Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays! - 2016

It's Christmas Eve and the team is wrapping up.  Time to take things down and then head out.

First to arrive and start clearing are Leera and Dallas.  Dallas is in the storeroom putting away camera equipment.  Leera has started removing items from the shelves.

Leera (to herself):  These were some cute cards.  I'm sorry I missed most of the photos.  I wonder if the same team will be assigned next year.  Well, it's a year from now, a lot can change. 

While Leera is setting the cards down, Song and Waverly arrive. 

Waverly:  Hi, Leera!  Glad you could make it.
Song:  It's good to see you.  I hope things have been going well.
Leera:  Hey, Guys.  Things are good.  I just had to make it for the clean up at least.  I've barely been here.  I hear you did a great job.  I've seen the survey cards from each photo shoot.

Waverly:  It was so much fun to be creative and keep trying to come up with poses.
Song:  And switching up the scenery a little each time.  I can see why you enjoy designing clothes.  It's all about being creative and challenging yourself.
Leera (laughing):  That sounds about right.
Waverly:  Thanks for using what little time you had to still make some outfits for us.
Leera:  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to design anything festive, but I wanted to give you guys something.
Waverly:  I'm loving this jumpsuit.
Song:  I'm loving this skirt.  Thanks!
Leera:  You're welcome.  Well, we should probably get to work.

Song and Waverly join Leera in stripping the studio.

Waverly:  After his stuff gets stored, I wonder if it will ever be used again.  I think these metal flowers are pretty cool.
Song:  Would you like one for yourself?
Waverly:  No, I don't think this would fit my décor.  I just wonder sometimes what will happen to things.

 Song:  There are some nice things in here.  I know for a fact these boxes get used.  They're so festive.  I think we found a few good ways to use them.  The children's shots, for instance.
Leera:  That sounds so cute.  I have get Dallas to show me the photos he took.
Song:  They did come out pretty good, if I must say so myself.

Waverly:  Do we just keep this together? 
Leera:  It will be hard to lift as is, so we should split it up.  You wouldn't want to not see because of a berry in your eye.
Waverly (smiling):  I guess that would be a little difficult.
Dallas (from across the room):  Did I hear someone say something about being difficult.  What do you need?

Leera:  I was just talking about getting this vase with this berry plant thing out of here.
Dallas:  Don't worry, Ladies.  I'll take care of it.
Leera:  Okay.  We're not in a big hurry, so I'm going to have a seat to look at some of these things.
Song:  Taren should be here any minute.
Leera:  I hope so. I wouldn't want to miss her.

Leera has a seat and Song plops down next to her.  Dallas grabs the vase and takes it to store it.

Song:  You know, Taren is married with a couple of children.  I can't wait to ask her all about them.
Waverly:  I'm glad she's happy.  It's just what she wanted and now look at her. 
Leera:  Yes, I think it's a great thing.  Are you guys hoping to be married with kids?
Song:  I have some time to be single first.  I'm not in a rush.
Waverly:  Me neither.  I'm hoping to enjoy dating life for a little while.
Leera:  I hear you and I'm with you. 
Dallas (who just came back):  I am looking forward to dating too.  I'm taking offers.
Waverly:  Let's just focus on shutting things down.

Dallas:  I'm not sure.  I may need some help with the tree.
Waverly:  We'll help you.  Don't strain yourself.
Dallas:  Okay.  Hey, I wonder if Taren will even make it.
Waverly:  Me too, with the family to take care of everything.
Taren (on her way in):  I can hear you and I'm married, not dead.  I'm here now.

Dallas:  Hey, Lady.  Congratulations on the family.
Taren:  Thank you.
Dallas:  I guess that means one less beautiful lady for me to try to woo.
Taren:  Aww, poor thing.  But don't worry, tomorrow's Christmas.  I have it on good authority there may be some new residents arriving.  You may just luck out.  One door closes, another one opens.
Dallas:  I hope so.

After hugging Dallas, Taren hugs everyone else and starts chatting.

 Dallas:  Ladies, may I have your attention, please.

The ladies quiet down and turn to listen to Dallas.

Dallas:  We can't leave without a group photo.  Let's figure out how to pose.
Waverly:  I have one last sign to put in the frame.  I'll go grab it.
Taren:  I'll figure out a pose for us.  Song and Leera, can you please help me re-arrange a couple of things.
Song:  You got it.
Leera:  Of course.

Here's the team. 

They hope you enjoyed their hard work on the photos this holiday season.  They're off to go get ready for their Christmas Day.  Maybe Taren will be right and there are new residents arriving.  We'll be sure to introduce them if there are some.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and friends!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, jSarie. I hop you enjoyed your day!

  2. The team did a great job with the photos! Happy Holidays!

  3. First of all, Merry Christmas and secondly, I definitely appreciate all of the hard work you and your dolls put into each post over the past year! Love all the little details of this post. Love the tree. Love the dolls!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, April. I'm hoping my next project will help me to get even better at my dios. I'll see you in 2017.

  4. Hope you all (dolls included) had a wonderful, holiday!

    1. Thanks, Muff. We did. No new residents under the tree. I guess I'll have to go recruit some myself.


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