Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ember's Dilemna

Ember has an evening meeting scheduled with her three models so they can all meet each other and so she can have a general update meeting.  She has also invited a special guest to speak with them.  She is getting dressed and dropping Erwyn off with Cyann.

Ember (to herself):  I don't want to be too dressed up, I told the girls to be casual, but I still want to look good.  I love this dress, but maybe it's too much.  The jeans are probably too casual.  Hmm...maybe this blue top?

The phone rings while Ember is still thinking about what to wear.

Ember:  Hey, Sy.  What's up? 
Syren:  Hi!  I'm about to go out with this new guy, but I wanted to ask you about your favorite place to go to the beach.
Ember: Umm...I really don't have an answer for you.  Can you just look something up?
Syren:  I guess. I really wanted an opinion from someone.  I don't know that many people who go to the beach.  Can you help me out.
Ember:  Well, I'm actually getting dressed for a meeting this evening, so I can't really talk.  I can call you tomorrow.  Okay?
Syren (sounding disappointed):  Sure.  That's fine.  Enjoy your meeting.  I guess I can come up with a different plan.  Thanks. Bye.
Ember (laughing):  Thanks for the support.  Goodbye.

Ember hangs up and continues to stress over the right outfit.  Erwyn comes into her room.

Erwyn:  Mommy, I'm ready to go!
Ember: Erwyn, that is not the shirt I laid out for you.  Where is the other shirt?
Erwyn:  I like this one.  Can I wear it?
Ember:  No, Erwyn.  Please put on the shirt I laid out for you and put that one back in the drawer. 
Erwyn:  But, Mom.  I like this one.  Please, please, please.
Ember (being stern):  I understand you like it, but it is not what I want you to wear.  Go put on the one I want you to wear and I don't want to have to repeat myself again.
Erwyn (disappointed and frowning):  Okay.

Erwyn heads back to her room to change her shirt.  Ember puts on the white skirt and then the phone rings.

Ember:  Hi, Cyann.  We'll be there soon.  I'm just driving myself crazy over what to wear.
Cyann:  Hi, Ember.  That's why I'm calling.  I'm so sorry.  Gray has a family emergency with his father.  We need to head to the hospital and they're two hours away.  We have to leave and we wont be back until tomorrow.  We have to spend the night.  I can't take care of Erwyn.  I'm so sorry.
Ember (shocked for a minute): Oh!  Okay.  I understand.  I hope his father will be okay.  Be safe.
Cyann:  I'm so sorry, Ember.  I wish this didn't happen.  I know you have plans.
Ember:  It's an emergency. Of course I understand.  Let me know how things go.  Thank you.  Bye.
Cyann:  Bye, Em.

Ember puts the phone down.  She is not sure what to do.  She could ask Henna, but Henna is always working.  Syren already has plans.  Ember thinks how nice it would be if her mother was still in town, but she's not so she can't settle on that thought.  While Ember's thinking, Erwyn comes back into Ember's room.

Erwyn:  I put the shirt on, Mommy.  It's not as pretty as the other one.
Ember:  It's fine, Erwyn.
Erwyn:  Do you need help picking something to wear?
Ember:  Sure.  Thank you for offering.

Ember thinks about taking Erwyn with her.  She's not sure what to do, but that's her only option.  She lets Erwyn sit on her bed while she goes back to choosing something to wear. 

Erwyn:  I like this yellow shirt, Mommy.  It's bright and pretty.
Ember (barely listening):  Yes, it's pretty.  Maybe you're right.  I just need to figure out what to wear it with.  I don't know why getting dressed is so hard right now. 
Erwyn:  Can I pick out your clothes since you pick out mine?
Ember (laughing):  Oh!  So you want to be in charge of my wardrobe, huh?  Well, if you put together a good combination, I may just wear it. 

The phone rings.  Ember looks at it.  It's Avery.  Ember and Avery don't really speak much, but since the first night they met, they had exchanged numbers, Ember has her number in her phone.

Ember:  Hello?
Avery:  Hi, Ember.  It's Avery.
Ember:  Yes, hi, Avery.  How are you?
Avery:  I'm good, thanks.  Hey, Cyann called me and told me that you need a sitter tonight.  You are most welcome to bring Erwyn here.  She can keep Aviana company and we'd take good care of her.
Ember (feeling tears come to her eyes):  Oh my goodness!  Yes!  Thank you so much for calling me and being willing to help me.  I truly appreciate it. 
Avery:  No problem.  Bring her by when you're ready.  You'll just need to let me know if she has any allergy.  I do want to give her back to you in the same healthy state in which you leave her.
Ember:  She doesn't have any allergies.  She can eat lots of things.  Thank you so much. 
Avery:  Okay. Well, I'll text you my address and we'll see you shortly.  Okay?
Ember:  Yes, thank you so much.

Ember is excited and so grateful Cyann went the extra mile and reached out to Avery for help.  She doesn't want to call her and disturb her, but she does send a text to thank her and knows she'll thank her again the next time they speak.  Ember gets dressed, gathers up her stuff and heads out with Erwyn.

A little while later at the Hamilton's.

Craig is playing with Aviana, lifting her up and blowing on her belly which tickles her and makes her laugh.  While Avery enjoys watching them play, she is also trying to watch television.

Avery:  I don't want to interrupt your fun, but I am trying to keep up with the story line, you two.
Craig:  But we have to play.  It's the way to a longer life.
Avery:  What?  What fortune cookie did you get that quote out of?
Craig:  It's a well known fact.
Aviana: It's a well know fak, Mommy.
Avery:  Okay.  Well, can you keep it down just a little, please?

Craig:  Oops!  We have to be quiet or Mommy will get us.  Shhh...
Aviana:  Shhhh...
Avery:  You two are cracking me up, but you still need to keep it down.

There's a knock at the door and Avery gets up to answer it. It's Ember dropping Erwyn off.  Avery greets them and brings them into the living room.

Craig:  Hi! 
Ember and Erwyn:  Hi.
Ember:  Hi, Aviana.  You look so cute! 
Aviana:  Thank you.
Ember:  I can't say enough how much I appreciate your having Erwyn over this evening.
Avery:  It's no problem.  We're glad to have her.
Craig:  It sure isn't.  She'll be fine.

Ember kisses Erwyn, tells her to be good and she'll be back later.  Avery and Craig know it could be hard for Erwyn to be alone with them when she's not around them, so they are going to make sure they do what they can to make her feel comfortable.  Craig goes close and gets down on the floor, a technique he has learned when dealing with children when he's working.

Craig:  Hey, beautiful lady.  We have a rule in this house that all the beautiful ladies must be spoiled by me.  So now that we have another lady for me to spoil, I guess I had better get to it.  Okay?
Erwyn (a little shy, but intrigued):  Okay.
Craig:  So, what do you say we all go out a little later for a snack?  Do you like ice cream or water ice?
Erwyn (smiling):  Yes, I like both.
Craig:  Okay then.  We definitely need to go get some.  Especially in this summer heat. 

Erwyn decides it could be okay to be with Craig and Avery, especially if a delicious snack is included. 

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  1. I like Craig and Avery's living room furniture and picture holders. Also, I have the same scrapbook paper that their floor is made of. :)

    1. Hi, Barb. Thank you. I like that flooring. It's nice and light.

  2. Craig was perfect in his handling of Erwyn. Love your dio sets!

  3. It's great to have people willing to help out. Craig seems awesome with children too. Btw, I loved Ember's undies and the outfit Erwyn picked out was cute! As usual, the rooms are fly!! Staying tuned.......

    1. Hi, Brenova. Poor Erwyn, trying to out her own shirt. I do need some more underwear for the ladies. I am trying to make them myself, but it may take a while to get it right. :-)

  4. Hello! A very nice story. I love the lingerie of Ember. Little girls are adorable and Craig looks lovely. Hugs!

    1. Thank you. Craig is pretty cool. I think Avery would not have settled for less.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes! Ember is fortunate Cyann gave it some thought, even though she had an emergency. It was kind of Avery and Craig to help her.

  6. Your sets looks great as always! I am happy that Cyann helped Ember. It sounds like it would have been okay for her to take Erwyn along though.

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. It really wouldn't have been good for Ember to take Erwyn because she's holding a meeting. It wouldn't be professional, but she would have if she had to since it's her company.

  7. Great story. Finding the right outfit is always a challenge. I think it's great that Avery volunteered to help. On the other hand, how well does she know Craig? I'm always a little cautious of men I don't know well, being overly friendly with little girls. I'm sure he's probably fine in the doll world.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. It was nice of Avery to help. I know this world is full of perverted people, but I also think true gentlemen should show girls how they should be treated by a man. The world has become so crazy that we tend to get a little concerned about things that should be okay. Craig is being friendly so Erwyn won't be afraid.


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