Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Photos - Reynolds, Richards & Winters

Here are more holiday photos.  First are Marlin Reynolds and her mother, Bonnie.  Although their relationship is strained right now, they still love each other and didn't want to miss out on taking photos together.  It is no surprise Marlin's father didn't join them, but they didn't let that stop them.

Bonnie likes that sentiment and is pointing it out because in her heart, it applies to her daughter.

These are such sweet photos of these two.

Next are Fatima Richards and her daughters Syren, Henna and Ember and granddaughter, Erwyn.  Ember's married name (she is widowed), along with Erwyn's, is Winters.  Syren and Henna are still single, with no children and enjoying it.  Maurice, Henna's current beau, who has been with her for a while, asked to participate, but Henna declined.  She didn't mean to be dismissive, but they are not married so she isn't ready to include him in official family photos.

Here are their photos.

 Fatima and her girls - L-R Syren, Henna, Fatima and Ember

 Just  closer shot, we couldn't figure out which one was better.

 Fatima, Erwyn and Ember - Three generations

 Ember (middle child), Henna (eldest) and Syren (youngest)

 Syren and Henna

 Erwyn and Ember

All the Ladies

Six days to go.  Can we get them all in before Christmas?  Probably not, but then we can always get them in by New Year's Eve.  The team -  Dallas, Taren, Waverly and Song - are doing their best to get everyone scheduled and photographed.  I'm rooting for them.

Happy Dollidays! ~ Jaye and the Holiday Photo Team


  1. I love your family portraits. And I love all those Christmas sweaters everybody's wearing in your banner photo!!!

    1. Thank you, April. I took the banner photo in 2014, when I was still figuring things out.

  2. Bonnie's sweater is too cute! I'm loving all these portraits.

  3. These are all really great family photos! I am loving them all. You are quite ambitious trying to get them all in, but I am rooting for you (well, for Dallas, Taren, Waverly and Song)! Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. I just didn't realize exactly how many I'd need to set up. I have officially realized I just have a lot of dolls and then I can't stop including their family members, which means I need more dolls. But then everyone can't be related to each other, which means more dolls. I have issues.

      Thanks for rooting for me. It's been a post a day and probably will be until Christmas Eve.


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