Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some Busy People - Update Two

We're still checking in on some residents to see what they're up to.  Parker has moved in with his roommate, Jun Kito, who just purchased a condo.  Jun is updating the condo to suite his taste, but they are living there as Jun works on it.  He's fortunate to have Parker living with him now to help out when he has time, but he's not depending on him to get it done.

It's Parker's first week of being there and Jun thought it would be nice for them to go out to eat and get to know each other.  They are at Color Burst enjoying a beer while they wait for their food to arrive.

Jun:  So I like having some get togethers sometimes.  I'll let you know and maybe you can invite a few friends over too.  I like to keep it small so things don't get out of hand, but I do like my social life.
Parker:  That's fine with me.  I don't know a lot of people, but it would be nice to meet some of your friends.  If I don't feel like attending, I can just stay in my room.  It's not a problem.
Jun:  Okay.  That's good to know.  If you're in your room, I'll respect that. 
Parker:  Thank you.  I'll try not to be too much of a party pooper.

Meanwhile, at the other table, Marcel Peters is sitting with his mother, Samantha Foster, chatting while they wait for his girlfriend, Jadyn Garrett, to arrive.

Samantha:  I'm so glad you invited me to dinner.  Other than hanging with my girlfriends, I barely get out.  I mean, we have our card nights and such, but eating out, well, it can be expensive.
Marcel:  Well, I'm glad I can do things for you.  You deserve it.
Samantha:  I don't know how I raised such a lovely son all on my own.
Marcel:  Mom, Dad is around and has been raising me too.
Samantha:  Maybe, but not really.  I mean, you lived with me and visited him.  That doesn't count.
Marcel:  Yes, it does.  That's as good as it can get when you weren't together.
Samantha:  Hmm...Maybe...(looking across the restaurant) Oh, there's Jadyn now.

Marcel turns to look and then stands up to greet Jadyn when she arrives.

Marcel (whispering):  Hey, Baby.  I'm glad to see you.
Jadyn:  I'm glad to see you too.  
Marcel:  You look hot tonight.  I like it.
Jadyn (giggling):  Thank you.
Marcel:  I ordered you a drink already.  I know what you like.
Jadyn:  Okay.  Thanks.

Marcel lets Jadyn go so she can greet his mother.  They exchange a hug and then Marcel helps Jadyn onto her chair and sits down himself.

Samantha:  Honey, you look wonderful in that outfit.  I wish I could still dress like that. Those days are long over.
Jadyn:  I think you can still wear some very nice things.  This may be a little young for you to wear, but that's just because of society, not because you can't look good in it.
Samantha:  Aren't you sweet?  You're still the best girlfriend my baby has ever had.  He'd better hold on to you.  Even if he doesn't, I will.  
Marcel:  I'm not letting go, Mom.  You...

The waitress returns with the drinks and takes their food order.

Jun:  I love the food here.  They always mix up the menu.  I guess it's part of keep things 'colorful,' huh?
Parker:  I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense.
Jun:  So I like to have ladies over too.  I have to warn you I'm not seeing just one woman.  I'm not ready yet for that.  I mean, they all know, but don't be surprised if you see me entertaining a variety.
Parker:  It's not my business.  You're single and can do what you want.  Of course, I hope none of them are the violent jealous type.  Are they?
Jun:  No.  I make it very clear what my purpose is when I'm rapping to someone.  They know they are not the only crayon I color with.  They need to know I like variety. Hey, what about you?  Do you mix it up or do you have a special lady?
Parker:  Right now, there's no one.  But I don't like to mix it up.  I'm not one to juggle like that.  I don't like drama.
Jun:  Yeah, I get that.  It's cool.

Samantha:  So back to what's going on with you two.  Do I hear wedding bells followed by some little ones.  I mean, I don't want to be called Grandmom, but since my baby making days are over, I need some little ones to hold.  I'm sure you'll have some beautiful babies together.
Marcel:  Mom, we're taking our time.  We've only been dating for close to a year.  We don't need to rush.
Samantha:  Well don't take too long.  Ladies like to have commitment.  They need it.  Just like I should have demanded it from your father.  (to Jadyn) Sweethear, don't let the babies come without the 'I do.'
Jadyn (laughing):  Okay, I won't.  

Samantha:  You two are such a cute couple.  His father and I were a cute couple too.  
Jadyn: I'm sure you were.  You made a cute baby who turned out to be a handsome man.
Samantha (reaching for her cell phone):  Hey, let me show you a photo of us when I was younger and prettier.
Jadyn:  You have a photo of you both in your phone?
Samantha:  Yes.  Well, they were paper photos and I took photos of those photo with my phone.  I can't help it.  I reminisce.  Richard is quite a looker.  So handsome.

Marcel is shaking his head as his mother pulls up the photos and shows them to Jadyn.

Meanwhile, at the other table...

Jun:  I've been thinking about having some regular football party days once per month.  You know, chill with the guys, have some hot wings.  What do you think about doing something like that. Of course, people will have to be careful about staining my new furniture, but I haven't had issues yet.
Parker:  That would be nice.  I sometimes go with my brother-in-law to a friend's house to catch the game. It's be nice be at home watching it with some guys.  I can have them come over.  
Jun:  Cool, we can do that.  Oh, and the Superbowl party is a given.

Jadyn:  Those are some lovely photos.  You did make a cute couple.
Samantha:  Uhuh.  It's so sad that he moved on to that big headed cow he married.  She swears she's won something.  Little does she know I still have occasional rehash moments with him.
Jadyn:  Oh my!
Marcel:  Mom, I thought we talked about this.  I don't like it when you do that.  
Samantha:  Okay, but I have to say the only thing good that came out of that is your half-sister, .  She's beautiful.  I'm so surprised considering her mother isn't pretty.
Marcel:  Sasha is my sister.  Kenya is my step-mother and I love them both.  Can you leave it alone, please?
Jadyn (trying to change the subject): Marcel, didn't you tell me something about the possibility of getting a promotion at work?  How's that coming along?

Samantha frowns, but then decides to listen to Marcel talk about his job.

Jun:  We'll have to coordinate schedules for shopping.  I hate having to mark food with who bought what.  My last roommate was all about that.  It drove me crazy.  We can just shop together and if you have anything special out of that, I can respect that, but for the most part, I'm hoping you're okay with community food.  I won't take advantage.
Parker:  That's good.  I think that will work out best too.  The weekend is the best time for me.  We can play it by ear each month, but be sure to do it.
Jun:  That'll work.

At the other table, the food has arrived.

Samantha:  This looks delicious.  Honey, that salad looks good.  Do you want to try some of what I have?
Marcel:  Thanks, but no.  I've had a lot  to eat today, so I'm keeping it light tonight.
Jadyn:  That salad does look good, but a burger has been calling me for days.  Tonight's the night I answer.
Samantha:  Aww.  You enjoy it, Sweetheart.  I'm so happy to be able to enjoy dinner with you both.

Jun:  Here we are, halfway through the meal and we have yet to toast to being roommates.  So, I'm proposing a toast to the beginning of a new friendship and smooth living.
Parker:  I'll toast to that.  Cheers!

Isn't Parker's new roommate good looking?  Well, maybe you could see how good looking if he cut his hair.  I can't wait to see the condo.  I hope they hurry up and finish it.

Thanks for stopping by.  ~ Jaye


  1. Dang, Samantha had her claws out, didn't she? Is she going to point them at Jadyn?

  2. She sure did, Barb. She loves Jadyn, so she'll be fine. She has an issue with Marcel's father not marrying her and marrying someone else. Her issues are focused on one thing.

  3. Wow, your little doll world has some messed up mamas lol! I think Marcel's mom needs to schedule an appointment with that relationship counselor.

    Jun is cute, but he seems like a player. He and Parker seem to be getting along, but I can see how Jun's social life may start to get to Parker after a while. We'll have to see, though.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. You're right, a couple have issues. I don't know if Samantha would go. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

      Jun is cute and he is pretty forward about his intentions, which is good. No misleading.

  4. Ohhh, Samantha is airing out the dirty laundry in front of Jadyn! She seems to be starved for companionship. She was giving a bit too much information! She won't be able to move on to new relationships until she gets over Richard.

    Oh, and Parker's roommate is VERY good looking! Sounds like a fun guy too! Hope Jun and Parker get along well as roommates. Good that they are discussing things ahead of time. Can't wait to see their condo!

    1. Hi, Phyllis. Samantha sure is too forward and needs to move on. And Jun is fun. I hope he and Parker can co-exist. It looks like they're working thing out to be on the same page about expectations.

  5. Jun is a major playa! Lol! Well I guess the great thing is that he is stringing any of them along. My favorite line is "they know they are not the only crayon I color with". I love it! Lol! Parker seems like the total opposites, supposedly opposites does attract.

    That Samantha is a piece of work. She seems to say whatever comes up! Lol! Great story! Looking forward to seeing the condo. I know it will be awesome!!

    1. He sure is, Georgia Girl. That is a pretty cool line, right?

      Samantha could use some help. She really needs to cut it out.

  6. Samantha is a trip! She is not shy about voicing her opinion or her laundry.

    Jun and Parker seem like odd roommates, but opposites attract sometimes.

    1. I know, Muff. And it's some dirty laundry she's airing too. SMH!

      It just hit me, I do hope they're not 'The Odd Couple.' LOL!


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