Monday, December 19, 2016

Ian and Cora Arrive

Before we get into the story, I have another story to tell about getting the story ready.  My son, who is ten, suddenly asked me yesterday if he could be in my stories.  He wanted me to make a doll that looks like him and he was hoping to make up his own lines for me to write.  I told him I couldn't make a doll that looks like him, but I have a boy doll I can use to be him.  He was excited.  Then I told him that I can't just have him be this little boy from nowhere, so I had to place him with a family.  We literally went into my doll room so I could find a family. I did find one and he was excited.  He even made me give them a dog.  You'll meet the family shortly.

Then my son told me that he needs to help me with the stories.  Well, I like my private doll time and space, but despite my efforts to re-direct him to things he normally does, he insisted on being my helper.  So, I ended up letting him take photos.  I told him one time how I take photos of each scene in the story, from different angles, and he picked up on it quickly.  So, most of the photos you see in this story were taken by my son.  In fact, I only took the first two.  All the rest my son took.  I was quite impressed with how well he did. 

Well, I hope you enjoy the story and the photography.


It is Saturday, early evening, the weekend before Christmas.  Avery, Craig and Aviana are home waiting for Parker and Cora Finch, Avery's and Parker's mother to arrive.  Avery's and Parker's father, Ian Hayes, has arrived and is waiting with them.  Although they are all going to dinner after the photo shoot, Craig picked up some dinner for Aviana so she wouldn't have to wait or get to antsy about eating.

Aviana:  Mommy, I wuv fwench fwies.
Avery:  I know, Baby.  Go ahead and eat.  I'll put your ice cream in the freezer for you.  You can have it later or tomorrow.  Okay?
Aviana:  Okay.
Craig:  Are you going to eat the apple pie now so you won't be hungry either?
Avery:  Yes, I like it warm and fresh. 

Avery:  I'll sit here with Avi and eat.  You can have a seat and entertain my dad.
Craig:  Okay, Babe.  Do you need anything?
Avery:  No, my pie and I will be just fine.  Thank you, Sweetheart.

Ian:  I love seeing you guys together.  I can see you take good care of my little girl, Craig.
Craig:  And I always will.
Ian:  I'm sure you will. 
Craig:  Do you want another beer?
Ian:  No, I'm just sipping on this one.  One is my limit this evening.  Just enough to enjoy the taste.

The bell rings and Craig answers it.  It's Parker.

Parker:  Hey, Dad!  You look good. 
Ian:  Hi, Son.  It's good to see you.  Get on over here and give me a bear hug. I swear your muscles just keep getting bigger.

Ian:  I've missed you.  You have to come visit more often.
Parker: I've been missing you too, Dad.  I promise I'll make plans to come soon. Work's just been busy.

At the same time, Aviana is trying to be nosey so she turns around and stands up in her chair.

Craig:  Avi, sit down.  You know you are not supposed to stand up in your chair.You'll fall. 
Aviana:  But I wan to see dem.
Avery:  You need to eat  your dinner.  They aren't going anywhere.  Sit down, please.
Aviana:  I wan to see!
Craig:  You're being naughty.  Do you need a smack on the rump?
Aviana (frowning) :  Nooooo.

Aviana decides the sting on her rump isn't worth still standing up, so she sits down.  Craig grabs a beer for Parker from the refrigerator and goes to hand it to him.

Avery:  You guys need to think about where we'll get dinner.  I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for, but think of something good.  I know I'll be hungry.
Craig:  Sure, Babe.
Ian:  It looks like someone else is controlling some hunger over there, huh?  It's funny how such little people can create a big appetite.
Avery:  Dad, little ears, remember?
Ian (laughing):  I remember.  I tried to speak in code, but I won't say another thing, Darling. 

Craig:  To take the edge off.
Parker:  Thanks, Craig.  I don't need it for any edge, but I'll take it.
Craig (smiling):  Uhuh.  That remains to be seen. 

Craig sits down next to Ian.

Craig:  I know it may be a little tense with Cora coming.  Let me know what I can do to help.
Ian:  I'll be fine.  Cordial as usual.  Parker, on the other hand, we'll need to help.
Parker: I'll be fine too.  Can we talk about something else, please?
Craig:  Sure.  So, Ian, are you all done with shopping?  I tried to get finished early this year.
Ian:  I'm done.  I just hope everyone likes everything I got them.  What about you Parker?  Still waiting until the last minute?

Parker:  I'm finished.  I got it done earlier today.
Ian:  I'm surprised.  I know you are always a little stressed over it.
Parker:  I was stressed, but I ordered some things online earlier.  Today I didn't go alone, so I had help hitting the stores, and making some good choices.  So I did pretty well. 
Ian:  Really?  You must have gone with a shopping pro.
Parker:  I think so.
Ian: Not that I'd know who it is, but who helped you?
Parker:  A good friend. 
Ian:  Well, I hope it's a good lady friend.  I need grandchildren all around.

Avery:  I hope so too. And, if so,  I'd like to know who she is.  Who ever she is, you know I need to give my stamp of approval.  I can't just give my big brother away to just anyone.

Aviana: You're giving Uncle Pawker away, Mommy?  I wanna keep him.
Avery (laughing):  Don't worry, Baby. I'm not really giving Uncle Parker away. 
Aviana:  Okay.

The gentlemen chat for a few minutes.  Meanwhile, Aviana finishes her dinner and Avery lets her out of the chair after she cleans her hands and face. 

Avery:  We'll have to get going soon.  If Mom's not here in a few minutes, we'll just have to let her meet us at the photography studio.  I don't want to be late.
Craig:  Okay, Babe.  You need shoes don't you?
Avery:  Yes, I'll get them.

The doorbell rings.

Avery:  I'll get them after I get the door, I guess.

Avery heads to the door to answer it.  Craig gets up to go greet his mother-in-law.

Craig:  Just breathe, Park.  We'll have a good time this evening.
Parker:  Why does everyone think I need support or I'm going to blow up or something?
Ian (laughing):  Oh, I don't know.  Maybe because you cannot stand your mother and every time she is mentioned, you turn ice cold.  It's just a guess.
Craig:  Yep.  Something like that.

Avery comes back with her mother.

Craig:  Hello, Cora.  How are you?
Cora:  Hi, Craig.  It's so good to see you.  I haven't seen you since my granddaughter was born.  It's been too long.
Craig:  Well, there's always time to change that.
Cora:  Yes, I  certainly hope so.
Craig:  Now that you're here, we need to get going.  I should get my wallet.  We can talk more during dinner.
Cora:  Wonderful.

Ian (speaking low):  Parker, you know better than to sit there.  Be respectful.  Please stand up and greet your mother.  You don't have to hug her, but you should be the gentleman I taught you to be.  Be cordial.
Parker:  Yes, Dad.  I apologize.
Ian:  No need to do that.  I understand how you feel, but I just want you to be the better person I raised you to be.

Ian heads over to greet Cora and Aviana runs to him.  He picks her up.  Avery approaches Parker to encourage him.

Avery:  Thank you so much for doing this, Parker.
Parker:  You're welcome, but I won't be going to dinner.  I would be uncomfortable.
Avery:  I understand.  I'm just glad you came for the photos.
Parker:  How could I not?  You made me promise before you told me she was coming.  I know the photos mean something to you, but I would appreciate your letting not trying to force things.
Avery:  I know.  I promise I'll never do anything like that again.  I was just being hopeful.  Plus Mom begged me to try to get you two in the same room.  But I need to just let you do what you want and stay out of it.  So there will be no more effort or coercing from me.  I promise.
Parker:  Thank you. 
Avery:  Still love me?
Parker:  Of course.
Avery:  Forgive me?
Parker:  That may take a minute, but I'll get through it.
Avery:  Okay.  Well, I need to go get the other piece to Aviana's outfit.  Please excuse me.

Ian:  Hello, Cora.  You look well. 
Cora:  Thank you.  You look good, as usual.
Ian:  Thank you.
Cora (reaching out to touch Aviana's hand):  Aviana, hello.  You are such a pretty little girl.

Aviana doesn't like it because she doesn't know her grandmother.  She draws back her hand and reaches to grab onto her grandfather.

Aviana (sounding apprehensive):  Gwanpa. 
Ian:  It's okay.  She won't hurt you, Avi.  This is your Grandma.

Cora:  She's beautiful.  I wish I could get a hug, but I know I'm just a strange lady to you right now.  That's my fault. 
Ian:  She'll need some time to warm up, Cora.
Cora:  Yes, I see that.  Well, I'll have to wait then.  She looks so much like Avery as a little girl, doesn't she?
Ian:  Yes, she does. 
Cora: Aviana, I hope you will give me a chance to get to know you, Honey.  (glances over at Parker) Please excuse me.  I need to say 'hello' to my son.

Cora walks over to Parker to greet him.  Avery has gone to Aviana's room and Craig to his and Avery's bedroom.

Cora:  Hello!  You look wonderful, Parker.
Parker (in a cold voice, as pleasant as he can muster):  Hello.  Thank you.
Cora:  Well, I sense that you're not very happy to see me.  I guess a hug would be out of the question?
Parker:  That is correct. 
Cora:  I see.  (sighing) Well, I am very hopeful that you and I can get a chance to spend some time together while I'm here and we can talk.  Really talk. 
Parker:  That is not something I am interested in doing.  Thank you.
Cora (frowning):  I see.  Well I'm grateful that I will at least be able to get some photos of you from today.  That will make me happy.
Parker:  Okay.

Cora decides that she needs to leave Parker alone and has a seat.  She accepts the fact that his reaction to her is of her own doing, but she is hoping one day he can forgive her and let her into his life.  Craig and Avery both return with what they left to get.

Craig:  Babe, I grabbed your shoes while I was in the room. 
Avery:  Thanks, Honey.
Ian:  Are we all ready to get going?
Avery:  I just need to get this on Avi and then we can grab our coats. 
Ian:  I'll put it on her while you put on your shoes.
Avery: Thanks, Dad.

After getting their coats, and hats and gloves on, they all head out to the photography studio.

Very Merry Christmas to you and Your Dolls! ~ Jaye and the Residents


  1. I quite like that Parker! He stood his ground and spoke his piece but did it without being unpleasant. I should take lessons, lol! Nah, I like being unpleasant. ^_^

    Do you think your son sees you enjoying your dolls and wants to spend time with you so he wants to be involved too or maybe you have a budding art director on your hands?

    1. LOL! Funny. You have to be yourself. Parker did stand his ground, but Dad still had to remind him of his manners.

      Yes, my son wants to spend time with me. When he was really young, I used to read to him every night and he'd fall asleep leaning on my arm. When he got a little older, he would come and watch tv with me and fall asleep in my bed (my husband would either have to carry him to his room or just make him move over). So I think it's just a new way to be close to me

      But Christmas is coming, so I suspect new toys will occupy him for a while.

  2. Family dynamics can be very difficult. I only know that Cora left them when they were very young, but I don't know the details. Will we be hearing some of that story with Cora in town? I do hope that Parker takes some time to hear her out. It doesn't have to change the way he feels about her, but at least he can bury some of the resentment he has for her and help him to move on, especially if she is going to be in Avery's life.

    Love that your son is wants to be involved with you and your dolls. Perhaps you can give him creative director status from time to time. He did a really good job with the photos!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. He is looking forward to his character's debut. I told him he got compliments on his photos and it made him smile.

      Cora could do a better job of being around too. Avery is three and she hasn't seen her since she was born. I'm pretty sure some things will come out in conversations.

  3. This was a great story and I agree with Muff, Parker is alright in my book. I must say Avery very lucky to have all her family there for Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Brini. Parker is a pretty cool guy. We'll see how the family photos turned out.

  4. I have similar issues in my own family. It certainly does make things awkward!

    Your son did a good job with the photography! My daughters never showed much interest in my doll stuff when they were growing up.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, there are families with some uncomfortable dynamics.

      My son is very happy about the compliments. Thank you.

  5. You know, are doing something right! The fact that your son sees what you are doing and wants to be part of it is simply awesome. His involvement is a way for him to stimulate and nurture his imagination which is precious! Moreover, I am so happy you're letting him be part of your hobby.

    1. Thank you, April. You made me smile. He's pretty insistent about participating, so we'll see how long he stays interested.

  6. Lol I like having my doll time to my self too. Even as a child, I didn't like other children playing with my dolls because they never kept with the story line (even back then I played with a story line in mind). In a way, I'm glad it's just me, but it's good that your son has an interest in your hobby. He did take really good pictures too!

    I like Parker's reaction; he was still polite but also made it clear how he felt about his mom without being rude. I will say, though, that his mom is very pretty.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. I'm still waiting to see how long until my son gets bored with helping me. But he can as long as he wants to. Although I still need some time alone.

      Yes, Cora is pretty. I went through quite a process to find her. Her children have to get their looks from someone. I think their father is handsome too.

  7. I had to read t his in two parts. I was so into the storyline I forgot to look at the photography! I like this family. They are so realistic. The photography is perfect! This might be a defining moment in your son's life. I can imagine ten years from now how he is saying this is what made him know what he wanted to do for the rest of his life!

    1. Thank you! I keep telling my son each time his photography gets a compliment. I'll let him know. It makes him happy.

      He loves dinosaurs, I'm sure more than helping me. Right now he still wants to be a paleontologist.

  8. Replies
    1. When your family sees and understands your passion for your craft, it's wonderful. When they want to join in, that means you are really on the correct course. Your son will be great because his mom is great!!
      It's just ashamed that Cora can't enjoy her son because she walked out of his life. Parker is only responding to her actions. Awesome post!

  9. Don't kmow how I missed this post, but I'm glad I found it. I want to compliment your storytelling. This drama is unfolding naturally and I find myself invested in certain characters. I hope for Parker's sake that he can forgive Cora some day. Unforgiveness does more harm to the one harboring it than it does to the object of their grudge.

    1. Thank you, Jewell. I appreciate that. Cora leaving did a lot of damage. It's one thing to get a divorce, totally different to walk away from your children. Cora's lucky Ian is cordial and Avery is trying.


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