Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Photos - Seiko, Zenia and Jye

 Today's photos are a few very select photos of models from the Journey Talent Agency.  Seiko (Shin's sister), Zenia Glass (Chambray's niece), and Jye Collins.

 Seiko - showing her lovely long legs.

 Zenia - Pretty in a LeeMa original fashion.

 Jye - Looking beautiful.

All of the ladies.  Aren't they looking good?  Hopefully their team will expand in 2017.

Those are today's photos.

Stay warm and have a very merry. ~ Jaye


  1. Yes, look wonderful! Which dolls are these? I love their face sculpts!

    1. Thank you. They are all from Integrity Toys, hence the height. They are taller than the other ladies from Mattel.

  2. I have really enjoyed you holiday photos!


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