Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Saturday Evening Chatting

It's Saturday evening and Ember was home alone because Syren took Erwyn to see an animated movie.  Syren does that because she really wants to see the movie, but thinks having a child with her will keep her from looking like a crazy adult seeing a children's show for her own benefit.  Ember thought she'd be alone until Cyann told her she was stopping by to keep her company.  Cyann has recently arrived and the two have been chatting about the kids.  Let's join the conversation.

Cyann:  We're thinking of taking the kids to Disney, but I also need another trip away from home as a couple.  That last trip to California was so relaxing and exciting.  I wish we had been able to stay longer.  Speaking of which, are things still going well with Elaina?  Didn't I tell you she is wonderful?
Ember (laughing):  Yes, you said it and you were right.  Erwyn looks forward to seeing her.  She has fun and she seems to be learning a lot.  I've had Elaina come some afternoons to be here with Erwyn to help with homework when I need to concentrate on work.  It's been great because now I can truly relax most evenings.  I've been good with putting a schedule together ahead of time. 
Cyann:  Have you been able to get to more meetings too?
Ember:  Well, the other evening I went to an event Syren had helped a client business plan.  It was pretty nice.  A place called Reds'.
Cyann:  I haven't heard of it, but then again, when you don't get out much, what do you really know?
Ember:  True.  Maybe the next time they have an event where the public can go or Syren invites me, you can come too. 

Cyann (taking off her sweater):  Girl, you have to tell me more about it.  I can live vicariously through you. Was it social or business?  Describe the décor.  Tell me something so I can feel like I was there.  Coming here has been the most I've gotten out to do something fun since Cali.
Ember (still laughing): If I had known it was so important to you, I would have taken photos.  I will do my best to explain.

Ember:  It was a business mix and mingle event. The owners are both redheaded and very nice, and the décor is red, white and silver.  They have this interesting concept of providing a pre-determined menu, so you pay one price and get served drinks and what's on the menu.  I like that idea.
Cyann:  Sounds good.  Did you make any good contacts?
Ember:  No, but I did chat with some people.  You never know who knows someone else.
Cyann:  That's right!  Well you got out, even if it wasn't for a personal social event.
Ember (smiling):  Well, I saw Parker there.  He came with his roommate, Jun, who he recently moved in with.
Cyann:  That's nice.  (Noticing a look on Ember's face, like she wants to say something.)  What?  What is that look about?
Ember:  Wellll...Parker asked me out on a date.

Cyann takes a minute to replay what Ember has just said to be sure she heard correctly, then she responds.

Cyann:  What?! Seriously?!  Wow!  I can't believe he asked you out.
Ember:  He did.  I was surprised.  Really taken off guard.  I even asked him if he was serious or just joking. 
Cyann:  And?
Ember:  He was serious.  He said he really wants to get to know me better and he's very attracted to me.
Cyann:  Wow!  You are beautiful and smart and just a great person. How could he not be?  But he doesn't seem like he's very excitable, so how could anyone even tell what he's thinking?...Oh, well.  So what did you say?
Ember:  After realizing he was serious, I did think about Marlin.  I know she liked him and things didn't work out for her with him.  I would hate to hurt her, but I also know he wasn't over the moon with her either and that had nothing to do with me. 
Cyann: Yeah, I know she had an instant crush from the moment they met at my party.  But apparently the feeling wasn't mutual.  But you're right, that has nothing to do with you.  If Parker's interested and you're feeling him, then I say you go for it.  Please tell me you will at least go out on one date and see.

Ember just smiles at Cyann for a minute to torture her.

Cyann:  Girl, do not keep me waiting.  What the heck did you say?
Ember (laughing):  I said 'yes.' 
Cyann (loudly):  Yes! Yes!  What do you think of him...I mean initially? Are you attracted?
Ember:  Actually, I am.  He's very attractive and has this quiet, calmness, mature, focused thing about him, which I like.  He's kind of smooth and cool, for lack of a better way to describe him, and it's like he doesn't even know it.  I mean, I never thought starting anything with him was on the table, so to speak, but he's made it clear it is, so I'm willing to see if there could be something there. 
Cyann (grinning):  Maybe.  Just maybe.  Yes!
Ember (joking):  Tell me how you really feel.

Cyann (fanning herself):  Boy, I'm not event the one who's been asked out and now I'm getting hot just being excited because you've been.  Hopefully, it will go better than that last guy.  What was his name?
Ember: George.  George was okay and maybe he would have had a chance, but smoking was a dealbreaker for me.
Cyann:  Mmm...and you've been playing Old Maid since. 
Ember:  Gee, thanks.
Cyann:  Hey, if I can't be honest with you, we can't be friends. I love you and I want to see you happy.  Not that you aren't happy now, but I know you deserve to have a man in your life who can add to your happiness.  Anyway, where are you going?  I'm volunteering to watch Erwyn.  She can spend the night. 
Ember:  Thank you, but I can have Elaina watch her.
Cyann:  Nope. I'm watching her. Besides, it will save you money and you'll have to pick her from my house, which means I can hold her hostage until I get the scoop on how things went. 

Ember: I see, an ulterior motive.  Well, that's one way to get what you want.
Cyann:  Yep.  I can hardly wait.  Just tell me when.
Ember:  Okay.  Thank you. We're going to set it up.  I should be hearing from him soon and I'll let you know.
Cyann:  Cool.  I just had a thought.  I can stop by and pick Erwyn up, see what you're wearing and then you don't have to be rushed. 
Ember: Okay.  Okay.  We'll work it out.  Don't tell anyone.  It's just one date and I don't want to get people all worked up and flapping their gums.
Cyann:  My lips are sealed.

May the joy of dolly play be with you. ~ Jaye


  1. I love how excited Cyann is for Ember. Good idea for her to babysit and have Erwyn spend the night so Ember doesn't have to rush home from her date. Boy, even I am excited!

    1. Cyann is a good friend. But she also wants to know how things go.

  2. Woo hoo, I'm excited for Ember too! Can't wait to see how things go on the date, although I do hope Marlin doesn't find out. Even though she is making progress, I don't think she's healed enough to handle Parker being interested in someone else.

    1. I agree that Marlin finding out could be a problem. There's no telling how she'll react. Which makes no sense considering they weren't really dating, but she does have some issues.

  3. I'm so excited that I read it twice! And I've got a big goofy grin on my face as I type this. Ditto what Phyllis said. I think it's cool how happy Cyann is for Ember and that she offered to babysit. Looking forward to the date.

    1. LOL! I am cracking up! It would be nice for Parker to pick a place to go and call Ember soon. He's holding everyone up.

    2. Yes, come on Parker, don't keep us all in suspense!


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