Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve

It's Thanksgiving Eve, after 9 PM and some of the residents are winding down for the evening.  I thought we'd just check out what some of them are up to.

Ember takes a nice bubble bath after getting Erwyn settled into bed for the evening.  It's so relaxing to sit and let soothing music play on her Ipad.

 Grayson and Brenna have fallen asleep on the sofa.

After her leisurely bath, Ember went to her bedroom where she sees she has missed a call from Parker.  She puts on her pajamas and then gives him a call.  Ember moves around a lot as she talks, so she'll be changing positions quite often.

Parker:  Hello, Ember.
Ember:  Hi, Parker.  I'm sorry I missed your call. 
Parker:  No problem.  I didn't mean to disturb you.  I understand you must have been busy.
Ember:  Well, I'm just settling down for the evening, so not busy any more.  How are you? 
Parker:  I'm well.  How are you this evening?
Ember:  Good.  So what's going on?
Parker:  Nothing important.  I just thought I would call and see how things are.
Ember:  My mother arrived today and not a minute too soon either.  She and Aunt Tandra are doing most of the cooking tomorrow.

Parker:  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.  Avery is cooking.  It just be the four of us, me, Avery, Craig and Aviana.  But I just heard from my father and he'll be here for Christmas, so that will be fun.
Ember:  That's so nice Avery is cooking.  It's also nice your father will be visiting. 
Parker:  Yes, I haven't seen him in a while. 
Ember:  Does Avery cook a huge meal?
Parker:  She cooks a small turkey, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, string beans and rolls.  We have desserts too, like pumpkin pie with ice cream.
Ember:  I love pie, but we normally have sweet potato pie, cheesecake, and anything else Syren grabs at the store.  She's usually assigned dessert.
Parker (laughing):  Are you implying she's not allowed to cook?

Ember:  She can cook alright, but not exactly as good as some of the rest of us.  She does have her specialties though. 
Parker:  Oh.  What is your specialty?
Ember:  Hmmm...Good question.  I make a mean potato salad, a requested macaroni salad and delicious deviled eggs.  Well, those are my normal contributions, although I'd do a great job with the greens and a few other things.  But when my mother or Aunt Tandra are around, you feel like a child again.  So you just get out of their way and contribute what they allow you to make.
Parker:  I guess you just get your assignment and that's it?
Ember:  Pretty much. 
Parker: Do you have any Thanksgiving Day traditions?

Ember:  We also watch the parade on tv.  Do you ever watch it?
Parker:  When I was younger we did.  But now I just wait for the football game to come on.  Avery doesn't exactly enjoy it, but she suffers through because Craig watches it too
Ember:  Poor Avery.  I hope you and Craig appreciate her sacrifice.
Parker:  We do.  We always clean up and do the dishes.  We also try to get her excited about what's going on, but that doesn't seem to work.  She'll bring out her laptop if she's really bored.  I think she starts her online shopping for Christmas.  It's pretty obvious when she starts asking questions.

Ember (giggling): Now shopping to pass the time is a great idea.  Smart woman.  Do you shop online?  It keeps stress to a minimum.
Parker:  Unfortunately, I'm that guy who isn't always sure what to buy, so I go to the store and the salespeople have to help me figure it out.  I get them to wrap for me too whenever possible. 
Ember:  I like shopping in person at the store, but online is pretty good.  You also need to research, especially for the best price. 

Parker:  I'm not sure if I'm ready for online shopping for Christmas yet.  I would have to know what I'm looking for first. 
Ember:  That would probably help. 
Parker:  Maybe this year you could go with me and help me shop.  It may go faster or, at the very least, I can get your opinion instead of driving the sales people crazy.
Ember (smiling):  I could do that.  Just let me know and I'll show you how to really a pro.
Parker:  I'd like that.

Ember:  I need to start giving some thought to what to buy this year, come to think of it. If I'm going to help you shop, I may as well pick up some things I need too.
Parker:  That's a good idea. 

Parker and Ember continue chatting.  Meanwhile, at the Hamilton's, Avery is having a snack. 

She had been in the bedroom with Craig watching TV, but she left the room only saying that she'd be back.  She couldn't make up her mind what to have, so she pulled out anything that looked good at the moment.   Craig realizes it's taking a while for Avery to come back to the bedroom, so he goes to check on her.

Craig:  Hey, Babe.  What are you doing?
Avery:  I was hungry so I'm having a snack and watching TV.  Were you waiting for me?
Craig: Sort of.  I mean, you don't have to watch TV with me, but I just wanted to be sure you're okay.  Especially after you were sick a little earlier.
Avery:  It comes with the territory.  Thank you for checking, but I'm fine.  Just hungry.
Craig (looking at the food and two drinks in front of her):  From the spread on the table, you look ravenous.

 Avery:  I know.  That's what it feels like.
Craig:  I know you have a bigger appetite right now, and I don't want to tell you what to do.  But you have to watch what you eat, Ave.  Just a little indulgence every so often.
Avery:  I know.

Craig:  Do you remember how upset you were when you held on to just ten pounds for a little while after Aviana was born?  I thought you looked just fine, but it bothered you a lot.  I don't want to see you go through that again.  So instead of going down that road again, maybe you  should try watching what you're eating right now.  I'm not saying don't eat, you can just make some better choices when you're this hungry.
Avery:  I know.  It doesn't help that I'm cooking a big dinner tomorrow either.  But, Honey, I'm just hungry right now and this is what I want.
Craig:  Okay.  I won't say anything else.

Craig walks over to the refrigerator.

Avery:  What are you doing, Craig?
Craig:  We're going through this pregnancy together, so I'm joining you.  If you end up gaining a little more and have to lose it, we can do it together.  Then you can't tell me I don't understand what you're going through.  We'll going to go through it together.
Avery (touching his back gently):  Thank you.  That's the sweetest thing you could say to me right now. 
Craig:  Mmm...I hope there are still some chips in that can.

Well, it looks like everyone is just waiting for Thanksgiving to arrive.  They have asked to not have dinner made public this year (it wasn't last year either), so we'll just let everyone enjoy the day off and time with family and friends.  We hope you will do the same.

Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Jaye and the Gang


  1. Getting ready for the big meal here too! My eldest is home from college and even though we aren't having anyone over this year, I am still making a nice sized turkey and dressing because she wants me to pack up some of the leftovers for her to take back to school.

    I just love Ember's bathroom and Avery's kitchen! What a difference it makes to paint over the pink on the doll furniture! You have really stepped up your game on your dios. They keep getting better and better.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  2. Your daughter is a smart girl, putting in her take out order. LOL!

    Thank you. I love seeing those pink items transformed into something more realistic.

  3. That talk between Craig and Avery ended a lot better than I thought it would! I probably would have been all on him... and not in a good way.

    1. LOL! Craig was trying to be helpful, not get himself in the dog house. He knew when to stop.

  4. Your sets looks great! Now on to the story. I was feeling like Muff when I read it. I was like he has a lot of nerves. He is carrying their love child. He did redeem himself. Lol!

    1. I literally burst out laughing reading your comment, Georgia Girl! Poor Craig. Sometimes men just put their feet in their mouths.


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