Friday, November 4, 2016

Parker's Short Visit with Avery

It's early evening on a Tuesday night and Dani is at the bridal shop talking to Parker about a few things that need to be wrapped up before the furniture is delivered and she can start setting up merchandise. 

Parker:  We'll get the pole up tomorrow.  The support piece I need should be here by then. 
Dani: Okay.  Are the light bulbs in yet?  I was playing with the switch, but nothing came on.
Parker:  Not yet, they are one of the last items to go in, but they'll be there when you need them. 
Dani:  Okay.  Good. I know how the racks should look when lit, but I'm just excited to see them in here all lit up.

Parker:  You should be excited.  You're almost ready to see your first customer.  This is a great time for you. 
Dani:  That's right, you know how it feels to get your own business up and running.
Parker:  I sure do.  It's like living your dream.  Plus this place is in a great location, so you should have lots of traffic.  While we've been working, people knock on the door to ask what type of store this will be.
Dani:  Darn it!  That reminds me I need to finally put up some coming soon signs and get to advertising.  I'll have to start on that tomorrow.

As they are chatting, Zavier, Dani's husband comes in.

Zavier:  Hi, Babe.  Hey, Man.  How are you?  This place is looking good. 
Dani:  Hi, Honey.
Parker:  Hi.  Thanks.  I wish I could take credit, but I just put in place someone else's plans.
Zavier:  But you make it look good.  When my wife talks about how great it looks every single day, you must be doing something right.  I appreciate it.
Parker:  You're welcome.

Zavier:  Do you have a lot more to do?
Parker:  No, we're almost wrapped up. I will probably pop in once in a while over the next few months just to be sure things are fine.  I don't expect any problems, but I do warranty my own work.
Dani:  It's great work and I'd love for you to stop in and check on things. 
Parker:  I will.  Well, I need to get going.  I'm getting hungry, but promised my sister I'd stop by to see her first.  The longer I take getting there, the more delayed my dinner will be.
Dani: I understand.  I need to set up for my interviews this evening anyway.  So it's good timing.
Zavier: I'll bring the chairs in. Give me a minute.
Parker:  I can help you set them up before I leave.
Dani:  Thank you, but we don't want to keep you.
Parker:  It's okay.  A few extra minutes won't hurt.

Zavier goes to the car and gets the folding chairs he brought with him.

Parker and Dani each take one of the four chairs Zavier brought in to set up. 

Zavier:  I don't want to leave you alone, so I can go sit in the storeroom and wait.  I can just play on my phone while I wait.
Dani:  Honey, that's sweet of you, but Kenya will be here to help me with interviews.  We'll leave together. 
Zavier:  No, I'll wait and be sure you both leave safely.  I may have to run down the street and grab something to eat, but I'm staying.
Dani:  Okay, my body guard.  Thank you.
Zavier:  You're welcome.  I have to protect my investment.

Parker: I apologize for interrupting, but I'm going to go ahead and leave now.  Good luck with your interviews.
Dani:  Thanks, Parker.
Zavier:  Yeah, thanks, Man.  We both really appreciate everything you've done to get this place ready.
Parker:  You're welcome.  Have a good night.
Dani and Zavier:  Good night.

Parker heads over to see Avery before he goes home. When he arrives, Avery is happy to see him and gives him a big hug.

Avery:  I feel like I haven't seen you in forever.
Parker (laughing): It has only been about seven or eight weeks.  Not that long.  But I miss you too.
Avery:  You'd better.
Parker:  Where are Avi and Craig?
Avery:  Craig's at work and Avi's in her room.  But I want to leave her there for a few minutes while we talk. Okay?
Parker:  Okay.

They sit down to talk.

Avery:  I'm really glad you came by.  I know you said you can't stay long, but I'm glad you're here.
Parker:  Me too.  I'll try to stop by a little more often. I just figured you'd be happy to be alone for a while since you kept seeing me so much for months.  I'm sure Craig likes the break too.
Avery:  It's not that he doesn't like spending time with you, but you're right.  He likes having his space and not thinking he'll disturb you while you're sleeping if he comes home late or wants to come grab a snack.  Are you enjoying your new place?
Parker:  Yes, Jun's pretty cool.  He's nothing like me, but I think that makes him interesting. 
Avery:  I'll have to come visit. I haven't been in a bachelor pad since Craig and I were dating. 
Parker:  Just let me know.  So, not to change the subject, but I can hear my stomach begging to be filled and I feel like you have something you want to tell me. 
Avery:  You know me so well. I sure do.

Avery:  Aviana doesn't know yet, which is why I didn't want her out here.  I'm pregnant.

Parker's eyes get big and a huge smile comes across his face.

Parker:  Congratulations!  That's great news!  I'm very happy for you.
Avery: Thank you.  It was such a surprise.  Craig is thrilled.
Parker:  Of course he is.  I would be.  I am, but I would be thrilled if I were having my own. 
Avery:  Can you see I'm starting to show a little?  Not much, but there's a bulge. 

Parker:  Now that you mention it, I think maybe I can see it.  Just a little.  So there's a little baby in there, huh?
Avery (laughing): That's how it works when you're pregnant.  A tiny person growing inside.  Wait, I think that's the same thing you said when I told you I was pregnant with Aviana.  Something about there really being a baby in there. 
Parker:  Sorry.  I probably did.  It's always so amazing to think about it, especially when it's my little sister having a child.
Avery:  Well, one of these days maybe you'll be able to make the same comment about someone carrying your baby.  Hint, hint.
Parker (laughing):  Maybe, but not now.  Are you going to find out what you're having?

Avery:  We're debating.  I sort of want to know, but sort of want to be surprised when the baby arrives.  We have a little while to figure it out. 
Parker:  Does anyone else know you're pregnant?
Avery:  No, not yet.  I wanted to tell you first, Big Bro.  We are holding off on telling Aviana until we must because we're certain she'll ask when the baby is coming every day. We're taking our time telling other people.  At some point, I won't even have to say anything, it will just be obvious.
Parker:  You can tell people when you're ready.
Avery:  Well, I'm going to tell Mom and Dad.  I'm sure Dad will want to come visit.  You never know, maybe Mom will too.  I'm hoping they won't both try to show up at the same time. But Christmas is coming, and we're used to Dad visiting. 
Parker:  Yes, he'll be here I'm sure. I hope he comes, I miss him.
Avery: Me too.  I'm not so sure Mom will come. 
Parker:  It doesn't matter.
Avery:  You know if Mom actually comes this way, she'll want to see you too.

Parker (frowning):  I know, but you know how I feel about that.
Avery:  Parker, we're grown now and it's been a long time since you've seen her.  Maybe you can give her a chance. I think she wants to try, she just doesn't know how.
Parker (mustering a smile):  Let's not talk about it, please.  So, tell me when my new niece or nephew is coming and then I'll have to hit the road so I can eat.
Avery: Do you want me to fix you something?
Parker:  Thanks, but I have a meal I made earlier in the week just waiting for me to heat it up. 
Avery:  Okay.  Well...

Avery answers Parker's question and they chat for a few more minutes before Avery lets Aviana know her uncle is visiting.  After Parker spends a few minutes with Aviana, he leaves so he can go home, eat and get some rest.

May the dolls be with you. ~ Jaye


  1. The bridal shop is really coming along. Nice how Parker cares about his work so much! I could see Avery's baby bump too! So exciting! Now I can wait for "The Big Date"!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I wish Dani would just open that shop already. Jun is waiting for some stuff to happen in his apartment.

      Avery will need to go shopping before she gets any bigger. The dress she had on was already a little snug.

  2. The shop is coming along very nice! I love the floor! The colors are great. Parker is such a cool guy. I hope he finds someone. He seems like he would be a great dad. Now, you have me curious as to what happened with their mother...

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. Parker is pretty cool. I'm sure the right woman will snatch him up eventually. If Avery's correct, you may just get to meet their mother and find out.

  3. Uh uh more mother drama! Seriously, there are a lot of people with mama issues in your stories lol.


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