Saturday, July 2, 2016

Journey Talent Agency Gets a New Client

Ember has a new client today, Leera Medina.  Leera is an 'up and coming' designer who has a vision for her brand name, LeeMa Designs, as she grows her business and clothing lines.  She is particular about the models she would like and she learned about Journey Talent Agency while she was visiting with her account executive at a catalog company. 

She contacted Ember via phone and asked several questions and now she is ready to move forward with considering her exclusively to supply models as she needs them.  Ember has welcomed her in and brought her into the office where she is discussing her models.

Ember: These are the first two models to have joined Journey Talent Agency. I need to put up another photo of my most recent addition, Seiko.  As we discussed, I am adding more, including males, but I have to be particular.   I want quality as I increase quantity.
Leera: Yes, that's good.  I don't have a line for males, but maybe one day. 
Ember:  Just to confirm, are you okay with the fact that I have three models to offer at this time?
Leera:  Yes.  My line is not huge.  Any runway shows I have won't have that many outfit changes, but when I have them, the fashions that walk out first and come off can be brought out on a mannequin.  I don't think I'm conventional, which is how I want to represent myself.

Ember:  I am certain we can give you whatever service it is you need.  I would be happy to develop a strong relationship with you using my models.
Leera:  Yes.  I also like that you are growing just as I am.  I'm a small business who doesn't want to get lost in a sea of larger businesses.  That personal touch is important to me.
Ember:  Wonderful!

Ember: I do want my models to feel like they are part of something special and that feeling of being appreciated will reflect in their work.  This ladies won't disappoint you and neither will Journey Talent Agency as a whole. 
Leera:  That sounds good.
Ember:  Let's have a seat and we can go over some details.

They sit down to continue their conversation.

Ember:  Do you have anything coming up soon for which you'll need models?
Leera:  Yes, we're a little late getting items out for summer, but I have the unique opportunity to still market in the southern states, especially Florida.  I won't need models in Florida, but I do need a shoot for the marketing materials to get my line in stores.
Ember:  Up north, we sometimes forget that just because the warm weather is over for us, it's not over everywhere.  Do you have a date in mind?
Leera:  I have a window in July.  My photographer, Dallas, is moving somethings around to narrow down a date.  I'm expecting to hear from him tomorrow with a locked down date. I can call you with it.

Ember:  Okay.  I can make it work.  Depending on the date (looks at the calendar in her Ipad), I may need to ask for a specific time slot, but I'll let you know when you call, if that's okay?
Leera:  That's  absolutely fine.  In the future, we'll work harder to have dates outlined more in advance.  I won't like, I'm still feeling my way through this and I'm learning a lot, but I'm loving it.  Having my own business is living the dream.
Ember:  I completely understand.  There's a lot of work and a lot to learn, but it's worth every minute.  And you appreciate learning from mistakes.  I'm not saying you're making them, I mean for myself.
Leera:  Oh, but you're right.  I am learning from my mistakes.  I think that is what I will appreciate most about this partnership.  You'll probably be more patient with me because you are living what I'm living right now.
Ember (laughing):  I certainly am.

Ember and Leera continue to talk and go over contract stuff, like rates, payment, expectations on both sides.  It looks like two young business are going to grow together.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I really like the outfit that Ember is wearing. Did you make it? Leera seems to have a unique style. Hope we will get to see her summer line!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. I didn't make Ember's outfit, but I did make Leera's. She's hard at work getting the summer line together. :-)

  2. This is an exciting development for Ember to get an exclusive contract with a designer. This should be a good arrangement for both of them. Looking forward to seeing Ember's girls modeling Leera's line.

    1. I agree, Jewell. It should work out for both of them.

  3. Yeah, what Phyllis said. I have never seen either one of their outfits before. Did you make them?! If so, awesome!

    1. Thanks, Muff. I bought Ember's dress, but I did make Leera's outfit. I figure because she's a designer, most of what she wears should be something she has made for herself. Plus I had some issues with constantly buying fabric, so I have to use it up.


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