Monday, December 12, 2016

The Salon Has Customers

It's Wednesday, early evening two weeks after Thanksgiving.  The bridal salon has been open for a week and a half.  The first day opening went pretty well.  Of course, because it's a new business, it's the flow of customers is slow, but there are customers trickling in.  While Dani, Bailey and Felice will not always work together, they are all working today.  The salon will be open a little longer, but Dani will need to leave soon, so Bailey and Felice will close the salon and lock up.

Felice and Bailey are each helping customers.

Customer:  How do I look in this?
Customer's Friend:  I think it looks pretty old.  Maybe like your grandmother would have worn.
Felice:  It is traditional, not modern.  You said that is the look you are going for and you look lovely.  The important question is, does this look how you envisioned it when you selected it from the rack?
Customer:  Yes, I think it's pretty.
Customer's Friend:  Well, if that's the look, you hit it on the head.  You look nice, but maybe you could try something that shows a little skin.  Those shoulders are a little puffy.
Customer:  Says the girl in the blouse with the big collar.
Customer's Friend:  This is for work, not the biggest day of my life.  But it's your day, so you should be happy in whatever you choose.
Felice:  Definitely.  Take your time.  Look at yourself from all sides.  This is a big decision.

Bailey:  We can order accessories if you don't find what you'd like.  Are you only looking for panty hose right now?
Customer:  I'm going out of town to be in a wedding, but the pantyhose I'd like I can't seem to find at another store.  I'm going to need shoes too.  Something simple, but I'm not so sure what I want.  I'm still waiting for the bride to actually pick something.  I just want to see options first.
Bailey:  If the bride sends you some photos, you can come back and we'll see how we can find what you need. 
Customer:  Can I see that brand in another color, please?  Do you have black in that one?  Maybe a size medium.  Certainly.  I'll just look in our stock drawer.

Dani:  You look lovely in that dress.  If there's anything you'd like altered on it, we can do that for you.
Customer:  I think I like it the way it is.  I may try on another, but this one is in the running.  I feel like it's just a little loose though.
Felice:  We can fix that.  The right accessories can change the look and the veil will really add something special to your ensemble. 

Dani:  Felice is right.  I also agree that you could use some altering on the size, but not much.  You still need to be able to move in that dress. 
Customer:  Can we see where we might need to make changes?
Felice:  Yes, we can.
Customer:  I'd like to try on another dress, but I know I want to buy something here.  Can we check to see how much would need to be done?
Dani:  I'll get some measurement forms for Felice.  She knows how to measure, so she'll be able to check fit and answer your questions.

Dani heads to the desk to get the forms for Felice.

As Dani is pulling out forms, Zavier walks into the salon.  He's here to pick Dani up for their appointment.

Customer (to Bailey):  I like that color.  That may work, but I will need to be sure first.
Bailey:  That makes sense.  There's no need to get something that won't work for you. 

Customer:  I just feel like this is the one.  For some reason it's speaking to me.
Customer's Friend:  I think you should sleep on it.  If it's still speaking to you, then get it. 
Felice:  I can hold it for you for a few days.  Would you like to make an appointment to return.  I'll take measurements right now so that's we'll already have that and then you can either pick something else or say this is definitely the one. 
Customer:  I'd like to try that other one on you took to the fitting room for me.  But please do hold this one.
Customer's Friend:  I like the other one.  I do want to see how you look in it.  Go ahead and put it on.

Zavier:  Hey, Babe.  Are you ready to go get these holiday photos done?
Dani: Hi, Honey. Yes, I just need to change.  Is that what you're wearing?
Zavier:  Yes.  You don't like it?
Dani:  Well, we're taking photos for the holidays, so I thought you'd wear something more festive.  That's all.
Zavier:  I don't think I have anything more festive.
Dani:  Something in holiday colors would have worked.  But if that's what you want to wear, it's okay. 
Zavier:  I think it's fine.  Besides, I don't have time to go back home and change or we'll miss the appointment.
Dani:  Okay.  Well, let me give these forms to Felice.  I'll tell her I'm about to leave. I'll run to the back and change and grab my stuff and then we can go.  I just need 10 minutes, okay?
Zavier:  Okay.  I'll have a seat and wait.

Felice's customer is in the fitting room changing into the other dress.  Dani walks over to hand Felice the forms she needs and a pencil.

Dani:  Okay. So, I'm about to go change and then get out of here.  Call me on my cell if you need anything, but I know you and Bailey have this covered.  Have a good night and be sure you both leave at the same time. I want you to be safe.
Felice:  Absolutely.  Enjoy your evening and don't worry about us.  Bailey works tomorrow and I don't, so I'll see you Friday.
Dani:  Thank you for your help. Enjoy your day off and I'll see you Friday.

Dani changes and then heads out with Zavier to the photo appointment.  Bailey and Felice handle business at the salon until they close.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. It's good to see that customers are starting to trickle into the salon. I imagine spring and summer will be very busy times since thins is when most people decide to have their weddings.

    1. Yes, things should start picking up soon. Opening in the winter can be a down time, but they needed to get that place open and running. It's going to take a while to turn a profit.

  2. Looks like the salon is off to a good start. Interesting bride and friend! The friend seems to be pushing the bride away from the dress she seems to like. Like "Say Yes to the Dress" show!

    1. LOL! I know, right? Well, that dress is pretty traditional, not very modern. I've never watched that show. Maybe I should see one episode.

  3. Nice to hear the salon is open for business and starting to attract customers. I agree with Dani and Felice. That wedding dress could be fitted a tad bit better. It's actually quite nice but simply needs to be pulled closer to the body. I'm a fan of classics.

    1. Thank you. Hopefully business will pick up.

  4. That is great that the bridal salon is open and business seem to be booming already. I love bridal dolls, so I am looking forward to all of your dioramas involving the salon, bridal attire, etc. Everything looks great!

  5. Love it Live it Love it. Yeah the store is open everything looks great.

    1. Thanks, Ladonna. I'm glad you like it.

  6. Customer Miley's friend is just a tad bit negative. I get she doesn't want her girl to look old fashioned, but Miley is clear on what she wants and that friend isn't being very supportive.

    Great hustle and bustle in the shop!

    1. She could be more supportive, but at the same time, she is being honest.

      Yes, business just needs to pick up so they can get the black.

  7. Busy, busy, busy. I was all into the salon conversation until Zavier walked in. Then all I saw was him. I can't wait to see what Dani wears for her pictures. I'm jumping ahead and assuming we will get to see the holiday photo.

    1. LOL! Zavier is a scene stealer with his hot self. Yes, they did go take photos. You'll see them. I just realized I'm down to 10 days. Still more family photos (the moment you realize just how many dolls you really have) take and I was hoping to show the party. We'll see.

  8. Oh my, what a lovely post! I know where to send my girls for their wedding attire. I have on petite little lady getting married-one day. I'd love to use your boutique for her wedding gown and accessories. It be great to incorporate our stories.

    1. Thank you. That is a great idea. Dani and the ladies would love to take care of helping your little lady with her wedding gown. I'll PM you on FB.


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