Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Re-Ment in the House

I have finally figured out how to stay in tune with getting my hands on new Re-ment stuff.  I still see a lot of older items I'd like to buy and will, but watching for new things I can get at their regular cost and not the 'blown out of proportion because it's hard to get now you must pay a high price' cost. 

So today my box arrived, while I may need to figure out what do to with a few items, there are several items in this set I really like.  I have no idea what the name of the set it, but I like it.  I thought about just taking photos and posting them, but then a couple of the ladies who don't get camera time around here (and rightfully so, you'll see why) begged to model and show the new items.  Being the nice person I am, I am giving them a chance.

Let me show you my models for these new items and I'll let them introduce themselves.  You may recognize them (and think to yourself, 'What were you thinking?'), so please remember it's about the product, not them. 

Umm...where the heck are they?  They should have been here by now.

Me:  Ladies, would you mind?  I need to get started.  Get over here or I'll just start shooting without you.
Them:  We're coming!

Tasha:  Hi, I'm Tasha and I'll be your host for this shoot.
Lisa:  Hi, I'm Lisa and I will be CO-HOSTING with Tasha today.  We're so pleased you can join us.
Me:  Tasha why are you dressed like you're about to walk the red carpet?
Tasha:  Because I have to put my best foot forward to get more work.  Plus a little sexiness sells.
Lisa:  Yes, I went a little sexy too.  See how I'm wearing these thin straps to let a little shoulder show?
Me:  Uhuh. Well, we're not selling anything, we're just showing some things.  So let's get started.

Tasha:  Before we get started, I want to apologize for this set.  It's a little short because it was just thrown together. But check out these cute Asian fans.  Re-ment is from an Asian company, so the décor is apropos, right?  (whispering to me) I did say that word right, didn't I?
Me:  Yes, Tasha, you did.  Now can you please have a seat so we can get started?
Tasha:  Sure.  Of course.
Me:  Now here's how we'll do this.  We'll lay out the items and you ladies can describe the items. Please take turns speaking.
Them:  Alright.

Tasha:  First we have these food items.  I don't know what they are, but these cute stuck together chopsticks that come in this cute box look really fly.  I'm sure it's delicious, but we don't have time to taste it right now.
Lisa: Don't forget about this delicious and oh so healthy milk.  I know it's milk because there's a picture of a cow on the bottle.
Me:  Thank you, Ladies. On to the next group.

Tasha:  Here's this covered dust pan, like the janitor used to have in school.  It holds a lot of trash when you sweep, but you have to bend pretty far down to use it. There's also a rag over there. and this metal bucket.
Lisa:  Yes, cleanliness is a wonderful thing.  This little broom is just so adorable.  It works for cobwebs and other things you need to use a small broom for. 
Me:  Yes, I guess it does.  Next group, please.

Tasha:  So here's this flower that's supposed to go in that dirt in that square pot. 
Me:  Tasha, why are you holding the flower?
Tasha:  So you'll have to get a good shot of me holding it.  Plus, I can't figure out how to put it on top of that darn pot. 
Me:  Oh!
Lisa:  Why doesn't it look like my face is in this shot?
Tasha:  Can you just describe that thing in front of you?
Lisa:  Well, it's well known to everyone as a garden hose on a hose holder.  Isn't it just the cutest?
Me:  Yes, it's nice.  Next group, please.

Lisa:  See this cute bag in my lap and the scissors in my hand that really open and close?  Also, there's this other item for sewing that opens an closes and comes with this kind of clear cap.  The scissors go into a holder for safety.
Tasha: Yes, and this case right here holds the scissors and that thing in your hand, along with the needles and thread in this box.  That cat on the box top is alright too.
Me:  Yep.  Next.
Tasha:  Wait, I think I was cut out of the shot.  Can you see my face?
Me:  I can see the product nicely.  Next.

Tasha:  See these watercolor paints?  Six colors and this paint brush too. If I was an artist, I'd be workin' these.
Lisa:  Well, any teacher would certainly enjoy this lovely board with an easy to hold eraser.  Also, if you look a the bottom of the board, you can see the two drawers that open and close.  They hold the white and pink chalk that come with this set.
Me:  Very nice.  Next group, please.

Lisa:  Yes.  Here we have some crayons, I think.  They don't have labels, but they are for art work.  They have their own box or you can put them in that easy to carry tray to the far right in this shot.  Or you can put them with other things in this box with the yellow lid and adorable elephant on it.
Tasha:  Umm...did you really just get out of your chair and stand up just to hog this shot?
Lisa:  I'm not hogging, I'm just trying to give another view as a model.
Me:  Ladies, it's about the product.  Let's move on.

Tasha:  So now you can see this shelf unit that has four areas and can hold things.  There's this abacus next to this bag that doesn't fully open, but you can squeeze the abacus into it.  Plus there's this bottle of glue.  Most importantly, there are these rulers that are easily held.  They look like they can double as weapons.  No one will mess with the teacher holding these bad boys.
Me:  Interesting take on items meant for learning.  Where's Lisa?
Tasha:  I don't know.  She seemed to be inching away when I was describing these rulers and trying to show her a few offensive moves with them. I was showing her some really good stuff, but she's a little jumpy.
Me:  They are not weapons, Tasha.  Lisa, please get back over here so we can move on!  Thank you.

Lisa:  Ooo!, a jump rope brings back memories of being a child and playing outside.  Can I hold an end of it?  Maybe we can show how to turn it properly.
Tasha:  No, that's okay.  I got it.  This type of rope also used to serve a purpose for my mother when I used to get a little out of hand.  Boy am I glad those days are over.
Me:  Thanks for reminiscing.  Now let's bring out the coup de grace.  The reason I first looked at this set in the first place?
Lisa:  It's the most adorable thing!  Just wait until you see it!
Me: Well, they won't have to wait long if we go ahead and get it.

Tasha:  Look at all those fish swimming around. 
Lisa:  Aren't they just adorbs?  I wish I could take them home.  Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
Tasha:  AND there is some food and a net. Don't forget about these plant in a jar thing going on over here.
Me:  It could make a nice addition to a desk in an office.
Tasha:  It could make a nice addition to a salad too.
Me:  Maybe, but that's not what I'm planning to do with it.  Let's get a close up of everything.

Me:  I love this fish tank.  I already know where it will go, but it will take me a little while to get it there. 
Tasha:  So are we going to take another shot of us waving or bowing or something to say good bye. I'm not sure you got all my good sides in the other photos. 
Lisa: Another shot waving would be nice.  Really cute.
Me:  Thank you so much for your help, Ladies, but I think we've taken enough shots for the evening.  We got the product done.  Please have a good evening and your checks will be in the mail.  Thanks again.
Them: You're welcome.  Good night.

Thank you for your patience and putting up with today's 'models.' ~ Jaye


  1. My younger daughter has a headband with cat ears that looks almost exactly the one Tasha is wearing. How cute!

    You got some great sets. My favorite is the plant set; morning glories are some of my favorite flowers.

    1. Thank you, Barb. I have no idea what to do with that plant and I really haven't figured out how it's supposed to sit on the pot, but I know I will be resorting to glue.

  2. LOL, your models are not going to appreciate seeing how many photos don't have their face in them. You got so much great stuff. The little fishies look real.

    1. Muff, these two are lucky they even got the chance to model, even if it is mostly their hands. I love the fish tank.

  3. Those are such awesome miniatures - I love all the details in the aquarium, but I think my favourite is that little abacus. Fun stuff!

    1. Thanks, jSarie. I think sometimes Re-ment puts the most random stuff in a set. I guess I get the abacus has something to do with school, but these were just put out this year. I would have thought a calculator would have been better. I guess it can just be décor.

  4. Congrats on getting new Rement. There are some really cute items in the sets. I may have to jump over to ebay and take a look. Although I was just telling myself this morning that I need to start using the rement items already here. Can't hurt to look, right? Tell your ladies they did a great job.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. While there are items on Ebay, I bought these on AmiAmi, along with pre-ordering some other things. I think I have so many things I've been accumulating, I forget what I have. I really need to get better organized.

  5. Very nice Rements items! The presentation was great! Lol at the models.

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. Tasha and Lisa are something else, but they tried. :-)

  6. Great buys! That aquarium is now on my must-have list. The models were hilarious. I'm glad they got a little camera time.

    1. Thank you, Jewell. Tasha and Lisa keep trying, I have to give them credit for that. That's about all for which I can give them credit. :-)


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