Friday, November 25, 2016

Prepping for The Holiday Photos

Waverly:  Hi, Everyone and Happy Holidays!  I'm Waverly and I will be co-hosting this short holiday theme introduction.  This is such an exciting time of the year and we are looking forward to celebrating and enjoying every minute of it.  The fun, the parties, the shopping and the photos.  You may remember that last year the three of us were fortunate enough to take several photos to share with you.  We have a different theme this year, but we'll get to that in a minute.  First, my co-hosts would like to introduce themselves.

Taren:  Hi, I'm Taren.  I am so pleased to be here with you today to discuss the new theme.  It is going to be a good one, however, as Waverly said, we'll get to that in a minute.  Now let's meet our other co-host.

Song:  Hi, I'm Song.  It's been a whole year already, hasn't it?  I am so happy to be with my friends again for this year's holiday decorating.  It's going to be a good one and we hope you'll enjoy it.  Now, back to Waverly who will get us rolling today.
Waverly:  As you may recall, there were five of us last year and you may be wondering where Leera, our wonderful fashion designer is.  Leera has been busy this year and she may not have the opportunity to join us.  She has been consulting on some other lines, although her focus is mainly for the adult females around here.  We'd love for her to be here, but if she can't make it, we understand.  Now we do have our very talented camera professional, Dallas, here.  Dallas, can you please step over here for just a minute to say, 'hello?'

Dallas:  Sure I can.

Dallas:  Hello, Ladies.  I'm Dallas.
Taren:  Dallas, there may be men here too.  You can't leave them out.
Dallas:  But I'm interested in the ladies.  I'm still single, you know.
Taren:  Maybe, but this isn't the Love Connection, this is the Holiday Photo introduction, so you should address everyone.
Dallas (sighing):  Okay.

Dallas:  Hello, Ladies...and Gentlemen.  I'm Dallas and I'm happy to be the photographer again this year.  I'm here to wow you with my skills.  I do private shoots too for the ladies.  You may have seen my work this year with some of the models.  I'm very professional and I'm available for private...
Waverly (interrupting):  Dallas, we appreciate your taking a minute to step out here and say, 'hello.'  You're such a dear.  But we don't have much time, so maybe we should get back to what we're here for.  Okay?  Please?
Dallas (sounding disappointed):  Well, okay then. 
Song:  Thank you, Dallas. 

Waverly:  That board with the signs behind us is covering the work area.  It's almost finished and ready for us to get started.  We don't plan to start until December, so around the first the holiday photos will begin.  This year, we won't be in all or even most of the photos.  The residents are taking family photos this year.  This will serve a dual purpose since the photos will be used for reference on who's who around here.  We may not get every resident, but we will get lots of them. 
Song:  This is going to be so awesome.  Waverly, Taren and I are going to be administrative support staff.  That means we'll schedule appointments for the families, make sure they have the props they need and just help out with whatever needs to be done for lovely family photos.  Oh! We'll also be assisting with poses and things.  Dallas is a great photographer, but we'll be here to help him with his creativity.
Waverly:  That's right.  For most of the photos, you won't see us, but we'll be in the background helping out.  I think that pretty much wraps up what we're doing.  Did I forget anything?

Taren: I would like to add something.  In 2016, although we were all hopeful about it, we didn't get a chance to be seen in our lives.  But in 2017, there are some good things to come and you'll see more of us.  We're so excited about that.  I know I'm very happy with my life. I can hardly wait to be able to share it with you.
Waverly:  That's right, Taren.  Thanks for bringing that up. The good news is that we're definitely getting there and we just need to be a little more patient.
Song:  I agree.  It's been a while and it will pay off.  Patience is a virtue.
Voice from the side:  Did someone say patience?

Everyone turns to look.
Leera:  Hi, Guys! I'm sorry I'm late and I do appreciate your being patient and waiting for me.  I know I can't make it for most of the shoots due to my schedule, but I did want to make it here to see you all again and for the holiday photo theme introduction.  You all look great!
Waverly, Taren and Song:  Hi, Leera!
Dallas (from behind the camera):  Hi, Leera!
Taren:  We're glad you made it. Will you be making any fashions for the photos?
Leera:  Sadly, not for most.  Many of the residents have their own clothes they'd like to wear.  However, I've recently taken on the challenge of working on fashions for curvy ladies, so you'll see at least one fashion from me.  I'm going to widen my horizons and expand on my customer base.  I have to think big.  But I do provide something, I'll make sure you know and you can let out audience know.
Waverly:  Thanks for coming.  You can sit with me. I'll scoot over.

Leera sits down next to Waverly.
Waverly:  How have you been?  We need to catch up.  We're all going out to eat after this.  Can you join us?
Leera (laughing):  I'm doing very well.  Yes, we do need to catch up, so I will join you. I'm hungry.
Waverly:  Lots to talk about.  I'd love to hear more about your current lines and the new one.  Sounds interesting.
Leera: Oh, it is. 
Song:  I want to hear about it too.
Waverly:  We'll have time while we're eating.  For now, we need to wrap this up so we can go get our grub on.
Taren:  Isn't this wonderful?  The gang's all here. 
Waverly:  It sure is.  I'm in heaven. 
Song (speaking quietly to Leera):  Do you think at least the three of us can get something designed?  We'd really appreciate it.
Leera (speaking quietly):  I'll see what I can do.  No promises, but I love you guys, so I may make that happen.
Song:  Okay.

Song:  Well, Everyone, that's it for our introduction of the Holiday Photo Theme.  Stay tuned!  On behalf of myself, Taren, Dallas, Waverly, Leera and Miss Jaye, thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your ladies are dressed so cute! I especially love Song's outfit!

    1. Thank you! Everyone is wearing a Sparkle Girls outfit, except for Leera. I made that one.


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