Friday, September 23, 2016

A Look at the LORI 'Mix and Bake Set' (A Product Review)

Target finally got the LORI 'Mix and Bake Set' on their website for order.  I like these LORI sets. I still think there are some hits and misses on their part and some of the sizes are definitely not for 1:6 scale, but can be made to work, especially to save space.  So, of course I ordered it.  These items are close to Re-ment, in my opinion. 

Some of the ladies will show you the items so you can see them for scale.  Since this is a bake set, I thought it would be appropriate to let our resident expert and classically trained bakers show you the items.  So here are Marisol and Rowan to review the set.

Marisol:  This is a pretty nice quick set up, don't you think?
Rowan:  Yep.  I also like the photos. Quite apropos.  It almost makes me wish I had my own cooking show.  This set up reminds me of one.  I like it.
Marisol: It almost makes me want to put large food murals up in the café.
Rowan:  I know what you mean.  We can think about that.  For now, we'd better get started and greet our guests.

Rowan:  Hi, I'm Rowan, owner of the Flavor Café and I'm most pleased to be able to review these wonderful items for you. Mare?
Marisol:  Hi, I'm Marisol.  I work with Rowan at the Flavor Café and I also have my own small business baking specialty items, usually for special occasions, such as weddings and parties.  I'm pleased to be able to review these items for you as well.
Rowan:  We're going to move to the other side of the counter and get started.  We'll take turns, so stay tuned.

Rowan:  First up, we have some containers in this set.  To my right are tea canisters.  Five of the six are permanently in this box and one is outside of it.  Unfortunately, that one doesn't fit into the box very well, so we're not going to force it.  To my left are these four jars.  I think these would be great for different flavored jams.  We just need to do a little updating and make these lids less boring, like adding some color and voila, different flavored jams.

 Marisol:  Over here we have two pots and a pan.  The pan has a lid which will make it nice for sautéing.  These are pretty nice products.

Turns and looks at Rowan who is mouthing to her that she isn't ready and to review the next items.

Marisol: Rowan is pulling together more items for review, but I think we can quickly switch over to a few more things I can show you. Just give me a second.

Marisol:  Okay.  So here are half a dozen brown eggs.  They stay in the container.  That won't make them easy to crack.  I love the color of this kettle.  It's small, but large enough if you're not making a large pot of tea, such as those in the containers Rowan just showed you.  And now back to Rowan.

Rowan:  Thanks, Marisol.  I now have in front of me some spoons.  We didn't take them out of the plastic container, but they can be removed and used.  I also have this food scale, which is great for measuring appropriately for any recipe requiring you weigh your ingredients.  Then we have this individual serving food processor.  Why dirty a huge blender when this conveniently small blender is perfect for one person to use?  It does have a lid which...

Rowan is interrupted by a voice from the side.

Loud Voice:  Hole up!  Hole up!  What is this? 

Tasha:  I am here to model these items.  I think you are making a mistake thinking you're supposed to be doing this.  This modeling job is supposed to be for me and my girl, Lisa.  Lisa, come on over here.
Rowan:  What are you doing?  This is not your modeling job.  We were invited to show these items.  Can you please leave the set?
Tasha:  Nope!  I'm not going anywhere.  Lisa, get over here!  They are tryin' ta pull a fast one.

Lisa:  I put this dress on for nothing?  They already have models? 
Rowan:  Oh, for heaven's sake! What the heck is going on with these two?
Marisol:  You know you guys don't belong here.  This is not your gig.  Maybe next time, but not this time.
Me:  Rowan and Marisol, calm down. I'll take care of it.  Ladies, I appreciate your interest in modeling, but I do think Rowan and Marisol are the best fit to show and review these items.

Tasha:  What?!  Really?  You didn't even let us come to the review of the other LORI items and you had way more people there.  You know what?  You are shady.
Me:  Umm, excuse me? I'm shady?
Lisa:  Well, I think Tasha just means there are other ladies who get to model all the lovely clothes all the time.  We may not be able to model the clothes, but we at least thought we could be the designated models for the new accessories.  I think that's what we meant to convey, right Tasha?
Tasha:  Nope!  I do mean she's shady.
Me:  Well, I can show you some shade. As a matter of fact, I can show you the inside of a box and since you're that unhappy a new home.  How's that for shady?
Lisa:  I think we'll be leaving now.  We didn't mean to interrupt.
Tasha:  Yep!  We'll be leaving now.  But remember, we're ready to model on demand.  I'm just sayin'.
Me:  Okay, Marisol and Rowan, take it away.

Marisol:  I sincerely apologize for the unnecessary interruption.  Now, here are some cooking utensils which are easy to hold.  I love rubber cooking utensils.  They don't scrape up your pots and pans.  Then there is this lovely cloth oven mitt.  Isn't it cute?  Oh and let 'snot forget these delicious looking pastries.  Unfortunately, they are stuck to the baking pan.  That's so sad because I would love to have tasted them.

Rowan:  This rolling pin will be very helpful for rolling dough for cookies and pies during the holidays.  This dough even looks good. And the best part is the roller is not stuck to the dough, so I can really use it for other foods. Before we go back to Marisol, I have a few other things to show you too.

Rowan:  Here we have some milk which works well if you're not a big milk drinker and need it just for light cooking.  There are also salt and pepper shakers.  They are a good size.  And the oil and vinegar.  Also a good size of you don't use these products often.  So far, so good.  I'm liking this set.

Marisol:  Here we have a colander for straining pasta or rinsing potatoes or grapes, or whatever you'd like to rinse.  This blender is nice.  I won't be able to use it for large cakes, but you can easily remove the bowl because the blender does swivel up.  I like that option.

Rowan:  Whew!  So many items.  Totally worth getting this set.  Look at these two glasses, two tea cups, without handles and two bowls with one plate.  One lonely little square plate.  I don't get it, but it's cute.

Rowan:  We're winding down now.  These are my last items.  We have this cute toaster with a nice design on it.  It even comes with toast.  We'll have something to put the flavors of jam on, which is nice.  There is also this very small stick of butter in a butter dish.  The butter is not glued to the bottom of the butter dish.  Another nice item.  And to bring us home, Marisol is going to review two more items.

Marisol:  Thank you, Rowan.  Here are more baked goods.  The cupcakes stay in the pan. Such a loss because they look delicious.  Another loss is that this lid doesn't come off the cake stand.  That's not how the photo looked on the website.  I think we may need to complain about that and see if we need a replacement.  Why keep that cake from being eaten?  Well, we have come to the end of our review. We hope you found it useful if you're considering adding any of these to your own collection.  On behalf of Rowan, myself and Miss Jaye, thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Inspired Take on a Diorama (Musings of a Blogger)

I had two inspirations for this diorama.  The bar, stools and bench just came to me one day while in the dollar store.  Of all the times I've passed them by, one day these items said, 'Use us, be creative.'  So I knew I needed to put them in a room. 

This take on setting up the diorama (what I call my quick up and down rooms using a cardboard box) was inspired by Muff's blog post regarding a how to fold a box.  I can use the same box I used before (Dr. McNeil's office) and give it a little more depth and space, which turned out to be great for this setting.  Thank you, Muff!

So, here are the photos of the diorama.

Close up of the inner/main area. I haven't finished with artwork yet, but I'm getting there. So far what I have up is re-painted earrings I was going to dispose of because the metal was turning colors.  I knew saving them would come in handy. 

View with the outer walls.  I wasn't sure about the darker floors at first, but now I really like them.

Close up of the bar with the liquor bottles (Megahouse items) and you can see the Orcara wine items on the rack to the right.  Have you figured out what the bar started out as yet?

 Side view of the bar.

Below is the room with some, yet to be introduced, residents enjoying the space.

The ladies thought they'd pose for the camera and then go back to enjoying themselves afterwards.

Here are what the bar, stools and bench started as.

Cooking Concepts...

I used the napkin holder for the bar.  I flipped it upside down, added shelves to hold the liquor, put two covered cubes on to lift and hold the table top and glued it into the bottom of the butter dish.

Cooking Concepts...

I covered two round floor protectors for furniture with fabric, added the same bling from the cubes to the top rim of the stools and glued the seats on top.  I also used the lid of one to make a bowl (I painted just the very bottom silver).
I just made a seat and placed it on top of the lid flipped upside down.  I didn't glue it together yet because I'm considering if I want to put anything inside.  I thought about putting lights in side, which could be cool and add atmosphere with dimmed lights.

I'm torn as to whether this should be a home bar or a public bar.  It's a little small for a public bar, but maybe it could be for limited events, including social hours with pre-sold tickets. Yes, I actually think these things through because I think they should be realistic. I have issues.

I'm open to suggestions/votes on which way to go - private (in someone's home) or public.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some Busy People - Update Two

We're still checking in on some residents to see what they're up to.  Parker has moved in with his roommate, Jun Kito, who just purchased a condo.  Jun is updating the condo to suite his taste, but they are living there as Jun works on it.  He's fortunate to have Parker living with him now to help out when he has time, but he's not depending on him to get it done.

It's Parker's first week of being there and Jun thought it would be nice for them to go out to eat and get to know each other.  They are at Color Burst enjoying a beer while they wait for their food to arrive.

Jun:  So I like having some get togethers sometimes.  I'll let you know and maybe you can invite a few friends over too.  I like to keep it small so things don't get out of hand, but I do like my social life.
Parker:  That's fine with me.  I don't know a lot of people, but it would be nice to meet some of your friends.  If I don't feel like attending, I can just stay in my room.  It's not a problem.
Jun:  Okay.  That's good to know.  If you're in your room, I'll respect that. 
Parker:  Thank you.  I'll try not to be too much of a party pooper.

Meanwhile, at the other table, Marcel Peters is sitting with his mother, Samantha Foster, chatting while they wait for his girlfriend, Jadyn Garrett, to arrive.

Samantha:  I'm so glad you invited me to dinner.  Other than hanging with my girlfriends, I barely get out.  I mean, we have our card nights and such, but eating out, well, it can be expensive.
Marcel:  Well, I'm glad I can do things for you.  You deserve it.
Samantha:  I don't know how I raised such a lovely son all on my own.
Marcel:  Mom, Dad is around and has been raising me too.
Samantha:  Maybe, but not really.  I mean, you lived with me and visited him.  That doesn't count.
Marcel:  Yes, it does.  That's as good as it can get when you weren't together.
Samantha:  Hmm...Maybe...(looking across the restaurant) Oh, there's Jadyn now.

Marcel turns to look and then stands up to greet Jadyn when she arrives.

Marcel (whispering):  Hey, Baby.  I'm glad to see you.
Jadyn:  I'm glad to see you too.  
Marcel:  You look hot tonight.  I like it.
Jadyn (giggling):  Thank you.
Marcel:  I ordered you a drink already.  I know what you like.
Jadyn:  Okay.  Thanks.

Marcel lets Jadyn go so she can greet his mother.  They exchange a hug and then Marcel helps Jadyn onto her chair and sits down himself.

Samantha:  Honey, you look wonderful in that outfit.  I wish I could still dress like that. Those days are long over.
Jadyn:  I think you can still wear some very nice things.  This may be a little young for you to wear, but that's just because of society, not because you can't look good in it.
Samantha:  Aren't you sweet?  You're still the best girlfriend my baby has ever had.  He'd better hold on to you.  Even if he doesn't, I will.  
Marcel:  I'm not letting go, Mom.  You...

The waitress returns with the drinks and takes their food order.

Jun:  I love the food here.  They always mix up the menu.  I guess it's part of keep things 'colorful,' huh?
Parker:  I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense.
Jun:  So I like to have ladies over too.  I have to warn you I'm not seeing just one woman.  I'm not ready yet for that.  I mean, they all know, but don't be surprised if you see me entertaining a variety.
Parker:  It's not my business.  You're single and can do what you want.  Of course, I hope none of them are the violent jealous type.  Are they?
Jun:  No.  I make it very clear what my purpose is when I'm rapping to someone.  They know they are not the only crayon I color with.  They need to know I like variety. Hey, what about you?  Do you mix it up or do you have a special lady?
Parker:  Right now, there's no one.  But I don't like to mix it up.  I'm not one to juggle like that.  I don't like drama.
Jun:  Yeah, I get that.  It's cool.

Samantha:  So back to what's going on with you two.  Do I hear wedding bells followed by some little ones.  I mean, I don't want to be called Grandmom, but since my baby making days are over, I need some little ones to hold.  I'm sure you'll have some beautiful babies together.
Marcel:  Mom, we're taking our time.  We've only been dating for close to a year.  We don't need to rush.
Samantha:  Well don't take too long.  Ladies like to have commitment.  They need it.  Just like I should have demanded it from your father.  (to Jadyn) Sweethear, don't let the babies come without the 'I do.'
Jadyn (laughing):  Okay, I won't.  

Samantha:  You two are such a cute couple.  His father and I were a cute couple too.  
Jadyn: I'm sure you were.  You made a cute baby who turned out to be a handsome man.
Samantha (reaching for her cell phone):  Hey, let me show you a photo of us when I was younger and prettier.
Jadyn:  You have a photo of you both in your phone?
Samantha:  Yes.  Well, they were paper photos and I took photos of those photo with my phone.  I can't help it.  I reminisce.  Richard is quite a looker.  So handsome.

Marcel is shaking his head as his mother pulls up the photos and shows them to Jadyn.

Meanwhile, at the other table...

Jun:  I've been thinking about having some regular football party days once per month.  You know, chill with the guys, have some hot wings.  What do you think about doing something like that. Of course, people will have to be careful about staining my new furniture, but I haven't had issues yet.
Parker:  That would be nice.  I sometimes go with my brother-in-law to a friend's house to catch the game. It's be nice be at home watching it with some guys.  I can have them come over.  
Jun:  Cool, we can do that.  Oh, and the Superbowl party is a given.

Jadyn:  Those are some lovely photos.  You did make a cute couple.
Samantha:  Uhuh.  It's so sad that he moved on to that big headed cow he married.  She swears she's won something.  Little does she know I still have occasional rehash moments with him.
Jadyn:  Oh my!
Marcel:  Mom, I thought we talked about this.  I don't like it when you do that.  
Samantha:  Okay, but I have to say the only thing good that came out of that is your half-sister, .  She's beautiful.  I'm so surprised considering her mother isn't pretty.
Marcel:  Sasha is my sister.  Kenya is my step-mother and I love them both.  Can you leave it alone, please?
Jadyn (trying to change the subject): Marcel, didn't you tell me something about the possibility of getting a promotion at work?  How's that coming along?

Samantha frowns, but then decides to listen to Marcel talk about his job.

Jun:  We'll have to coordinate schedules for shopping.  I hate having to mark food with who bought what.  My last roommate was all about that.  It drove me crazy.  We can just shop together and if you have anything special out of that, I can respect that, but for the most part, I'm hoping you're okay with community food.  I won't take advantage.
Parker:  That's good.  I think that will work out best too.  The weekend is the best time for me.  We can play it by ear each month, but be sure to do it.
Jun:  That'll work.

At the other table, the food has arrived.

Samantha:  This looks delicious.  Honey, that salad looks good.  Do you want to try some of what I have?
Marcel:  Thanks, but no.  I've had a lot  to eat today, so I'm keeping it light tonight.
Jadyn:  That salad does look good, but a burger has been calling me for days.  Tonight's the night I answer.
Samantha:  Aww.  You enjoy it, Sweetheart.  I'm so happy to be able to enjoy dinner with you both.

Jun:  Here we are, halfway through the meal and we have yet to toast to being roommates.  So, I'm proposing a toast to the beginning of a new friendship and smooth living.
Parker:  I'll toast to that.  Cheers!

Isn't Parker's new roommate good looking?  Well, maybe you could see how good looking if he cut his hair.  I can't wait to see the condo.  I hope they hurry up and finish it.

Thanks for stopping by.  ~ Jaye

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Some Busy People - Update One

There's lots going on with the residents (one of these days I'll actually name where people live).  It's a lot to get into one post, but I'll spend a few posts catching you up.  Right now, we'll see how a few things are going with some and catch up with others soon.  

Let's start with Parker, who is at Dani's soon to be opened bridal salon location.  The designs are not ready yet, but he does need to check on some structural items to help Carly with a few design suggestions and so he can advise her on what can and cannot be changed or added.  He has brought a couple members of his team. You have already met Howard Smith, who he has been working with for a while now.  He recently hired an apprentice out of a construction program at a local technical school, Dylan Morrison.  Parker would like to hire apprentices when he can for a few reasons.  He thinks it's a great way to help someone new learn the ropes, he can teach him how he likes to work since there are no habits to break, and it saves him a little money until it's time to start giving increases.  

Parker:  This should be easy and not take long.  Dylan, I just need you to stick with Howard while he looks for posts and joints, and checks spacing and measurements.  Take down the notes.  I'll need you to take some notes from me too, but let's start with Howard while I figure out how we can get a picture window in here.
Dylan:  Okay, Boss.
Parker (laughing):  I keep telling you not to call me that.  It may be my company, but we work as a team.  Call me Parker, okay?
Dylan:  I'm going to get used to it one day.  I'm sorry.  I mean, you are the boss, but I won't keep calling you that.  I'm sorry.
Parker:  It's okay.  I just want you to know you're a part of the team.
Howard:  That window is going to take some work.
Parker:  I know, but we can do it.

Howard has Dylan follow him to a wall to take a look. It's the wall attached to the building next door, so they have be careful.

Dylan:  So using the hammer will help you figure out where the studs are?
Howard:  Yes.  We can use an electronic stud finder, but I'm a little old fashioned.  I've been using this hammer technique for a while and it hasn't failed me yet.
Dylan:  We use the stud finder in school.  I have to learn the hammer technique.  I have an idea how it works but I'm more comfortable with the stud finder.
Howard (laughing):  You kids today.  All of those electronic items to rely on.  I didn't have those learning this trade and while I like some new things, when it's tried and true, I stick with it.

Howard and Dylan finish their assignment and head over to help Parker.

Howard (with a razor in his hand):  Should we try cutting through to take a look?  There's brick on the outside.  We're going to spend a little time on that install.
Parker:  No, let's not cut through right now.  If we cut in the wrong place, that's just another patch to set us back.  We have another pretty big and lucrative job coming up soon, so we don't want to waste time when we don't need to on the smaller jobs.
Howard:  Have you gauged the thickness?  
Parker:  Yes.  We'll be okay.  We'll power through it, save some of the full bricks that drop and add them back to solidify the window.

Well, it looks like Parker has a plan and his team working to get things done.  Speaking of Dani's bridal salon, let's see how Carly is doing with her first design job.  Henna's off visiting a client, which gave Carly the perfect time slot to have Dani come in and review some materials and color selections in Henna's office.  Dani's currently looking through some fabric options.

Carly:  A lot of the colors in that book are a little darker than you may be looking for, but the textures can give you an idea of what you may want to see.  
Dani:  I like some of these, but you're right, I really want to keep it light.
Carly:  I have several light options in your desired color scheme.  You wanted to see some white, cream and gold options, correct?
Dani:  Yes, I think they are inviting and would look really upscale.
Carly:  Let me grab the items I've pulled together and we'll go through them and see if any appeal to you.
Carly:  These are the flooring options I suggest.  Of course, the darker the color, the easier it can be with foot traffic.  The dirt, unless it's snowing and gets dusty, doesn't show so much during the day.  I'm sure you'll have cleaners coming in, but lighter floor colors require bleach sometimes or extra scrubbing.
Dani:  I figured as much.  How does Henna keep her white carpet so bright in here?  
Carly:  We have it shampooed every week, without fail.  It would be quite dirty if we didn't.
Dani:  I'll pick something that shouldn't be such an issue.

After Dani picks a flooring option, they move on to the next item.

Carly:  These are some very nice wallpaper options.  To get the design and texture you'd like, we have to go with wallpaper, not paint.
Dani:  Hmmm...I'm not so sure I'm sold on these.  The gold is okay, but maybe a little gaudy.  I look at it and think about Greek statues.  I don't think that represents me.  These other two, well, they aren't speaking to me.
Carly:  Okay.  I have some more for you and if none of these work, I'll find more options.  If those don't work, we can go to the showroom together.
Dani: I'm hoping you have something.  My time is limited right now.  I'm still working my full-time job until I absolutely have to resign.  I really want to pay as many bills and bank as much money as I can right now.
Carly:  I understand.  I'll keep pulling and presenting samples until you're happy with selections.
Dani: Thank you.

Carly removes the options in front of Dani and sets more in front of her.

Dani:  Oooo...I see some I really like.  I think we can work with these.
Carly:  Great!  But don't choose just because this is what we have.  If you're truly not happy, it's my job to find what you want.
Dani:  This is my dream business, believe me, I'll tell you if I don't like it.  
Carly:  Good.  I'm glad to hear that.  So what do you like?

Dani:  Well, I like a few. Can we make them work together?
Carly:  Absolutely.  Let's review what you like and I'll add them to the layout planning.  All of the walls don't have to be the same.  We can make them look really good and tie them together.
Dani:  Yes!  I like...

Dani shows Carly what she likes and Carly makes a note of the selections so far.  She'll need to get a quote of how much will be needed of each and bring them in within budget.  The it's on to fabrics.  Carly sets some fabric options in front of Dani and then starts making some notes while Dani looks.

Dani:  These are nice.  If I go light, how will that work with keeping things clean.
Carly:  So many of these come with stain guard and I would recommend a good cleaning with the application of stain guard on a regular schedule.  It works wonders.
Dani:  Oh!  That sounds good.  This one is a little dark, but these others are pretty nice.  I do see some things I'd like. 
Carly:  I'm glad.  Which ones would you like to consider?

Dani and Carly review the selections and schedule a follow up meeting.  That bridal salon will be up and running soon.  It's so exciting.

Last, but not least, Ember is interviewing the sitter Cyann uses on occasion, Elaina Jergen. Ember phone screened her first for about an hour.  That went well, so she decided to invite her over for a face to face meeting.  Ember also invited her aunt, Tandra, over to interview with her. Although Cyann, who she trusts, recommended her she thought it would be good to have another opinion.  They have been conversing for a while, but I think we can catch the tail end of the meeting.

Please note that I take no responsibility for Aunt Tandra's outfit.  That woman just does what she wants.

Ember:  I know we discussed my schedule needs being a little sporadic right now, but I do want to have a set schedule as much as possible.  That will allow me to plan business meetings better.  I get her off to school each morning, but she'll need to be picked up after school.  In some cases an easy dinner provided.  There are some overnights, although not really often right now.  I will give you a schedule ahead of time.  I do have some back up options, like Cyann, but I really want someone who can be here with Erwyn.
Elaina:  It's not a problem at all.  I'm very flexible.  I just need notice.  Sometimes I can come in an emergency, but I do want to plan around working too.  
Ember:  Good.  I can work with that.

Tandra (with her strong Brazilian accent): And what about your own children?  Will you have some?
Elaina:  Oh, my, yes.  I am looking forward to having my own.  But until then, I treat the children I take care of as if they were my own.  I mean, I care about them and try to nurture them.  I know they are not mine, but if I treat them well, they won't miss their own parents so much.
Tandra:  So you will not try to run off with them.  Joo know, kidnap.
Ember:  Aunt Tandra!
Tandra:  I'm just asking.

Elaina:  It's okay.  You have to be very careful about that nowadays.  In fact, when I baby sit, I like to remind the children that they don't go with strangers and what to do to keep being safe.  It's important.  My parents taught me and I teach others.  That was a good question.
Ember:  I appreciate that, but please forgive my aunt anyway.  She can be a little brutal some times.
Tandra:  I believe the English word for that is honest.  I am just being honest.
Ember:  Uhuh.  So, Elaina, do you have any questions?

Elaina:  I believe that during our phone conversation and today's conversation, you have provided lots of information and answered my questions, save one.  Do you think I could be the right sitter for you?
Ember:  I like what I've heard about you and, based on our interaction today, I'd like to give you a try and, hopefully, things will pan out.  Let's start slow and build up.  You still will need to meet Erwyn, who, by the way, I need to pick up soon.
Elaina:  I'm glad you will give me a try.  You won't be disappointed, I promise.  If there is anything you need me to do or change, please let me know.  

Tandra:  It is good you will give it a try.  I like her too.
Elaina:  Thank you very much.
Tandra:  I hope you do well.  Ember needs some help.
Elaina:  Don't worry.  I promise I will do my best.  I love children and I'm looking forward to meeting Erwyn.  I hope she'll like me too.  I think she will when she sees how fun I can be.
Ember:  Okay.  Can you come back Thursday at 3:30 and meet Erwyn.  You can stay and spend some time with her while I'm working.  Of course I'll pay you. We'll also discuss your immediate schedule for the next couple of weeks.  
Elaina:  I can do that.

Ember stands up to end the meeting and walk Elaina to the door.  Elaina stands up too.

Elaina:  Thank you again.  I'll be here on time if not early Thursday.  
Ember:  I'm looking forward to seeing you again.  Erwyn will be too.

They shake hands and Ember walks Elaina to the door.

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