Monday, October 10, 2016

On the Way to Evening Networking

Ember is getting ready to go out for the evening.  One of Syren's clients, Reds', is hosting an event suggested by Syren to build their business. Syren suggested Ember accompany her for the opportunity to network and just get her out socially. 

Elaina, Ember's new babysitter, has arrived and is downstairs keeping Erwyn company.  Although she's almost ready to go, Ember is upstairs working on finishing touches - accessories.

Ember (to herself):  Maybe I'll skip the bracelet tonight.  I need earrings.  But this bracelet would look good.  Not sure.  Hmm...

Ember chooses earrings as soon as she starts putting them on, the phone rings.  So she quickly finishes popping in the earrings and has a seat to take the call while she considers what handbag to take.

Ember: Hi, Henna.  What's going on?..I'm on my way out...Syren has an event with a client. I'm not sure who'll be there. I'm not even sure there will be possible clients, but who knows?...You have a client for me? Who?...Oh, yes, I remember Zavier, but not his wife...Oh!  That's so nice, a bridal salon.  Well, the girls haven't done runway yet, just catalog.  But this isn't quite that type, right?  Do you know the budget?...I guess I can meet with her, but it doesn't sound like I can help her...Consultant, instead?...We'll see.  But I really need to get going.  I don't want to be late.

Ember:  Yes, we can talk tomorrow...When is she coming back?...Is she staying with you again?...Really, long-term housing.  Well, that's good, but I wonder why...Well, I can see that.  She will have her own space if she's staying as long as last time...Thanksgiving where?...Okay.  Well, I do have to go.  We can talk tomorrow when I have more time, okay?...Okay, good night.

Ember grabs a bag and then heads downstairs.  In the meantime, Elaina and Erwyn are going over their plans.

Elaina:  After we color, we can play some jacks. I'm going to teach you.  It's fun.  Oh and if we still have time, we can play Old Maid.
Erwyn:  I know that game. I play it with Brenna and my Uncle Grayson sometimes.  He says we set him up and he loses.  He's funny. 
Elaina:  Yes, Mr. Matthews is funny.  Your mother said you had dinner already, but we can have a snack too a while before you go to bed.  Yummy, right?
Erwyn:  Right! 

Ember walks in. 

Ember:  Did I hear something about a snack?  I'm sorry I'm going to miss that.
Erwyn:  Sorry, Mommy. 
Ember:  It's okay.  I have to do some work tonight so we can still afford more snacks. 
Elaina:  I hope you enjoy your evening, Miss Ember.
Ember:  I keep telling you that you can call me Ember, but I guess I'll let you get around to it.
Elaina:  I don't think I can call you that.  But thank you for the offer.
Ember:  Remember, bed time at 9:00. 
Erwyn:  Okay.  Bye, Mommy.
Elaina:  We won't forget.  Have a good time.

Ember heads out to meet Syren at Reds'.

 At Reds' the invited business people are mixing and mingling.

Ember:  This place is pretty nice, Sy.  So your client owns this place and is trying to build up clients?
Syren: Yes.  It's a good idea to have business people network with other people here so they can feel like they are getting more out of coming than just seeing the place.  They make contacts this evening and, hopefully, want to come back for their own events. 
Ember:  Who owns this place?
Syren:  Azalia Lucas and Giavanna Rossi.  And, as you can imagine by the name, they are both redheads.  Azalia, who is also called 'Zi Zi' or 'Zale', is the curly haired red head behind the bar right now. 

Ember: That's an interesting bar.  There's no sink, no refrigerator and no ice. 
Syren:  That's because they actually have a bartender who mixes up the drinks in the kitchen, but they can either top off a few things with liquor out here or mix something quick if the customer doesn't want ice.  They do bring out ice sometimes and  they may have a bucket of wine on ice at times.  The food comes out of the kitchen. 
Ember:  That's convenient.
Syren: What's even more interesting is that you can't order food.  They have a menu from which they serve each evening and they come around with a tray of each item, butler style, and you can just grab what you want.  That's why there's a pretty hefty cost to get in, but totally worth it because you don't have to keep purchasing drinks and food. It's included.

Dominic (to the lady on the bench):  So if you're ever interested in having an event at Select Spaces, drop by and get a tour.  It may be better if you call so you can see an empty space, but I can show you what we offer.
Lady:  That's such a cool concept.  I think I will stop by.  I may want to use a space.
Azalia:  That is a cool concept.
Dominic:  Thank you.  I like this set up here too, especially your selecting your own menu and not having to worry about what people want to order. That makes purchasing so much easier.
Azalia (laughing):  We don't have the patience or the time to cater to different menu options.

Azalia looks up and sees Syren and Ember.

Azalia:  Hi!  I'm so glad you made it.  (to the other two people) This is our marketing mastermind, Syren.  This event was her idea.
Syren:  Hi, Azalia.  It looks like you have a good turn out, and the evening just started.  It can only get better.
Dominic:  It's a nice event.  Do I know you?  I swear you look familiar. 
Syren:  I'm not sure, we may have met.

Dominic:  I own Select Spaces.  Have you ever been there?
Ember:  That's it!  Yes!  Our sister, Henna, designed for you.
Dominic:  That explains it.  How is Henna? 
Syren: She's doing very well.  Thank you for asking.  I know Select Spaces is doing well.
Dominic:  Yes, I'm grateful.  Please be sure to stop by.  Please let me know when you do so I can be sure you get a little extra special treatment.
Ember: I've been there a couple of times, but your space event planner set things up. 
Dominic:  Yes, she does a great job.  We have wonderful employees.
Syren:  You sure do, like my friend, Marlin.  She works for you.
Dominic:  You are really connected.  Marlin is one of my best employees.  

Syren (whispering to Ember):  Well, Sis, let's get to mixing and mingling.
Ember (laughing):  Okay then, let's get started.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I love the concepts you come up with for your places! This networking activity is a great idea for local businesses.

  2. Great event! Hopefully, Ember will be able to make some connections that will help with her agency. Love her outfit, too!

    1. Thank you, Champagne Star. Hopefully it does work out for the guests and the Gia and Zale.

  3. Wow, Jaye. I marvel over your attention to detail! Right down to the artwork on the walls and small items on the shelves! Love your rooms. The photography with its various angles is great.

    1. Thank you, April. I keep trying to work on my photography skills. It's nice to hear that the angles look good.

  4. I agree with April, your attention to details are totally awesome! I also love that you create they clothes. It shows that love goes into your post all around.

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. I do still buy some clothes, but I have all of this fabric sitting here (I have a buying issue) so I need to use it up.


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