Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Getting Closer to Display

Today is the day Tasha gets to try on items to see get ready to join the Display Ladies.  Janeer is setting up to do hair and make up.

After she's done with the hair items, she moves over to the other table to start setting up make up.  In walks Leera with a dress.

Leera:  Hey, you're here.  I've been setting up in the fitting room.  I left some items in there, but I also thought I'd bring a few out here.
Janeer:  That's good.  That's a pretty dress.  Did you make it?
Leera:  No, it's off the rack.  All of the items today are off the rack.  I hope something fits and looks good on her.
Janeer:  Me too.  I'm so happy for Tasha.
Leera:  Are you sure you should be laying out all your stuff right now?  What if we have to regroup to find something that will work, you'll have set up for nothing.
Janeer:  It's okay.  I'd rather be prepared to work on her hair and make up if something is selected today.  It won't take long to put it all back.

Leera brings out another dress and then checks what she has put on the shelves.

Janeer:  Will you be using those accessories?  I see mostly dresses.  Not sure about sunglasses with them.
Leera:  Maybe not, but I thought I'd put them up here anyway, just in case.
Janeer:  Have you heard from Gio?
Leera:  No, not yet, but she should be here any minute.
Janeer:  She'd better be.  This was her idea.  I'm going to have a seat.

As soon as Janeer sits down, Giordana enters.

Giordana:  Hey, Ladies.  I'm sorry I'm running a little late, but I needed a cup of coffee.  It's so good to be able to enjoy a cup of this deliciousness.
Leera:  We're glad you made it.
Janeer:  Yes, we're glad you made it, but you'll be glad you made it.  I'd hate to have to remind you every day how you suggested this then dropped it in our laps. 
Giordana (laughing):  I know.  I wouldn't do that.  Besides, I can't wait to see what Tasha's going to wear and how you make her up.
Janeer:  Well, come on over and have a seat by me to enjoy the fashion show.

Janeer moves over so Giordana can set her cup down on the table and be able to access it.  The trio chats for a few minutes and then Tasha arrives.

Tasha:  Hi, Everyone!  I'm so excited.  Hi, Leera.  I can't believe I'm working with a professional.  Thank you so much! I'm so excited!
Leera (smiling):  Hi, Tasha.  We're thrilled to be able to help you get ready to join the display.  We're here to make sure you look great.
Tasha:  I'm so flattered you all are so willing to help me.  I really appreciate it.
Giordana: You're going to look great, Tasha.
Janeer:  We'll make sure you fit right in up there in the spotlight.  I am happy for you.
Tasha:  Thank you!
Leera:  Let's get started.  There are some items already in the fitting room and lined up.  Please go put on the first dress and come back out.

Tasha comes back with the first dress.

Leera:  It's a pretty dress, but it's a little big on you right here.  I'd have to figure out how to take that in so it will fit better and not fall down.  Do you like it?
Tasha:  It's a pretty dress, but you're right.  It needs to fit better.
Leera:  Okay.  Let's see the next one.

Tasha puts on the next dress and comes back.

Tasha:  This one is pretty, but I don't know if it's the one.
Leera:  I like it, but you don't have to go with it right now.  Let's just keep it as an option.
Tasha:  Okay.  I'll go try on the next one.
Leera:  Here take this green one hanging out here.

Tasha takes the green one off the rack, puts in on in the fitting room and returns.

Leera:  You guys have been quiet.
Giordana:  I agree the dress needs to fit well.  There are still more options, right?
Leera:  Yes, even a few which arrived today.  I didn't look through them all, but I saw some dresses and left those items in their bag in the fitting room.  Maybe one of those will fit.
Janeer:  What will we do if absolutely nothing fits or is right?
Leera (sighing):  I was hoping I would not have to do this with my busy schedule, but I may have to design something.  I'm still hopeful something will wow us all.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Tasha returns with the green dress.

Tasha:  What do you think of this one?  It is still a little loose at the top, but you can fix that, right?
Leera:  Yes, I can fix it.  I don't know. You look pretty in it, but it's not speaking to me.

Giordana:  You do look pretty, but it just isn't quite 'display.'
Janeer:  Maybe accessories will change the look.  Sometimes that really elevates something.
Giordana:  True.  But I'm not terribly sold on this one.  It's pretty, but not quite there.
Leera:  Unfortunately, I agree
Tasha:  What do we do now?
Leera:  There is a bag in the fitting room with some other items.  Grab something from it and try it on.  I haven't had a chance to look through it  thoroughly yet, but maybe something will work.

Tasha goes back to the fitting room, grabs something from the new bag and returns wearing it.

 Giordana is a little surprised.  She expected a dress.

Tasha (frowning):  This was in there.  What do you think?
Janeer (to Giordana):  I can see you don't particularly like it, but there's something about it.  (to Leera) Leera, I think there's something about this outfit that's sending a message.  I feel like it's more exciting than the other things Tasha has tried on so far.

Leera:  I agree with you, Janeer.  I think we've been going in the wrong direction.  The display ladies do wear some pretty couture, dramatic, photogenic things. There are bells and whistle which make them look more than just pretty.  They have beautiful, detailed fashions and accessories.  Not to mention some really creative hairstyles and adornments to make them noteworthy, 
Giordana:  Good point.  I didn't think of that. 
Tasha:  So you think I'll need something more special?
Leera:  Yes and, if we can't find something more special off the rack, I will design something more becoming. 
Tasha (feeling ready to cry):  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Leera:  That will delay your move to the display area, but it will be worth it in the end. 
Tasha:  That's okay.  I want to look like I fit in, so I'll wait.

Tasha:  You guys are being so kind to me.  I'm sorry you have to wait to do hair and make up, Janeer.
Janeer:  It's not a problem.  I'm happy to come back again to help you get ready.  Leera, just let us know when you're ready for next steps.
Giordana:  Tasha, we're going to make it our mission to get you to Display.  Don't worry.  It may take longer, but we're here to support you.
Tasha:  Thank you all again.

Well, Tasha is not quite prepared for her promotion, but at least the ladies who can help her are trying to get it done.  I wonder what they'll figure out. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. I actually really liked the black and gold on her, but can't wait to see what Leera comes up with for her.

    1. Hi, Phyllis. That dress is one of the best fitting, but it really isn't close to what the other display girls wear. So we're still going to have to look at more options.

  2. So nice to see your Janay and Leera in a story. Seeing Janay dolls always takes me back to when they were sold in Walmart for $7. Those were the days.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I actually got the Janay doll from my husband (not sure where he searched for her) in 2014. I wish I could re-body her, but it looks like it will not happen.

  3. Loving your store!!!! Impressed with the stock! It takes me back to a time when we shopped in "boutiques" where the sales clerks helped find things that might fit or look better. The owner would call you at your home to let you know something had come in you might like! Somehow I like the green dress on her.

    1. Thank you. I normally would have filled the closet up more, but because this was for one reason, I just kept it a little more simpler. Unfortunately, Tasha would end up being out of place in these fashions. The other girls look different. I do have one in a swimsuit, but she's a Silkstone, hence, a more sophisticated swimsuit.

  4. There were some nice outfits, but none that screamed "look at me." Some alterations and accessories will sort that out!

    1. I agree. The outfit has to be worthy of being seen every day. There needs to be something special abou ti.

  5. Great photo story!! I was thinking that each of the dresses look good on her. I was thinking to myself, "all she needs to do is add some clear tape to the back and the fit would be perfect". Lol! Your fashions are adorable so Ms. Tasha would probably love something made by yours truly.

    1. Thank you. They look okay, but not anything like the girls on display. I have some Mackie, Byron Lars and Silkstone ladies there. Their outfits are pretty glamorous, so the dresses Tasha has tried so far are just not there.

  6. I love all the little accessories on the table! I know just how the ladies feel sitting there. That green dress is really cute.


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