Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Isis' Cake Tasting

Today is Isis' appointment with Marisol and Rowan to taste and select a wedding cake design.  Rowan only attends tastings when she is also handling the catering for an event.  It helps her to build a relationship with the clients as well as understanding their tastes for when she suggests food options.

Unfortunately, Tyson, her fiancé is working again and cannot make it.  Isis is fine with it for two reasons, Tyson freely gives her money to pay for wedding items and her brother, Rahim, is with her.  They are pretty close and she values his advice when it comes to food since he's a chef. 

Marisol has welcomed them into the space she uses for cake selections for customers.  She rents it as needed, which is perfect for her to keep overhead costs low.  Isis is immediately excited about the decorated cakes Marisol has set out.

Isis:  Wow!  Those are beautiful.  I'm so excited.  Isn't this exciting?
Rahim:  Of course it is. 
Marisol:  Yes, I just love making cakes for weddings.  It's such a special day for couples.
Isis: It sure is. 
Marisol:  I do have several photos of cakes for you to look at sitting on the table.  If you don't see anything you'd like, you can always design your own or pick elements from one to add to another.  There are so many options from which to choose.
Isis:  Okay.  That sounds good.
Marisol:  Please have a seat and start looking through them.

Isis and Rahim sit down and start looking through the cake photos.

Isis:  This is very nice.  I don't know if I want something without color.  I think colors could make it really pop.
Rahim:  You're probably right.  But what about the style?
Isis:  I don't know if I want anything over the top or simple. 
Marisol:  It's not an easy choice, but I'm sure something will speak to you. You'll know when it's right.
Isis: I hope so.

Rowan walks in.

Rowan:  Hey, sorry I'm a little late.
Marisol: It's okay.  They just arrived and, as you can see, are just now looking at cake options. 
Rowan:  Good.  Any ideas yet?
Marisol:  No, nothing yet.

Marisol:  Rowan is here since she is working on the catering for the reception.  Rowan, Isis and Rahim are also going to taste some items.  Maybe a flavor match will help guide the cake selection.
Isis:  Hi.  It's nice to see you again.
Rahim:  Yes, it's very nice to see you.  You look very lovely today. 
Isis: That is a nice shirt.
Rowan:  Thank you both.
Marisol:  Rowan, have a seat and I'll go grab the tasting plate and I'll be right back.

Marisol runs to grab the cake tasting plate, two small plates and forks.  She returns and starts explaining how it works.

Marisol:  In order to decide on the cake flavors and frosting, you take a small piece of cake and some of a frosting you'd like to try and taste them together.  You can choose to different flavors and use one as a filling if you'd like.
Isis:  Oh!  I like that idea.  Well, maybe.  But these frostings look good.

Marisol:  The cake flavors are lemon, vanilla and chocolate.  The frostings are chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, lemon and vanilla buttercream.

Isis:  I will enjoy tasting these, but I think vanilla buttercream is classic.  What do you think, Rahim?
Rahim:  I do think there should be a vanilla buttercream option.  Maybe you could choose a groom's cake too and have that be a different flavor.
Isis:  I like that idea.  Think about what will work.
Rahim:  Rowan, do you have any recommendations based on the catering menu?
Rowan:  Well, I can say that it would be a nice option to offer another dessert which can pair with the cake.  Something like fresh fruit or a yogurt.  There are some things which will work.
Rahim:  Okay.  I like that.  Brains and beauty.

Isis:  Rahim, I don't want to leave today without making the cake selections.  We have time to work on the catering menu.  Let's concentrate.
Rahim:  Yes, ma'am.  I will concentrate.
Rowan:  Is the cake good?
Isis:  I think it's delicious.
Rahim:  Me too.
Isis (to Marisol and Rowan):  Please excuse us while we debate this.

Isis:  I'm thinking we should definitely go with vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream.  Most people like it. 
Rahim:  If that's what you want.  I do think it's a good idea.  I know you want a crowd pleaser, but pick what you like.
Marisol (to Rowan):  I think I need to go grab another small cake from the kitchen. 
Rowan:  Okay.

Marisol asks to excuse herself and stands up.  At the same time, Isis realizes she needs to use the restroom and stands up.

Isis:  Would you mind pointing me to the direction of the restroom?
Marisol:  Sure.  Just go back down the hallway and the second door on the left is the restroom. They keep it very clean.

Marisol leaves, but Rahim asks Isis if he can talk to her privately for a minute.  Isis agrees and asks Rowan if she minds giving them a second alone because they don't want to be rude by whispering.  Rowan understands and walks over to look at the cakes on the table.

Isis:  Okay.  What is it?
Rahim:  I'm really attracted to Rowan: I think I should ask her out.  What do you think?  Would you be bothered about me doing that here?
Isis:  No, it doesn't bother me.  I'm leaving the room anyway, so do it while I'm gone.  I think she's pretty and from what I see, I like her personality.  Go for it, Bro.
Rahim:  Thanks.  Now scoot.

Isis leaves to find the restroom, so Rahim takes advantage of the opportunity.

Rahim:  So Rowan, you do all of this catering and helping other people get married, are you married?
Rowan:  No, I'm not.  But it's not a requirement to help someone else have a special day.
Rahim (laughing):  Point taken.  So does your business keep you busy?  I'll bet it takes up a lot of your time.
Rowan:  Well, I enjoy it.  It can be hard sometimes, but it's worth it in the end.
Rahim:  Well one day I plan to have my own business too.  Believe it or not, in the same field.  I'm a chef.
Rowan:  How nice. 
Rahim:  Well, I like a woman who has a head on her shoulders.  As a matter of fact, I'd like to ask you out on a date.  I find you very attractive and I'd like to get to know you better.

Rowan feels her face burning.  She thinks to herself:  This man is ridiculous.  I thought he was flirting before, but now his fiancé leaves the room, he thinks I'm going to buy into this?

Rowan isn't sure what to do and starts to leave, but then decides to turn around and give Rahim a piece of her mind.

Rowan:  You should be ashamed of yourself, asking me out the moment Isis leaves the room.  That takes some nerve.  No, I will not go out with you.  You are unbelievable.

Rahim understands if Rowan is not interested, but he is now surprised and stumped by Rowan's reaction. 

Rowan:  Yes, that's it.  Sit there looking shocked like you are surprised.  I don't know what type of woman you are used to, maybe you like having side chicks, but that's not me.

Just then Isis walks in and catches Rowan fussing at Rahim.  She doesn't understand why.

Isis:  What's going on here?  Why are you so upset?  Rahim what did you say?
Rowan (sighing):  I'm so sorry, Isis.  This may be upsetting to you, but I have to tell you.  Rahim asked me out on a date.  That's why I am upset.  I can't believe it.  I'm sorry this happened.
Isis:  Oh!  Well I'm sorry that it upset you.  If I had known it would, I wouldn't have encouraged him to do so.  I thought my leaving the room would give you the opportunity to talk alone.
Rowan:  Wait!  What?  You knew he was going to ask me out?

Isis:  Yes, he wanted to be sure I wouldn't be upset with him for doing so here. 
Rowan:  You're okay with it?
Isis:  Sure.  You're pretty and I think you have a nice personality.  I think it would be nice for you to get together.  But I didn't think you'd get so upset.
Rowan:  Let me get this straight.  You encouraged him to ask me out and don't have a problem with your own fiancé dating someone else.  What is this, some sort of open relationship?

Isis:  My what doing what?  Oh, my! 

It takes Isis a few seconds to figure out what is going on, but when she does, she starts laughing. 
Rowan stares at her.

Isis: Rowan, I know where we went wrong here.  Rahim is not my fiancé.  He's just my brother.  I guess we never realized you didn't know that.  We just assumed.  Hmm...I guess we never made that clear.

Rowan (looking at Rahim):  You're her brother?
Rahim:  Yes, as she puts it, just her brother.  I'm just here because her fiancé can't make it.  Plus, as I told you, I'm a chef.  So I'm here for advice.
Isis:  He's a great guy.  He's single and he would never cheat on someone.  Well, at least not if he wants to stay my brother. 
Rahim:  I wouldn't do that to someone.  I wouldn't want it done to me.

 Rowan:  Good grief.  I'm so embarrassed now.  I was so upset and for no reason.  It never occurred to me to ask.  This the second time I've seen you together, about your wedding too, Isis.  I just assumed he was your fiancé.  I'm so sorry for my behavior.
Isis:  Well, there's no need to apologize.  You had the proper reaction had he been my fiancé, but now that you know he's not, I'm going to sit down and let you work this out.

Isis sits down and Rahim walks over to Rowan to talk to her.

Rahim:  So, now that you know I'm not the horrible guy you thought for a minute there, I'm hoping you'll reconsider.  Besides, you wouldn't want an unsatisfied customer on your hands.
Isis: Correction.  I'm the customer, you're just here for support.  If you're going to ask for satisfaction, get me a discount.  Other than that, you're on your own.
Rowan (laughing):  She's right the discount would be more appropriate.
Rahim:  She'll be okay.  I just need a chance to get to know you.

Marisol finally returns:

 Marisol:  Sorry about that.  I took a phone call, but I'm here now.  You'll enjoy this cake.

Marisol realizes that Rowan and Rahim are talking and Rowan has this strange look on her face.

Marisol: Is everything okay?
Rowan:  Yes, everything is just fine.

 Rahim:  Do you need help with that? 
Marisol:  No, thank you.  I appreciate the offer.

 Isis:  Rahim, can you please join me?  I want you to taste this combination.

Rahim dutifully returns to his chair at Isis' request.

Marisol:  What was that about?
Rowan:  Girl, I'll explain more later, but he's her brother, not her fiancé. 
Marisol:  What?
Rowan:  Let's just finish this appointment.  We'll talk later.
Marisol:  Okay.

Isis:  Well, that was an interesting scene.  Next time, you're interested in someone, we need to make sure they know we're related. 
Rahim:  You aren't kidding.  Especially women who wield knives for a living.  That could have been brutal.
Isis:  She didn't have knife in her hand.
Rahim:  But she can get one and she knows how to use it.

They finish the taste testing appointment and after much stress, Isis selects a cake.  Rahim gets Rowan's number so they can set a date. 


I made all of the cakes on the table, except the one in the back on the far left (which is Re-ment).  I bought a new paper based clay which has totally changed my ability to work with clay.  I love it!  Here a closer look at the cakes.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chase's New Cut (Musings of a Blogger)

As I'm doing stuff, I sometimes either have a new idea I have to immediately complete or something I've wanted to do all of the sudden becomes an instant priority.  I was working on the Valentine's Day display when I had the sudden urge to cut Chase's hair.  I think it's because I was thinking about which couples to photograph and Chambray and Chase came to mind.  The thought of photographing him with the poofy hair disturbed me enough to make me take action.

So, I grabbed Chase and some scissors and started chopping.  Well after I looked up some haircut possibilities on the internet first to help figure it out.  Just so you can remember how bad the poof was, here's a photo.

I decided to work with the poof and not against it.  More hair on the top, less on the bottom in a layered fashion.  I'm happy with the way it came out.

 Although I could have let him rock this as is, I didn't.  I decided a quick boil dip with an application of gel under a scarf would lay it first and then I can prop it a little at a time as I please.  To preserve Chase's dignity (it's bad enough he had to actually wear the scarf) there are no scarf photos.  But here's the final result after his hair dried.

Just cutting the layers made it so much better.  He can rock it smooth or I can let it have some lift.  Chambray was so surprised and happy with the haircut.  She liked it so much, she asked that they have some alone time.  I agreed, but she had better not be running her fingers through it and messing it up. 

Thanks for stopping by.  ~ Jaye, part-time hairdresser

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Getting Closer to Display

Today is the day Tasha gets to try on items to see get ready to join the Display Ladies.  Janeer is setting up to do hair and make up.

After she's done with the hair items, she moves over to the other table to start setting up make up.  In walks Leera with a dress.

Leera:  Hey, you're here.  I've been setting up in the fitting room.  I left some items in there, but I also thought I'd bring a few out here.
Janeer:  That's good.  That's a pretty dress.  Did you make it?
Leera:  No, it's off the rack.  All of the items today are off the rack.  I hope something fits and looks good on her.
Janeer:  Me too.  I'm so happy for Tasha.
Leera:  Are you sure you should be laying out all your stuff right now?  What if we have to regroup to find something that will work, you'll have set up for nothing.
Janeer:  It's okay.  I'd rather be prepared to work on her hair and make up if something is selected today.  It won't take long to put it all back.

Leera brings out another dress and then checks what she has put on the shelves.

Janeer:  Will you be using those accessories?  I see mostly dresses.  Not sure about sunglasses with them.
Leera:  Maybe not, but I thought I'd put them up here anyway, just in case.
Janeer:  Have you heard from Gio?
Leera:  No, not yet, but she should be here any minute.
Janeer:  She'd better be.  This was her idea.  I'm going to have a seat.

As soon as Janeer sits down, Giordana enters.

Giordana:  Hey, Ladies.  I'm sorry I'm running a little late, but I needed a cup of coffee.  It's so good to be able to enjoy a cup of this deliciousness.
Leera:  We're glad you made it.
Janeer:  Yes, we're glad you made it, but you'll be glad you made it.  I'd hate to have to remind you every day how you suggested this then dropped it in our laps. 
Giordana (laughing):  I know.  I wouldn't do that.  Besides, I can't wait to see what Tasha's going to wear and how you make her up.
Janeer:  Well, come on over and have a seat by me to enjoy the fashion show.

Janeer moves over so Giordana can set her cup down on the table and be able to access it.  The trio chats for a few minutes and then Tasha arrives.

Tasha:  Hi, Everyone!  I'm so excited.  Hi, Leera.  I can't believe I'm working with a professional.  Thank you so much! I'm so excited!
Leera (smiling):  Hi, Tasha.  We're thrilled to be able to help you get ready to join the display.  We're here to make sure you look great.
Tasha:  I'm so flattered you all are so willing to help me.  I really appreciate it.
Giordana: You're going to look great, Tasha.
Janeer:  We'll make sure you fit right in up there in the spotlight.  I am happy for you.
Tasha:  Thank you!
Leera:  Let's get started.  There are some items already in the fitting room and lined up.  Please go put on the first dress and come back out.

Tasha comes back with the first dress.

Leera:  It's a pretty dress, but it's a little big on you right here.  I'd have to figure out how to take that in so it will fit better and not fall down.  Do you like it?
Tasha:  It's a pretty dress, but you're right.  It needs to fit better.
Leera:  Okay.  Let's see the next one.

Tasha puts on the next dress and comes back.

Tasha:  This one is pretty, but I don't know if it's the one.
Leera:  I like it, but you don't have to go with it right now.  Let's just keep it as an option.
Tasha:  Okay.  I'll go try on the next one.
Leera:  Here take this green one hanging out here.

Tasha takes the green one off the rack, puts in on in the fitting room and returns.

Leera:  You guys have been quiet.
Giordana:  I agree the dress needs to fit well.  There are still more options, right?
Leera:  Yes, even a few which arrived today.  I didn't look through them all, but I saw some dresses and left those items in their bag in the fitting room.  Maybe one of those will fit.
Janeer:  What will we do if absolutely nothing fits or is right?
Leera (sighing):  I was hoping I would not have to do this with my busy schedule, but I may have to design something.  I'm still hopeful something will wow us all.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Tasha returns with the green dress.

Tasha:  What do you think of this one?  It is still a little loose at the top, but you can fix that, right?
Leera:  Yes, I can fix it.  I don't know. You look pretty in it, but it's not speaking to me.

Giordana:  You do look pretty, but it just isn't quite 'display.'
Janeer:  Maybe accessories will change the look.  Sometimes that really elevates something.
Giordana:  True.  But I'm not terribly sold on this one.  It's pretty, but not quite there.
Leera:  Unfortunately, I agree
Tasha:  What do we do now?
Leera:  There is a bag in the fitting room with some other items.  Grab something from it and try it on.  I haven't had a chance to look through it  thoroughly yet, but maybe something will work.

Tasha goes back to the fitting room, grabs something from the new bag and returns wearing it.

 Giordana is a little surprised.  She expected a dress.

Tasha (frowning):  This was in there.  What do you think?
Janeer (to Giordana):  I can see you don't particularly like it, but there's something about it.  (to Leera) Leera, I think there's something about this outfit that's sending a message.  I feel like it's more exciting than the other things Tasha has tried on so far.

Leera:  I agree with you, Janeer.  I think we've been going in the wrong direction.  The display ladies do wear some pretty couture, dramatic, photogenic things. There are bells and whistle which make them look more than just pretty.  They have beautiful, detailed fashions and accessories.  Not to mention some really creative hairstyles and adornments to make them noteworthy, 
Giordana:  Good point.  I didn't think of that. 
Tasha:  So you think I'll need something more special?
Leera:  Yes and, if we can't find something more special off the rack, I will design something more becoming. 
Tasha (feeling ready to cry):  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Leera:  That will delay your move to the display area, but it will be worth it in the end. 
Tasha:  That's okay.  I want to look like I fit in, so I'll wait.

Tasha:  You guys are being so kind to me.  I'm sorry you have to wait to do hair and make up, Janeer.
Janeer:  It's not a problem.  I'm happy to come back again to help you get ready.  Leera, just let us know when you're ready for next steps.
Giordana:  Tasha, we're going to make it our mission to get you to Display.  Don't worry.  It may take longer, but we're here to support you.
Tasha:  Thank you all again.

Well, Tasha is not quite prepared for her promotion, but at least the ladies who can help her are trying to get it done.  I wonder what they'll figure out. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting More Business

Azalia (Zale) Lucas and Giavanna (Gia) Rossi are at their bar, Reds', getting waiting to meet with a potential client, Vedette Draper.  Vedette is an event planner and she is always looking at new venues as possibilities for her clients.  Now that Reds' has been open for a while and her schedule has allowed it, Vedette is hoping to add another event venue to her list of event options.

As they wait, Zale is putting new bottles of liquor on the shelf and Gia is reviewing menus for the next couple of weeks.

Gia:  I was also wondering if we should do some fresh vegetable and fruit options once Spring hits.  I think that could be a crowd pleaser.  Veggies with dips and liquor soaked fruits.  Or just fruit with dips.  I don't know, something like that.
Zale:  Hmmm.  Maybe. 
Gia:  I think we could even do some sort of healthy night a few times and see how that goes.
Zale:  Liquor and healthy.  I'm not quite sure how the two go together.  Well, unless the benefit is to save food calories and use them for liquor calories.  But that's more about weight.
Gia:  Well, yeah.  I mean, if you have to let go of calories somewhere, that's how you do it.

They both start laughing.

Gia:  It's a thought.
Zale:  I'm not saying it's a bad thought.  I'm just wondering how we'd market that.
Gia:  We call Syren and ask her for some suggestions.
Zale:  Not a bad idea.  Maybe we hit some ladies' gyms and see if someone those ladies need a sort of guilt free night out.  That may be tempting for them.
Gia:  Now you're talking. 

Zale finishes putting the bottles away while she and Gia chat briefly about the fresh fruit and veggies idea.  When she's finished, Zale has a seat.

Zale:  So, are you ready for this meeting with Ms. Draper?  I'm hoping she plans a lot events that only require limited space.  We couldn't have a reception here.
Gia:  Sure we could.  Well, a very small reception.  But people do things like that all the time.  It saves money, it's intimate.  We could find space for a small wedding cake to sit. 
Zale:  You're probably right.  But what would really be fun is a bridal shower.  I'm not sure where the male strippers would do their thing, but I'd figure it out.
Gia:  Me too.
Zale:  Speaking of space I'm not sure I like this new set up.  I kind of like facing out and seeing everyone coming in, without having to turn my head.
Gia:  I know, but we agreed to try it.  It's easier for us to bring things out without walking past seated customers.
Zale:  That it is.

After a few minutes, they hear the bell and Gia goes to answer the door (its locked because they are not currently open for business).  She greets Vedette and shows her in so she can meet Zale.

Gia:  Ms. Draper, this is my partner, Azalia Lucas.
Zale (extending her hand):  Hello, Ms. Draper.  You can call me Zale, if you'd like.
Vedette:  It's very nice to meet you, Zale.  You can call me Vedette. 
Zale:  Certainly.  We're glad you are interested in meeting with us.  We'd like to think we have a pretty good business model and provide great service.
Vedette:  This place looks very nice.  The décor is inviting.  I like that it's pretty cozy, it encourages mingling. 
Gia:  Thank you.
Vedette:  You're also in a good location.  The parking is ample and do I like what I know about your menu, especially the one price per guest.  It makes it very easy for my clients to understand the costs.
Zale:  We thought it would be attractive to people and make it easier too for planning an evening out or an event.  If you don't mind, you can have a seat and we can talk about what we can do for you.

Vedette has a seat at the bar.

Vedette:  Ladies, I can honestly say I like what I see.  This space would work for smaller gatherings.  Fortunately I do have clients who throw small events at venues because they don't have space in their homes or don't want to be bothered with cooking, cleaning up after or even shopping ahead of time.  Fortunately, they also prefer that someone else spend the time planning for them, which is why I have a business.
Gia:  It is a lot of work.  I guess the ability to hire someone to do what you don't have the time to do is what makes the world go 'round.
Vedette:  That's so true.  We, as business owners, get that.  I am interested in knowing about more about rates.
Zale:  We try to stay within a range and ensure that our menu reflects that range.  We do place a maximum on drinks.  We know we aren't our customers' parents, but we also don't want to contribute to or be liable for any accidents.

Vedette:  Good thinking.  Protect your reputation and your business. 
Zale:  Thank you.
Vedette:  How are you with special menu requests such as gluten free and vegan?
Zale:  We are very clear on our menu and try to keep options.  If we are setting up a special event, we work with the clients to ensure we can meet their dietary needs.
Vedette:  Great!  Good to hear.  That's a plus for my clients.  They personally may not have restrictions, but they may have guests who do.  I always ask that they check ahead of time.
Gia: Notice is very helpful.
Vedette:  Have you held many private events yet?
Zale:  We did recently hold a couple for the holidays.  We actually had a client, Select Spaces, which is a restaurant.  The guests were very pleased, especially the owner.
Vedette:  That says a lot if they came here.  Is there anything you think I should know?

 Zale (looking Gia for agreement):  I think we keep things very simple. A deposit to hold the space.  It is non-refundable since we also have to communicate that we are not having an open event on that date.  We are okay with a check deposit, but only credit card or cash three days prior.  Anything I forgot, Gia?
Gia:  I think you hit a lot on the head.  I sent Vedette information prior to our meeting today so she could review it.
Vedette:  I think your terms are very reasonable and in line with the industry.

Zale:  Vedette, we are so pleased you are considering us for your clients' events.  Is there anything else you need from us or that we can answer for you.
Vedette:  Perhaps if I have a specific event to schedule later, I will have questions, but for now, nothing comes to mind.  I like to see the venue myself and check things out.  I have a couple of clients right now who may want to use your space.  I'll speak with them to review options and be in touch if we think Reds' is the right place for their events.
Zale:  I hope we can be of service. 
Gia:  Me too.  You and your clients won't be disappointed.

They chat a little longer while Vedette takes another thorough look around.  Then they end their meeting.  Zale and Gia are hopeful they will be able to get more business from this meeting.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Too Many Mistakes

It's after Christmas, right before New Year's and Cora has asked that Ian meet with her because she would like to speak with him.  Ian was hesitant because she would not share her intentions prior to speaking with him, but he agreed he would join her for a quick drink and chat.  They are meeting at Passport, a local and trendy restaurant where patrons can enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Cora arrived first and got seated.  Ian has just arrived.

Cora:  Hello, Ian.  I'm glad you could make it.
Ian:  Hello, Cora.  I apologize for being late.
Cora:  You're not.  I just arrived a little early.  I wanted to be certain we would not have to wait to be seated.  Please, join me.

Ian takes off his coat, places it on the back of his chair and sits down. 

 Cora:  I have to say you are still looking good, after all these years.
Ian:  Thank you.  You still look lovely as well.
Cora: I know you will be leaving to return home soon.  I, myself, will have to catch a plane and head back.  You're so fortunate to live closer and be able to drive only a couple of hours to see Avery and Parker. 
Ian:  Well, we've been living in this area for a long time.   You know that.  No need to move far from my family.
Cora:  Yes, well, I could take a page from your book.
Ian:  I suppose

The server arrives and interrupts to take their order.  Cora orders espresso and Ian orders whiskey on the rocks.  The server leaves and says he'll be right back with their drinks.

Cora: Whiskey?  I was thinking you may have coffee.
Ian:  I have a feeling the whiskey will be what I need.  Cora, you are stalling.  I agreed to meet with you so you could say what you have to say.  It would be helpful if we could move past the small talk and on to why we are here.  Please say what is on your mind.
Cora:  I apologize.  I don't mean to belabor this conversation.  I am very grateful you came, so I don't want you to feel like you're wasting your time. 
Ian:  Good. 

The server returns with the drinks and sets them on the table.  Although she doesn't have any sugar or cream for her espresso, Cora picks up the spoon and starts stirring it.

Cora:  Ian, I know I've made mistakes.  Mistakes with our marriage, mistakes with walking away from the children and with trying to develop a relationship with Avery and Parker.  I was hoping you could help me.  Avery seems to be okay with my trying.  Parker, well, I just can't seem to get through.  He barely wants to speak with me.  I mean, I understand why he's upset with me...

Ian:  Do you, really?  Cora, it's one thing to have decided you didn't want to be married to me any longer.  It's unfortunate, but it happens sometimes.  But you left your children behind and chose to act like they didn't exist.  I raised them...alone.  You wanted nothing to do with them.  You tossed them aside and didn't look back.  How do you think that makes a child feel? 

Cora:  I know.  I...I see that I was wrong.  I was young.  I made mistakes.  I made too many mistakes.  Mistakes I can't make up for.  I just wanted to be free to enjoy life.  I should have admitted to that before I got married and before I had children.  I guess I thought with each step if I just got further in, I would see it was the right thing to do.  My feelings of angst would go away and I'd be a happily married woman with children.  But they didn't.  My need to be free just grew stronger.  I was too young.

Ian:  I'm two years older than you, Cora.  As each year went by, we both got older.  You were too young is not an excuse
Cora:  Perhaps not, but that's how I felt. 
Ian:  We were married for almost eight years.  Are you telling me you suffered for eight years?  Never mind, it doesn't matter.  It's just excuses.  You have excuses for everything, Cora.  You were too young, didn't know what you were getting yourself into, didn't realize you'd hurt anyone.  At what point were you going to be old enough or unselfish enough?

Cora:  Ian, I know I hurt you, but I had to find my own happiness.
Ian:  Did you?
Cora: Yes.  I know it took a long time for me to get things together, but I'm here now and I want to have a relationship with my children.  I want to know my grandchildren.
Ian (laughing):  Seriously. Cora.  I don't know if you even believe what you say.  You want to know your grandchildren?  Your only grand child doesn't even know you.  You came when she was born and haven't seen her since.  She's three now and you wonder why she treats you like a stranger.  You haven't changed. You're not trying to do better.  You're just acting out of your own convenience and then acting shocked at the consequences.

Cora:  I'm not perfect. You're right about Aviana.  I just let life get in my way.  I know I can do better.  I just need a chance. 
Ian:  Uhuh.
Cora:  I didn't come to rehash all of this stuff from the past.  I just came to ask for your help in being able to explain to Parker.  I can do better at fixing things with him and Avery.  I just need some help.  I know he'll listen to you.
Ian:  Parker is a grown man.  Although I have raised him to be respectful, I didn't raise him to be walked on, Cora.  I can't control his feelings.  You showed him you didn't want to love him or be a part of his life and now that you think it's convenient for you, you want him to let you in.  Hell, I'm surprised Avery even bothers to speak to you.  If you keep acting like you do, acting like everyone is on your schedule, you may lose that too.
Cora:  Ian, I just need a chance.
Ian:  Well, good luck getting it.  I can't help you.  I have to excuse myself now.  I didn't come here to raise my blood pressure.

Ian stands up, picks up his glass and gulps down his drink.  Then he reaches for his coat.

Ian:  I will  find the server and give him enough money to pay the tab and leave a tip.  I will leave you to enjoy your espresso in peace.
Cora: I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to start an argument.
Ian:  I'm not arguing at all.  I simply refuse to engage in this useless conversation any longer.  I hope you have a safe trip home.  Goodbye.
Cora (hesitating):  Goodbye, Ian.

Ian puts on his coat and turns to walk away.

Cora (to herself, looking at the horoscope machine on the table):  Maybe you'll be of some help.  I could certainly use it.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye