Monday, July 4, 2016

A Day of Secret Errands

It's Friday morning and Zavier is getting ready to leave the house.  He took the day off from work.  Dani had already gotten up earlier and he thought she should have left already to get to work, but while he's in the kitchen, he hears the hum of the sewing machine.  Zavier knows that Dani's in her makeshift bridal salon in the garage, so he goes in to say goodbye.

Zavier:  Hey, Honey.  What are you still doing here?  I thought you were gone.
Dani:  I'm about to leave.  I just got up early so I could work on these alterations.  I need to have them done by tomorrow. If I don't do some work now, I'll be up until 1 or 2, dozing off between stitches.
Zavier:  Oh.
Dani:  What are you going to do today?  You're not going to vegetate in front of the tv?
Zavier:  No, I have some errands to run.  I need to get going. 

He heads closer to Dani to kiss her goodbye.

 Dani:  What errands are you running?
Zavier:  I just have some errands to take care of.  Nothing special.
Dani (looks at Zavier with a raised eyebrow): you have secret errands to run today.
Zavier:  If you say so. 

Zavier gives Dani a kiss, they say good bye and then Zaver heads for the door. Dani leaves a few minutes after, she needs to get to work.

Zavier really does have secret errands to run.  He has been giving it a lot of thought and he wants Dani to go ahead and start her business.  He hasn't told her yet because he wants to set something thing in motion so that Dani cannot come up with an excuse (based on her own nerves) to delay setting up a store front.  Zavier knows can live off his salary comfortably for at least a year before any debt from business loans could be an issue. He knows that it could take a year to see any decent profit margins. 

Zavier spends the first few hours of the day going to the bank to secure a loan and then to see a realtor about rental properties in business zones.  He only goes over what he's looking for, but once he lets Dani know, they will both go together to look at and select a property to rent.  Later in the afternoon Zavier heads to the appointment that makes him nervous. 

Meanwhile at Henriched Interior Designs, Carly and Henna are going over some design plans. 

Carly:  So maybe we can carry the flow of the tile from the foyer into this dining space.  Maybe shades of coral from light to dark.  I think a flow of dark to light.  This space is so huge. 
Henna:  And what accents would you suggest?
Carly:  Well, I need to check the color wheel, but I think teal or turquoise would be beautiful.
Henna:  No need to check the color wheel.  You are spot on.

Carly:  Thank you.  I've been doing well in my design class and studying my butt off. 
Henna:  Well it shows.  It won't be long before you'll be designing some awesome spaces.  Hopefully I can keep you here a while longer before you open your own business and become my competition.
Carly:  I see what you go through running a business.  I want to design, but I don't want my own business.
Henna:  Never say never.  But I think you'll be good at designing.  You're already seeing the colors.
Carly:  Thank you.

Carly:  Well, your afternoon appointment should be here soon. I'll start cleaning up and go wrap up some things while we wait.
Henna:  Yes, you're right.  I am looking forward to this appointment.  I haven't seen him in a long time.  I'll type up these planning notes and drop them into the shared folder for the client's account.

Carly cleans up the design materials and heads out to her desk while Henna starts typing notes.  After a while, their expected client arrives.

Carly:  Welcome to Henriched Interior Designs, Mr. Nichols.  I'm Carly and Ms. Richards is waiting for you.
Zavier:  Hello.  Thank you and you can call me Zavier.  Mr. Nichols sounds so formal.
Carly: Yes, of course I will respectfully call you whatever you prefer.

Carly tells Henna on the intercom that Mr. Nichols has arrived (she uses his surname out of habit) and Henna tells them to come in.

Henna:  You look great, Zave! How have you been?  It's been so long.
Zavier: I know.  It's good to see you.  You're still as beautiful as the first day I first day saw you. 
Henna:  Aww.  Thank you.  How's Idania?
Zavier:  Dani's good.  Thanks.  She's the reason I'm here.  She wants to open a bridal shop and she'll need a designer.
Henna:  Where is she?  Why didn't she come too?
Zavier:  I'm surprising her by getting financing and everything set up for her to get started.  I've been running around all day.  Since a bridal shop has to be appealing, I figured I'd come to the best.
Henna:  Well, you have that right.  Have a seat let's talk. Carly's learning to design, so she's joining us.

Henna:  So tell us what you're looking for.
Zavier:  I don't have the design specifics, but I know ladies like elegant stuff.  Dani kind of rehabs used gowns, but every so often she makes a dress she designs.  She wants to start selling new stuff from designers, her own stuff and maybe still do some rehab if she needs to.  She wants a beautiful shop where people want to come. That's all I know.
Henna:  Do you have a location?
Zavier:  We have some options.  I have a realtor pulling properties together and after tomorrow, we'll be out looking.  But it won't be long before we have a place.
Henna:  Okay.  Then all you need right now is to secure a designer, right? 
Zavier:  Yes.

Henna:  Okay.  Well, we can always work on details later, when Idan...Dani, is available to meet. Now let's talk budget.  As you know, I only work with high end clientele.  Their budgets can go well into seven figures, which includes my design fee, construction and furnishings.
Zavier:  Well, I have a loan from the bank, part of which will pay the rent for whatever building we choose.  So I'm hoping we can get the rest for done for (sorry, but Henna doesn't like everyone to know the details of budgets, so we had to bleep out the amount).
Henna (pausing for a minute):  Zavier, I would love to help you, but that budget, while decent, would probably be more suitable for another designer.  I haven't designed for that budget since the first two years of my designing, and part of that was while I was finishing school.  I'm sorry, but I will have to decline.

Zavier has a look of disappointment on his face.

Carly:  Please excuse me.  Henna, can we step out and talk for a minute, please?
Henna (surprised):  Umm, sure.  Please excuse us, Zavier.  We'll be right back.
Carly:  Yes, I'm sorry to interrupt.  But we'll be right back.
Zavier:  Yes, I'll be fine.

Carly:  It hit me this could be the perfect chance to make things work for everyone.  If you'd let me, I could design the bridal salon.  You won't be shorting yourself since you wouldn't have to spend a lot of your time designing.  You can still take the job and charge a lower fee because I'm doing the work.  You'd supervise, of course, and I'd confer with you so the work will still be representative of your reputation.
Henna:  Well, I hadn't thought of that.  I'd need a weekly report, detailed notes of your plan and timeline, overview of all important design needs.  I will seem like a micro-manager since this would be your first design.
Carly:  That's okay.  I'll do my best and if I make mistakes, it will be a learning experience for me.  I'd rather know how I can do better than fail. 
Henna:  Zavier would be thrilled he doesn't have to find another designer and I'd feel like we're helping a friend.  Okay, then.  Let's do it.  You're going design this space.  I'll let you tell Zavier.

Carly and Henna go back into to let Zavier know what they have decided.  Carly is so excited to have the opportunity.


Carly came to me after taping and complained, rightfully so, that she does not have an upgraded body.  She presented her case that if she is going to have to do some design work, it will be easier to do with articulate wrists.  I can't argue with that.  So, Carly will be getting an upgraded body so she can excel at her job.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Not only did Carly do a good job of pleading her case to get to do the design work, she did a good job of pleading her case to you to get a good body. Good negotiator, Carly!

    1. Yes, Carly did have a point. Even if I didn't have an extra body sitting around, I would be forced to purchase one. I couldn't tell her I can't afford it because I'm sure she sees all of the other doll related purchases always appearing around here. I think at the very least I could afford the $14.00 for an MTM body. But I already have some bodies here.

  2. Ditto what Phyllis said...Carly is a go-getter! I love all things bridal, so I'm super excited about Dani's surprise and the bridal storefront to come.

    1. Thanks, Jewell. I love bridal stuff too. Making the bridal store is going to be fun.

  3. Dang, Henna is all business! I thought she and Zavier were good friends until she turned him down because his budget was too low. Heck, what am I saying? I charge my sisters to do stuff for them all the time, lol. Business is business, or I at least want a pie or something.

    What stylish sets! Oddly enough, I'm quite pleased with the binders in the bookcase. They are an appropriate and well made detail.

    1. You know how it is, Muff. Everybody always wants the friends and family discount. You can't pay your bills if you keep doing that. Henna has a reputation to uphold. Thank you. I need to do some updates.

  4. Love Love Love!! I can't wait for the surprise outcome and space! I know it'll be fabo.

    1. Thank you, Brenova. It's coming.

  5. Well I'm impressed you have a doll that sews! Great dioramas. I love all the various angles and I love that desk and all of the objects on it!!!! I too have had a lot of demands for updated bodies. The reasons are the related concerns from my dolls!!!!

    1. Thanks, April. Do these dolls think we are made of money with nothing better to do than spend on them?

  6. Love their offices. How sweet of Xavier. Let's hope Dani will be happy with the surprise. When my brother surprised his wife by redoing her bathroom, she wasn't all that pleased. He hired a contractor and used all the materials she had previously picked out. I'm hoping Dani handles surprises a lot better. Lol.

  7. Xavier is such a sweetheart to do this for his wife!! I am excited for her. Some people do no like surprises, but I am one who does. I look at it as the though that counts. Looking forward to seeing it. Carly will do a fantastic job especially with Henna being behind the scene.


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