Saturday, August 20, 2016

Choosing a Dress for the R & D Wedding

At the Flavor Café, Parker has stopped by to pick up something to eat before he heads over to meet Carly and Henna at Henriched Designs.  From there they are going to their first meeting with Dani for her bridal salon.  Although Henna used to meet with the client first and then let the contractor know what needs to be done, Parker convinced her it's easier to have the contractor with her.  That way the contractor, such as himself) can immediately let the client know what structural changes can or cannot be made and suggest things that are a better fit.  It's been working out well.

Parker is waiting as Marisol helps a customer.

Marisol: Would you like a mixture of pastries?
Customer:  Mmmm...I think I'll have a two of those chocolate cupcakes, but I like that peach pastry too, so I'll one of those and two lemon...

Parker looks at the drinks and picks one while he waits to order.  The door opens and in walks Ember and Erwyn.  Erwyn immediately goes to the case with the sweets so she can start looking and dreaming about what to have.  Ember looks over and recognizes Parker who is thinking.

Ember (smiling):  Hi, Parker.  How are you?
Parker (smiling back): Hi, Ember.  I'm doing well.  How are you?  And Erwyn?
Ember:  We're good.  Just grabbing a snack and then on our way to Cyann's. 
Parker:  This is the right place to grab a snack. Lots of choices.

Marisol finishes with the customer who then leaves.  It's Parker's turn and Marisol greets him to get his order.

Parker:  I would like the turkey sandwich, light mayo, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and some of the 'secret' pesto on a Kaiser roll, please. 
Marisol:  Okay.  I'll get that whipped right up. (to Ember) I'll be right with you, Miss.  This won't take long.
Ember:  Sure, take your time.  The little one has to figure out what she wants.  Thank you.
Erwyn:  Mommy, I want this cupcake.  The one with orange frosting.
Ember (laughing):  Okay, I guess that didn't take long.  Let's wait our turn.
Parker:  That sounds delicious.  Have you had that one before?
Erwyn (giggling):  No, but it looks good.

Marisol leaves to get the sandwich for Parker. 

Ember:  So, business is still good? 
Parker:  Yes, it's great.  I have a meeting to go to shortly.  I'm heading to the office and then to meet the client with Carly and Henna.  It's another job and things are flowing.  Although this one is different from the others.  Carly is designing.
Ember:  Really?  I wonder how she talked Henna into that.  Well, I'm sure Henna will make sure she does a good job.
Parker (laughing):  I'm sure she will.

 Erwyn (to herself):  Maybe I should get the pink one or the yellow one instead.  Oh, look at that one.  That one look delicious. I should get two.  Maybe the orange and the chocolate.  Hmmm....

Parker:  Please excuse me for changing the subject. I don't know much about woman's fashions but you look very nice in that, is it shorts or a jumpsuit?
Ember:  I think you can refer to it as short jumper or a romper.  And thank you for the compliment.
Parker:  You're welcome.  I guess you probably know a lot about fashion because of your modeling business.
Ember (laughing):  Well, some days.  To hear my aunt tell it, I wasn't dressing very well for a while.  But I think she'd approve of this outfit too.  She's all about looking sexy.
Parker (smiling):  Is that your Aunt Tandra?  I've only met her once, but based on what little interaction I had with her, I can see her saying that. If I may add, your hair looks nice too.  It's usually up when I've seen it.  Did you style it yourself?
Ember (laughing):  Well, I must be looking pretty good today.  Thank you!  Henna's hairdresser, Janeer, twisted it up for me. You're right, it's usually up. Less stress. I decided to finally let it down, but I still need to have it controlled and easy to style. I don't have time for excessive styling every day.

The conversation is interrupted when Marisol returns with Parker's sandwich. Parker excuses himself and pays for it and the drink and heads to the door.

Parker:  It was nice seeing you, Ember.  I'm sure I'll see you again.
Ember: Yep.  I'm sure you will. You work with my sister and I know your sister.  I'll see you later.  Have a good day.
Parker:  You too. And please tell Cyann I said hello.  Craig and I have been there to watch football a few times.  I guess we do run in the same circles.
Ember (laughing):  Oh my, then you are doomed to see me again.
Parker (laughing): Well, I don't know about doomed, but I'd better get moving.  Goodbye.
Ember (waving):  Bye.
Parker: Goodbye, Erwyn.  I hope you enjoy your cupcake.
Erwyn:  Thank you.  Goodbye.

Marisol: What can I get for you?
Ember:  We are grabbing snacks.  Erwyn, you can go first. Please tell the lady what you'd like.

Erwyn picks cupcakes and Ember orders some items to take to Cyann's, hoping Brenna will like the selections.  She knows Cyann will like what she's ordering.

Ember heads to Cyann's and when she gets there, Brenna and Erwyn have their snacks and their instructions to clean up after themselves.  Ember, Cyann and Brooklyn head to Cyann's (and Grayson's) bedroom with snacks in hand.

Ember:  Do you want me to hold her?
Cyann:  No, not right now. I think she's been getting too spoiled. Plus, Little Miss Squirmy can get around in her walker.  That should keep her busy for a while.  Then you can enjoy your coffee and croissant in peace.
Ember:  I know how to multi-task.  Besides, I love playing with her. 
Cyann:  Well, you can always have another one to play with all the time.
Ember (laughing): How?  Through immaculate conception? I do want another one, but not until I'm ready.  I have time.

Cyann starts putting Brooklyn in the walker.

Cyann:  Girl, maybe you should find a plumber with the right tools for now.
Ember:  Huh? What?
Cyann (lauging):  You need those pipes cleaned.
Ember (getting what Cyann is saying): Very funny.  I'm not that backed up...I think.  Anyway, tell me again why I'm here to help you pick an outfit.
Cyann:  Gray and I are going to California to a wedding.  Some long distance friends are getting married. 
Ember:  Really?  Not that I'd know them, but who?
Cyann:  Reese Velez and Daryl Dixon.  They are such a cute couple.  Daryl is pretty hot too. I have a crush on him, but Reese snagged him.
Ember: Not to mention you're married. Does Gray know?
Cyann:  Minor detail. And, yes, Gray knows.  He couldn't care less. 

Cyann heads to the closet and pulls out three dresses to show Cyann.

Ember:  That's just because he knows you LOVE him way more than any crush.  Exactly when is the wedding?
Cyann:  August 30 and I'm so excited!  We haven't been alone for days at a time without the kids in a long time.  Gray told me not to forget the lingerie and I feel like hollering. 
Ember (lauging):  Please keep the noise to the West Coast. 
Cyann:  I plan to start an earthquake.  No one will even care.  They're used to them over there anyway.
Ember: Uhuh.  If you say so.

Cyann:  What do you think of this one?
Ember (frowning and shaking her head):  So I like pink, but those ruffles are just not doing it for me.  Plus, it's long.  I think something shorter would be cute. 
Cyann:  I guess so.
Ember:  Who is watching the girls for you?

Cyann heads back to the closet to hang the pink dress up.  While there, she pulls another dress out. Brooklyn has headed over to Ember where she throws her rattle and starts to whine. She wants Ember to pick her up.

Cyann: We have a sitter we use.  She's great!  She stays here with the girls.  We don't have a guest room, but she brings a sleeping bag and she and Brenna sometimes camp out in the living room, like they're having a sleep over.  Brenna loves it. 
Ember:  Really?  It sounds like fun. 
Cyann:  It is.  She's young, her fiancé is in the military and stationed out of the county for at least the next year. She's been our sitter for a while. Before Brooklyn even arrived. She lives with her parents, who are pretty well off.  Which means she lives for free, doesn't have to work, so she babysits for enjoyment. We pay her, of course, but she swears the experience will help her be a good mother in the future.  I think she's very attentive.  She's all about safety too.  Brenna tells me all sorts of safety things she learns from her.
Ember:  That's nice.  I like that.
Cyann:  What do you think of this dress I just pulled out?
Ember:  I say we keep it in consideration.  It's cute.  What are the other options?

Cyann picks up another dress, holds it in front of her and starts thinking about shoes to go with it.

Cyann:  This one is cute, right?
Ember: Yes, keep that as an option. too.  Can you tell me more about your sitter, please?  I think I need someone to care for Brenna on a more full-time basis.  She loves coming here, but I think I should hire someone.
Cyann:  Oh!  That's right.  I didn't even think about her the last time I couldn't sit for you. Well, maybe she crossed my mind, but I just thought Avery was an option because you've met her.  I didn't think you'd turn Erwyn over to someone you didn't know, no matter how much I recommended her.
Ember:  Yes, I wouldn't have.  But I have to start looking and I do prefer someone who is known by someone I trust.  Plus, with my schedule changing and getting busier, I may need some overnight sitting too.  But definitely at my house and without any visitors.
Cyann:  Of course.  There are no visitors over here either.  I'll see about setting up a meet and greet. 
Ember:  Thank you.  I appreciate it.  I'd also like to ask Brenna what she likes about her, if you don't mind.
Cyann:  Of course I don't mind.  You can do that AFTER we pick my dress.

Ember:  It looks like Brooklyn would like some of my croissant.
Cyann:  She wants to eat everything.  I don't mind if she has some.  Now, are we going to decide which dress is best.  I mean, I could pack all three, but then I'd be back to the same dilemma when I get to California.  What do you think?
Ember: I think we should try a tried and true, scientific method.
Cyann (smiling):  I'm all ears.  What is it?  The ratio of flecks in my eyes to the relatable color of thread in the dress?
Ember (trying to keep a straight face):  No, that's too much science. We're talking basic science here, science which has been used for years and is infallible.  It's called, the Eney, Meeny, Miney, Moe method.

They both laugh.  They finally select a dress using the scientific method.  Wondering which dress was chosen?  Sorry, you'll have to wait until the day of the wedding when Cyann and Grayson are dressed and ready.  Don't forget to also attend Reese's and Daryl's wedding on August 30.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. So is there a possible romance brewing between Parker and Ember? Hmm. I like Cyann's dress, and I love the colors in Ember's romper. I keep being tempted to buy it, but I'd prefer it if it was a dress.

    1. Hi, Barb. Anything is possible. Ember's romper is nice. I think it looks better on than in the package.

  2. I agree. Parker was making some smooth moves. Love the bedroom. The colors and décor are really nice. Great story. I just hope Ember's desire to hire a more full time babysitter doesn't impede on Cyann's babysitting needs. That could be a problem.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. The babysitter shouldn't be an issue. Cyann usually babysits for Ember. She and Grayson don't go out often enough to need a sitter that much.

  3. The bedroom looks great! I love the colors you chose. When I first started reading, I thought that Parker was flirting with Ember. Lol! Looking forward to seeing which dress Cyann chose.

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. I could swear Parker was flirting too. Sometimes he likes to compliment women, but we'll see. ;-)

  4. Great story... The blue or is that green dress :)

    1. Decisions, decisions. Thanks, Ladonna.

    2. I think it's bluish green.

  5. Hmm, looks like Parker was putting the moves on Ember there. I really think they would make a great couple and can't wait to see what develops between them.

    1. He sure did seem to notice some things about Ember. I wonder what's going on in his head. We'll see.

  6. Jaye, girl you know I've been rooting for a Parker and Ember romance since their first or second meeting. I swear I can sense the chemistry through my screen. Lol

    1. Hi, Jewell. You made me laugh with feeling the chemistry through the screen.

  7. LOVED reading this! Reese better keep an eye on Daryl around Cyann at the reception-LOL! I will have to go back and start from the beginning...can't wait!

    1. I'm so happy you stopped by, Reese. I think Cyann will behave. It's one thing for Gray to know she has a crush. but he is not going to put up with her flirting. I hope you enjoy the other stories.


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