Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dressed for Reese & Daryl's Wedding - 8/30/16

All of the residents here are sending out a huge congratulations to Reese and Daryl on their nuptials.  We also wish them a long and happy marriage!  A few residents were able to accept the invitation to attend the wedding today.  They are so excited! 

They are dressed, ready and heading out to the wedding.  They took the lovely spiral stairs down to the hotel's lobby and, at our request, stopped to pose for a few photos before heading over to the ceremony.

Here's Bailey Banks.  You haven't met her yet, but you will.

What Bailey loves most about this dress is that the lacey skirt around the bottom comes off easily, which means she can remove it to dance later.

I think an idea has hit her.  She's looking at something.

Okay, so she went a little over the top here, but she's having fun with it. 

Yes, she thought she'd throw in one more shot.  Thank you so much, Bailey.  You look great.

Let's move on to the Matthews.  It seems Cyann and Ember were able to pick a dress and it is lovely.

Aww!  Isn't that sweet.  Grayson is offering to help his wife down the stairs.

Grayson selected a suit that goes well with Cyann's selection.  Apparently he thinks the sunglasses really set it off.

Cyann: Gray, Honey?
Grayson:  Yes?
Cyann:  You look handsome and I like the sunglasses, but can you take them off for a few shots, please?  
Grayson:  Sure, Babe.

Much better.

Cyann:  Gray, Honey?
Grayson:  Yes, Babe?
Cyann: Remember the day we got married?

Grayson: Of course.  How could I forget?
Cyann:  Do you think Reese and Daryl are feeling like we felt?  All bubbly and excited? 
Grayson:  I'm sure they are.  Daryl's like me.  A lucky man.
Cyann:  You're so sweet.  Okay.  Let's get one more shot in so we can head over.

Like Cyann said, here's one more shot just to be sure we got those outfits in...and we're done!  Now go enjoy the wedding, Guys. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/14928469@N07/).

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the wedding too.  Congratulations, Reese & Daryl!

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Second try - my pc crapped out on me in the middle of posting so if it didn't get through, I had said that these were great photos and I enjoyed scrolling through your Flickr inventory.

    1. I hate when that happens. One of my computers is on the fritz. I have to get it fixed so I can still blog.

      Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Cyan and Bailey looks gorgeous! I love their dresses! The wedding was beautiful! The outdoors made it extra lovely! Reese did an awesome job on the wedding!

    1. Thanks! Reese is planning to post reception photos soon.


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