Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday Photos - Draper and Nichols

Today's holiday photos are the Drapers and the Nichols. 

First up are Vedette and Wade Draper.  Vedette is an event planner and Wade is an accountant.  They have been married two years.  They met when Vedette went to Wade's accounting firm for assistance with her taxes.  Vedette was attracted to Wade and she approached him about going on a date.  Wade was so surprised and intrigued by Vedette's confidence, that he couldn't say no.  They are both in their late 30's and do not have children.  They would love to have some, but it has not happened yet.  Until and if that happens, they will enjoy being with each other.

 I love this couple.  They both have style.  Vedette can be a diva at times.  Look at that dress she had made just for her.

 Such a loving look at each other.

 The last photo of the Drapers.

Next up are the Nichols, Zavier and Idania (Dani).  Zavier works as a Lead Project Manager and Dani, once an Administrative Assistant, now has her own bridal salon.  When we last saw them, they were leaving the bridal salon to head to the photo appointment.

 I know he's taken, but boy is Zavier handsome. 

So sweet these two.

Well, that's it for today's photos.  More to come.

Happy Dollidays! ~ Jaye


  1. I love both of these couples. Vedette's dress is so beautiful. Totally befitting of a diva! I love the white flower in her hair too. And the Nichols are a lovely couple as well. Zavier is sooooo handsome and Dani is beautiful too!

    1. Hi, Phyllis. I made that dress from the top of a stocking. I needed something festive, but quick and easy.

      Dani is beautiful, but that Zavier. Oh to see a version of him in real life. Whew!

  2. Yay, we get to see Zavier again. Nice photos. Did Draper come with that mustache? Leslie's husband looks like him, but he doesn't have a mustache. Love that last picture of Zavier and Dani.

    1. Hi, Vanessa. It's always a pleasure to see that fine Zavier.

      Now I have to go look at Leslie's husband, I don't remember what he looks like. Yes, Wade came with the moustache.

  3. I know Dani didn't like his choice of sweater, but I think the photos look quite festive.


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