Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quinn's Moving Forward

Quinn has been seeing Dr. Yulie McNeil for a few months now, since her break up with Tyquan.  At first it was three times per week, now it's two times per week since she is improving.  She's at an appointment with Dr. McNeil discussing her current status.

Yulie:  During our last appointment, you said you were getting your own apartment.  Have you moved into your own place yet?
Quinn:  Yes, I have.  It was a little hard for me the first week. I haven't been alone since having been...well in a relationship lately and then with my parents.  But I'm actually enjoying decorating it without being concerned with someone else's tastes.  Tylyn likes that she has a new room.  Now she has two, one with me and one with her father.  I'm just glad she's happy.
Yulie:  Good for you both.  I noticed you avoided saying the name of your daughter's father.  Although we don't talk about him much anymore, is there a reason for that now?

Quinn:  No, not at all.  I mean, for quite a while it made me terribly sad. It was painful, you know how bad I was when I first started seeing you.  But saying Tyquan's name is not a problem any longer.  My heart is healing and I don't feel that pain. 
Yulie:  That's good to hear.  I know we've been discussing this bit by bit for weeks, but please talk about why you feel you've been able to move forward.  How have you been able to cope?
Quinn:  I think it's lots of things, honestly.

Quinn:  Meeting with you has been very helpful. My parents have been supportive.  Tylyn has mentioned how happy I am.  She says I'm her old mommy again.  That means a lot to me. (pauses)
Yulie: Good for you.  It's amazing how encouraging children can be for their parents. 
Quinn: Yes, I love her so much.  I remind myself she is the best thing to have come out of being with Tyquan, but the only good thing from our relationship worth holding on to as I move forward.  
Yulie:  Yes, it's important to remember that relationships end, but that doesn't mean everything about them was horrible.  Sometimes you just need to let it go when it doesn't work for you.

Quinn:  I have to say that you've taught me to stop turning my head when I'm being hurt and allow it to go on.  I mean, I've always been angry about the things he's done, but I guess I never had the strength before to stand up for what I deserve. I can do that now. 
Yulie:  How do you know that for sure?
Quinn:  Because now it doesn't bother me to see Tyquan and even speak with him when he picks up Tylyn.  I'm not falling apart and I'm certainly not wishing to be with him any longer.  I'm actually looking forward to being with someone who will be good to me.
Yulie:  How does he react to your indifference? 
Quinn:  He hints that he misses me, but I refuse to respond. Maybe one day he'll stop throwing hints, but I don't even care. I'm going to do better for myself.

Yulie:  And your child.  They can suffer watching their parents in dysfunctional relationships.  You're doing the right thing by learning how to demand better for yourself and Tylyn.

Quinn smiles, feeling like she just got a great compliment.

Quinn:  Yes, my baby and I are going to be fine.  When do you think I can date again?  Will that be a good idea? 
Yulie:  You can date whenever you feel ready.  During our next meeting, lets talk about how to ensure you find out what you want to know from any prospective dating partners and identifying when things are working according to your expectations and needs.  I also think that once you start, it would be a good idea for you to still meet with me just to be sure you're using the tools with which I have provided you.

Quinn:  Okay.  I think that will happen anyway since I'm still here twice a week.
Yulie:  Actually, I am recommending that based on your progress, we cut down to once a week and eventually, maybe once every other week.  As you progress, you will need to see me less and less.
Quinn:  Oh! Okay.
Yulie:  You'll have more time to spend with your daughter and for any other fun things you'd like to do with friends, family, and maybe new friends of the male persuasion.
Quinn (laughing):  Yes, that sounds good. 
Yulie:  Alright.  Our session is over. It was a good session and I think you're doing very well.  Congratulations on your hard work.  Let's just stay the course. I'll let my assistant know to change your frequency of visits. 

They both stand up.

Quinn:  Thank you so much for your help, Dr. McNeil.  Months ago I would have seen myself still being hurt.  But now, I feel like a weight has been lifted. 
Yulie:  I'm glad to hear that.  That's why I do what I do.  I'm happy to help.

It looks like Quinn is doing better and her relationship with Tyquan has truly come to an end. Let's hope she stays the course for her and Tylyn's sake.

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  1. Great story!! I am happy for Quinn. She finally got the courage to move on. Awesome! I love the Dr's office by the way. The color is inviting. I have a couple of dolls that I need to send to her. Does she see outside residences? Lol!

    1. Thank you! Send those folks on over to get some help. Dr. McNeil is on point! LOL!

  2. Actually, some pretty good relationship advice for all of us! I am glad that Quinn is moving on and feeling good about it. Happy that she is comfortable on her own!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. Now she just has to stay strong.

  3. Good for her... and Tylyn! Sometimes parents aren't thinking of the damage they are doing to their kids by staying in bad relationships.

    1. Quinn's coming along pretty well. It's a shame when the children are affected. It can keep them from having healthy relationships as adults too.


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