Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Family Photos - The Lis

Song was so excited to be able to take photos with her family.  She took photos with her two sisters, Daiyu and Wen, and her (step) Mother, Myung.  Wen is the eldest, Daiyu is in the middle and Song is the youngest.  Their mother, Fang, died when Song was four, Daiyu was six and Wen was eight.  Their father, Chang, and their mother, Fang, were born of Chinese immigrants to America, and fell in love while they were young.  They planned to raise their daughters to be honorable women. 

After Fang died, Chang did not know how he would raise three young children, especially girls, but he did his best.  A year and a half later, he met Myung, who is of Korean descent and born in America.  Myung and Chang dated and fell in love.  What truly endeared Chang to Myung was her honest love and caring for his three daughters.  Myung never asked to bear children herself, she felt the three she now had to love were more than enough to fill her heart.

Chang would always refer to his three girls as his little birds who would one day grow up and leave the nest, flying away to new adventures.  Chang died when when Wen was eighteen, Daiyu was sixteen and Song was fourteen.  Myung has taken care of them as a single mother since.  You may remember, Myung is the realtor who showed Dani and Zavier locations for Dani's bridal shop. 

When Song turned eighteen, she and her sisters decided to get matching tattoos with three flying birds to symbolize what their father had always said they would do, grow up and fly away to new adventures. 

Here are the photos they took during their session.

 Top - Song and Wen, bottom - Daiyu and Myung




 Myung - she really wanted to point out the 'Happy Holidays' sign.

 Daiyu playfully trying to steal the show.

 The trio

 The trio - another view

Myung and her girls

They are such an adorable family. 

May the Dolliday spirit make your season bright. ~ Jaye


  1. Such a charming little family! The girls look lovely in their similar dresses and Myung's outfit is very pretty too. Great photos!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. I was pulling out clothes to dress them when I realized I made these last year in different versions. So it was time to use them.

  2. Beautiful family of dolls. I love all their outfits as well. And I love how each girl has a different hairstyle. Nice post!

    1. Thank you, April. I keep trying different hairstyling techniques. Now if only I could figure out a really cool updo.

  3. Their matching sock dresses are cute. Could you tell me who Wen was originally?

    1. Thank you. I think I went wild on this one sock pattern last year.

      I don't know what Wen was called. She was an inexpensive doll, whose face I kept seeing on a Glam doll (as much as I liked her face, I didn't want to pay the cost), but then I saw her in a very simple box for a price I was willing to pay. Her original dress was pink and light blue. That's all I know about her.

  4. Beautiful family! Myung is pretty special to raise the girls. Lovely picture. I hope to see more of them.


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