Thursday, December 1, 2016

Family Holiday Photos - Peters and Foster

Holiday Photos have begun.  The first family or families to take photos are the Peters and Fosters.  Technically, only Samantha's last name is Foster, but Marcel is still a Foster by family line. 

So you'll understand the dynamic, Samantha Foster and Richard Peters were once together and from that relationship had Marcel.  The relationship didn't work out and they split.  Richard later fell in love with and married Kenya and had a daughter, named Sasha. 

Richard has always been in Marcel's life and co-parents with Samantha.  Kenya treats and loves Marcel as her own, considering him her son.  Kenya has tried to form a decent relationship with Samantha for the sake of the children, but Samantha has some issues and still hasn't been able to let go of her anger that Richard married someone else.  Fortunately, Samantha did allow herself to love Sasha since she is Marcel's sister and Richard's daughter, but that's about as far as she will go. If you haven't had a chance to get some insight on Samantha and her behavior, please read this story.

Samantha has agreed to join the Peters as they take family photos, in the spirit of the holidays and for her son.

Sasha, Kenya and Richard

 Marcel (he still hasn't let his hair grow back yet) and Samantha

Richard and Kenya - cute couple

 Samantha was caught on camera acting up because of the 'couple' photo.  Good grief.

 Richard, Sasha, Kenya and Marcel

 Kenya, Marcel (he's on his knees, leaning forward on the chair) and Richard

 Dad with his children

 Kenya and her children

Samantha chose this pose hoping that while Richard is looking at it later, he will realize just how sexy she still is.  Move on already, Woman!

Sasha just loves her big brother and he adores his little sister.

The whole family - looking so happy

This photo shoot went pretty well.  The behind the scenes team is working on setting up more appointments and figuring out some poses for each of the families, including how to best utilize the studio space.  So hopefully these just get better as we go along.

Happy Dollidays! ~ Jaye


  1. What a great story. I love how you showed the tension without making the story too negative. I'm looking forward to more families.

    1. Thank you! They are supposed to just be taking photos, not cutting up.

  2. Beautiful photo shoot! It seems like Samantha will come around eventually. Her feelings are just hurt that Richard has moved on.

    1. I agree, but I still wonder why she can't. I also wonder if there is any truth to what she said about her and Richard.

  3. I had to go back and refresh my memory on this relationship and now I remember the desperate Samantha. She still hasn't let go! Amazing that they managed to take a family photo with ALL of them together! Very nice though!

    1. Thank you.

      Samantha is ridiculous, but you have to wonder if she's to blame on her own.

  4. In spite of Samantha's antics, Kenya looks content and serene. Confident in her relationship with Richard? Good to see. I hope it is justified :-)

    1. Thank you, D7ana. Kenya just does her best to ignore Samantha's silliness. I agree, I hope her confidence is justified too.


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