Friday, December 30, 2016

New Re-ment - Bring Back Youth Days

Today a new box of Re-ment items arrived.  Although two others have arrived over the past few weeks (one was under the tree), I only felt compelled to have a couple of the ladies review this one.

The first to arrive is Giordana.  She would like to take a minute to introduce herself while she waits for her partner to arrive.

Giordana:  Hi, Everyone.  I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the holiday season.  I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  I've been here for two years.  I am a loved Christmas gift from Mr. Jaye to Mrs. Jaye.  When I first arrived, I got new lip color and a hair cut and style and assigned to the display area. Although she tried and has been looking since I arrived, we couldn't find a body for me for the past two years.  Recently, Miss Jaye ordered some IT bodies at a good price and it was discovered I actually match the PP body she ordered and viola!  I have mobility and moving to the play area.  I'll miss the ladies in display, but it's time for a new life and I'm happy about that.

Now, I really need to do something about this hair before we continue. Getting dressed sometimes affects the hair, with the pullover and what not. Please excuse me for a second.

Giordana:  Okay, that's much better.  I can't very well focus on showing things when my hair is disheveled.   Now, we just need my partner to arrive and we can get started.  We are going to try to just caption everything and use ourselves for size comparison.  There are a lot of items in this set and not chatting should make it go faster.  Can I just say it's lovely being able to touch my hair comfortably?

Tasha:  Hi.  I'm here. 
Giordana:  Hi, Tasha.  I'm glad you are here and we can get started.
Tasha:  Well, normally I do this with my girl, Lisa, but since she's visiting her family on winter break, you'll be okay for a fill in.
Giordana:  Yes, I know Lisa couldn't be here.  I'm glad you're here and I get a chance to work with you.  I could use the guidance of someone experienced.  Up until now, I've only had to stand and pose.
Tasha:  Uhuh.  That reminds me.  I have something to say.
Giordana:  We really should get started.  Time is limited.
Tasha:  We have time for this.

Tasha:  First of all, I know you are all happy to see I'm back and doing a review.  I was done wrong, but I can be the bigger person and forgive people.  Which is the only reason I agreed to come back.
Giordana:  Yes, I think we are all happy to see you.  So let's get started.
Tasha:  I'm not finished yet.  This is about turning the other cheek and getting slapped again.
Giordana:  Huh!

Tasha:  Giordana and I arrived the same day, I've been in actual scenes and yet, she has an articulated body before I have one?  I mean, she was already honored enough being with the display girls who model all day long, but now she's getting moved to another area too?   You all know that's sha...not right.  I need to be able to move better to review things.  Maybe that's why I can't even be a model. 

Giordana (to herself):  Good gravy.  Does she ever quit?
Tasha:  I think it would be nice to know why keep getting passed over for things. I mean, I try hard, don't I?
Me:  Tasha, I let you vent a little, but you are taking up time.  I have work to do.

Giordana:  If you don't mind, instead of your getting aggravated, I think have a way to take care of this so everyone is happy.
Me:  If you say so.  But if you can't get her under control, I will.
Giordana:  I've got this.  Don't worry.  I just need a minute.  Thanks.
Me:  Thank you!

 Giordana:  Tasha, I don't mean to interrupt, but I have to say I agree with you.  I think a mistake has been made.
Tasha:  You do?  Really?
Giordana:  Yes, absolutely.  As I look at your physique and your lovely eyes, I see that you should have been assigned to a place with more prestige.  You should have been in the case all this time with the display ladies.  The way you can hold a pose like nobody else, that's where you should be.  I mean, you are really working that dress.

Tasha: really think I could be up there with those beautiful girls?
Giordana:  Yes, I mean, if you're okay with standing there in some gorgeous fashion and having strangers praise how wonderful you look, then it's probably right for you. Do you think you can do that?  It's long hours, but so much admiration comes to those ladies.  They are always being seen, unlike the others you've been standing around with.
Tasha:  You're right.  We are all standing around crowded together.  In the display shelf, all eyes will be on me and I won't just be standing around, I'll be modeling all day and night. 

Giorgana:  That's right. And you know I know from experience that it's the place to be. There's a brand new completely empty case from Christmas, so you could be one of the first in there.  Plus, I'm basically taking a step down.  You, however, will be moving up.  Doesn't that sound great?
Tasha:  Yes, it does.  How do we make this happen.?
Giordana:  First we need to finish this review, then we can either go find an existing fashion or, since you have such a unique physique, maybe we can get Leera to make something for you.  Something that will be just for you.
Tasha:  Okay.  I love it!  Let's get this review started so I can get my promotion. I already have a fashion in mind. Thanks for the idea.
Giorgana:  Girl, I've got your back.

Finally, on to the review. 

Here is a fruit drink, an analog clock (it just wouldn't stand up, so I'd need to give it a back, and a pay phone.  I've never seen this type in the US, so it must be what was used overseas at the time (80's?). The handset does come off the hook.

 Sunglasses that fit.

 Water and a coffee drink.  The camera opens in the back and the roll of film can go inside of it and the back closes.  Pretty cool.

This 'walkman' really has headphones that plug in and the tape cassette really goes inside the tape player and the case.  However, the headphones do not fit on the ladies' heads.  We tried.

I'm loving how this burger has ketchup and pickles.  The fries do come out of their wrapper.  They look supersized.

 This flower has a face.  I think it's supposed to be smiling, but it looks a little evil to me.  The noodles come out of the cup and there is a lid.  I just need to cut it out of the little cards that come in the boxes.  Look at that VHS video that really goes inside the case.

 This light has a knob that really turns to each of the positions, but the light does not work.

 A ball point pen with a cap, which is permanently attached.  The key in it's own holder is cool.  It is attached directly to the case, which does close.

 This portable cassette player/radio has a moveable handle and antenna (up or down, but not extending).

 The cassette really goes in and the holder can close.

 Decided to show the key case closed. 

 This fish tank is actually comprised of three pieces which separate - the tank, the fish and the reef.  Great for a scene where you are putting a fish tank together or something.

 This key on the huge key chain cracked me up when I first saw it.  It has some hotel name on it, but it reminds me of gas station keys.  There's a martini (the glass can be empty), the drink on the left has sugar or salt on the rim. 

 Some lipstick with a cap that can be placed on it and another drink glass.  It's either water or clear liquor that goes on it.  It can be whatever you'd like.

Hmm...lipstick on the café cup.  Not sure why, especially when it looks like a top lip, not a bottom lip, to me. Partially eaten dessert...yum.

 I've never seen that item on the left, but it seems to be some sort of astrology machine.

 This bottle on the left makes no sense to me, but can be used for medicine, I guess.  There's another form of coffee, with milk based on the color.

 Ah, the computer items - a floppy disk, mouse and keyboard.

 This computer's screen did not come attached and it remains removable, which is great if you need to show something in particular on the screen.  I'm thinking ultrasound machine.

 Usually Re-ment comes with cards, this set came with little booklets, most of which have something for you to cut out and use, like the computer screen and a box for the medicine bottle.

 More liquor bottles for another bar.  Loving it!

 Umm, cigars on ice?  Who knew that was a real thing?  And an ice bucket.  The ice is removable.

 And last, but not least, a handbag that opens and closes and another lovely drink. Every 'drinkable' item in this set has removable drinks so that the glass or cup can be empty.  That's one of the things that makes Re-ment so awesome! 

Giordana:  Thank you so much for joining us for this review.  There are so many fantastic items for homes and businesses here.  We hope Re-ment continues to make more similarly useful items, preferably not in character form.
Tasha:  Yes, thank you for looking at our review.  Please be sure to join us for my placement and promotion ceremony.
Giordana:  I don't think there's such a thing.
Tasha:  How would you know? There's never been a promotion like I'm about to get.  So there needs to be one.  I mean, the other display ladies don't even have assigned names, but I do. 
Giordana:  Okay, okay.  Let's just see about getting you there first, then we can talk about ceremonies.
Tasha:  You bet.

Thanks for stopping by and we all hope you have a safe and happy New Year! ~ Jaye and the Gang


  1. Great photo story! Giordana actually cracked me up! Lol! Now Tasha will be a full time model. Lol! That is great that you were able to get a body match for Giordana. Now on to the good stuff, the computer screen is perfect for an ultrasound machine. The glasses of liquids are all totally cool! The hamburger looks delicious and all of the other items are awesome as well! Great haul! I look forward to seeing how you put them to use. I know it will be great.

    Happy New Year!!

    1. Giordana did propose a pretty good solution for Tasha. I think that will make her happy.

      I agree about that hamburger. Such a small thing, but I love it.

  2. Wow, you some great accessories to add to you dio!

    1. Hi, Brini. I can hardly wait to figure out where to place everything.

  3. The cigars on ice actually look like those chocolate covered pretzel sticks. They'd be cute on a tray next to some strawberries.

    1. That's a good idea, because no one around here smokes. Thanks!

  4. What Anonymous said. I thought those were mint flavored pocky sticks.

    All the rements look amazing. I guess that's why they are so expensive, because the realism is on point.

    1. Hi, Muff. I have never heard of pocky sticks. Now I have to look that up.

      The older sets are expensive, but the ones I've been ordering as they come out are pretty reasonable. Well, at least in comparison to what you would pay if you don't get them directly from a dealer. I wish there were more Orcara items, those are even better in price.

  5. Wow, well I for one am very impressed with your stash! And yes, that public telephone is exactly what they looked like in France in the 70's and 80's. I'm also impressed how the camera opens in the back and has a roll of "film." Ok so we now have digital cameras, but it's nice to see an old fashion camera! I think the item you could not identify is a sugar dispenser. At least it looks pretty much like the ones on the counters of those old French cafes! I had to laugh over the story line. Gee, I thought only my dolls fought over stuff like who gets what before someone else. Last summer they got into a fight over shoes.

    1. Thanks, April. I got Modern Girl recently and the buffet set. I tried looking up horoscope machine and dispenser for that strange looking item, but I don't see anything that looks like it.

      It figures Tasha would behave how she does. I do feel sorry for her because I would love to give her an articulated body, but she's so reddish and such an odd color, I cannot match her. She may give me a hard time, but there's something about her personality I like.

    2. April, I have confirmed that it is a horoscope machine. I finally found something similar.

  6. Lol I love Tasha! So glad to see she's so excited about her "promotion".

    Those sets are great! The horoscope thing may be an electric hat water dispenser. A roommate of mine from college had one. It's basically an electric kettle but you press a button and the hot water comes out of an opening like a coffee machine. They are apparently big in Asia, but it seems like a waste when you can just use a kettle and not have to deal with all the bells and whistles. Btw where do you get your re-ment items? I need some alcohol in glasses like those, but the only sets I've been able to find are on ebay and are the character food sets.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. I have confirmed it's a horoscope machine. I found an item that looks very similar.

      I usually get the newly released full sets of Re-men from AmiAmi, older items from Ebay and there is a vendor, Fan21HK, that sells on Ebay and their own site. If I want single boxes of something, and not the full set (like I may get more of the glasses so I can multiples of the same drink) I will use Fan21HK, unless someone else on Ebay happens to have it cheaper.


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