Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting More Business

Azalia (Zale) Lucas and Giavanna (Gia) Rossi are at their bar, Reds', getting waiting to meet with a potential client, Vedette Draper.  Vedette is an event planner and she is always looking at new venues as possibilities for her clients.  Now that Reds' has been open for a while and her schedule has allowed it, Vedette is hoping to add another event venue to her list of event options.

As they wait, Zale is putting new bottles of liquor on the shelf and Gia is reviewing menus for the next couple of weeks.

Gia:  I was also wondering if we should do some fresh vegetable and fruit options once Spring hits.  I think that could be a crowd pleaser.  Veggies with dips and liquor soaked fruits.  Or just fruit with dips.  I don't know, something like that.
Zale:  Hmmm.  Maybe. 
Gia:  I think we could even do some sort of healthy night a few times and see how that goes.
Zale:  Liquor and healthy.  I'm not quite sure how the two go together.  Well, unless the benefit is to save food calories and use them for liquor calories.  But that's more about weight.
Gia:  Well, yeah.  I mean, if you have to let go of calories somewhere, that's how you do it.

They both start laughing.

Gia:  It's a thought.
Zale:  I'm not saying it's a bad thought.  I'm just wondering how we'd market that.
Gia:  We call Syren and ask her for some suggestions.
Zale:  Not a bad idea.  Maybe we hit some ladies' gyms and see if someone those ladies need a sort of guilt free night out.  That may be tempting for them.
Gia:  Now you're talking. 

Zale finishes putting the bottles away while she and Gia chat briefly about the fresh fruit and veggies idea.  When she's finished, Zale has a seat.

Zale:  So, are you ready for this meeting with Ms. Draper?  I'm hoping she plans a lot events that only require limited space.  We couldn't have a reception here.
Gia:  Sure we could.  Well, a very small reception.  But people do things like that all the time.  It saves money, it's intimate.  We could find space for a small wedding cake to sit. 
Zale:  You're probably right.  But what would really be fun is a bridal shower.  I'm not sure where the male strippers would do their thing, but I'd figure it out.
Gia:  Me too.
Zale:  Speaking of space I'm not sure I like this new set up.  I kind of like facing out and seeing everyone coming in, without having to turn my head.
Gia:  I know, but we agreed to try it.  It's easier for us to bring things out without walking past seated customers.
Zale:  That it is.

After a few minutes, they hear the bell and Gia goes to answer the door (its locked because they are not currently open for business).  She greets Vedette and shows her in so she can meet Zale.

Gia:  Ms. Draper, this is my partner, Azalia Lucas.
Zale (extending her hand):  Hello, Ms. Draper.  You can call me Zale, if you'd like.
Vedette:  It's very nice to meet you, Zale.  You can call me Vedette. 
Zale:  Certainly.  We're glad you are interested in meeting with us.  We'd like to think we have a pretty good business model and provide great service.
Vedette:  This place looks very nice.  The décor is inviting.  I like that it's pretty cozy, it encourages mingling. 
Gia:  Thank you.
Vedette:  You're also in a good location.  The parking is ample and do I like what I know about your menu, especially the one price per guest.  It makes it very easy for my clients to understand the costs.
Zale:  We thought it would be attractive to people and make it easier too for planning an evening out or an event.  If you don't mind, you can have a seat and we can talk about what we can do for you.

Vedette has a seat at the bar.

Vedette:  Ladies, I can honestly say I like what I see.  This space would work for smaller gatherings.  Fortunately I do have clients who throw small events at venues because they don't have space in their homes or don't want to be bothered with cooking, cleaning up after or even shopping ahead of time.  Fortunately, they also prefer that someone else spend the time planning for them, which is why I have a business.
Gia:  It is a lot of work.  I guess the ability to hire someone to do what you don't have the time to do is what makes the world go 'round.
Vedette:  That's so true.  We, as business owners, get that.  I am interested in knowing about more about rates.
Zale:  We try to stay within a range and ensure that our menu reflects that range.  We do place a maximum on drinks.  We know we aren't our customers' parents, but we also don't want to contribute to or be liable for any accidents.

Vedette:  Good thinking.  Protect your reputation and your business. 
Zale:  Thank you.
Vedette:  How are you with special menu requests such as gluten free and vegan?
Zale:  We are very clear on our menu and try to keep options.  If we are setting up a special event, we work with the clients to ensure we can meet their dietary needs.
Vedette:  Great!  Good to hear.  That's a plus for my clients.  They personally may not have restrictions, but they may have guests who do.  I always ask that they check ahead of time.
Gia: Notice is very helpful.
Vedette:  Have you held many private events yet?
Zale:  We did recently hold a couple for the holidays.  We actually had a client, Select Spaces, which is a restaurant.  The guests were very pleased, especially the owner.
Vedette:  That says a lot if they came here.  Is there anything you think I should know?

 Zale (looking Gia for agreement):  I think we keep things very simple. A deposit to hold the space.  It is non-refundable since we also have to communicate that we are not having an open event on that date.  We are okay with a check deposit, but only credit card or cash three days prior.  Anything I forgot, Gia?
Gia:  I think you hit a lot on the head.  I sent Vedette information prior to our meeting today so she could review it.
Vedette:  I think your terms are very reasonable and in line with the industry.

Zale:  Vedette, we are so pleased you are considering us for your clients' events.  Is there anything else you need from us or that we can answer for you.
Vedette:  Perhaps if I have a specific event to schedule later, I will have questions, but for now, nothing comes to mind.  I like to see the venue myself and check things out.  I have a couple of clients right now who may want to use your space.  I'll speak with them to review options and be in touch if we think Reds' is the right place for their events.
Zale:  I hope we can be of service. 
Gia:  Me too.  You and your clients won't be disappointed.

They chat a little longer while Vedette takes another thorough look around.  Then they end their meeting.  Zale and Gia are hopeful they will be able to get more business from this meeting.

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  1. Looks like a very productive evening! Can you tell me which doll Gia was originally?

    1. Thank you. Gia is Made to Move Blue Top.

  2. Very nice setup as always! That is really cool that Zale and Gia have a maximum drink allowance. That shows that they care about the customers that they serve. The menu items sounds great as well. They seem to make great business partners. I hope that Vedette decides to give them her business. This would be great for business and some good photostories. Lol!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. I hope she starts using the place for events too. They may need to expand soon, but we'll see.

  3. This is turning out to be the spot to be at. I do like the menu selection too!


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