Sunday, July 10, 2016

Isis Starts Planning Her Wedding

At the Flavor Café, Marisol and Rowan are chatting about the new cupcakes Marisol has made.

Marisol:  I saw these little cute creature cupcakes in a magazine and I think the pastry will be a great sell in the morning.  Their larger than the other pastries, but I think priced right, people will buy them. 
Rowan:  Everything look delicious.  You could be right about the pastry selling well.  Those are the only ones you made?
Marisol:  Yes and they are staying in this container just for people to preview them.  I just wanted to show them to you before we add them to the menu.  I think the pastry can be a regular item, but the cupcakes take time, so they will have to be special order.  We can take photos for people to see.  We may need to create a book with photos of special order items for people to view since they won't be available daily.
Rowan:  Good idea.
Marisol:  I'm going to leave them on the table and just see how it goes. 

Marisol places the samples on the table, still in the container to keep them from being contaminated.  After several patrons have come and gone, Rowan is looking out the window as a gentleman walks into the door.  It's Rahim, Isis' brother, who has promised to meet her there.  Rahim is a chef and he and his sister are close, so she values his opinion.  Plus, her fiancé, Tyson, has a very busy schedule and while he will do as much as he can to participate in the wedding planning, he won't be present for a few things. Because he's a chef, Rahim can be picky about food and knows some ins and outs of catering which will help Isis. 

Rowan: Hello and welcome to the Flavor Café.  What can I get for you today?
Rahim:  Hi.  I'm waiting for someone. She should be here any minute.  Thank you.
Rowan:  Okay.  Well, feel free to look around and check out our menu and specials. We also have some sample items on the table you can look at, but they are only for viewing.  They're special order.
Rahim (nods):  Thank you.

Rahim looks around, checks out the specials posted and the sample items on the table.  Rowan goes about her business and she and Marisol start chatting.  Isis walks in and immediately sees her brother.

Isis:  Hey!  Thanks for meeting me here and being on time.  Did you order something?
Rahim:  I thought I'd wait for you.  I'll treat, even though I'm the one being drug here.
Isis:  I need your input, plus you're obligated.
Rahim:  So that's how it is?
Isis:  Yep.

Marisol and Rowan turn their attention to their customers.

Marisol:  Hi!  Welcome to the Flavor Café.  How can we help you today?
Isis:  I was here a while ago, during the holidays, and you said you can do catering for wedding receptions.  So we're here about setting up a date to taste test and see about your catering services.
Rahim:  Yes, we are here about tasting some food.  I'm looking forward to it.
Marisol:  Well, you've certainly come back to the right place.  I do think I remember you.  You had just gotten engaged, right?
Isis:  Yes, that's me.  I think I'm ready to set a date, but I need to get some ducks in a row and a caterer is one of those ducks.

They all laugh.  Marisol asks Isis and Rahim to have a seat while excuses herself to go get her book and a pencil.  Isis sits down, but Rahim is hungry.  He's considering what he'll have to eat.  Marisol returns and starts taking down information about Isis' wish list.

Rahim:  These all look good.  Can I get a special order sandwich with a side of something?
Rowan:  Yes, you can.  We do have potato salad, cole slaw, and macaroni salad.  All of those will pair nicely with a sandwich of your liking.  I can make you something delicious.
Rahim:  Okay.  Can you make a sandwich as beautiful as you?
Rowan (thinks the comment is odd):  Umm.  Well, yes, I can, I think. 

Rahim:  I'd like two ham and turkey sandwiches on the long roll, like that one there. (Points to a sandwich in the case.)  Can we have mayo, lettuce, tomato and cole slaw on the side of one?  Is there egg in your potato salad?
Rowan:  Yes, there is.  It's quite delicious.
Rahim:  Okay.  Well, Isis likes it that way, so she'll have potato salad for her side.
Rowan: It's nice you know what she likes. 
Rahim:  Well, I've been around her long enough to know what she does or doesn't like.

Rowan smiles at Rahim thinking he must be a good man and she can see what Isis must see in him.

Marisol: So I think we're set.  I'll work up some options for your tasting and e-mail them to you ahead of time.  You can always change things on your menu up to two weeks before the wedding.  I say two weeks because depending on what you order, we may need to special order items to make the items.
Rahim:  Yes, that makes sense.  Sometimes you do need things from a vendor who takes a while to send things over.
Isis:  Okay.  I should have a set menu more than two weeks before.  I won't want to worry about that at the last minute.  I should only have to worry about fitting into my dress and looking good when I come down the aisle during those two weeks.
Rahim:  You'll be beautiful no matter what.  Even if you wear a sack.
Marisol:  He's a sweetheart.
Isis: Yes, most days that's kind of why I love him.

They wrap up and Rowan returns with the order.  Rahim pays as he promised.

Rowan:  I hope you enjoy your meal. 
Rahim:  I think I will if you made the sandwich as I requested.
Rowan:  Yes, I didn't forget a thing.  The mayo, lettuce, tomato, cole slaw and potato salad.  I even threw in pickles, but wrapped separately and not making anything else watery.
Rahim:  That's great, but I was talking about them being a beautiful as you.  I guess we'll have to see.

Rowan blushes, she doesn't know what to say.  She thinks it's a little odd for this man to be flirting with her.  Isis can see the look on Rowan's face and thinks Rahim is embarrassing her.  So she speaks up.

Isis (to Rowan):  Thank you so much for the sandwiches.  They are always delicious.  (To Rahim) Hey, I'm hungry and we have several other wedding planning stops to make, like at the catering halls.  We'd better get going.  Besides, I thought you were hungry.
Rahim:  I am.  Okay.  Let's go.  (To Isis) Thank you.  We'll see you later.  (He winks at Rowan.)

Rahim and Isis leave so they can get more done.  Rowan decides to go clean up in the kitchen while Marisol stays out front.  On her way by, she stops to ask Marisol a question.

Rowan:  Maybe it's me, but did you think that was odd?  I mean, I could swear he was flirting with me and right in front of her.
Marisol:  Maybe he was, but some men are just friendly like that.  They like to make pretty women feel pretty, but they aren't cheaters.  It didn't seem to bother her at all so maybe it's just him.
Rowan:  Well, he's good looking.  Maybe even my type, but he's taken so his flirting isn't helping me.
Marisol:  A compliment from a man is a compliment.  Just take it and smile.

Well, it looks like Isis is getting the show on the road with her wedding planning.  We'll get to watch her as she moves forward.

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  1. I like that you kept Rowan in the dark that Rahim is Isis's brother and not her fiance! You can have some fun with that.....

    1. Hi, Chris. I thought it would be fun to watch Rowan wonder what is happening.

  2. I once agreed to go to a club with a good friend who was like a brother to me. You should have seen the confused looks of all the girls he flirted with in my presence- lol I never bothered explaining our relationship because their reactions were so dang funny. Nice story!

    1. That is funny. Plus you never know what people are into. They could have thought he was looking for a third. LOL! Thanks!

  3. Poor Rowan, but the situation with Rahim was funny.

    1. Rowan is so confused. Isis and Rahim don't even realize they confusion they are causing.

  4. Rahim is like a flirt monster, lol.

    I hate it when people flirt with me. It just gives me the creeps.

    1. Rahim is a good looking flirt monster. :-) I'm okay with someone flirting with me, as long as they stop when I make it clear I want it to stop. Take it as a compliment. Men only flirt when they see a reason to.

  5. Hahahaha! Poor Rowan.... She was mortified with this guy coming on to her in front of his soon-to-be! I love that angle and see a love connection between the two..

    1. Yes, Rowan seems taken back by Rahim. I think Marisol did well with not making it seem like a big deal.

  6. Cute story! Rowan is definitely attracted to Rahim. I hope she finds out soon that he is not "taken".

    1. Rahim is handsome. I'm sure Rowan noticed when he first walked in. But you know how that changes when you know someone is taken. Time to pull it back.

  7. That was to funny & a good story..... I was at a lost also. I had to read it over again. :)


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