Friday, November 25, 2016

Prepping for The Holiday Photos

Waverly:  Hi, Everyone and Happy Holidays!  I'm Waverly and I will be co-hosting this short holiday theme introduction.  This is such an exciting time of the year and we are looking forward to celebrating and enjoying every minute of it.  The fun, the parties, the shopping and the photos.  You may remember that last year the three of us were fortunate enough to take several photos to share with you.  We have a different theme this year, but we'll get to that in a minute.  First, my co-hosts would like to introduce themselves.

Taren:  Hi, I'm Taren.  I am so pleased to be here with you today to discuss the new theme.  It is going to be a good one, however, as Waverly said, we'll get to that in a minute.  Now let's meet our other co-host.

Song:  Hi, I'm Song.  It's been a whole year already, hasn't it?  I am so happy to be with my friends again for this year's holiday decorating.  It's going to be a good one and we hope you'll enjoy it.  Now, back to Waverly who will get us rolling today.
Waverly:  As you may recall, there were five of us last year and you may be wondering where Leera, our wonderful fashion designer is.  Leera has been busy this year and she may not have the opportunity to join us.  She has been consulting on some other lines, although her focus is mainly for the adult females around here.  We'd love for her to be here, but if she can't make it, we understand.  Now we do have our very talented camera professional, Dallas, here.  Dallas, can you please step over here for just a minute to say, 'hello?'

Dallas:  Sure I can.

Dallas:  Hello, Ladies.  I'm Dallas.
Taren:  Dallas, there may be men here too.  You can't leave them out.
Dallas:  But I'm interested in the ladies.  I'm still single, you know.
Taren:  Maybe, but this isn't the Love Connection, this is the Holiday Photo introduction, so you should address everyone.
Dallas (sighing):  Okay.

Dallas:  Hello, Ladies...and Gentlemen.  I'm Dallas and I'm happy to be the photographer again this year.  I'm here to wow you with my skills.  I do private shoots too for the ladies.  You may have seen my work this year with some of the models.  I'm very professional and I'm available for private...
Waverly (interrupting):  Dallas, we appreciate your taking a minute to step out here and say, 'hello.'  You're such a dear.  But we don't have much time, so maybe we should get back to what we're here for.  Okay?  Please?
Dallas (sounding disappointed):  Well, okay then. 
Song:  Thank you, Dallas. 

Waverly:  That board with the signs behind us is covering the work area.  It's almost finished and ready for us to get started.  We don't plan to start until December, so around the first the holiday photos will begin.  This year, we won't be in all or even most of the photos.  The residents are taking family photos this year.  This will serve a dual purpose since the photos will be used for reference on who's who around here.  We may not get every resident, but we will get lots of them. 
Song:  This is going to be so awesome.  Waverly, Taren and I are going to be administrative support staff.  That means we'll schedule appointments for the families, make sure they have the props they need and just help out with whatever needs to be done for lovely family photos.  Oh! We'll also be assisting with poses and things.  Dallas is a great photographer, but we'll be here to help him with his creativity.
Waverly:  That's right.  For most of the photos, you won't see us, but we'll be in the background helping out.  I think that pretty much wraps up what we're doing.  Did I forget anything?

Taren: I would like to add something.  In 2016, although we were all hopeful about it, we didn't get a chance to be seen in our lives.  But in 2017, there are some good things to come and you'll see more of us.  We're so excited about that.  I know I'm very happy with my life. I can hardly wait to be able to share it with you.
Waverly:  That's right, Taren.  Thanks for bringing that up. The good news is that we're definitely getting there and we just need to be a little more patient.
Song:  I agree.  It's been a while and it will pay off.  Patience is a virtue.
Voice from the side:  Did someone say patience?

Everyone turns to look.
Leera:  Hi, Guys! I'm sorry I'm late and I do appreciate your being patient and waiting for me.  I know I can't make it for most of the shoots due to my schedule, but I did want to make it here to see you all again and for the holiday photo theme introduction.  You all look great!
Waverly, Taren and Song:  Hi, Leera!
Dallas (from behind the camera):  Hi, Leera!
Taren:  We're glad you made it. Will you be making any fashions for the photos?
Leera:  Sadly, not for most.  Many of the residents have their own clothes they'd like to wear.  However, I've recently taken on the challenge of working on fashions for curvy ladies, so you'll see at least one fashion from me.  I'm going to widen my horizons and expand on my customer base.  I have to think big.  But I do provide something, I'll make sure you know and you can let out audience know.
Waverly:  Thanks for coming.  You can sit with me. I'll scoot over.

Leera sits down next to Waverly.
Waverly:  How have you been?  We need to catch up.  We're all going out to eat after this.  Can you join us?
Leera (laughing):  I'm doing very well.  Yes, we do need to catch up, so I will join you. I'm hungry.
Waverly:  Lots to talk about.  I'd love to hear more about your current lines and the new one.  Sounds interesting.
Leera: Oh, it is. 
Song:  I want to hear about it too.
Waverly:  We'll have time while we're eating.  For now, we need to wrap this up so we can go get our grub on.
Taren:  Isn't this wonderful?  The gang's all here. 
Waverly:  It sure is.  I'm in heaven. 
Song (speaking quietly to Leera):  Do you think at least the three of us can get something designed?  We'd really appreciate it.
Leera (speaking quietly):  I'll see what I can do.  No promises, but I love you guys, so I may make that happen.
Song:  Okay.

Song:  Well, Everyone, that's it for our introduction of the Holiday Photo Theme.  Stay tuned!  On behalf of myself, Taren, Dallas, Waverly, Leera and Miss Jaye, thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve

It's Thanksgiving Eve, after 9 PM and some of the residents are winding down for the evening.  I thought we'd just check out what some of them are up to.

Ember takes a nice bubble bath after getting Erwyn settled into bed for the evening.  It's so relaxing to sit and let soothing music play on her Ipad.

 Grayson and Brenna have fallen asleep on the sofa.

After her leisurely bath, Ember went to her bedroom where she sees she has missed a call from Parker.  She puts on her pajamas and then gives him a call.  Ember moves around a lot as she talks, so she'll be changing positions quite often.

Parker:  Hello, Ember.
Ember:  Hi, Parker.  I'm sorry I missed your call. 
Parker:  No problem.  I didn't mean to disturb you.  I understand you must have been busy.
Ember:  Well, I'm just settling down for the evening, so not busy any more.  How are you? 
Parker:  I'm well.  How are you this evening?
Ember:  Good.  So what's going on?
Parker:  Nothing important.  I just thought I would call and see how things are.
Ember:  My mother arrived today and not a minute too soon either.  She and Aunt Tandra are doing most of the cooking tomorrow.

Parker:  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.  Avery is cooking.  It just be the four of us, me, Avery, Craig and Aviana.  But I just heard from my father and he'll be here for Christmas, so that will be fun.
Ember:  That's so nice Avery is cooking.  It's also nice your father will be visiting. 
Parker:  Yes, I haven't seen him in a while. 
Ember:  Does Avery cook a huge meal?
Parker:  She cooks a small turkey, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, string beans and rolls.  We have desserts too, like pumpkin pie with ice cream.
Ember:  I love pie, but we normally have sweet potato pie, cheesecake, and anything else Syren grabs at the store.  She's usually assigned dessert.
Parker (laughing):  Are you implying she's not allowed to cook?

Ember:  She can cook alright, but not exactly as good as some of the rest of us.  She does have her specialties though. 
Parker:  Oh.  What is your specialty?
Ember:  Hmmm...Good question.  I make a mean potato salad, a requested macaroni salad and delicious deviled eggs.  Well, those are my normal contributions, although I'd do a great job with the greens and a few other things.  But when my mother or Aunt Tandra are around, you feel like a child again.  So you just get out of their way and contribute what they allow you to make.
Parker:  I guess you just get your assignment and that's it?
Ember:  Pretty much. 
Parker: Do you have any Thanksgiving Day traditions?

Ember:  We also watch the parade on tv.  Do you ever watch it?
Parker:  When I was younger we did.  But now I just wait for the football game to come on.  Avery doesn't exactly enjoy it, but she suffers through because Craig watches it too
Ember:  Poor Avery.  I hope you and Craig appreciate her sacrifice.
Parker:  We do.  We always clean up and do the dishes.  We also try to get her excited about what's going on, but that doesn't seem to work.  She'll bring out her laptop if she's really bored.  I think she starts her online shopping for Christmas.  It's pretty obvious when she starts asking questions.

Ember (giggling): Now shopping to pass the time is a great idea.  Smart woman.  Do you shop online?  It keeps stress to a minimum.
Parker:  Unfortunately, I'm that guy who isn't always sure what to buy, so I go to the store and the salespeople have to help me figure it out.  I get them to wrap for me too whenever possible. 
Ember:  I like shopping in person at the store, but online is pretty good.  You also need to research, especially for the best price. 

Parker:  I'm not sure if I'm ready for online shopping for Christmas yet.  I would have to know what I'm looking for first. 
Ember:  That would probably help. 
Parker:  Maybe this year you could go with me and help me shop.  It may go faster or, at the very least, I can get your opinion instead of driving the sales people crazy.
Ember (smiling):  I could do that.  Just let me know and I'll show you how to really a pro.
Parker:  I'd like that.

Ember:  I need to start giving some thought to what to buy this year, come to think of it. If I'm going to help you shop, I may as well pick up some things I need too.
Parker:  That's a good idea. 

Parker and Ember continue chatting.  Meanwhile, at the Hamilton's, Avery is having a snack. 

She had been in the bedroom with Craig watching TV, but she left the room only saying that she'd be back.  She couldn't make up her mind what to have, so she pulled out anything that looked good at the moment.   Craig realizes it's taking a while for Avery to come back to the bedroom, so he goes to check on her.

Craig:  Hey, Babe.  What are you doing?
Avery:  I was hungry so I'm having a snack and watching TV.  Were you waiting for me?
Craig: Sort of.  I mean, you don't have to watch TV with me, but I just wanted to be sure you're okay.  Especially after you were sick a little earlier.
Avery:  It comes with the territory.  Thank you for checking, but I'm fine.  Just hungry.
Craig (looking at the food and two drinks in front of her):  From the spread on the table, you look ravenous.

 Avery:  I know.  That's what it feels like.
Craig:  I know you have a bigger appetite right now, and I don't want to tell you what to do.  But you have to watch what you eat, Ave.  Just a little indulgence every so often.
Avery:  I know.

Craig:  Do you remember how upset you were when you held on to just ten pounds for a little while after Aviana was born?  I thought you looked just fine, but it bothered you a lot.  I don't want to see you go through that again.  So instead of going down that road again, maybe you  should try watching what you're eating right now.  I'm not saying don't eat, you can just make some better choices when you're this hungry.
Avery:  I know.  It doesn't help that I'm cooking a big dinner tomorrow either.  But, Honey, I'm just hungry right now and this is what I want.
Craig:  Okay.  I won't say anything else.

Craig walks over to the refrigerator.

Avery:  What are you doing, Craig?
Craig:  We're going through this pregnancy together, so I'm joining you.  If you end up gaining a little more and have to lose it, we can do it together.  Then you can't tell me I don't understand what you're going through.  We'll going to go through it together.
Avery (touching his back gently):  Thank you.  That's the sweetest thing you could say to me right now. 
Craig:  Mmm...I hope there are still some chips in that can.

Well, it looks like everyone is just waiting for Thanksgiving to arrive.  They have asked to not have dinner made public this year (it wasn't last year either), so we'll just let everyone enjoy the day off and time with family and friends.  We hope you will do the same.

Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Jaye and the Gang

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Getting the Low Down, the Day After

It's Sunday afternoon (the day after Parker's and Ember's first date) and Grayson is sitting in the living room playing his video game. Brooklyn is with him while Erwyn and Brenna are playing in Brenna's room.  Cyann has run out to pick up something on sale before the sale is over.  Ember is on her way over to pick up Erwyn.

Grayson:  Aw, Man!  Did you see that Brook?  Man, this thing is cheating.  Daddy's better than that.

Brooklyn is talking, but it's baby babble. 

Brooklyn is happily playing with her newest toy, propped up by her bobby pillow since she can't sit up yet.  The door bell rings and Grayson quickly goes to get it so he can get back in the room.  He figures it has to be Ember.

It is Ember. Grayson invites her to come into the living room and let's her know Brooklyn is there waiting.  Ember heads to the living room followed by Grayson.  Grayson can see Brooklyn is still where he left her.  Ember can see the game up on the television.

Ember:  I'm sorry I'm interrupting your game.  Is Erwyn ready?
Grayson:  I know she's dressed and most likely ready to go when you are.    But, as you can see from the missing car, Cyann ran out to the store.  She should be back any minute and I'm under strict orders not to let you leave.
Ember (laughing):  Of course you are.  I wouldn't want to get you in any trouble., so I guess I'll have to wait.  We don't want you to feel the wrath of Cyann, now would we?
Grayson:  Hey, I'm not 'fraida her.
Ember (smirking) :  Really?  You sure about that?
Grayson (grinning):  Yeah, I'm the man 'round here.  But, hey, there's no need to tell her, let's just let her live in her delusion that she runs things.  It makes her happy.
Ember:  Sure, sure.  We wouldn't want to make her live in reality, now would we?

Grayson just laughs.  He asks Ember to have a seat, but on her way, she puts down her purse and gets on the floor to pick up Brooklyn.

Grayson:  So, I don't know why she needs to speak with you but she must either need to tell you something or it has something to do with your needing a sitter last night.
Ember:  It's about last night.
Grayson (smiling):  Oh!  Well, I don't know what you did last night, but it looks like you're in for some questioning then. 
Ember (grinning):  I'll say, but I'm prepared.  I knew it was coming.  By the way, the pajamas are cute.
Grayson:  Thanks.  

They hear the front door open and after a few seconds in walks Cyann.

Cyann:  Hey, Girl.  I knew you'd show up while I was gone.  I'm glad you're still here.
Ember:  I told you when I'd be here this morning and you risked missing me?
Cyann:  I know, but I had to go grab this while it was on sale. It's a Christmas present and I had to get it before stock ran out.

Ember:  It's okay.  Grayson did as you asked, he told me I had to stay.  It would have been funny though had I grabbed Erwyn and left.  But I had mercy on Grayson.  He shouldn't suffer for my actions.
Grayson: Not a big dealI would have been okay.
Cyann:  What did you say?
Grayson:  I said, "I'm glad I will be okay."  You know since Ember was nice enough to stay.

Ember and Cyann laugh.

Cyann:  I'm going to go put this away, I'll be right back and we can talk.

Grayson turns off his game and gets up to go turn off the television and put the controller back on the stand.

Grayson:  I guess I'll retire to my room for a while.  It was good seeing you.
Ember:  I'm sorry you're not able to finish your game. 
Grayson:  It's okay.  It was cheating anyway.  Besides, I know how it is when you ladies need to talk.  It's time to just get out of the way.  Besides, I get to store these times up to use for when I need the room for the guys and I to watch a game.  It's living room takeover credit.
Ember (smiling):  I like that term.  Good way to think of it.

Cyann returns as Grayson is leaving.  She stops him to thank him.

Cyann:  Thank you for understanding I need to talk to Ember alone, Honey.
Grayson:  No problem, Sweetheart.  Do your thing.  I'll be in the room.

Grayson heads to the bedroom while Cyann sits down.

Cyann:  Okay, Girl.  Let's just get right to it.  No detail is off the table.  Tell me everything.  How was it?  Where did you go?  Did you have a good time?  Did Parker have a good time?  If you think he did, how could you tell?  Did he say so?  And, most importantly, are you going to go out again?
Ember:  I'm sorry, are you sure that's your entire list of questions?  I wouldn't want you to forget anything.
Cyann:  For now that list will work.  I'm sure I'll have some follow up questions, but that's enough to get us started.  So what happened?

Ember:  Well, I will answer everything as succinctly as possible, but I'm not going into that many details.  Just the important overview. 
Cyann: Okay, I guess that will suffice.
Ember:  I had a great time.  Parker was a gentleman, as usual.  You know, we've had conversations before, but our conversation last night was different.  He was definitely more talkative and I could tell he was truly interested in sharing and listening. 
Cyann:  Really?
Ember: Yes.  We went to Artaste, a really nice restaurant with great service, delicious food and nice artwork.  Girl, I have to figure out how they make their gelatin with these flavored mandarins.  I would definitely eat there again.  Anyway, I enjoyed every minute of it.
Cyann:  Oooooo!  I love it.  What else?
Ember (spotting Erwyn and Brenna entering the room):  Hi, Girls. 
Erwyn:  Hi, Mommy.
Brenna:  Hi, Auntie Em.

Erwyn:  Is it time to go, Mommy?
Ember:  Soon, Honey, but you have a little while longer.  I'm catching up with Aunt Cyan for a little while.  Do you have your things together?
Erwyn: Yes.  All my stuff is in my bag.  Does that mean I can play some more?
Ember:  Sure, Honey.  I'll come get you when it's time to go. 

Erywn:  Mom, does Erwyn have to go home today?
Cyann:  Yes.  You both have school tomorrow. Maybe we can have her stay for a few days over the holiday when school is closed.  That will give Auntie Em some time to do some things she wants to do, like shop or other fun things. (Cyann looks up a Ember and winks.)

Ember just smiles and shakes her head.

Cyann:  You and Erwyn don't have much more time to play today, so you should probably go back to finish playing while we talk.  Okay?
Brenna:  Okay.  It's grown up mommy talk, right?  We'll go play. 

On their way out of the room, Brenna stops to let Erwyn know she knows why they can't stay in the room.

Brenna:  You know why we have to leave?  So they can talk about grown up mommy things?
Erwyn:  What's that?
Brenna: You know, like what to buy us for Christmas or new furniture or if we've been good all day.  I think sometimes they talk about tv shows too.
Erwyn:  Oh.  I think my mom talks about her work too sometimes.
Brenna:  Yeah!  When I'm a mom, I'm going to talk about that stuff too. 

Cyann (laughing to herself):  Okay, Girls.  (pretending she doesn't hear) I don't know what you're talking about, but your time to play is limited, so you'd better get going.

Erwyn and Brenna leave to go play.

Cyann:  Okay, they're gone.  Where were we?
Ember:  Well, I was telling you how great a time I had. 
Cyann:  I know.  So what else happened?
Ember:  Now I need you to remain calm when I tell you this. 
Cyann: Okay?
Ember:  When we were about to leave the restaurant, Parker kissed me. He really surprised me!

Cyann lets out a scream of joy. 

Cyann:  Now I'm surprised.  Parker is a gentleman, but he's also smooth, huh?

Brooklyn starts crying. 

Cyann (handing Ember the bottle sitting on the table):  She's probably thirsty. 

Cyann:  So, how was the kiss?  Can he kiss?
Ember (smiling while remember):  Yes, he can.  He absolutely can.  You know, I haven't felt like that in a very long time.  After...well, I didn't think I'd never date again, but I guess I never expected to feel so, well, excited about someone again.
Cyann:  I understand that and I'm glad you feel excited.  Remember, he's not a replacement, but he can be a fresh new chapter.  Do you see what I'm saying?
Ember:  Yes. 
Cyann: Good, just roll with it.

After having drank for a little while, Brooklyn starts whimpering and reaching for Cyann, so Cyann gets up to take her.

Cyann: So are you going to have another date?  I'm assuming the kiss was a good sign.
Ember:  Yep, we're going to go out again.  We're going to start talking and just see where we go.  No rush.
Cyann:  Yeah, no rush, but at some point, you'll need to figure out expectations on both your parts.  But you have time.
Ember:  Yes, we do have time, but I do think once we figure out if we want to keep seeing each other, we'll talk about it. 

Cyann:  What about Erwyn?
Ember:  Well, she won't know anything until quite some time from now and only if we even get to a point of wanting to get serious.
Cyann:  Good.  That's best.  I'm excited, but I'll keep my cool.  Gray doesn't even know.  It's just between us until you say it's okay to discuss.  But you do know that Gray could find out, right?
Ember:  How?
Cyann:  Craig and Parker come over to watch games sometimes.  Parker's the quiet type, so I don't know if he'll even say anything any time soon.  But he's still a guy hanging out with guys, so you never know.
Ember:  If he says something, I can't stop him.  But I will be honest with him about not wanting Erwyn to know anything.  We've crossed paths before while out and about, so I will need him to not make it obvious that something is going on if we see each pass each other and she's with me.
Cyann:  I'm sure he'll respect your wishes.

Ember:  Me too. I'm not going to get ahead of myself.  Again, no rush. Nice and slow.
Cyann:  I am sooooo happy!  This was the highlight of my week.  I'm glad you went out and had a good time.  I won't drive you crazy with update requests.  I'll just be cool, like an ice cube.
Ember:  Yeah, sure.  That works, but let's see how long that ice keeps from melting.


Avery's pregnancy has me on a kick (yes, I'm easily side tracked by the next big idea) to make maternity clothes and baby items.  That means working on designing the items and testing patterns.  So I made the Boppy pillow for Brooklyn just to include in the scene and test the pattern.  I may adjust the pattern just a little, but I am happy with the fit both for the baby and around mom's waist. 

Here's Cyann with Brooklyn on the pillow.  Although I'm not showing it, the Boppy is just the right height for breastfeeding.  I'm sure Avery (and other future new mommies around here) will appreciate that.

Here is Brooklyn with a better shot.  It supports her well. 

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Jaye

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Getting the Bridal Salon Ready

Dani was able to hire both Bailey Banks and Felice Hearns.  Both were excited about getting the offer and the opportunity to work with Dani in the bridal salon.  It's their first day at the salon and after getting them settled, Dani is ready to review the things that need to happen before the salon is up and running next week. 

Dani is excited and has planned out the week for them.  She's reviewing their week and her expectations.

Dani:  So, Ladies, there's so much to do before we open up the doors to the public next week, but between the three of us we can knock it out.  First, I will have lunch brought in today and tomorrow.  The refrigerator is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and there is a microwave in the storeroom slash back office, near where with refrigerator will be.  It's up to you if you want to bring your lunch or go get something to eat.  I do suggest you bring something to at least snack on during the day because you never know when it will get busy and you won't have time to get out as soon as you'd like.
Felice:  I love that there will be a refrigerator.  I'll bring myself some drinks, mostly water.
Dani:  Great idea.  Bring what you need.  There's a private powder room for us to use.  Please help keep it clean. 
Bailey:  Absolutely. 
Dani:  After you do your paperwork, we'll get started with putting out merchandise and setting up.  Tomorrow we'll work on process flow, greeting, client information, ordering, etcetera.  We'll also review customer service and some specific things I'd like to have happen with every customer, whether potential or active.  All week you I think it would be best if you dress casually, and on Monday, please wear business casual. 
Felice and Bailey:  Okay.
Dani:  So let's get started. Please work on the paperwork in the folders I will give you and then after you're done, we'll all tackle something to be displayed.  Okay?
Felice and Bailey:  Okay. 

Dani hands Bailey and Felice folders and pens and then leaves them to work on it while she sorts out what she'll have each of them do.

Bailey:  So what do you think so far?
Felice:  I think Dani seems pretty cool.  I like that I'll be here from the beginning to see how well this business does.  I know I'll have something to do with it's success, which I really like.
Bailey:  That's a nice way to think of it.  I hope business is booming in no time.  I think you and I will work well together as long as we communicate.
Felice:  That and respect are all I ask for.
Bailey:  That sounds fair enough.  You've got a deal.

Felice and Bailey complete their respective paperwork and give it to Dani.  Dani gives out the assignments and shows them what she'd like them to do.  While she has provided some direction on her vision, she has asked that they be creative if they can.

Bailey is working on one of the display units.  This one has shoes, panty hose and the wedding books.  Bailey also has to place stock in the bottom storage area so that they can pull from that stock instead of the shelf, which is mostly just for display.

Dani has a few decorative, and orderable items she has asked to be place on the display unit as well.

Felice works on the display with jewelry, handbags, gloves and garters.

Dani works on her mainstay, the dresses.  Since she started with refurbishing previously worn dresses, she still has a section for that and one for new dresses.  One day she may move to only new, but since she has built her very small business on previously owned dresses, she still has some stock and is hoping it can continue to draw in customers who are looking to save and understand that a previously owned gown can do that.  

Dani will also sell other bridal party gowns and prom gowns or other occasion gowns.  She hasn't figured out yet how to display them with limited space, but she will have a catalog and keep small stock in the back.

The computer is on the desk and set up, but the new computer needs to be removed from the box and set up.  Dani plans to be as paperless as possible, so this printer is important.

After 8 hours of hard work on everyone's part, the salon is ready to go.  So they can really concentrate on learning how to run daily operations the rest of the week.

Dani:  Everything looks wonderful!  I knew it would look this good when we were done. I'm sure we'll have changes and new products at some point, but this is a great start. 
Felice:  This is so exciting.  You have great vision.
Dani:  Thank you.  I don't know about great, but I hope customers will find it as lovely as I think it is.  You have both done an excellent job today.
Bailey:  How often do you think stock will be rotated.  Do you have any idea how many people could be interested in the first week?  Oh, and do you need us to do any marketing?
Dani (laughing):  I like that you are so motivated to do things.  Let's just get through the things I have planned this week and see where we go.

Felice:  I know you said you have some customer service items you'd like to review.  I was wondering if it would be okay if we share anything we've learned from past experience.
Dani:  Of course.  I'm not an expert, I just know what I like, so I'm open to listening to anything you'd like to share.  We're a team.
Felice:  Good.  I'm not trying to insist, but like you, I know what I've experienced and what led me to go back to a store.
Dani:  We'll talk about it then when we get to customer service.  Before we leave, we need to do just one more thing.  Get a gown on the display model at the window.  I've picked an unusual, but lovely gown to use first.

Dani goes to the storeroom and brings back the gown and matching veil for the window display.  Bailey and Felice help her put it on the mannequin.

Bailey:  I like it.  I don't know if I've ever seen a black wedding gown in a bridal salon window.
Felice:  Me neither. 
Dani:  I hope that's the same reaction we'll get from passersby.  I want them to see something beautiful and different and then be interested in coming in here.

The ladies wrap up for the day.  They had a long day and have another long day planned tomorrow, so they need to go get some rest.

They've left for the day, but before we leave the salon, let's take a look around.

This is the 'Something Old' Rack close to the store's entrance.  Dani wants brides to have to come in to get a good look at the new items.

The new dresses are at the back.  That is to get the customers to walk past and look at the other items available as they head to the back.

Full view (mostly)

A view more toward the front of the salon.
View of the middle of the salon.

The back of the salon.  The fitting rooms are to the right of the chairs.  Upon entering the fitting room area, there is another door which leads to the storeroom and powder room.

A view of one of the display units.

The other display unit.
Just a closer view.

The chairs people will sit in while the bride models gowns on that little stage.

Another angle.
Last inside angle (I know, lots of photos, but I didn't want to miss anything).

The street view of the salon.  See the gold curtain on the right leading to the dressing rooms?

Another street view shot.

Last street view shot.

Whew!  That took more time than I thought. Of course, it doesn't help that I kept stopping to make clothes or Reds'.  But I love that it's up and ready now. 

May dolly holidays make this season bright! ~ Jaye