I'm pretty self-sufficient.  So consider yourself spending time alone.  I'll be quiet.

Avery has a seat and starts flipping through channels with the remote control.

Avery:  It's infomercial heaven this early.  (flips some more channels) Oh.  Here's a movie I've been wanting to see on JMN.  Cool. 
Parker:  Nice.  Enjoy it.
Avery:  Thanks.

Parker:  I wanted to let you know you'll have your apartment all to yourselves soon, if things work out.  Craig heard from someone he works with that someone else he knows is looking for a roommate.  Craig gave me the number and I called yesterday.  I'm hoping he calls today and we can set up some time to talk and I can see the place.  I heard the rent is reasonable.
Avery:  Really?  That's nice.  I hope it works out. 

Avery:  I'm not rushing you, but when are you planning on leaving?  I don't want you to jump at the first thing that comes along.
Parker:  I won't get into something that I don't think will work out.  I was going to get my own place anyway, but this will give me my own room, instead of sleeping on your sofa. Plus, I'll still save some money instead of paying what I could pay for renting on my own.  I'd like to buy a house one day.
Avery:  We need to buy a house, but I feel like we are so close to everything here. Maybe one day.  We'll miss you.  I know Aviana won't be happy.  She enjoys having you here.
Parker:  I'll miss her too, but she can come visit and I'll stop by.  I'm not planning to go that far.
Avery:  I know. 

Parker sits down to enjoy his pancakes and coffee before he puts on his clothes to head out to work.
Avery enjoys her movie and another hour and a half of peace before Aviana gets up and she has to tend to her. 


I like the way Craig's and Avery's apartment came out.  It did, however, confirm for me that using one level of the shelving unit I bought is tight.  So while I originally planned to have four apartments in this unit, it will now be three.  The next two will need to take up at least a shelf and a half.  My biggest stress in making these is doors. I cannot make a decent door to save my life, but I'm going to keep trying.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. What Champagne said! You put it so many details and they look very realistic. I'm especially enjoying that medicine cabinet.

    1. Hi, Muff. Thank you! If I could have figured out how to add 'glass' doors to that cabinet, I would have.

  2. The apartment looks great - and now I feel the need to go make some pancakes!

    1. Hi, jSarie. Thank you! I don't know why Parker didn't have some bacon or sausage with those pancakes. Where's the protein? Oh well, maybe he just didn't feel like having meat.

  3. The apartment did turn out great! I like how you painted the kitchen and living room furniture. So are you working on an apartment for Parker?

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I have been wanting to do a black and green kitchen for a while. Yes, I am going to work on Parker's roommate's apartment, once he finds a suitable roommate/place to live. But it may take a while.

  4. The apartment looks great! I always enjoy looking at all of your attention to details. The colors you chose are soothing. I especially love their bedroom. Did you make the bedding? Your doors look fine to me. Do you keep your apartments up permanently?

    Sigh...I miss playing and can't wait to get back.

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. I want the rooms to look realistic. Now if I could only figure out how to make then look really lived in. So far the only truly complete homes for viewing all rooms are Ember's and Craig's and Avery's, which are both permanent. The Cyann and Grayson have a bedroom and living room, but one day they may need to move into a better house so they can have a permanent place. I'm trying to make more permanent housing for main characters.

      Yes, I made the bedding for the bedroom. I even made the bed.

  5. I love this and your detail is amazing! I am needing to catch up on all your stories!


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