Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dressed for Reese & Daryl's Wedding - 8/30/16

All of the residents here are sending out a huge congratulations to Reese and Daryl on their nuptials.  We also wish them a long and happy marriage!  A few residents were able to accept the invitation to attend the wedding today.  They are so excited! 

They are dressed, ready and heading out to the wedding.  They took the lovely spiral stairs down to the hotel's lobby and, at our request, stopped to pose for a few photos before heading over to the ceremony.

Here's Bailey Banks.  You haven't met her yet, but you will.

What Bailey loves most about this dress is that the lacey skirt around the bottom comes off easily, which means she can remove it to dance later.

I think an idea has hit her.  She's looking at something.

Okay, so she went a little over the top here, but she's having fun with it. 

Yes, she thought she'd throw in one more shot.  Thank you so much, Bailey.  You look great.

Let's move on to the Matthews.  It seems Cyann and Ember were able to pick a dress and it is lovely.

Aww!  Isn't that sweet.  Grayson is offering to help his wife down the stairs.

Grayson selected a suit that goes well with Cyann's selection.  Apparently he thinks the sunglasses really set it off.

Cyann: Gray, Honey?
Grayson:  Yes?
Cyann:  You look handsome and I like the sunglasses, but can you take them off for a few shots, please?  
Grayson:  Sure, Babe.

Much better.

Cyann:  Gray, Honey?
Grayson:  Yes, Babe?
Cyann: Remember the day we got married?

Grayson: Of course.  How could I forget?
Cyann:  Do you think Reese and Daryl are feeling like we felt?  All bubbly and excited? 
Grayson:  I'm sure they are.  Daryl's like me.  A lucky man.
Cyann:  You're so sweet.  Okay.  Let's get one more shot in so we can head over.

Like Cyann said, here's one more shot just to be sure we got those outfits in...and we're done!  Now go enjoy the wedding, Guys. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/14928469@N07/).

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the wedding too.  Congratulations, Reese & Daryl!

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quinn's Moving Forward

Quinn has been seeing Dr. Yulie McNeil for a few months now, since her break up with Tyquan.  At first it was three times per week, now it's two times per week since she is improving.  She's at an appointment with Dr. McNeil discussing her current status.

Yulie:  During our last appointment, you said you were getting your own apartment.  Have you moved into your own place yet?
Quinn:  Yes, I have.  It was a little hard for me the first week. I haven't been alone since having been...well in a relationship lately and then with my parents.  But I'm actually enjoying decorating it without being concerned with someone else's tastes.  Tylyn likes that she has a new room.  Now she has two, one with me and one with her father.  I'm just glad she's happy.
Yulie:  Good for you both.  I noticed you avoided saying the name of your daughter's father.  Although we don't talk about him much anymore, is there a reason for that now?

Quinn:  No, not at all.  I mean, for quite a while it made me terribly sad. It was painful, you know how bad I was when I first started seeing you.  But saying Tyquan's name is not a problem any longer.  My heart is healing and I don't feel that pain. 
Yulie:  That's good to hear.  I know we've been discussing this bit by bit for weeks, but please talk about why you feel you've been able to move forward.  How have you been able to cope?
Quinn:  I think it's lots of things, honestly.

Quinn:  Meeting with you has been very helpful. My parents have been supportive.  Tylyn has mentioned how happy I am.  She says I'm her old mommy again.  That means a lot to me. (pauses)
Yulie: Good for you.  It's amazing how encouraging children can be for their parents. 
Quinn: Yes, I love her so much.  I remind myself she is the best thing to have come out of being with Tyquan, but the only good thing from our relationship worth holding on to as I move forward.  
Yulie:  Yes, it's important to remember that relationships end, but that doesn't mean everything about them was horrible.  Sometimes you just need to let it go when it doesn't work for you.

Quinn:  I have to say that you've taught me to stop turning my head when I'm being hurt and allow it to go on.  I mean, I've always been angry about the things he's done, but I guess I never had the strength before to stand up for what I deserve. I can do that now. 
Yulie:  How do you know that for sure?
Quinn:  Because now it doesn't bother me to see Tyquan and even speak with him when he picks up Tylyn.  I'm not falling apart and I'm certainly not wishing to be with him any longer.  I'm actually looking forward to being with someone who will be good to me.
Yulie:  How does he react to your indifference? 
Quinn:  He hints that he misses me, but I refuse to respond. Maybe one day he'll stop throwing hints, but I don't even care. I'm going to do better for myself.

Yulie:  And your child.  They can suffer watching their parents in dysfunctional relationships.  You're doing the right thing by learning how to demand better for yourself and Tylyn.

Quinn smiles, feeling like she just got a great compliment.

Quinn:  Yes, my baby and I are going to be fine.  When do you think I can date again?  Will that be a good idea? 
Yulie:  You can date whenever you feel ready.  During our next meeting, lets talk about how to ensure you find out what you want to know from any prospective dating partners and identifying when things are working according to your expectations and needs.  I also think that once you start, it would be a good idea for you to still meet with me just to be sure you're using the tools with which I have provided you.

Quinn:  Okay.  I think that will happen anyway since I'm still here twice a week.
Yulie:  Actually, I am recommending that based on your progress, we cut down to once a week and eventually, maybe once every other week.  As you progress, you will need to see me less and less.
Quinn:  Oh! Okay.
Yulie:  You'll have more time to spend with your daughter and for any other fun things you'd like to do with friends, family, and maybe new friends of the male persuasion.
Quinn (laughing):  Yes, that sounds good. 
Yulie:  Alright.  Our session is over. It was a good session and I think you're doing very well.  Congratulations on your hard work.  Let's just stay the course. I'll let my assistant know to change your frequency of visits. 

They both stand up.

Quinn:  Thank you so much for your help, Dr. McNeil.  Months ago I would have seen myself still being hurt.  But now, I feel like a weight has been lifted. 
Yulie:  I'm glad to hear that.  That's why I do what I do.  I'm happy to help.

It looks like Quinn is doing better and her relationship with Tyquan has truly come to an end. Let's hope she stays the course for her and Tylyn's sake.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Look at the LORI Gourmet Market (Musings of a Blogger)

Since I mostly post stories, I decided that when I post random things, like showing something I bought, found or made, I would add that it's my musings.  I'll see if I decide to update that theme.  Anyway, today I am posting about the LORI Gourmet Market set I bought from Target, made for 6 inch dolls.  I really don't need any more food, but just like I don't need any more dolls and continue to buy them, it's the same with other doll items.  

Someone showed another set (I think the kitchen one) on one of my FB doll groups.  Addict that I am, I ran out to look.  I found only this one in the store, but I order the other sets on the Target website if I'd like.  I don't know that I really want to pay shipping, so we'll see how that goes.

So, let's get into looking at the set I bought. 

As you can see, the packaging makes it pretty clear what's inside.  The back (which I didn't bother to take a photo of) lists what each item is. 

What's really important is to know how they look in scale.  So I invited some people to try out some food for scale taste.  You may recognize at least one of them. 

Song and Suhan tried out the fondue and the lemonade.  Both seem pretty good for size.  I hear the food is pretty tasty too.

Here are Wen and Daiyu.  You may notice that Wen and Daiyu have tattoos which match Song's.  That's because they are all sisters and have matching tattoos in honor of their father.  But we'll save the details of that for another time.  Wen is oldest and Daiyu is in the middle with Song being the youngest. 

The sushi seems a little small, but not bad.  Those rolls are a pretty good size and the chopsticks (which do not come apart) aren't bad either, I think.
Next up are some berries, a small (personal) pan of lasagna, a loaf of bread (slice it up and dip in olive oil, yum) and a small (personal) pizza.  The back of the package says a slice of pizza is included, and their is a slice that looks cut, but it doesn't come out of the pan.

Yes, that is a new pair of arms and hands you see to your left.  Well....

A couple of guys, who aren't even named yet, heard there were some single females sampling some food tonight.  They thought they drop by for two reasons - food and ladies.  They are hoping to get paired up.  Well, I hope it works out for them. 

Anyway, there are three bags of food, which remind me of the same bags of instant rice and pasta you can get in the store.  There is this steam pan, but the broccoli is glued to it.  Not a lot of room for play with that.  You can't change it up.  Then there are these string beans.  Just string beans stuck together without a plate specifically for them and since they can't go in the steamer (still trying to figure that one out), I guess I will need to find them a dish. 

Last, but not least, dessert.  Three chocolate covered ice cream bars, the perfect size.  See the hand of the other guy.  That's about all that got into the shot of him.  Hey, it was about the food, not guys eating and flirting. 

As you can see, Suhan also enjoyed an ice cream bar and there are 4 personal size ice cream containers in four different flavors.  You may have also noticed on the table that the guys have these small containers of dessert, also relevantly sized since many restaurants offer small portions and even shots of a dessert. 

Yes, you (oddly enough) also see a measuring cup.  Umm... Yeah, I don't know why that item was included.  These are all prepared foods, not a 'making a meal set.'  I'm thinking they could have added the string bean plate instead of this particular item.  Someone on the design team needs a good talking too.  Let's make sense, People!

Overall, it's a pretty nice set and it was around $15. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my musings. ~ Jaye

Monday, August 22, 2016

Carly Leads Her First Design Meeting

We last saw Parker at the Flavor Café, where he was grabbing something to eat before heading over to Henriched Interior Designs.  Parker, Henna and Carly have a meeting with Dani Nichols to start designing her bridal salon.

When they arrive, Dani happily greets them.  She gives Henna a hug.

Dani:  It's been a long time.  It's so good to see you again.
Henna: It's good to see you too.  Zavier had quite the surprise for you, huh?
Dani: He sure did.  That's why I love him.

After hugging, Henna steps back to introduce Carly and Parker.

Henna:  This is Carly Brooks.  She will be helping you design your salon. 
Carly:  Hello, I'm pleased to meet you.
Dani: It's very nice to meet you as well, Ms. Brooks. I'm so excited you will be helping me.
Carly:  Please call me Carly. I'm happy to be working with you. Full disclosure, this will be my first design job.  I hope you don't mind.  But I will make sure it's lovely.
Dani:  Congratulations!  It's my first salon and first time working with a designer.  I hope you don't mind.  Besides, we all have to start somewhere.  I had to convince my first bride I could make her look like she always dreamed walking down the aisle.  I got a chance to show my skills and now you have yours.
Carly: Thank you so much.

Henna: This is Parker.  He is my main and best contractor.  His work is excellent.  Normally I would have put another contractor on this scale of work, but for my friends, you get some special treatment.
Dani:  I'm pleased to meet you, Parker, special contractor.
Parker (smiling): It's very nice to meet you.  I'll be sure to do a good job for your dream business. 
Dani:  I am thankful for that.
Carly:  So let's get started.  I'll grab my Ipad and we can talk about your vision.

Carly sets her handbag down and pulls out her Ipad.  Henna's phone rings and she pulls it out to see who is calling.

Carly: What style are looking for and what color scheme are you considering?
Dani:  I'd like something modern, calming, elegant and welcoming.  I'm thinking light colors, almost neutral.  I'm hoping the gowns will stand out.
Carly:  Let's look around the room and discuss possible layouts.
Henna:  I'm so sorry to interrupt, but I need to take this call.  I'm just going to step outside.  You don't need my help anyway.  Carly has everything covered.
Dani:  Okay.  No problem.

Dani: I need fitting rooms.  I plan to try to have brides try on gowns by appointment, so I won't need more than three fitting rooms.  We may need to cut into the storage room and extend some walls.  I'm hoping to maximize space. 
Carly:  Will you have an area out here for family members or friends view the bride as she tries on each gown?
Dani: Definitely.  I also need space for displaying shoes, jewelry, veils, and different accessories.  I want to have bridesmaid dresses, maybe prom gowns during that season, but because they need to be special ordered in sizes and space here is a little limited, I want to make use of the store room and rotate some display items in and out. 
Carly:  I think we can be creative.  Is there anything major you'd like to change?  I know you want to extend if possible.  Would you like to add a half wall or divider?
Dani: I think we can keep it pretty open. I do have something major that needs to change.

She walks over toward the door.

Dani:  I need a new door. One that lets in more light and people can see through it.
Parker:  That's an easy fix.  We just swap this one out with your choice.
Dani: Good.  I also need a big picture window so I can display a teaser gown by the window.  I want people to be able to see in here and want to come in.  I need it as big as possible so prospective brides can see the happy people already perusing the store and want to be included.
Parker:  We can do that too.  I'll just need to check the structure and support, but we can make it work for you. 
Dani: Thank you.  (walking toward the other wall) I think this is going to be very nice.  We have a lot to do, but it's going to be worth it.

Henna walks back in.  She has finished her phone call.

Henna:  I apologize again.  How are things going? 
Dani:  Things are going well.  I can hardly wait to see it finished. 
Carly:  I have an idea of where to start.  I just need to take some measurements to mock up the space. 
Parker: I can help you with that, if you'd like.
Carly:  Yes, I'd appreciate that.

Carly and Parker take measurements while Henna and Dani chat.  Carly can hardly wait to get started with her ideas so she can present them to Dani.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Choosing a Dress for the R & D Wedding

At the Flavor Café, Parker has stopped by to pick up something to eat before he heads over to meet Carly and Henna at Henriched Designs.  From there they are going to their first meeting with Dani for her bridal salon.  Although Henna used to meet with the client first and then let the contractor know what needs to be done, Parker convinced her it's easier to have the contractor with her.  That way the contractor, such as himself) can immediately let the client know what structural changes can or cannot be made and suggest things that are a better fit.  It's been working out well.

Parker is waiting as Marisol helps a customer.

Marisol: Would you like a mixture of pastries?
Customer:  Mmmm...I think I'll have a two of those chocolate cupcakes, but I like that peach pastry too, so I'll one of those and two lemon...

Parker looks at the drinks and picks one while he waits to order.  The door opens and in walks Ember and Erwyn.  Erwyn immediately goes to the case with the sweets so she can start looking and dreaming about what to have.  Ember looks over and recognizes Parker who is thinking.

Ember (smiling):  Hi, Parker.  How are you?
Parker (smiling back): Hi, Ember.  I'm doing well.  How are you?  And Erwyn?
Ember:  We're good.  Just grabbing a snack and then on our way to Cyann's. 
Parker:  This is the right place to grab a snack. Lots of choices.

Marisol finishes with the customer who then leaves.  It's Parker's turn and Marisol greets him to get his order.

Parker:  I would like the turkey sandwich, light mayo, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and some of the 'secret' pesto on a Kaiser roll, please. 
Marisol:  Okay.  I'll get that whipped right up. (to Ember) I'll be right with you, Miss.  This won't take long.
Ember:  Sure, take your time.  The little one has to figure out what she wants.  Thank you.
Erwyn:  Mommy, I want this cupcake.  The one with orange frosting.
Ember (laughing):  Okay, I guess that didn't take long.  Let's wait our turn.
Parker:  That sounds delicious.  Have you had that one before?
Erwyn (giggling):  No, but it looks good.

Marisol leaves to get the sandwich for Parker. 

Ember:  So, business is still good? 
Parker:  Yes, it's great.  I have a meeting to go to shortly.  I'm heading to the office and then to meet the client with Carly and Henna.  It's another job and things are flowing.  Although this one is different from the others.  Carly is designing.
Ember:  Really?  I wonder how she talked Henna into that.  Well, I'm sure Henna will make sure she does a good job.
Parker (laughing):  I'm sure she will.

 Erwyn (to herself):  Maybe I should get the pink one or the yellow one instead.  Oh, look at that one.  That one look delicious. I should get two.  Maybe the orange and the chocolate.  Hmmm....

Parker:  Please excuse me for changing the subject. I don't know much about woman's fashions but you look very nice in that, is it shorts or a jumpsuit?
Ember:  I think you can refer to it as short jumper or a romper.  And thank you for the compliment.
Parker:  You're welcome.  I guess you probably know a lot about fashion because of your modeling business.
Ember (laughing):  Well, some days.  To hear my aunt tell it, I wasn't dressing very well for a while.  But I think she'd approve of this outfit too.  She's all about looking sexy.
Parker (smiling):  Is that your Aunt Tandra?  I've only met her once, but based on what little interaction I had with her, I can see her saying that. If I may add, your hair looks nice too.  It's usually up when I've seen it.  Did you style it yourself?
Ember (laughing):  Well, I must be looking pretty good today.  Thank you!  Henna's hairdresser, Janeer, twisted it up for me. You're right, it's usually up. Less stress. I decided to finally let it down, but I still need to have it controlled and easy to style. I don't have time for excessive styling every day.

The conversation is interrupted when Marisol returns with Parker's sandwich. Parker excuses himself and pays for it and the drink and heads to the door.

Parker:  It was nice seeing you, Ember.  I'm sure I'll see you again.
Ember: Yep.  I'm sure you will. You work with my sister and I know your sister.  I'll see you later.  Have a good day.
Parker:  You too. And please tell Cyann I said hello.  Craig and I have been there to watch football a few times.  I guess we do run in the same circles.
Ember (laughing):  Oh my, then you are doomed to see me again.
Parker (laughing): Well, I don't know about doomed, but I'd better get moving.  Goodbye.
Ember (waving):  Bye.
Parker: Goodbye, Erwyn.  I hope you enjoy your cupcake.
Erwyn:  Thank you.  Goodbye.

Marisol: What can I get for you?
Ember:  We are grabbing snacks.  Erwyn, you can go first. Please tell the lady what you'd like.

Erwyn picks cupcakes and Ember orders some items to take to Cyann's, hoping Brenna will like the selections.  She knows Cyann will like what she's ordering.

Ember heads to Cyann's and when she gets there, Brenna and Erwyn have their snacks and their instructions to clean up after themselves.  Ember, Cyann and Brooklyn head to Cyann's (and Grayson's) bedroom with snacks in hand.

Ember:  Do you want me to hold her?
Cyann:  No, not right now. I think she's been getting too spoiled. Plus, Little Miss Squirmy can get around in her walker.  That should keep her busy for a while.  Then you can enjoy your coffee and croissant in peace.
Ember:  I know how to multi-task.  Besides, I love playing with her. 
Cyann:  Well, you can always have another one to play with all the time.
Ember (laughing): How?  Through immaculate conception? I do want another one, but not until I'm ready.  I have time.

Cyann starts putting Brooklyn in the walker.

Cyann:  Girl, maybe you should find a plumber with the right tools for now.
Ember:  Huh? What?
Cyann (lauging):  You need those pipes cleaned.
Ember (getting what Cyann is saying): Very funny.  I'm not that backed up...I think.  Anyway, tell me again why I'm here to help you pick an outfit.
Cyann:  Gray and I are going to California to a wedding.  Some long distance friends are getting married. 
Ember:  Really?  Not that I'd know them, but who?
Cyann:  Reese Velez and Daryl Dixon.  They are such a cute couple.  Daryl is pretty hot too. I have a crush on him, but Reese snagged him.
Ember: Not to mention you're married. Does Gray know?
Cyann:  Minor detail. And, yes, Gray knows.  He couldn't care less. 

Cyann heads to the closet and pulls out three dresses to show Cyann.

Ember:  That's just because he knows you LOVE him way more than any crush.  Exactly when is the wedding?
Cyann:  August 30 and I'm so excited!  We haven't been alone for days at a time without the kids in a long time.  Gray told me not to forget the lingerie and I feel like hollering. 
Ember (lauging):  Please keep the noise to the West Coast. 
Cyann:  I plan to start an earthquake.  No one will even care.  They're used to them over there anyway.
Ember: Uhuh.  If you say so.

Cyann:  What do you think of this one?
Ember (frowning and shaking her head):  So I like pink, but those ruffles are just not doing it for me.  Plus, it's long.  I think something shorter would be cute. 
Cyann:  I guess so.
Ember:  Who is watching the girls for you?

Cyann heads back to the closet to hang the pink dress up.  While there, she pulls another dress out. Brooklyn has headed over to Ember where she throws her rattle and starts to whine. She wants Ember to pick her up.

Cyann: We have a sitter we use.  She's great!  She stays here with the girls.  We don't have a guest room, but she brings a sleeping bag and she and Brenna sometimes camp out in the living room, like they're having a sleep over.  Brenna loves it. 
Ember:  Really?  It sounds like fun. 
Cyann:  It is.  She's young, her fiancé is in the military and stationed out of the county for at least the next year. She's been our sitter for a while. Before Brooklyn even arrived. She lives with her parents, who are pretty well off.  Which means she lives for free, doesn't have to work, so she babysits for enjoyment. We pay her, of course, but she swears the experience will help her be a good mother in the future.  I think she's very attentive.  She's all about safety too.  Brenna tells me all sorts of safety things she learns from her.
Ember:  That's nice.  I like that.
Cyann:  What do you think of this dress I just pulled out?
Ember:  I say we keep it in consideration.  It's cute.  What are the other options?

Cyann picks up another dress, holds it in front of her and starts thinking about shoes to go with it.

Cyann:  This one is cute, right?
Ember: Yes, keep that as an option. too.  Can you tell me more about your sitter, please?  I think I need someone to care for Brenna on a more full-time basis.  She loves coming here, but I think I should hire someone.
Cyann:  Oh!  That's right.  I didn't even think about her the last time I couldn't sit for you. Well, maybe she crossed my mind, but I just thought Avery was an option because you've met her.  I didn't think you'd turn Erwyn over to someone you didn't know, no matter how much I recommended her.
Ember:  Yes, I wouldn't have.  But I have to start looking and I do prefer someone who is known by someone I trust.  Plus, with my schedule changing and getting busier, I may need some overnight sitting too.  But definitely at my house and without any visitors.
Cyann:  Of course.  There are no visitors over here either.  I'll see about setting up a meet and greet. 
Ember:  Thank you.  I appreciate it.  I'd also like to ask Brenna what she likes about her, if you don't mind.
Cyann:  Of course I don't mind.  You can do that AFTER we pick my dress.

Ember:  It looks like Brooklyn would like some of my croissant.
Cyann:  She wants to eat everything.  I don't mind if she has some.  Now, are we going to decide which dress is best.  I mean, I could pack all three, but then I'd be back to the same dilemma when I get to California.  What do you think?
Ember: I think we should try a tried and true, scientific method.
Cyann (smiling):  I'm all ears.  What is it?  The ratio of flecks in my eyes to the relatable color of thread in the dress?
Ember (trying to keep a straight face):  No, that's too much science. We're talking basic science here, science which has been used for years and is infallible.  It's called, the Eney, Meeny, Miney, Moe method.

They both laugh.  They finally select a dress using the scientific method.  Wondering which dress was chosen?  Sorry, you'll have to wait until the day of the wedding when Cyann and Grayson are dressed and ready.  Don't forget to also attend Reese's and Daryl's wedding on August 30.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye