Friday, September 23, 2016

A Look at the LORI 'Mix and Bake Set' (A Product Review)

Target finally got the LORI 'Mix and Bake Set' on their website for order.  I like these LORI sets. I still think there are some hits and misses on their part and some of the sizes are definitely not for 1:6 scale, but can be made to work, especially to save space.  So, of course I ordered it.  These items are close to Re-ment, in my opinion. 

Some of the ladies will show you the items so you can see them for scale.  Since this is a bake set, I thought it would be appropriate to let our resident expert and classically trained bakers show you the items.  So here are Marisol and Rowan to review the set.

Marisol:  This is a pretty nice quick set up, don't you think?
Rowan:  Yep.  I also like the photos. Quite apropos.  It almost makes me wish I had my own cooking show.  This set up reminds me of one.  I like it.
Marisol: It almost makes me want to put large food murals up in the café.
Rowan:  I know what you mean.  We can think about that.  For now, we'd better get started and greet our guests.

Rowan:  Hi, I'm Rowan, owner of the Flavor Café and I'm most pleased to be able to review these wonderful items for you. Mare?
Marisol:  Hi, I'm Marisol.  I work with Rowan at the Flavor Café and I also have my own small business baking specialty items, usually for special occasions, such as weddings and parties.  I'm pleased to be able to review these items for you as well.
Rowan:  We're going to move to the other side of the counter and get started.  We'll take turns, so stay tuned.

Rowan:  First up, we have some containers in this set.  To my right are tea canisters.  Five of the six are permanently in this box and one is outside of it.  Unfortunately, that one doesn't fit into the box very well, so we're not going to force it.  To my left are these four jars.  I think these would be great for different flavored jams.  We just need to do a little updating and make these lids less boring, like adding some color and voila, different flavored jams.

 Marisol:  Over here we have two pots and a pan.  The pan has a lid which will make it nice for sautéing.  These are pretty nice products.

Turns and looks at Rowan who is mouthing to her that she isn't ready and to review the next items.

Marisol: Rowan is pulling together more items for review, but I think we can quickly switch over to a few more things I can show you. Just give me a second.

Marisol:  Okay.  So here are half a dozen brown eggs.  They stay in the container.  That won't make them easy to crack.  I love the color of this kettle.  It's small, but large enough if you're not making a large pot of tea, such as those in the containers Rowan just showed you.  And now back to Rowan.

Rowan:  Thanks, Marisol.  I now have in front of me some spoons.  We didn't take them out of the plastic container, but they can be removed and used.  I also have this food scale, which is great for measuring appropriately for any recipe requiring you weigh your ingredients.  Then we have this individual serving food processor.  Why dirty a huge blender when this conveniently small blender is perfect for one person to use?  It does have a lid which...

Rowan is interrupted by a voice from the side.

Loud Voice:  Hole up!  Hole up!  What is this? 

Tasha:  I am here to model these items.  I think you are making a mistake thinking you're supposed to be doing this.  This modeling job is supposed to be for me and my girl, Lisa.  Lisa, come on over here.
Rowan:  What are you doing?  This is not your modeling job.  We were invited to show these items.  Can you please leave the set?
Tasha:  Nope!  I'm not going anywhere.  Lisa, get over here!  They are tryin' ta pull a fast one.

Lisa:  I put this dress on for nothing?  They already have models? 
Rowan:  Oh, for heaven's sake! What the heck is going on with these two?
Marisol:  You know you guys don't belong here.  This is not your gig.  Maybe next time, but not this time.
Me:  Rowan and Marisol, calm down. I'll take care of it.  Ladies, I appreciate your interest in modeling, but I do think Rowan and Marisol are the best fit to show and review these items.

Tasha:  What?!  Really?  You didn't even let us come to the review of the other LORI items and you had way more people there.  You know what?  You are shady.
Me:  Umm, excuse me? I'm shady?
Lisa:  Well, I think Tasha just means there are other ladies who get to model all the lovely clothes all the time.  We may not be able to model the clothes, but we at least thought we could be the designated models for the new accessories.  I think that's what we meant to convey, right Tasha?
Tasha:  Nope!  I do mean she's shady.
Me:  Well, I can show you some shade. As a matter of fact, I can show you the inside of a box and since you're that unhappy a new home.  How's that for shady?
Lisa:  I think we'll be leaving now.  We didn't mean to interrupt.
Tasha:  Yep!  We'll be leaving now.  But remember, we're ready to model on demand.  I'm just sayin'.
Me:  Okay, Marisol and Rowan, take it away.

Marisol:  I sincerely apologize for the unnecessary interruption.  Now, here are some cooking utensils which are easy to hold.  I love rubber cooking utensils.  They don't scrape up your pots and pans.  Then there is this lovely cloth oven mitt.  Isn't it cute?  Oh and let 'snot forget these delicious looking pastries.  Unfortunately, they are stuck to the baking pan.  That's so sad because I would love to have tasted them.

Rowan:  This rolling pin will be very helpful for rolling dough for cookies and pies during the holidays.  This dough even looks good. And the best part is the roller is not stuck to the dough, so I can really use it for other foods. Before we go back to Marisol, I have a few other things to show you too.

Rowan:  Here we have some milk which works well if you're not a big milk drinker and need it just for light cooking.  There are also salt and pepper shakers.  They are a good size.  And the oil and vinegar.  Also a good size of you don't use these products often.  So far, so good.  I'm liking this set.

Marisol:  Here we have a colander for straining pasta or rinsing potatoes or grapes, or whatever you'd like to rinse.  This blender is nice.  I won't be able to use it for large cakes, but you can easily remove the bowl because the blender does swivel up.  I like that option.

Rowan:  Whew!  So many items.  Totally worth getting this set.  Look at these two glasses, two tea cups, without handles and two bowls with one plate.  One lonely little square plate.  I don't get it, but it's cute.

Rowan:  We're winding down now.  These are my last items.  We have this cute toaster with a nice design on it.  It even comes with toast.  We'll have something to put the flavors of jam on, which is nice.  There is also this very small stick of butter in a butter dish.  The butter is not glued to the bottom of the butter dish.  Another nice item.  And to bring us home, Marisol is going to review two more items.

Marisol:  Thank you, Rowan.  Here are more baked goods.  The cupcakes stay in the pan. Such a loss because they look delicious.  Another loss is that this lid doesn't come off the cake stand.  That's not how the photo looked on the website.  I think we may need to complain about that and see if we need a replacement.  Why keep that cake from being eaten?  Well, we have come to the end of our review. We hope you found it useful if you're considering adding any of these to your own collection.  On behalf of Rowan, myself and Miss Jaye, thank you for stopping by.


  1. Wow, this is a really nice set. I am glad you reviewed them because we can see how the sizes of the items work for 1:6 scale. I was LMAO at the chatter with Tasha and Lisa. You put them right in their places! Well, especially Tasha. Lisa was a lot more compliant that Tasha!

    1. Hi, Phyllis. I'm glad this helped you. Tasha is something else.

  2. This set is nice! I went looking for it last week. Target sent me a $5 off and I have been anxious to use it. Lol! I am happy that you reviewed it so that we could see the scale. I definitely want this one.

    Tasha is hilarious!! She was ready to shut them down. Lol!

    1. Hi, Georgia Girl. Good reason to use your $5.

      Tasha is...interesting. LOL!

  3. Now that's a great set! So many good pieces and in realistic colors too.

    1. Hi, Muff. I love the color. I may have to make a kitchen around it. Ooo! I think I know where to put them!

  4. I recently bought that set too, and was going to review it, but my doll area is still mildly chaotic. So that's how the butter dish is supposed to look, huh? My butter is stuck inside the lid. Also, the carton of eggs looks much nicer on the box than what you actually get. On the box the shape looks like actual brown eggs. What you actually get reminds me of those candies that were little dots on paper. And yeah, that milk bottle is laughably small.

    1. It's nice, isn't it? I wish that dome on the cake would come off.

  5. Jaye, I'm such a sucker for little stuff like this. My goodness, your girls COULD do a cooking show!!! Or maybe a dolly version of the Today show complete with cooking segments and fashion segments. (It doesn't take much to get me started). This was so much fun!

    1. That is such a cool idea! Some do need jobs. Hmmm....


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