Sunday, November 6, 2016

Clothes for Vedette & Her Evening Out (Musings of a Blogger)

I had another post all ready to go next, but then I spent the last couple of days working on clothes patterns.  I'm working on some so Avery can go shopping since she won't fit her own clothes soon.  That led to me thinking I'll have to make a 'Mommy and Me' or 'Mother and Baby Threads' or something like that store with maternity and baby clothes.  But I'll leave that for another time.

I also spent time working on adjusting patterns to fit the newest lady in the house, Vedette Draper, formerly known as Madam Lavinia.  Within her first week here, she not only got freed (while a few others are still waiting for freedom, but her husband came 'with' her to town too.  She, like me, wanted him to take those gloves off.  Thanks to Brenda/Brenova, I ordered several pairs of hands and now Vedette's man can hold her just like she wants.

I still have to adjust a shirt pattern or two and at least one more dress pattern, but Vedette has skirt, pants and a shirt pattern she can wear.  Here's the skirt and shirt I made first...

I love this combination of plaid and plain fabrics. I bought quite a few small squares of different plaids at the thrift store, so that means some more plaid items for the winter.  Several are already in production.  I love her haircut, but I have to get her hair to stop standing up on the ends (SMH!)

Then I made a decent pair of pants and a quick top to go with it.  Wade thought his wife looked sexy, so he was all to happy to take Vedette out on a date this evening.  I had to send Dallas out to catch some photos of them enjoying the evening.  He did a pretty good job.  See for yourself...

That fur coat keeping Vedette warm came from The Vogue HK.  It looks pretty good on her.  Wade is looking dapper as well in his Oxford dress shirt from My Sweet Doll Boutique on Etsy.

 Vedette took off the coat for a little while since Wade is keeping her pretty warm.

 They must be looking at something interesting.

 Wade tells an interesting story while Vedette listens intently. 

 Dallas asked for a pose and they obliged him.

It was almost time to go and Vedette lovingly thanked her husband for taking her out for the evening with a kiss.  Wade tells her the kiss is his lead into part two of the evening (we'll be passing on those shots).

One more pose before heading home for part two.

Vedette has a sexiness about her I need to be sure shows in how she dresses.  It will be a challenge because I know absolutely nothing about dressing sexy.  But Google is my friend and I will be consulting for tips.

Happy Fall and Dolly Days! ~ Jaye


  1. She is looking good and her husband is sooo handsome! I love this doll, BTW. I paired my Lavinia with the bald Tobias Alsford I got at the IT convention! They make one hot couple!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. Will we get to see your Lavinia and Tobias? I wanted that bald Tobias, but missed out the day extras of him were sold. I was 30 minutes late and he was gone!

  2. Love her outfits and her honey!

    1. Thanks, Ms. Leo. I like his serious, yet apparently loving demeanor.

  3. Beautiful couple! Great job on her outfits!! I am on the fence as whether or not to get her. I purchased multiple curvy girls for Curvy Girlz Inc. and have no plans to rebody them....especially not at that price. Lol! Looking forward to seeing more of this hot couple. Did you order your hands from Monkey Depot? I need a few pairs.

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. Yes, she is a little pricey and there was a time when spending that money meant I was buying a display doll, not a play doll. But then I discovered the IT lines and I've paid the same price for them and they get played with. I guess I've become cost number (up to $100), I'm not that far gone.

      I did get the hands from Monkey Depot.

      When will Curvy Girlz Inc. be up and running?


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