Friday, September 2, 2016

Avery In a Daze

It's after 8 PM on Wednesday night and Avery had to work late to assist on a big case at her law firm.  It was all hands on deck.  She did pretty good making it through the day, despite having other things on her mind.  Fortunately, Craig had an early shift and was able to pick up Aviana from daycare.  He fed her and put her to bed. 

Avery stands between the living room and kitchen area, just staring into space.  She knows Parker isn't home or he'd be on the sofa.  He'll be moving out soon, but he's just waiting for his new roommate to get the room ready.

Avery sets her purse down along with the bag from the store where she stopped on the way home.  She normally takes her handbag into her bedroom, but she wants to check on Aviana first.  She'll take it with her once she goes into the bedroom.

Avery goes into Aviana's room, but she doesn't turn on the light.  She kisses her then looks around the room.  It's also surprisingly clean.  Craig did a good job with helping Aviana clean up.  Avery just stands and looks at Aviana for a while and then thinks for a few minutes before heading to her room to say hello to Craig.

Avery opens the door, but doesn't turn on the light.  Craig is watching television, but turns to speak to Avery when she pokes her head in.

Craig: Hey, Babe.  I'm glad you're home. 
Avery:  Hi, Honey.  I see Parker's not home yet.
Craig:  No.  He said he was going out with some guys to the bar.  He's watching the game there.  I'm watching it here.  Care to join me?
Avery (slightly paying attention): Umm...maybe.  I'll be back.  I have to use the bathroom.
Craig:  Okay.  I'll be right here.

Avery heads back out to the kitchen and grabs her handbag and the bag from the store.  She sets her handbag down on the shelf outside of the bedroom, goes to the bathroom and closes the door.  She needs a minute, so she sits down on the toilet with the lid down. The she opens the bag and reaches in to pull out the contents.

Avery doesn't have to read the instructions, but she sits with the box in her hand for a few seconds.  Her mind is racing. She decides she needs to go ahead and take the test.  So she pulls one out, throws away the wrapper and stands up.

With the test in her hand, Avery stares out the bathroom window.  She is anxious and nervous.  She doesn't want to get her hopes up, but she's late and while she hasn't had signs of morning sickness, she still thinks it's possible she's pregnant.

Avery finally takes the test.  She sets the test on the sink, pulls her pants up, washes and dries her hands and waits.  It shouldn't take long, but the seconds seem like hours.

As Avery waits, she can't help but feel she'll be disappointed if the test is negative, but at the same time, she knows she'll get over it.  She remembers how it felt when she found out she was pregnant with Avery.  It was surreal. 

Finally the answer appears and Avery picks up the test.  For some reason she feels she needs to touch it to make it real.

There they are - two blue lines!  Avery is excited!  So excited, she can hardly wait to tell Craig.  But she just needs a minute to take it in before doing so.  She's going to have another child.  What will it be - a boy or a girl?  Should she still work?  Will they need to move to a bigger place?  So many questions are running through her mind. 

Once she accepts there won't be any answers tonight, she throws the test away, washes her hands again and heads for the bedroom to tell Craig.

Avery enters the room and tells Craig she has something important to tell him.  Craig reaches to her and pulls her close.  He figures it must be serious.

Craig:  Okay.  Whatever it is, I can take it.  What's wrong?
Avery:  Nothing.  Nothing's wrong.  I...I'm pregnant.

Craig looks at her and a big grin comes across his face. 

Craig: Really?  That's great news!  We're having another baby. 
Avery:  I'm glad you're happy.
Craig: Of course I'm happy.  Why wouldn't I be?  Come here.

Craig wants Avery closer to his face.

Craig: This is now in the top three of the best things that have ever happened to me.  All equally wonderful.
Avery:  What are the other two?
Craig:  The day you said 'I do' and the day you told me we were having Aviana.
Avery:  That's so sweet. I love you.
Craig:  I love you too, Ave.  Now get those clothes off and get in the bed so we can talk while we cuddle.
Avery:  Okay.

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  1. Congrats to Avery and Craig on the new baby! Such exciting news.

    1. Craig and Avery say 'thank you.' They are excited. So much to do - shopping, deciding on a name, etc.

  2. With the addition of a new baby, it's a good thing Parker is moving out lol! I can't wait to see if it's a boy or a girl, but that will be a few months.

    1. You're right. Parker will be gone shortly. I wonder if Craig and Avery want to know ahead of time. We'll see.

  3. Hunty, you'd think it was me taking the test😁 I wanted her to be pregnant......yeah!!! I'm looking forward to following their progress.

  4. You can really set a mood! It started out somber and reflective and you could feel her anxiety. Well done.

    1. Thank you so much, Muff! That's what I was going for. Mission accomplished!

  5. Yay!! A new baby! Congratulations Craig and Avery!! Ooh, you get to create a nursery. That is going to be so nice and fun! I wonder if it will be a boy. Great photo story! As always, I love your attention to details!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. Watching them get the baby stuff together will be so cool. I can hardly wait. But, I am a little happy we have time, because the holidays are coming, Dani needs to open shop and people still need to show where they live.

  6. I love it and congrats to Avery and Craig! I know there very excited!!! Much love

    1. Hi, Barbiefan. They are excited! I just love the anticipation of a new baby.

  7. Congrats to Avery and Craig! Will be fun to see Aviana's and Parker's reactions.

    Love the green kitchen.

    1. Avery and Craig said 'thank you.' I agree. It will be interesting to see how Aviana and Parker react.

      Thank you about the kitchen. For some reason, I really wanted to make a green kitchen, although I'd never have one myself in real life. LOL!


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