Sunday, November 13, 2016

Getting the Bridal Salon Ready

Dani was able to hire both Bailey Banks and Felice Hearns.  Both were excited about getting the offer and the opportunity to work with Dani in the bridal salon.  It's their first day at the salon and after getting them settled, Dani is ready to review the things that need to happen before the salon is up and running next week. 

Dani is excited and has planned out the week for them.  She's reviewing their week and her expectations.

Dani:  So, Ladies, there's so much to do before we open up the doors to the public next week, but between the three of us we can knock it out.  First, I will have lunch brought in today and tomorrow.  The refrigerator is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and there is a microwave in the storeroom slash back office, near where with refrigerator will be.  It's up to you if you want to bring your lunch or go get something to eat.  I do suggest you bring something to at least snack on during the day because you never know when it will get busy and you won't have time to get out as soon as you'd like.
Felice:  I love that there will be a refrigerator.  I'll bring myself some drinks, mostly water.
Dani:  Great idea.  Bring what you need.  There's a private powder room for us to use.  Please help keep it clean. 
Bailey:  Absolutely. 
Dani:  After you do your paperwork, we'll get started with putting out merchandise and setting up.  Tomorrow we'll work on process flow, greeting, client information, ordering, etcetera.  We'll also review customer service and some specific things I'd like to have happen with every customer, whether potential or active.  All week you I think it would be best if you dress casually, and on Monday, please wear business casual. 
Felice and Bailey:  Okay.
Dani:  So let's get started. Please work on the paperwork in the folders I will give you and then after you're done, we'll all tackle something to be displayed.  Okay?
Felice and Bailey:  Okay. 

Dani hands Bailey and Felice folders and pens and then leaves them to work on it while she sorts out what she'll have each of them do.

Bailey:  So what do you think so far?
Felice:  I think Dani seems pretty cool.  I like that I'll be here from the beginning to see how well this business does.  I know I'll have something to do with it's success, which I really like.
Bailey:  That's a nice way to think of it.  I hope business is booming in no time.  I think you and I will work well together as long as we communicate.
Felice:  That and respect are all I ask for.
Bailey:  That sounds fair enough.  You've got a deal.

Felice and Bailey complete their respective paperwork and give it to Dani.  Dani gives out the assignments and shows them what she'd like them to do.  While she has provided some direction on her vision, she has asked that they be creative if they can.

Bailey is working on one of the display units.  This one has shoes, panty hose and the wedding books.  Bailey also has to place stock in the bottom storage area so that they can pull from that stock instead of the shelf, which is mostly just for display.

Dani has a few decorative, and orderable items she has asked to be place on the display unit as well.

Felice works on the display with jewelry, handbags, gloves and garters.

Dani works on her mainstay, the dresses.  Since she started with refurbishing previously worn dresses, she still has a section for that and one for new dresses.  One day she may move to only new, but since she has built her very small business on previously owned dresses, she still has some stock and is hoping it can continue to draw in customers who are looking to save and understand that a previously owned gown can do that.  

Dani will also sell other bridal party gowns and prom gowns or other occasion gowns.  She hasn't figured out yet how to display them with limited space, but she will have a catalog and keep small stock in the back.

The computer is on the desk and set up, but the new computer needs to be removed from the box and set up.  Dani plans to be as paperless as possible, so this printer is important.

After 8 hours of hard work on everyone's part, the salon is ready to go.  So they can really concentrate on learning how to run daily operations the rest of the week.

Dani:  Everything looks wonderful!  I knew it would look this good when we were done. I'm sure we'll have changes and new products at some point, but this is a great start. 
Felice:  This is so exciting.  You have great vision.
Dani:  Thank you.  I don't know about great, but I hope customers will find it as lovely as I think it is.  You have both done an excellent job today.
Bailey:  How often do you think stock will be rotated.  Do you have any idea how many people could be interested in the first week?  Oh, and do you need us to do any marketing?
Dani (laughing):  I like that you are so motivated to do things.  Let's just get through the things I have planned this week and see where we go.

Felice:  I know you said you have some customer service items you'd like to review.  I was wondering if it would be okay if we share anything we've learned from past experience.
Dani:  Of course.  I'm not an expert, I just know what I like, so I'm open to listening to anything you'd like to share.  We're a team.
Felice:  Good.  I'm not trying to insist, but like you, I know what I've experienced and what led me to go back to a store.
Dani:  We'll talk about it then when we get to customer service.  Before we leave, we need to do just one more thing.  Get a gown on the display model at the window.  I've picked an unusual, but lovely gown to use first.

Dani goes to the storeroom and brings back the gown and matching veil for the window display.  Bailey and Felice help her put it on the mannequin.

Bailey:  I like it.  I don't know if I've ever seen a black wedding gown in a bridal salon window.
Felice:  Me neither. 
Dani:  I hope that's the same reaction we'll get from passersby.  I want them to see something beautiful and different and then be interested in coming in here.

The ladies wrap up for the day.  They had a long day and have another long day planned tomorrow, so they need to go get some rest.

They've left for the day, but before we leave the salon, let's take a look around.

This is the 'Something Old' Rack close to the store's entrance.  Dani wants brides to have to come in to get a good look at the new items.

The new dresses are at the back.  That is to get the customers to walk past and look at the other items available as they head to the back.

Full view (mostly)

A view more toward the front of the salon.
View of the middle of the salon.

The back of the salon.  The fitting rooms are to the right of the chairs.  Upon entering the fitting room area, there is another door which leads to the storeroom and powder room.

A view of one of the display units.

The other display unit.
Just a closer view.

The chairs people will sit in while the bride models gowns on that little stage.

Another angle.
Last inside angle (I know, lots of photos, but I didn't want to miss anything).

The street view of the salon.  See the gold curtain on the right leading to the dressing rooms?

Another street view shot.

Last street view shot.

Whew!  That took more time than I thought. Of course, it doesn't help that I kept stopping to make clothes or Reds'.  But I love that it's up and ready now. 

May dolly holidays make this season bright! ~ Jaye


  1. Wow, I love how the bridal salon turned out. All the little details really brings it all together and makes it look so real!

  2. Love it! You are really getting different shops and things set up quickly! You obviously have some good business knowledge as all of your business owners seem to be really on top of things. I wish Dani great success with her new venture.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I have always wanted to own my own business, so I've done a lot of research on things. Maybe one of these days I will, but until, I guess I have to live vicariously through my dolls.

  3. Jaye, everything looks totally awesome!! I love how the salon has turned out!!! Your attention to details are always on point. If business is based on presentation, Dani is sure to be successful! I want to piggy back off of Phyllis, your business is always on point. Awesome job!!! Now I need to go back for another look.

    1. Thank you! After all that money Zavier put out, Dani needs to start turning a profit as soon as possible. LOL! I'm glad you like it.

  4. Replies
    1. LOL! That show must be popular. Thank you, Barb!

  5. How exciting! Everything looks awesome. Everything is so realistic. Love the closeups of all the details. I wish Dani the best. She is off to a wonderful start.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! Dani thanks you and appreciates the support.


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