Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dani's Surprise

It's Saturday afternoon and Dani is in her office located her and Zavier's garage, which is also her small makeshift bridal shop.  Zavier has hardly been able to contain himself until now.  He has made plans to meet with the real estate agent to look at business rental properties for Dani's bridal shop.  She doesn't even know yet that Zavier has secured financing and made plans.  He figured he'd tell her right before taking her out so that she wouldn't have to wait long before looking at stores.  He hopes it will kickoff her momentum to move forward and keep her motivated with opening the salon.

Zavier:  Hey, Babe. What are you doing?
Dani:  I'm just working on some sketches for ideas I have to make gowns.  You know I do it every so often for when I'll be able to start making some and selling them.  These are going to go into my completed sketch book.  What are you doing?
Zavier:  I was thinking we could spend the afternoon together and get out of the house.
Dani:  Sure.  Of course we can.  I don't have any appointments today.
Zavier:  I know, I asked you last week, remember?
Dani: Oh.  I forgot.  Well, what shall we do?
Zavier:  Come here and I'll tell you.

Dani give Zavier an inquisitive look and then walks over to him.  He holds her hands in his so he can tell her the good news.

Dani:  Okay, I'm ready. 
Zavier:  Today we're going to look at storefronts for your salon.  I've already secured financing so we can open your business.  Surprise!

Dani just looks at Zavier for a minute, trying to take in what he said. 

Dani (fighting tears):  Are you serious?  You really did that...for me?
Zavier:  Of course I did.  I love you and I want to see you do what you enjoy.  I ran the numbers and we'll be fine for at least a year with my salary.  Which is supposed to be the point at which your salon should start showing a profit. With your skills, your own designs and the right location, I may be able to stop working.  (laughs)

Dani:  I can't believe it! I...I just can't believe it.  Finally my own business.  I'll have to figure out about quitting my job, getting more inventory, set up.  Wow!  I...thank you so much for doing this.  I don't even know what to say.
Zavier:  Well, you don't have to say anything.  Besides, action speaks louder than words.  So I'll be expecting some grateful action later.  But right now, we need to go see the realtor so we can find the right location. 
Dani:  You got it.  I'm so happy.  I just need a few minutes to get ready. 
Zavier:  Okay.  We have a little time, but not too much. 

Dani and Zavier have a nice, cozy few moments of kissing and looking into each other's eyes.  Dani is so happy, she feels like it's surreal.  She finally gets her things and they head off.  They spend the next hour and a half looking at properties the real estate agent, Myung Li, has found.  They go to their next property on a street in an up and coming neighborhood where there are several very nice stores and businesses.

Dani:  This is very open and very stripped down. 
Myung:  Yes, which is actually perfect for adding your own touch.  As you can see, the walls and floors need work.  The last tenant took just about everything out, the owner started to work on renovations, but then decided it would be best to just wait and see what the new tenant would like. 
Zavier:  Take a look around and get a feel for it. 

Dani starts looking around and taking in the property.  There's a storeroom, which would work for holding dresses and other inventory, and a restroom which would be good.  As she's looking, Zavier has some questions.

Zavier: Is the owner flexible on the cost of the rent and can we make some structural changes as long as they don't hurt the integrity of the building?
Myung:  I'll give you the listing with details and you can look it over.  I can also ask the owner any questions that are not answered in it. 
Myung: What do you think, Dani?
Dani:  I like this street.  It's perfect.  Lots of stores, they are busy.  I've even shopped a couple of blocks down.  I do feel like it's a little closed up in here. No windows?
Myung:  The last tenant was a little concerned and paranoid about the possibility of break ins, so the windows were moved. But that is a pretty slim possibility.  The police patrol often, none of the stores along this street have had any issues.  This neighborhood pulls in people with lots of money, so the chance of major sales through networking are great.  That's why this could be perfect for you.

Dani walks over to the door.

Dani:  There certainly needs to be some work.  Starting with adding some natural light, removing this door and getting a nice big window so people can see what we're selling.  There are lots of choices for me to figure out for designing this place.
Zavier:  Don't worry, Babe. I think I forgot to tell you, but I have an interior designer for you.  If you're okay with using her.
Dani:  Her, who?
Zavier:  Henna, well, one of her associates, but still her company.
Dani (surprised):  Wow!  You really pulled out all the stops.  Even I know Henna only works with select clients. 
Zavier:  Nothing but the best for you. 

Myung:  So, I have two more properties lined up.  Are you ready to get to them or do you need a few more minutes to look around?
Dani:  I don't think we need to look any further.  As long as we can make changes so this looks like a store where people want to shop...
Zavier (chiming in):  And the rent can be negotiated.
Dani:  Yes, as long as it's affordable, I think this is it. This is my salon.
Myung: Great! I think your salon could do well here. Hopefully I'll be able to bring my girls over for dresses too.
Dani:  I'd like that.

Dani (to Zavier):  So this is it?
Zavier:  It looks like it.  Lots of work to do and lots of planning.  I'm sure now that instead of seeing you sketching, I'll see you writing lists.
Dani:  Yes! I need vendors for shoes, jewelry, new dresses...
Zavier (laughing):  We'll get there, just take your time to think it through.  First, let's wrap up getting this place.

Well, as long as the owner accepts an offer and some renovation conditions, it looks like Dani will be opening her salon soon. 


  1. This is exciting for Dani! Zavier is very good to her and they are lucky to have each other. Can't wait to see the shop all fixed up!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. It's so exciting for Dani to start on her dream business.

  2. Congrats to Dani. Her husband was such a sweetheart to do that for her. I look forward to seeing her new shop.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. Lots of work to do, but I'm sure it will be totally worth it...for them.

  3. Yay!! I am happy for Dani! I would love to have a human size Zavier! Lol!! I can't wait to see what you do to it. I know it will be nice!!

    1. Zave is a sweetheart. Carly has some work cut out for her designing.

  4. Now that's a supportive husband! I like that even though he got it started, he's not taking over but is working with her.

    1. Yes, he's a good guy. I don't think Dani would let him take over if he tried. He knows how to show the right amount of support.

  5. I'm so excited for Dani. And yes Zavier is so good to her. She's blessed. Can't wait to see;

    1. Hi, Barbiefan, it looks like you have been doing some serious reading. Thank you for visiting. More to come.


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