Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ember's Update Meeting

Ember is at Select Spaces, the evening of her scheduled meeting with Seiko, Zenia and Jye.  She is using the laptop Select Spaces rents for using equipment to go through her meeting.  Erwyn is with Avery and Craig, who have been kind enough to babysit.  Ember is all set up when her first employee arrives.

She waits and then Jye walks in.

Jye:  Hi!  How are you?
Ember:  Hi, Jye.  I'm good.  How are you?
Jye:  Well, I'm working on classes for next semester.  I am going to take a few less, just in case the modeling schedule gets a little more hectic. 
Ember:  Oh!  Well, maybe you can find some that are virtual.  Then you don't have to take so few credits.  But, I am hoping there will be more bookings soon.
Jye:  People go to college to make good money and have a career.  I still want the degree, but if I'm in a career and making money right now, I don't have to rush.
Ember:  Good point.  But don't give up getting your degree.
Jye:  I won't.

Jye has a seat and she and Ember chat until the door opens again and in walks Zenia.

Zenia:  Hey!  What's up? 
Ember:  Hi, Zenia. Come on in. It's good to see you.
Jye:  Hey, Girl!  Cute outfit.  I'll bet you're keeping cool in it.
Zenia:  Cool, hot, fly.  I'm just workin' it. 
Jye (laughing):  Well, I guess you have all angles covered.  What have you been up to?  I haven't seen you since the last shoot we did together.  I know I've barely called, but finals were killing me.
Zenia:  It's okay.  I've been working a crazy schedule because I have to ask to re-work it when I have a 'go see.'

Zenia has a seat.

Ember:  I'm trying to get to a point where 'go sees' are at a minimum if not necessary.  I'm trying to get you easily booked by portfolio and reputation.  But we'll see as we go along.
Jye:  That would be great.  I don't mind the 'go sees' but I would love to just know I'm going to a shoot because those are paying, 'go sees' are just hopeful.
Zenia: too
Ember:  Well, now that we are expanding a little, I think I can book more jobs.  I still need more models to book whole shows and full events, but I'm confident we'll get there.  I'll be interviewing again shortly.
Zenia:  Okay.  I would love to do runway.  I can pose and show pouty looks, which are supposed to be sexy.
Jye:  That's so crazy. I've always wondered why models look so serious.  I guess that's just what they want.
Ember:  Yes, it does seem a smile would sell just as much. 

The door opens and Seiko walks in.

Seiko:  Hello.
Ember:  Hi, Seiko.  I'm glad you could make it.  Let me introduce you to Zenia to your left and Jye to your right. 
Jye and Zenia:  Hi!
Seiko:  Hello.  It's a pleasure to meet you.  I like your names.
Jye and Zenia:  Thank you.
Ember:  This is Seiko, our most recent addition.  I'm so happy to have her.  I'm happy to have all of you with me.  Seiko, please have a seat and we'll get started with our meeting. 
Seiko: Yes.

Seiko has a seat and Ember begins the meeting, including her slide show.

Ember:  Ladies, I truly appreciate that you could make it.  First, I want to let you know that I do plan to have several update meetings and some social events.  We'll review the state of the business, any new clients, major things that are coming down the pike.  I have big plans, but I'll start revealing them as I confirm them. You'll note that we don't have any food or drinks right now.  I wanted us to focus on business and then we'll have something to eat. 

Ember:  Here's our agenda.  LeeMa Designs, an up and coming fashion line; some upcoming shoots, including plans to have a photographer help build your portfolios with shots, expectations of your behavior, performance and preparation as a representative of Journey Talent Agency, working together as a team and items you should take with you for every shoot.  I have some items in these bags for each of you.  They are tonight's gifts for you.
Zenia:  Alright!  I love gifts.
Ember (laughing):  I'm glad.  Now we have a new partnership to be the sole models for LeeMa Designs.  It's an exciting venture and a relationship I am looking forward to cultivating and growing.  Also..

Ember talks about LeeMa Designs, behaving as professional, like using proper English and cooperation, but also letting her know if there are any issues, when to contact her and when and what to say 'no' to during a shoot.  She also talks about remembering they are a team and even if they ever disagree, they are not to let it show to any of the clients.  After reviewing several items about what they should have in their bags, Ember picks up a bag to show the ladies what she has already included in their bags.  She starts looking through it.

Zenia:  This is pretty cool.  I could use a bag.  I have a backpack, but those look pretty cool.  Plus, I do have some things from the first list Ember provided.
Jye:  I need something too.  Those do look cute.

Ember:  So, here we have our first and very important item, razors.  Now you may use another type of hair remover, which is fine, but you never know when you'll rush to a shoot and notice you need a quick touch up.  Keep at least one, but I have provide a bag of a few to get you started.

Ember:  You'll want to have a bright and fresh smile, so I have provided a travel container to hold a toothbrush and toothpaste.  You'll need to replace these as necessary, but this will get you started and the container is pretty sturdy.

Ember:  As long as you're freshening your teeth, be sure to freshen your breath. So here's a travel size bottle of mouthwash.  It's a great partner brushing for dental care.

Ember:  Lotion will ensure you don't have dry skin.
Jye: I always carry some.  My mother would have my head if she thought I was ashy.
Ember: Good, keep carrying it.  It's a must.

Ember:  I have added an item that you don't have to carry with you for shoots, but I do want you to have.  I don't want to overstep my bounds, but you are young and I want to be sure you're protected. I won't ask you about your personal preferences, but I did want to supply these in case you need them.  Please protect yourselves.  There are a lot of good looking men out there.  I won't pretend that you are not going to enjoy your youth and I want you to see your old age too.  So please ensure your partner uses these.  And that's the last I'll say about that.

The ladies nod their heads. 
Ember:  Last, but not least, there are several items I reviewed earlier that you should have in your bag.  Some of them are your personal preferences for brand.  So I have provided each of you with a one hundred dollar gift card.
Seiko:  That is very generous of you.
Zenia:  Wow!  I love it! 
Jye:  That will be so helpful.
Ember:  I'm glad you appreciate it.  I do expect that you will use it to get the items on the list.  Please do so.
Jye:  I will.  I promise.
Zenia:  Me too.
Seiko:  I will do that.  Thank you.

Ember turns the three bags around.

Ember:  I have had different model silhouettes applied to the bags too.  They are each different and they will make your bags easily identifiable to you when you're all together.  I hope you like them.
Zenia: I said I like gifts and these are all great!  Thank you so much.
Seiko:  Thank you!
Jye: Yes, these are all lovely.  Thank you.

Ember wraps up the meeting and the group orders food and drinks and socialize.  Seiko is happy to meet Jye and Zenia and they all exchange contact information.  After the meeting everyone heads home and Ember picks up Erwyn, who has had a good time playing with Aviana and being cared for by Avery and Craig.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Re-Ment in the House

I have finally figured out how to stay in tune with getting my hands on new Re-ment stuff.  I still see a lot of older items I'd like to buy and will, but watching for new things I can get at their regular cost and not the 'blown out of proportion because it's hard to get now you must pay a high price' cost. 

So today my box arrived, while I may need to figure out what do to with a few items, there are several items in this set I really like.  I have no idea what the name of the set it, but I like it.  I thought about just taking photos and posting them, but then a couple of the ladies who don't get camera time around here (and rightfully so, you'll see why) begged to model and show the new items.  Being the nice person I am, I am giving them a chance.

Let me show you my models for these new items and I'll let them introduce themselves.  You may recognize them (and think to yourself, 'What were you thinking?'), so please remember it's about the product, not them. 

Umm...where the heck are they?  They should have been here by now.

Me:  Ladies, would you mind?  I need to get started.  Get over here or I'll just start shooting without you.
Them:  We're coming!

Tasha:  Hi, I'm Tasha and I'll be your host for this shoot.
Lisa:  Hi, I'm Lisa and I will be CO-HOSTING with Tasha today.  We're so pleased you can join us.
Me:  Tasha why are you dressed like you're about to walk the red carpet?
Tasha:  Because I have to put my best foot forward to get more work.  Plus a little sexiness sells.
Lisa:  Yes, I went a little sexy too.  See how I'm wearing these thin straps to let a little shoulder show?
Me:  Uhuh. Well, we're not selling anything, we're just showing some things.  So let's get started.

Tasha:  Before we get started, I want to apologize for this set.  It's a little short because it was just thrown together. But check out these cute Asian fans.  Re-ment is from an Asian company, so the décor is apropos, right?  (whispering to me) I did say that word right, didn't I?
Me:  Yes, Tasha, you did.  Now can you please have a seat so we can get started?
Tasha:  Sure.  Of course.
Me:  Now here's how we'll do this.  We'll lay out the items and you ladies can describe the items. Please take turns speaking.
Them:  Alright.

Tasha:  First we have these food items.  I don't know what they are, but these cute stuck together chopsticks that come in this cute box look really fly.  I'm sure it's delicious, but we don't have time to taste it right now.
Lisa: Don't forget about this delicious and oh so healthy milk.  I know it's milk because there's a picture of a cow on the bottle.
Me:  Thank you, Ladies. On to the next group.

Tasha:  Here's this covered dust pan, like the janitor used to have in school.  It holds a lot of trash when you sweep, but you have to bend pretty far down to use it. There's also a rag over there. and this metal bucket.
Lisa:  Yes, cleanliness is a wonderful thing.  This little broom is just so adorable.  It works for cobwebs and other things you need to use a small broom for. 
Me:  Yes, I guess it does.  Next group, please.

Tasha:  So here's this flower that's supposed to go in that dirt in that square pot. 
Me:  Tasha, why are you holding the flower?
Tasha:  So you'll have to get a good shot of me holding it.  Plus, I can't figure out how to put it on top of that darn pot. 
Me:  Oh!
Lisa:  Why doesn't it look like my face is in this shot?
Tasha:  Can you just describe that thing in front of you?
Lisa:  Well, it's well known to everyone as a garden hose on a hose holder.  Isn't it just the cutest?
Me:  Yes, it's nice.  Next group, please.

Lisa:  See this cute bag in my lap and the scissors in my hand that really open and close?  Also, there's this other item for sewing that opens an closes and comes with this kind of clear cap.  The scissors go into a holder for safety.
Tasha: Yes, and this case right here holds the scissors and that thing in your hand, along with the needles and thread in this box.  That cat on the box top is alright too.
Me:  Yep.  Next.
Tasha:  Wait, I think I was cut out of the shot.  Can you see my face?
Me:  I can see the product nicely.  Next.

Tasha:  See these watercolor paints?  Six colors and this paint brush too. If I was an artist, I'd be workin' these.
Lisa:  Well, any teacher would certainly enjoy this lovely board with an easy to hold eraser.  Also, if you look a the bottom of the board, you can see the two drawers that open and close.  They hold the white and pink chalk that come with this set.
Me:  Very nice.  Next group, please.

Lisa:  Yes.  Here we have some crayons, I think.  They don't have labels, but they are for art work.  They have their own box or you can put them in that easy to carry tray to the far right in this shot.  Or you can put them with other things in this box with the yellow lid and adorable elephant on it.
Tasha:  Umm...did you really just get out of your chair and stand up just to hog this shot?
Lisa:  I'm not hogging, I'm just trying to give another view as a model.
Me:  Ladies, it's about the product.  Let's move on.

Tasha:  So now you can see this shelf unit that has four areas and can hold things.  There's this abacus next to this bag that doesn't fully open, but you can squeeze the abacus into it.  Plus there's this bottle of glue.  Most importantly, there are these rulers that are easily held.  They look like they can double as weapons.  No one will mess with the teacher holding these bad boys.
Me:  Interesting take on items meant for learning.  Where's Lisa?
Tasha:  I don't know.  She seemed to be inching away when I was describing these rulers and trying to show her a few offensive moves with them. I was showing her some really good stuff, but she's a little jumpy.
Me:  They are not weapons, Tasha.  Lisa, please get back over here so we can move on!  Thank you.

Lisa:  Ooo!, a jump rope brings back memories of being a child and playing outside.  Can I hold an end of it?  Maybe we can show how to turn it properly.
Tasha:  No, that's okay.  I got it.  This type of rope also used to serve a purpose for my mother when I used to get a little out of hand.  Boy am I glad those days are over.
Me:  Thanks for reminiscing.  Now let's bring out the coup de grace.  The reason I first looked at this set in the first place?
Lisa:  It's the most adorable thing!  Just wait until you see it!
Me: Well, they won't have to wait long if we go ahead and get it.

Tasha:  Look at all those fish swimming around. 
Lisa:  Aren't they just adorbs?  I wish I could take them home.  Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
Tasha:  AND there is some food and a net. Don't forget about these plant in a jar thing going on over here.
Me:  It could make a nice addition to a desk in an office.
Tasha:  It could make a nice addition to a salad too.
Me:  Maybe, but that's not what I'm planning to do with it.  Let's get a close up of everything.

Me:  I love this fish tank.  I already know where it will go, but it will take me a little while to get it there. 
Tasha:  So are we going to take another shot of us waving or bowing or something to say good bye. I'm not sure you got all my good sides in the other photos. 
Lisa: Another shot waving would be nice.  Really cute.
Me:  Thank you so much for your help, Ladies, but I think we've taken enough shots for the evening.  We got the product done.  Please have a good evening and your checks will be in the mail.  Thanks again.
Them: You're welcome.  Good night.

Thank you for your patience and putting up with today's 'models.' ~ Jaye

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ember's Dilemna

Ember has an evening meeting scheduled with her three models so they can all meet each other and so she can have a general update meeting.  She has also invited a special guest to speak with them.  She is getting dressed and dropping Erwyn off with Cyann.

Ember (to herself):  I don't want to be too dressed up, I told the girls to be casual, but I still want to look good.  I love this dress, but maybe it's too much.  The jeans are probably too casual.  Hmm...maybe this blue top?

The phone rings while Ember is still thinking about what to wear.

Ember:  Hey, Sy.  What's up? 
Syren:  Hi!  I'm about to go out with this new guy, but I wanted to ask you about your favorite place to go to the beach.
Ember: Umm...I really don't have an answer for you.  Can you just look something up?
Syren:  I guess. I really wanted an opinion from someone.  I don't know that many people who go to the beach.  Can you help me out.
Ember:  Well, I'm actually getting dressed for a meeting this evening, so I can't really talk.  I can call you tomorrow.  Okay?
Syren (sounding disappointed):  Sure.  That's fine.  Enjoy your meeting.  I guess I can come up with a different plan.  Thanks. Bye.
Ember (laughing):  Thanks for the support.  Goodbye.

Ember hangs up and continues to stress over the right outfit.  Erwyn comes into her room.

Erwyn:  Mommy, I'm ready to go!
Ember: Erwyn, that is not the shirt I laid out for you.  Where is the other shirt?
Erwyn:  I like this one.  Can I wear it?
Ember:  No, Erwyn.  Please put on the shirt I laid out for you and put that one back in the drawer. 
Erwyn:  But, Mom.  I like this one.  Please, please, please.
Ember (being stern):  I understand you like it, but it is not what I want you to wear.  Go put on the one I want you to wear and I don't want to have to repeat myself again.
Erwyn (disappointed and frowning):  Okay.

Erwyn heads back to her room to change her shirt.  Ember puts on the white skirt and then the phone rings.

Ember:  Hi, Cyann.  We'll be there soon.  I'm just driving myself crazy over what to wear.
Cyann:  Hi, Ember.  That's why I'm calling.  I'm so sorry.  Gray has a family emergency with his father.  We need to head to the hospital and they're two hours away.  We have to leave and we wont be back until tomorrow.  We have to spend the night.  I can't take care of Erwyn.  I'm so sorry.
Ember (shocked for a minute): Oh!  Okay.  I understand.  I hope his father will be okay.  Be safe.
Cyann:  I'm so sorry, Ember.  I wish this didn't happen.  I know you have plans.
Ember:  It's an emergency. Of course I understand.  Let me know how things go.  Thank you.  Bye.
Cyann:  Bye, Em.

Ember puts the phone down.  She is not sure what to do.  She could ask Henna, but Henna is always working.  Syren already has plans.  Ember thinks how nice it would be if her mother was still in town, but she's not so she can't settle on that thought.  While Ember's thinking, Erwyn comes back into Ember's room.

Erwyn:  I put the shirt on, Mommy.  It's not as pretty as the other one.
Ember:  It's fine, Erwyn.
Erwyn:  Do you need help picking something to wear?
Ember:  Sure.  Thank you for offering.

Ember thinks about taking Erwyn with her.  She's not sure what to do, but that's her only option.  She lets Erwyn sit on her bed while she goes back to choosing something to wear. 

Erwyn:  I like this yellow shirt, Mommy.  It's bright and pretty.
Ember (barely listening):  Yes, it's pretty.  Maybe you're right.  I just need to figure out what to wear it with.  I don't know why getting dressed is so hard right now. 
Erwyn:  Can I pick out your clothes since you pick out mine?
Ember (laughing):  Oh!  So you want to be in charge of my wardrobe, huh?  Well, if you put together a good combination, I may just wear it. 

The phone rings.  Ember looks at it.  It's Avery.  Ember and Avery don't really speak much, but since the first night they met, they had exchanged numbers, Ember has her number in her phone.

Ember:  Hello?
Avery:  Hi, Ember.  It's Avery.
Ember:  Yes, hi, Avery.  How are you?
Avery:  I'm good, thanks.  Hey, Cyann called me and told me that you need a sitter tonight.  You are most welcome to bring Erwyn here.  She can keep Aviana company and we'd take good care of her.
Ember (feeling tears come to her eyes):  Oh my goodness!  Yes!  Thank you so much for calling me and being willing to help me.  I truly appreciate it. 
Avery:  No problem.  Bring her by when you're ready.  You'll just need to let me know if she has any allergy.  I do want to give her back to you in the same healthy state in which you leave her.
Ember:  She doesn't have any allergies.  She can eat lots of things.  Thank you so much. 
Avery:  Okay. Well, I'll text you my address and we'll see you shortly.  Okay?
Ember:  Yes, thank you so much.

Ember is excited and so grateful Cyann went the extra mile and reached out to Avery for help.  She doesn't want to call her and disturb her, but she does send a text to thank her and knows she'll thank her again the next time they speak.  Ember gets dressed, gathers up her stuff and heads out with Erwyn.

A little while later at the Hamilton's.

Craig is playing with Aviana, lifting her up and blowing on her belly which tickles her and makes her laugh.  While Avery enjoys watching them play, she is also trying to watch television.

Avery:  I don't want to interrupt your fun, but I am trying to keep up with the story line, you two.
Craig:  But we have to play.  It's the way to a longer life.
Avery:  What?  What fortune cookie did you get that quote out of?
Craig:  It's a well known fact.
Aviana: It's a well know fak, Mommy.
Avery:  Okay.  Well, can you keep it down just a little, please?

Craig:  Oops!  We have to be quiet or Mommy will get us.  Shhh...
Aviana:  Shhhh...
Avery:  You two are cracking me up, but you still need to keep it down.

There's a knock at the door and Avery gets up to answer it. It's Ember dropping Erwyn off.  Avery greets them and brings them into the living room.

Craig:  Hi! 
Ember and Erwyn:  Hi.
Ember:  Hi, Aviana.  You look so cute! 
Aviana:  Thank you.
Ember:  I can't say enough how much I appreciate your having Erwyn over this evening.
Avery:  It's no problem.  We're glad to have her.
Craig:  It sure isn't.  She'll be fine.

Ember kisses Erwyn, tells her to be good and she'll be back later.  Avery and Craig know it could be hard for Erwyn to be alone with them when she's not around them, so they are going to make sure they do what they can to make her feel comfortable.  Craig goes close and gets down on the floor, a technique he has learned when dealing with children when he's working.

Craig:  Hey, beautiful lady.  We have a rule in this house that all the beautiful ladies must be spoiled by me.  So now that we have another lady for me to spoil, I guess I had better get to it.  Okay?
Erwyn (a little shy, but intrigued):  Okay.
Craig:  So, what do you say we all go out a little later for a snack?  Do you like ice cream or water ice?
Erwyn (smiling):  Yes, I like both.
Craig:  Okay then.  We definitely need to go get some.  Especially in this summer heat. 

Erwyn decides it could be okay to be with Craig and Avery, especially if a delicious snack is included. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Isis Starts Planning Her Wedding

At the Flavor Café, Marisol and Rowan are chatting about the new cupcakes Marisol has made.

Marisol:  I saw these little cute creature cupcakes in a magazine and I think the pastry will be a great sell in the morning.  Their larger than the other pastries, but I think priced right, people will buy them. 
Rowan:  Everything look delicious.  You could be right about the pastry selling well.  Those are the only ones you made?
Marisol:  Yes and they are staying in this container just for people to preview them.  I just wanted to show them to you before we add them to the menu.  I think the pastry can be a regular item, but the cupcakes take time, so they will have to be special order.  We can take photos for people to see.  We may need to create a book with photos of special order items for people to view since they won't be available daily.
Rowan:  Good idea.
Marisol:  I'm going to leave them on the table and just see how it goes. 

Marisol places the samples on the table, still in the container to keep them from being contaminated.  After several patrons have come and gone, Rowan is looking out the window as a gentleman walks into the door.  It's Rahim, Isis' brother, who has promised to meet her there.  Rahim is a chef and he and his sister are close, so she values his opinion.  Plus, her fiancé, Tyson, has a very busy schedule and while he will do as much as he can to participate in the wedding planning, he won't be present for a few things. Because he's a chef, Rahim can be picky about food and knows some ins and outs of catering which will help Isis. 

Rowan: Hello and welcome to the Flavor Café.  What can I get for you today?
Rahim:  Hi.  I'm waiting for someone. She should be here any minute.  Thank you.
Rowan:  Okay.  Well, feel free to look around and check out our menu and specials. We also have some sample items on the table you can look at, but they are only for viewing.  They're special order.
Rahim (nods):  Thank you.

Rahim looks around, checks out the specials posted and the sample items on the table.  Rowan goes about her business and she and Marisol start chatting.  Isis walks in and immediately sees her brother.

Isis:  Hey!  Thanks for meeting me here and being on time.  Did you order something?
Rahim:  I thought I'd wait for you.  I'll treat, even though I'm the one being drug here.
Isis:  I need your input, plus you're obligated.
Rahim:  So that's how it is?
Isis:  Yep.

Marisol and Rowan turn their attention to their customers.

Marisol:  Hi!  Welcome to the Flavor Café.  How can we help you today?
Isis:  I was here a while ago, during the holidays, and you said you can do catering for wedding receptions.  So we're here about setting up a date to taste test and see about your catering services.
Rahim:  Yes, we are here about tasting some food.  I'm looking forward to it.
Marisol:  Well, you've certainly come back to the right place.  I do think I remember you.  You had just gotten engaged, right?
Isis:  Yes, that's me.  I think I'm ready to set a date, but I need to get some ducks in a row and a caterer is one of those ducks.

They all laugh.  Marisol asks Isis and Rahim to have a seat while excuses herself to go get her book and a pencil.  Isis sits down, but Rahim is hungry.  He's considering what he'll have to eat.  Marisol returns and starts taking down information about Isis' wish list.

Rahim:  These all look good.  Can I get a special order sandwich with a side of something?
Rowan:  Yes, you can.  We do have potato salad, cole slaw, and macaroni salad.  All of those will pair nicely with a sandwich of your liking.  I can make you something delicious.
Rahim:  Okay.  Can you make a sandwich as beautiful as you?
Rowan (thinks the comment is odd):  Umm.  Well, yes, I can, I think. 

Rahim:  I'd like two ham and turkey sandwiches on the long roll, like that one there. (Points to a sandwich in the case.)  Can we have mayo, lettuce, tomato and cole slaw on the side of one?  Is there egg in your potato salad?
Rowan:  Yes, there is.  It's quite delicious.
Rahim:  Okay.  Well, Isis likes it that way, so she'll have potato salad for her side.
Rowan: It's nice you know what she likes. 
Rahim:  Well, I've been around her long enough to know what she does or doesn't like.

Rowan smiles at Rahim thinking he must be a good man and she can see what Isis must see in him.

Marisol: So I think we're set.  I'll work up some options for your tasting and e-mail them to you ahead of time.  You can always change things on your menu up to two weeks before the wedding.  I say two weeks because depending on what you order, we may need to special order items to make the items.
Rahim:  Yes, that makes sense.  Sometimes you do need things from a vendor who takes a while to send things over.
Isis:  Okay.  I should have a set menu more than two weeks before.  I won't want to worry about that at the last minute.  I should only have to worry about fitting into my dress and looking good when I come down the aisle during those two weeks.
Rahim:  You'll be beautiful no matter what.  Even if you wear a sack.
Marisol:  He's a sweetheart.
Isis: Yes, most days that's kind of why I love him.

They wrap up and Rowan returns with the order.  Rahim pays as he promised.

Rowan:  I hope you enjoy your meal. 
Rahim:  I think I will if you made the sandwich as I requested.
Rowan:  Yes, I didn't forget a thing.  The mayo, lettuce, tomato, cole slaw and potato salad.  I even threw in pickles, but wrapped separately and not making anything else watery.
Rahim:  That's great, but I was talking about them being a beautiful as you.  I guess we'll have to see.

Rowan blushes, she doesn't know what to say.  She thinks it's a little odd for this man to be flirting with her.  Isis can see the look on Rowan's face and thinks Rahim is embarrassing her.  So she speaks up.

Isis (to Rowan):  Thank you so much for the sandwiches.  They are always delicious.  (To Rahim) Hey, I'm hungry and we have several other wedding planning stops to make, like at the catering halls.  We'd better get going.  Besides, I thought you were hungry.
Rahim:  I am.  Okay.  Let's go.  (To Isis) Thank you.  We'll see you later.  (He winks at Rowan.)

Rahim and Isis leave so they can get more done.  Rowan decides to go clean up in the kitchen while Marisol stays out front.  On her way by, she stops to ask Marisol a question.

Rowan:  Maybe it's me, but did you think that was odd?  I mean, I could swear he was flirting with me and right in front of her.
Marisol:  Maybe he was, but some men are just friendly like that.  They like to make pretty women feel pretty, but they aren't cheaters.  It didn't seem to bother her at all so maybe it's just him.
Rowan:  Well, he's good looking.  Maybe even my type, but he's taken so his flirting isn't helping me.
Marisol:  A compliment from a man is a compliment.  Just take it and smile.

Well, it looks like Isis is getting the show on the road with her wedding planning.  We'll get to watch her as she moves forward.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Monday, July 4, 2016

A Day of Secret Errands

It's Friday morning and Zavier is getting ready to leave the house.  He took the day off from work.  Dani had already gotten up earlier and he thought she should have left already to get to work, but while he's in the kitchen, he hears the hum of the sewing machine.  Zavier knows that Dani's in her makeshift bridal salon in the garage, so he goes in to say goodbye.

Zavier:  Hey, Honey.  What are you still doing here?  I thought you were gone.
Dani:  I'm about to leave.  I just got up early so I could work on these alterations.  I need to have them done by tomorrow. If I don't do some work now, I'll be up until 1 or 2, dozing off between stitches.
Zavier:  Oh.
Dani:  What are you going to do today?  You're not going to vegetate in front of the tv?
Zavier:  No, I have some errands to run.  I need to get going. 

He heads closer to Dani to kiss her goodbye.

 Dani:  What errands are you running?
Zavier:  I just have some errands to take care of.  Nothing special.
Dani (looks at Zavier with a raised eyebrow): you have secret errands to run today.
Zavier:  If you say so. 

Zavier gives Dani a kiss, they say good bye and then Zaver heads for the door. Dani leaves a few minutes after, she needs to get to work.

Zavier really does have secret errands to run.  He has been giving it a lot of thought and he wants Dani to go ahead and start her business.  He hasn't told her yet because he wants to set something thing in motion so that Dani cannot come up with an excuse (based on her own nerves) to delay setting up a store front.  Zavier knows can live off his salary comfortably for at least a year before any debt from business loans could be an issue. He knows that it could take a year to see any decent profit margins. 

Zavier spends the first few hours of the day going to the bank to secure a loan and then to see a realtor about rental properties in business zones.  He only goes over what he's looking for, but once he lets Dani know, they will both go together to look at and select a property to rent.  Later in the afternoon Zavier heads to the appointment that makes him nervous. 

Meanwhile at Henriched Interior Designs, Carly and Henna are going over some design plans. 

Carly:  So maybe we can carry the flow of the tile from the foyer into this dining space.  Maybe shades of coral from light to dark.  I think a flow of dark to light.  This space is so huge. 
Henna:  And what accents would you suggest?
Carly:  Well, I need to check the color wheel, but I think teal or turquoise would be beautiful.
Henna:  No need to check the color wheel.  You are spot on.

Carly:  Thank you.  I've been doing well in my design class and studying my butt off. 
Henna:  Well it shows.  It won't be long before you'll be designing some awesome spaces.  Hopefully I can keep you here a while longer before you open your own business and become my competition.
Carly:  I see what you go through running a business.  I want to design, but I don't want my own business.
Henna:  Never say never.  But I think you'll be good at designing.  You're already seeing the colors.
Carly:  Thank you.

Carly:  Well, your afternoon appointment should be here soon. I'll start cleaning up and go wrap up some things while we wait.
Henna:  Yes, you're right.  I am looking forward to this appointment.  I haven't seen him in a long time.  I'll type up these planning notes and drop them into the shared folder for the client's account.

Carly cleans up the design materials and heads out to her desk while Henna starts typing notes.  After a while, their expected client arrives.

Carly:  Welcome to Henriched Interior Designs, Mr. Nichols.  I'm Carly and Ms. Richards is waiting for you.
Zavier:  Hello.  Thank you and you can call me Zavier.  Mr. Nichols sounds so formal.
Carly: Yes, of course I will respectfully call you whatever you prefer.

Carly tells Henna on the intercom that Mr. Nichols has arrived (she uses his surname out of habit) and Henna tells them to come in.

Henna:  You look great, Zave! How have you been?  It's been so long.
Zavier: I know.  It's good to see you.  You're still as beautiful as the first day I first day saw you. 
Henna:  Aww.  Thank you.  How's Idania?
Zavier:  Dani's good.  Thanks.  She's the reason I'm here.  She wants to open a bridal shop and she'll need a designer.
Henna:  Where is she?  Why didn't she come too?
Zavier:  I'm surprising her by getting financing and everything set up for her to get started.  I've been running around all day.  Since a bridal shop has to be appealing, I figured I'd come to the best.
Henna:  Well, you have that right.  Have a seat let's talk. Carly's learning to design, so she's joining us.

Henna:  So tell us what you're looking for.
Zavier:  I don't have the design specifics, but I know ladies like elegant stuff.  Dani kind of rehabs used gowns, but every so often she makes a dress she designs.  She wants to start selling new stuff from designers, her own stuff and maybe still do some rehab if she needs to.  She wants a beautiful shop where people want to come. That's all I know.
Henna:  Do you have a location?
Zavier:  We have some options.  I have a realtor pulling properties together and after tomorrow, we'll be out looking.  But it won't be long before we have a place.
Henna:  Okay.  Then all you need right now is to secure a designer, right? 
Zavier:  Yes.

Henna:  Okay.  Well, we can always work on details later, when Idan...Dani, is available to meet. Now let's talk budget.  As you know, I only work with high end clientele.  Their budgets can go well into seven figures, which includes my design fee, construction and furnishings.
Zavier:  Well, I have a loan from the bank, part of which will pay the rent for whatever building we choose.  So I'm hoping we can get the rest for done for (sorry, but Henna doesn't like everyone to know the details of budgets, so we had to bleep out the amount).
Henna (pausing for a minute):  Zavier, I would love to help you, but that budget, while decent, would probably be more suitable for another designer.  I haven't designed for that budget since the first two years of my designing, and part of that was while I was finishing school.  I'm sorry, but I will have to decline.

Zavier has a look of disappointment on his face.

Carly:  Please excuse me.  Henna, can we step out and talk for a minute, please?
Henna (surprised):  Umm, sure.  Please excuse us, Zavier.  We'll be right back.
Carly:  Yes, I'm sorry to interrupt.  But we'll be right back.
Zavier:  Yes, I'll be fine.

Carly:  It hit me this could be the perfect chance to make things work for everyone.  If you'd let me, I could design the bridal salon.  You won't be shorting yourself since you wouldn't have to spend a lot of your time designing.  You can still take the job and charge a lower fee because I'm doing the work.  You'd supervise, of course, and I'd confer with you so the work will still be representative of your reputation.
Henna:  Well, I hadn't thought of that.  I'd need a weekly report, detailed notes of your plan and timeline, overview of all important design needs.  I will seem like a micro-manager since this would be your first design.
Carly:  That's okay.  I'll do my best and if I make mistakes, it will be a learning experience for me.  I'd rather know how I can do better than fail. 
Henna:  Zavier would be thrilled he doesn't have to find another designer and I'd feel like we're helping a friend.  Okay, then.  Let's do it.  You're going design this space.  I'll let you tell Zavier.

Carly and Henna go back into to let Zavier know what they have decided.  Carly is so excited to have the opportunity.


Carly came to me after taping and complained, rightfully so, that she does not have an upgraded body.  She presented her case that if she is going to have to do some design work, it will be easier to do with articulate wrists.  I can't argue with that.  So, Carly will be getting an upgraded body so she can excel at her job.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye