Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fatima's Party Wraps Up

Please be sure to read Fatima's Party parts 1 & 2 if you haven't already.  Otherwise, it's like catching a movie in the middle - just a little lost.

After Fatima has welcomed Parker into the party, she has a seat to speak with Henna.  Parker gets a plate and starts putting food on it. 

Henna:  When are you coming back to visit, Christmas? 
Fatima:  Yes, definitely.  I'll miss all of you.  I know I keep saying it, but I appreciate your letting me stay with you so long.  I know it's been a little bit of a damper on your love life.
Henna:  It's okay.  I'm happy to get my own space back, but I'll still miss you.  Besides, Maurice didn't mind.  He actually thought it was the perfect chance to get himself added to the family permanently.  If he thinks if he can get you on board, he'll have an ally.
Fatima:  Now, you know I don't like to give you advice unless you ask for it.  I certainly don't want to tell any of you who you should be with, as long as they treat you right.  But, I do like him.  Do you think you'd like to marry him?
Henna:  I don't know.  Not right now for sure. 
Fatima:  Well, you'll figure it out.

Kendrick:  Are you taking good care of your mother, Erwyn?  She needs your help and for you to keep being a good girl.
Erwyn: Yes, I am.  My daddy told me I had to take care of her before he left us.
Kendrick:  Well, that's good.  I'm sure that makes them both happy.  You have to remember that or your mother will be sad.
Erwyn:  Like Tylyn's mommy?  Tylyn said that she's sad and crying.
Kendrick:  Well, Tylyn's mommy is very sad right now, but not for the same reason your mother would be sad if you weren't a being a good girl.  She's just dealing with some things right now.
Erwyn:  Will she be okay?
Kendrick: Yes, she will. You get sad sometimes, right?
Erwyn:  Yes, sometimes.
Kendrick:  Then you feel better and you're happy again, right?
Erwyn:  Yes, them I very happy, especially when I can have fun.  Cousin Quinn will be happy again too, right?
Kendrick:  That's right.  She will be.  So you and Tylyn don't have to worry about it.

Maurice:  I probably should have some of that fruit salad instead of these chips.  But I just feel like having the salt.
Ember (smiling):  As much as I'm sure you work out, I doubt one bag of chips will even matter.  Enjoy them.  I, on the other hand do not work out, so I need this fruit salad.
Maurice: You are making a good, healthy choice.  If you ever want some work out tips so you can enjoy some chips too, I can give you some.
Ember:  I may need some of those tips.  Not for me, but for my models.  I know they look great right now, but you never know when they will need to get fit.  Why not start now?
Maurice:  Just let me know. 

Marlin:  I love your accent.  I wish I could speak another language.
Tandra:  Obrigado!  You are so sweet.  Maybe you could take a class and learn a language.
Marlin:  I guess I could.  My schedule changes a lot, but maybe I could get those tapes and books.  I never thought of that.
Tandra:  There, now you have an idea and you can have an accent like mine.

Syren:  So, what's up with Quinn and her not showing up?
Windsor:  Shh...I'll call you later.  I don't need my mother to pipe in. It's a touchy subject.
Syren (whispering):  Oh!  The male is acting up again?
Windsor:  Exactly. 
Syren:  Then we need to talk about an intervention and soon.
Windsor:  Uhuh.  But later.

Parker: Hi, Ladies. 
Syren: Hi, Parker.  I know you know me and Marlin.  This is my Aunt Tandra and her daughter, my cousin Windsor.
Parker:  Hello.  It's nice to meet you. You are both beautiful.  You look like another cousin I met.
Tandra:  Thank you.  Yes, you probably met Quinn, my other daughter.
Parker:  Yes, that's her name.  Beautiful family. 
Windsor and Tandra:  Thank you. 
Parker:  Well, I am going to sit down and enjoy this food.  I hope to get a chance to speak with you all again this evening.

Marlin just stares.  She doesn't know what to do.  In the meantime, at the other table, Ember is clearing off some plates.

Parker:  Hi, Ember.  How are you?
Ember:  I'm good.  I'm glad you came.  My mother takes her extending invitations very seriously.  She doesn't invite people she doesn't like and she would have been disappointed if you couldn't make it.
Parker (smiling):  I was already flattered she invited me, but that makes me feel even more so.  Thank you. You're not leaving the table on my account are you?  I hope I'm not interrupting.
Ember:  No, I'm going to mingle some more.  Besides, it will give you two men a chance to talk. 
Maurice: Yes.  I would like to get to know Parker better.  Have a seat, Parker. (starts laughing) We'll commence with the men talk. 
Ember:  Cute, Maurice.  On that note, I will exit stage left.

Syren was trying to have a conversation with her cousin and aunt, but instead, she's been keeping her eyes on Marlin.  It's clear that Marlin won't take her eyes off Parker and Syren doesn't know what's going on in Marlin's head.

Syren:  Marlin....Marlin...Marlin!
Marlin: Huh.  I'm sorry.  You want me?
Syren:  Yes.  Let's step across the room and chat for a minute. 
Marlin:  Right now?
Syren:  Yes, let's talk right now, please.  Come on. 

They get up and walk across the room.

Syren:  Are you having a good time tonight?
Marlin:  Yes, I am.  Sure.
Syren:  Good.  Are you okay?  I see you seem to be unnerved by Parker being here.
Marlin:  I know.  I'm just surprised.  Did you know he was coming? 
Syren:  No, I didn't.  But if I did, I would have told you.  Although I don't think that should have stopped you from coming.  Remember, you only went out twice.
Marlin:  I know.  I know that.  Maybe we should just leave.
Syren:  That's not happening.  I am not leaving and coming back. Now, you need to just keep it together and concentrate on the other people in the room.  Can you do that?

Marlin:  I think I can do that.
Syren:  And the staring has to stop.  Okay?
Marlin:  Okay.
Syren:  Look at it this way, you should act like it doesn't bother you and he's the one who is missing out.  Not in an arrogant way, but in a way that shows you are mature enough to know that someone else deserves you. Can you do that, please?
Marlin:  I think I can do that.  I'll try.
Syren:  Okay.  But if I see you going left field again, we are going to have another talk.  I don't want to have to do that 'cause that will require even more fussing.  Let's try not to go there.
Marlin:  Okay.  I'll be fine.  Thanks.

Parker:  I usually bench press about 200.  More reps seem to work better though at lower weights. I'm not going for the higher pounds for no reason.  I'm not competing, I'm just keeping in shape.
Maurice:  That what I keep telling my clients.  It's about building the strength and the stamina.  Some of them are just going for the high pounds.  It doesn't work like that. 
Drexel:  Wow!  That's a lot.  Maybe I should start getting some training from one of you.  I could use some more tone and bigger muscles.  Ladies love that.
Maurice:  Any time.  Just let me know.

Windsor:  Did I tell you Cameron and I are looking at taking a vacation in Jamaica?  It should be so fun.  He can use the time to relax.
Tandra:  He is going to be my new son.  I am so happy.
Windsor:  Mom, we are not engaged yet.  Don't get too excited.  But I am happy you like him so much.
Tandra:  Sim!  I do like him.  He is a good man.  Very good to you. 

Drexel:  This was nice.  I'm glad I got to see you before you left.
Fatima:  Me too, Honey.  Next time I visit, I expect to see you a little more.  I know you have your girlfriends to keep up with, but your aunt won't be around forever.
Drexel:  Don't talk like that.  You'll be here for a long time.  But I do get what you're saying.  We barely get to see you, so I need to see you as much as I can when you're here.
Fatima:  Yes, you should.  Now, I think I'm going to make a little speech.

 Every is still chatting and enjoying themselves.

Henna:  Thank you for coming.  My mother really likes you.
Maurice:  Does she like me enough to want me for a son-in-law?
Henna (laughing):  You just keep trying, don't you?
Maurice:  I sure do and I sure will.  I'm glad to be able to know your family. It makes me feel accepted and that's a big plus.
Henna:  Ha.  I guess it is.  Oh the pressure and questions I'll get if we stop seeing each other.  They'd get over it eventually, but I do think they will ask.

They are chatting.

Cameron:  I'm glad I was able to come tonight.  Spending time with you, even if I had to share you with a room full of people, is making me happy.
Windsor:  Hey, don't forget, the night doesn't end here.  So you will have me alone at some point this evening.
Cameron: I can't wait.

More chatting and the children playing.  Fatima announces she is ready to make a short speech and gets everyone's attention.

Fatima:  I don't know if I'm good at giving a speech, but I'm going to say what I feel.  That should be good enough.

Everyone says yes, or claps, Drexel even whistles.

Fatima:  I'm so happy you were all able to make it.  I am sad to go, but I...(gets interrupted).

Cyann is late, but she has arrived. 

Cyann:  Oops!  I'm sorry I'm late and interrupting, but I made it.
Fatima:  Aww!  Sweetheart, I'm so happy to see you!  You may be late, but you're here.  Come give me my hug and then you can have a seat.

Cyann gives Fatima a hug and then sits down.

Fatima:  Okay.  My daughter from another mother has arrived, what a nice addition to the evening.  I'm glad you all came to see me off.  I will miss you, but I'll be back.  I appreciate that my daughters would not let me go without having this lovely party for me.  I'm also grateful for Henna sending me to Janeer, my new hairdresser when I'm in town, so I could look good when I got here. (everyone laughs) I also appreciate Tandra talking me into buying this outfit although this was actually her last choice. (everyone laughs)  I do look good in it, if I must say so myself.

Fatima:  It may be true absence makes the heart grow fonder, but if I were here, I'd still be just as fond of you.  I hope you all had a good time with me while I was visiting.  I will miss seeing my grandchildren growing up on a daily basis.  Yes, that was a hint, Henna and Syren.  I would also not be opposed to attending any weddings, the entire room of eligible people can take that anyway they'd like. (everyone laughs)

Fatima:  Before you all leave, I expect a goodbye hug and kiss.  I'll need them to hold me over until I get back here again.  And with that, I will end my so-called speech and just say, thank you. 

Fatima got what she wanted and as each person slowly left, she got her hugs and kisses until she, Henna and Maurice were the last to go.  Her plane left the afternoon of the next day.

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  1. What a lovely ending to Fatima's going home party! I like Maurice- he's persistent in a good way ;)

    1. Thanks, Jewell. I think Maurice understands there has to a be a balance. Make it known you're willing to be all in, but don't act crazy.

  2. Loved her speech! It had just enough humor and sentiment. I know we will see her back! The room was really nice too and I am glad there was not too much drama between Parker and Marlin.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. Yes, it could have gotten ugly if Marlin had lost it.

  3. Another great story, and Fatima speech was nice! Poor Marlin, though! She really needs to get it together. It's good she has a friend like Syren to snap her back to reality.

    1. Thanks, Champagne Star. I think Syren handled keeping Marlin from acting out pretty well. She's a good friend.

  4. I'm glad the party turned out so well. Great speech she got to her points.....:)
    This is LaDonna

    1. Is Twanekqua your new alter ego, LaDonna? I'm glad you told me, I thought Twanekqua was a new person.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  5. Very happy to see that the party went off without any problems from you know who.

    1. Muff, who would cause problems at a party? LOL!

      Yes, it looks like things went well. Thank you.

  6. Great party! The setting is awesome as always! I love your party scenes, you place so much details in them. Poor Marlin has it so bad. Lord have mercy what is going to do when someone is "really" interested in her. Please find her a suitable mate. Lol! I believe I hear wedding bells from a couple of your residences. :-). Safe travels Fatima.... Great storytelling!!

    1. Thank you. Yes, Marlin is in need of some help. Isis and Tyson are getting married. I hope they figure out a date and get to planning soon. I love weddings.


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