Sunday, September 11, 2016

Some Busy People - Update One

There's lots going on with the residents (one of these days I'll actually name where people live).  It's a lot to get into one post, but I'll spend a few posts catching you up.  Right now, we'll see how a few things are going with some and catch up with others soon.  

Let's start with Parker, who is at Dani's soon to be opened bridal salon location.  The designs are not ready yet, but he does need to check on some structural items to help Carly with a few design suggestions and so he can advise her on what can and cannot be changed or added.  He has brought a couple members of his team. You have already met Howard Smith, who he has been working with for a while now.  He recently hired an apprentice out of a construction program at a local technical school, Dylan Morrison.  Parker would like to hire apprentices when he can for a few reasons.  He thinks it's a great way to help someone new learn the ropes, he can teach him how he likes to work since there are no habits to break, and it saves him a little money until it's time to start giving increases.  

Parker:  This should be easy and not take long.  Dylan, I just need you to stick with Howard while he looks for posts and joints, and checks spacing and measurements.  Take down the notes.  I'll need you to take some notes from me too, but let's start with Howard while I figure out how we can get a picture window in here.
Dylan:  Okay, Boss.
Parker (laughing):  I keep telling you not to call me that.  It may be my company, but we work as a team.  Call me Parker, okay?
Dylan:  I'm going to get used to it one day.  I'm sorry.  I mean, you are the boss, but I won't keep calling you that.  I'm sorry.
Parker:  It's okay.  I just want you to know you're a part of the team.
Howard:  That window is going to take some work.
Parker:  I know, but we can do it.

Howard has Dylan follow him to a wall to take a look. It's the wall attached to the building next door, so they have be careful.

Dylan:  So using the hammer will help you figure out where the studs are?
Howard:  Yes.  We can use an electronic stud finder, but I'm a little old fashioned.  I've been using this hammer technique for a while and it hasn't failed me yet.
Dylan:  We use the stud finder in school.  I have to learn the hammer technique.  I have an idea how it works but I'm more comfortable with the stud finder.
Howard (laughing):  You kids today.  All of those electronic items to rely on.  I didn't have those learning this trade and while I like some new things, when it's tried and true, I stick with it.

Howard and Dylan finish their assignment and head over to help Parker.

Howard (with a razor in his hand):  Should we try cutting through to take a look?  There's brick on the outside.  We're going to spend a little time on that install.
Parker:  No, let's not cut through right now.  If we cut in the wrong place, that's just another patch to set us back.  We have another pretty big and lucrative job coming up soon, so we don't want to waste time when we don't need to on the smaller jobs.
Howard:  Have you gauged the thickness?  
Parker:  Yes.  We'll be okay.  We'll power through it, save some of the full bricks that drop and add them back to solidify the window.

Well, it looks like Parker has a plan and his team working to get things done.  Speaking of Dani's bridal salon, let's see how Carly is doing with her first design job.  Henna's off visiting a client, which gave Carly the perfect time slot to have Dani come in and review some materials and color selections in Henna's office.  Dani's currently looking through some fabric options.

Carly:  A lot of the colors in that book are a little darker than you may be looking for, but the textures can give you an idea of what you may want to see.  
Dani:  I like some of these, but you're right, I really want to keep it light.
Carly:  I have several light options in your desired color scheme.  You wanted to see some white, cream and gold options, correct?
Dani:  Yes, I think they are inviting and would look really upscale.
Carly:  Let me grab the items I've pulled together and we'll go through them and see if any appeal to you.
Carly:  These are the flooring options I suggest.  Of course, the darker the color, the easier it can be with foot traffic.  The dirt, unless it's snowing and gets dusty, doesn't show so much during the day.  I'm sure you'll have cleaners coming in, but lighter floor colors require bleach sometimes or extra scrubbing.
Dani:  I figured as much.  How does Henna keep her white carpet so bright in here?  
Carly:  We have it shampooed every week, without fail.  It would be quite dirty if we didn't.
Dani:  I'll pick something that shouldn't be such an issue.

After Dani picks a flooring option, they move on to the next item.

Carly:  These are some very nice wallpaper options.  To get the design and texture you'd like, we have to go with wallpaper, not paint.
Dani:  Hmmm...I'm not so sure I'm sold on these.  The gold is okay, but maybe a little gaudy.  I look at it and think about Greek statues.  I don't think that represents me.  These other two, well, they aren't speaking to me.
Carly:  Okay.  I have some more for you and if none of these work, I'll find more options.  If those don't work, we can go to the showroom together.
Dani: I'm hoping you have something.  My time is limited right now.  I'm still working my full-time job until I absolutely have to resign.  I really want to pay as many bills and bank as much money as I can right now.
Carly:  I understand.  I'll keep pulling and presenting samples until you're happy with selections.
Dani: Thank you.

Carly removes the options in front of Dani and sets more in front of her.

Dani:  Oooo...I see some I really like.  I think we can work with these.
Carly:  Great!  But don't choose just because this is what we have.  If you're truly not happy, it's my job to find what you want.
Dani:  This is my dream business, believe me, I'll tell you if I don't like it.  
Carly:  Good.  I'm glad to hear that.  So what do you like?

Dani:  Well, I like a few. Can we make them work together?
Carly:  Absolutely.  Let's review what you like and I'll add them to the layout planning.  All of the walls don't have to be the same.  We can make them look really good and tie them together.
Dani:  Yes!  I like...

Dani shows Carly what she likes and Carly makes a note of the selections so far.  She'll need to get a quote of how much will be needed of each and bring them in within budget.  The it's on to fabrics.  Carly sets some fabric options in front of Dani and then starts making some notes while Dani looks.

Dani:  These are nice.  If I go light, how will that work with keeping things clean.
Carly:  So many of these come with stain guard and I would recommend a good cleaning with the application of stain guard on a regular schedule.  It works wonders.
Dani:  Oh!  That sounds good.  This one is a little dark, but these others are pretty nice.  I do see some things I'd like. 
Carly:  I'm glad.  Which ones would you like to consider?

Dani and Carly review the selections and schedule a follow up meeting.  That bridal salon will be up and running soon.  It's so exciting.

Last, but not least, Ember is interviewing the sitter Cyann uses on occasion, Elaina Jergen. Ember phone screened her first for about an hour.  That went well, so she decided to invite her over for a face to face meeting.  Ember also invited her aunt, Tandra, over to interview with her. Although Cyann, who she trusts, recommended her she thought it would be good to have another opinion.  They have been conversing for a while, but I think we can catch the tail end of the meeting.

Please note that I take no responsibility for Aunt Tandra's outfit.  That woman just does what she wants.

Ember:  I know we discussed my schedule needs being a little sporadic right now, but I do want to have a set schedule as much as possible.  That will allow me to plan business meetings better.  I get her off to school each morning, but she'll need to be picked up after school.  In some cases an easy dinner provided.  There are some overnights, although not really often right now.  I will give you a schedule ahead of time.  I do have some back up options, like Cyann, but I really want someone who can be here with Erwyn.
Elaina:  It's not a problem at all.  I'm very flexible.  I just need notice.  Sometimes I can come in an emergency, but I do want to plan around working too.  
Ember:  Good.  I can work with that.

Tandra (with her strong Brazilian accent): And what about your own children?  Will you have some?
Elaina:  Oh, my, yes.  I am looking forward to having my own.  But until then, I treat the children I take care of as if they were my own.  I mean, I care about them and try to nurture them.  I know they are not mine, but if I treat them well, they won't miss their own parents so much.
Tandra:  So you will not try to run off with them.  Joo know, kidnap.
Ember:  Aunt Tandra!
Tandra:  I'm just asking.

Elaina:  It's okay.  You have to be very careful about that nowadays.  In fact, when I baby sit, I like to remind the children that they don't go with strangers and what to do to keep being safe.  It's important.  My parents taught me and I teach others.  That was a good question.
Ember:  I appreciate that, but please forgive my aunt anyway.  She can be a little brutal some times.
Tandra:  I believe the English word for that is honest.  I am just being honest.
Ember:  Uhuh.  So, Elaina, do you have any questions?

Elaina:  I believe that during our phone conversation and today's conversation, you have provided lots of information and answered my questions, save one.  Do you think I could be the right sitter for you?
Ember:  I like what I've heard about you and, based on our interaction today, I'd like to give you a try and, hopefully, things will pan out.  Let's start slow and build up.  You still will need to meet Erwyn, who, by the way, I need to pick up soon.
Elaina:  I'm glad you will give me a try.  You won't be disappointed, I promise.  If there is anything you need me to do or change, please let me know.  

Tandra:  It is good you will give it a try.  I like her too.
Elaina:  Thank you very much.
Tandra:  I hope you do well.  Ember needs some help.
Elaina:  Don't worry.  I promise I will do my best.  I love children and I'm looking forward to meeting Erwyn.  I hope she'll like me too.  I think she will when she sees how fun I can be.
Ember:  Okay.  Can you come back Thursday at 3:30 and meet Erwyn.  You can stay and spend some time with her while I'm working.  Of course I'll pay you. We'll also discuss your immediate schedule for the next couple of weeks.  
Elaina:  I can do that.

Ember stands up to end the meeting and walk Elaina to the door.  Elaina stands up too.

Elaina:  Thank you again.  I'll be here on time if not early Thursday.  
Ember:  I'm looking forward to seeing you again.  Erwyn will be too.

They shake hands and Ember walks Elaina to the door.

Stayed tuned for more updates soon.

As always, thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Yay!! The bridal salon is coming together. I am so excited for Dani! I know that it will be so nice! Henna's office looks really nice. I don't think I realized that the floor was also white.

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. I don't know what agenda was thinking when she chose white carpet, it does look good...when it's clean.

  2. Lots going on in your community. Love all the details like the tools and swatches.

    1. Thank, Muff. I have a couple of other tools for the guys to work with. They need to get to work with using them. There's building to be done.

  3. I really like Elaina. She seems like a lot of fun and good with kids. Hope she works out for Ember, especially with her modeling agency picking up.

    1. Hi! Elaina is a good sitter. I think Ember and Erwyn will be happy with her.


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